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> From Adam To Jesus and Beyond, Spiritual Reconnection

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Posted: Oct 2 2005, 05:42 PM
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Now is the time for remembering.

Through Edgar Cayce’s otherworldly journeys, he learned the true interpretation of the Bible.
According to Cayce, the Bible is the symbolic fall and restoration of the human soul to its divine knowledge.

Cayce was raised in a strict Christian religion, and his early resistance to what he was being shown in his trances, was because he had a set view based on the dogma of his church. Later, he accepted many new concepts, after receiving revelations in spirit. He explained that several figures in religious history, were just different expressions of the same soul, which began with Adam and ended with Jesus.

Cayce was shown, that the Bible, is the story of the long struggle of one soul, through many incarnations, to become Christed. Having failed in the person of Adam, he was later victorious in the person of Jesus.

Jesus, finally became Christed, or anointed, exiting the earth plane, just as he has entered the earth plane as Adam. Jesus was able to pay the karma of Adam, as they were karmically linked.

Cayce said that Jesus had not only been Adam, but Joseph, Moses, Heremes and Zend, the father of Zoroasterism, and many other well known figures, before he incarnated as the human Jesus. The soul, became the teacher of Atlantis, Egypt, and the teachings spread to Persia, and India. This is why all the major religions have the same basic truth based on the concept that God is One. Each time humanity needed the Christ soul, it incarnated.

Cayce, was even able to explain the difference between soul and spirit. Spirit existed before soul, and spirit keeps the knowledge of itself within God, while soul has the ability to experience the activities of the mind in a way separate from God. This is an important point, because, this explains how a separate entity could be dependent on God, while at the same time, having an existence separate from God, with their own free will.

Mind is a force issuing out from God
The power to direct that mind is free will.

Without free will, each new separate mind would only naturally, fulfill Gods thoughts unless ordered to do otherwise. Each soul was born when it first began its initial independent thought of its own, which allowed it to take whatever path each it wished, instead of following the normal pattern of unity with God. Now the souls had will of their own and could think for themselves.

The idea of granting free will to a soul, was to experience the diversity of the creation in whatever manner it willed. But because of this fall into ignorance, the souls would now have to go through the whole cycle of experience never knowing its true identity.

After their birth, some souls wanted to copy God, but some were full of their own will. The first group to attempt to enter the earth plane, incarnated on earth into animals, misusing their freewill, because the lower animals were not a fitting vehicle for the souls to inhabit, and as a result, they were entangled, accidentally, and their minds clouded as to their origins. This was the fall into ignorance. They forgot who and what they were. Then the second wave led by Amilius, voluntarily came to the earth to help free the other souls.

Genesis is the symbolic telling of this event. Amilius and the second wave of souls created a more suitable vehicle for the souls to inhabit. They choose the ape body and were careful not to inhabit the bodies until the change in structure was complete so as not to repeat the mistakes of their brethren. They steered the process of evolution, and in one generation, the apes came down from the trees, learned to use tools, lost much of their hair, and their bodies changed by the mutation of the DNA.

When this was complete the souls entered the homo sapiens on all the continents, and he different races evolved as the root races of humanity. There were many Adams and many Eve’s.

The reason the Logos kept incarnating over and over was that the darkness was spreading and the ones who remembered their divine connection was lessening with each generation, as materiality and selfishness, became common. Other sons of God, as Cayce calls them, left the higher realms, and created separate bodies for themselves, not according to the path of spiritual evolution, and the purpose was to mate with the daughters of the homo sapiens, following in the path of Adam. Could this have been the entrance of the mysterious Annunuki?

The Christed Soul, is was decided, should be born and reborn at various times and in various places, to act as spiritual teacher, to humanity, caught in the illusion that they were physical bodies and that pleasure was the point of existence.
Such pleasure seekers were no longer fit companions for God, and now because they had forgotten, their experiences would be filled with pain not pleasure, pain they would bring upon themselves due to the ignorance.

Adam began to love his own flesh above all else, and because the pleasures of earth existence were placed before him, causing him to put his spiritual nature on the back places of his mind, and to his descendents the truth became myth.

The spirit within all humans knows that it is the part of God, but the conscious mind does not know this. The message of brotherhood, love and kindness stood in stark contrast to the depths of selfishness into which some humans were sinking. All souls are one in spirit and in reality are also created out of the same physical matter, and this truth was not only rejected but those who brought this message were often put to death by those who thought such a belief was a disturbance of their fleshly agenda.
Jesus did not love his flesh even to the point of refusing to violate his love, by raising the sword to take life. The plan was to back Jesus into a corner, where it would be pick up a sword or die and he choose death. This was a real test, not a rigged one. Jesus could easily had, as Adam, succumbed to the temptations of power and taken up arms to lead the nation to victory over the Romans. This he refused to do.

