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Posted by: Mark Jun 11 2007, 12:17 PM
Some call it Terrorism - I call it Judaism.
JB Campbell
Judaism is the cancer of the intellect, the cancer of nationality, the cancer of decent behavior. Look at what happened to the Russian nation after the Bolshevik Jews seized power in 1917. Look at what happened to Palestine after the Jews seized power in 1948.

And this nation? No one can deny that Jews run America financially, religiously, culturally and look at what we have become since they took over the Wilson administration in 1917. Ninety years later, America is an alien, dangerous and unrecognizable place. It will only get worse, now that both parties have obeyed the Zonist masters and pronounced twenty million of the worst Mexico has to offer as good citizenship material. But that's only for starters, since the 70% Jewish-dominated Council on Foreign Relations has designed the "North American Union," the merger of America with two foreign countries Mexico and Canada.

By what right or legalism did Bush meet with foreigners and sign some bogus agreement to merge the three countries in 2010? How did they intend to pull this off? Well, by making the criminal invaders legal citizens, for starters. Turns out the failed amnesty bill was written by Bush's top Zionist Jew, an Israeli citizen, the cadaverous Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff. What Jewish gall!

The greatest crime in American history, an invasion by twenty million+ alien criminals, would be legalized by the Israeli in charge of "Homeland Security." Think about it. And where'd they get this "Homeland Security" name? From the Bolsheviks. All police departments local, state and federal are under this Israeli mortician's control. What a ridiculous position this puts us in. We're the laughingstock of the world, having allowed these insane Zionists to run us into the ground.

It is increasingly reported that the Internet is to be tamed. It now represents a dozing tiger, potentially the nerve center of the resistance movement against Zionist Rule. If used properly with available encryption, true resistance can be coordinated and focused properly. No matter what measures the Zionist Jewish plotters attempt, countermeasures can be developed. This has been made crystal-clear in Iraq and Afghanistan, and those guys don't have the Internet to relay enemy positions. All they have is the will to win, to kill the invader.

We can see why these Jews need American mercenaries to kill and die for them. Everyone assumed that Israel could steamroll over any Arab country, based on the Israeli sneak attacks in the '67 war, which did indeed take Egypt and others by surprise. The '73 war was not so happy for the Jews and required Nixon's and Kissinger's intervention to save them. The '82 shock and awe slaughter in Lebanon and sneak attack against the Iraqi reactor rebuilt the fear factor in the Jews' favor. Since then, though, Jewish reality has set in, as it did in their attempted sinking of the USS Liberty. Last year's invasion of Lebanon revealed that Israel can sneak attack unarmed spy ships and knock the crap out of disarmed, starving Palestinians but can't fight it out when their victims are armed and willing. Only trouble is, America has run out of volunteers for Judaism, so the draft is inevitable. Jewish Rule requires American muscle.
Jewish Rule also requires terror.

Take the case of Ernst Zundel. Or Germar Rudolf. Same thing. Both of these Germans were in America legally. Zundel was awaiting his citizenship papers and is married to an American citizen Ingrid Rimland Zundel. On Zionist Jewish orders, uniformed Tennessee gangsters kidnapped Zundel on false charges and handed him over to uniformed Canadian gangsters, who kept him in a cold dungeon for years before they handed him over to abject German puppets of Zionism. In the most bizarre kangaroo trial since Nuremberg, Zundel was convicted of some offense to Jewish feelings and sentenced to five more years. His lawyers also offended the Jews in their feeble attempts to defend him and are now facing prison time as well. What is wrong with this picture?

Years ago, I urged Zundel to resist arrest and to attack his tormentors. Zundel believed that his role in this struggle was that of a martyr. He is living out that role in a German prison for the crime of presenting proof that no one was ever systematically gassed to death at Auschwitz or anywhere in the German-controlled area. This simple fact destroys the justification of the Jewish state, as if anything that happened in Europe justified stealing Palestine from its owners. But Zundel's and Rudolf's work revealed the total fraud of the foundation under the Zionist rip-off of Palestine. Zundel wanted to be able to challenge the Jews in a peaceful environment! To take from the greatest mass murderers in human history the keystone of their crime against humanity and expect to be able to do this peacefully. Frankly, Zundel is lucky to be in prison and not dead, although I don't view it that way. German prisons are doubtless different than American prisons. American prisons are hell on earth and must be avoided at all costs. If enemies of the Jews go into American prisons, you'll wish you were dead. So don't go under any circumstances. Jews love it when their enemies become martyrs.

Our whole psychology is wrong. I personally have committed acts far more serious than anything Ernst Zundel did. His great mistake was assuring the Jews of his pacifism, that he may have been threatening their control of our minds and treasure but that he meant them no harm! Wrong move, as we can plainly see. I, on the other hand, have also "denied" the Holocaust but in addition started an armed resistance movement against our Zionist government, complete with supplying machine guns and ammunition and radios to the resistance movement that turned out to be an FBI front group with no consequences. This was in addition to writing and publishing and distributing a book that called for the elimination of traitors in and above our government, all acts classified by the government as seditious and gravely illegal. But every step of the way I invited our uniformed employees to fight. I did it in print and I did it on the radio, over and over. I'm still here. The Jews pretend I don't exist.

The Zionist Jews, for as long as we've been alive, have had a mechanism, a system, of the most profound mind control over us. Long before "the Holocaust" there was Jewish control of American thought and action. There has forever been something called "fear of the Jews." Fear of what? That's hard to say, exactly. But under it all is the fact that they kill people, and the general understanding that they like to kill people. If you believe the legend, they didn't exactly kill Jesus, but they easily managed to have him killed by the Romans. Long before that, if you believe the legend, they easily managed for the angel of death to pass over their homes and kill all the first-borns of the Egyptians, which mass murder of children is celebrated in their Passover "holy day."

So these legendary ancient Jews set the stage for mass control by terror. Their god YHVH is a god of terror and mass death. Remember the Flood? As we know, these Judeans disappeared from the pages of history. Maybe they migrated west to Morocco, north to Spain and Europe who knows? But Western Jews appeared in these places and due to their nature gravitated into the practice of usury and general cheating of their host populations in various ways, from clipping coins to lending to governments and, following the blueprint of Joseph in Egypt, ruining people and governments through "interest."

A careful reading of the Old Testament gives us the general game plan of today's Jews. As we know, through a freakish event in Khazaria in the 9th Century, a fierce tribe of predators converted to Talmudic, Old Testament Judaism. Genghis Khan's Golden Horde finally evicted them from their region in the 13th Century and forced them up into old Russia and this escape from extermination would become the undoing of this Earth and the eventual death by terrorism of countless millions of innocent people. Their descendants are known today as Eastern Jews, or Russian Jews. These are the ones who moved into Palestine after 1917, New York about the same time and created Hollywood about the same time. And, of course, they took over Russia at the very same time. Thus the Russian Jewish Axis of Terror and Mind Control was created in 1917.

It was made possible by the Western Jewish banking and finance cartel, which had seized control of America's vast wealth with the fraudulent passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. This act handed to the Jews total control over our currency and credit and paid them to take it from us! It was the ultimate Zionist scam, and still is. This, too, was based on the formula described in the story of Joseph in Egypt, by which he seized total control of the Egyptian people by lending credit and demanding more back than he loaned, which we now call "usury." The only way this can be done is if the currency supply is increased fraudulently, which is what we call "inflation." Since the Rothschild Group seized control of our currency and began inflating it in 1913, the US dollar has reportedly lost 96% of its purchasing power, though it seems worse. For example, the 20 million dollars Jacob Schiff gave to Trotsky and Lenin in 1917 to form the Soviet dictatorship would be equivalent to billions today.

Jewish terrorism Communist or Zionist or Neo-Con has always been paid for by Americans both by taxes and by the secret theft and transfer of our wealth by the Federal Reserve Corporation. It's that simple. The Federal Reserve Corporation has to be destroyed. Burned down. Bulldozed and flattened into a bad memory. All twelve banks. We apparently can't do it the peaceful way. Jack Kennedy tried that a few months before he was shot, when he issued about four billion dollars in Series 1963 US Notes, legal currency which deprived the Fed gangsters of their skim, the first time such an outrage happened in fifty years. You can draw your own conclusions from that. No politician has since done or said anything to threaten the Fed, the way Rep. Wright Patman once did when he told the chairman that he was a crook who ought to be in prison.

To show the power of the Zionist Jews today, in case you're not persuaded yet, consider the Republican so-called "debates." Nine of the ten candidates try to out-do each other in their support for war and torture because they know that this will please the Jewish power-brokers. These nine swine acknowledge the power of the eleventh man, so far undeclared but mysteriously third in the polls! Why? Because he has written essays saying that Israel has been too easy on the Palestinians, and that Israel's Moslem enemies should be destroyed by America. This eleventh man is another Hollywood actor who earlier played the role of a US Senator from Tennessee. All Hollywood actors are good at reading Jewish scripts. That's all they know how to do.

The engine of terrorism has always been the Federal Reserve Corporation, since its ugly, twisted birth in December, 1913. It is not federal, but privately owned. Doubters refer to Lewis v. United States, 680 F.2d 1239 (1982). Or, just look up the Fed in the phone book. You won't find it in the US government pages.

Time is short for saving ourselves from destruction. It seems to me that the short road to turning this around is the destruction of the fraudulent Federal Reserve Corporation. Several decent Congressmen, such as Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. and Louis McFadden and Wright Patman, and one or two indecent ones, such as Jack and Bobby Kennedy, have tried to do it legally. They failed because the Law is a Jewish plot. The Jews own the Law just as they own the Federal Reserve. You can't beat the Big Casino playing by their rules. So we have to play by our own rules. They have left us with no choice.


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