Not understanding their pre human existence, humanity entrenched themselves in power using the pattern that the strongest one wins. All they had was the animal kingdom to use as their pattern because they could no longer connect to the divine part of themselves. They fought among themselves for supreme position and greed led them.

Adam knew his real identity, and yet acted according to his own will. Jesus also knew his real identity, and acted according to truth, and God’s will.
He wanted to show his fellow sons of God, that death was not the end, and that they were not just bodies of flesh. By going through this ordeal, and standing right to the end, he showed the pattern, they could take back to their true nature.
The mistake that is made in interpreting the Bible, is that many are following Jesus, the man, not the pattern he left. To name the name, as Cayce states, has no meaning if the heart does not accept that all souls on earth in the form of humans are part of God. Thus, having the name Christian, does not guarantee one is following the pattern, and since all the souls who came here and became trapped are in the same situation, this pattern was meant for every nation, race, and religion and this has little to do with religion or dogma.

It is the pattern when followed that brings one back in alignment with one’s true nature, not the fact that Jesus left the pattern.

When Amilius and the souls he led, entered the earth plane, their ignorant acts against one another, began to set the wheel of karma in motion, which ended for the soul of Jesus, when he left the earth plane, having balanced the scales of karma. For the rest of us, we had to keep being born on the earth plane, until with experience we began to remember and we too balance our own karma, through many lives.

Jesus, the man will never return, but the Christed spirit has returned, because the cycle of experience is ending, and those who are looking at the clouds, miss the manner of the second presence would be within human hearts.
Those who have learned through trial and error, that the will of God is the only choice for them, will have the opportunity to follow the path. This is the time for balancing karma and for remembering.

While Genesis, is the record of humanity’s fall into ignorance, Revelation is the symbolic testimony of humanity’s restoration to heaven and paradise found.

Again, according to Cayce, those who look to outer events, will miss the fact that these symbols all have reference to the human body and mind. The book of Revelation is played out in the inner struggle of each mind to see beyond the physical senses, and triumph over the temptations of excess and ignorance, by rising to the former condition of knowing its true self. The symbols are recognized, when the key of this knowledge is used.

Cayce said humans are made up of the conscious mind which is the personality, the unconscious mind, which is the soul, and the super-conscious mind, which is the spirit.
To rise above the personality, by reaching the super-conscious mind, will reveal the truth of one’s real identity.
The seven seals in Revelation, are the seven energy centers of the human body, and when the book is opened, it is the human mind which is opened.

When no one was able to open the seals in the account, much weeping ensued, but the weeping ceased, when the voice said that Christ was able to open them. It is the Christed pattern of thinking, which opens the seals on the super-conscious mind. When this happens, the human becomes Christ, and Christ sits down on his throne and begins ruling the mind. The crown is the activation of the highest human chakra, which connects with the Infinite Mind.

The four beasts are the desires of the animal self as symbolized by the lower chakra centers, of power, sex and pleasure, and the conscious mind must raise the thinking from the lower energy centers to the higher ones. In the higher energy centers, balance, love and compassion are activated. The twenty four elders are the nerves leading from the brain to the five senses.

Cayce says that human institutions will collapse so that universal truth can be seen. Armageddon he says, in the war within each human mind and that the false prophet is self- delusion.

The devil is the self- willed intellect, which tempts the mind, to only see its own selfish interest. This is what spoke to Jesus on the mountain. His own mind thinking of the potentials of power and riches on the earthly plane.

There are many more details in the interpretations of these two books by Edgar Cayce, than can be covered within this post, and so two links are here for those who have never been satisfied with the official interpretations of western religion. If this is true, then each one of us are really sons of God, and now is the time each one of us will face our own version of Armageddon. Not in the valley of Hinnon in Israel lies the final battle, but within the human mind.


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Posted: Oct 2 2005, 08:25 PM
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Thankyou Tree Hugger,

Excellant post.





Posted: Oct 2 2005, 09:03 PM
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Posted: Oct 3 2005, 05:37 PM
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to clarify:
honor your sexuality
it should and can be....DIVINE.

that's all.......
love and loving and sex........
the ticket to the inner universe.

eeeeeeeee O.



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Posted: Oct 4 2005, 03:23 AM
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Thank you Indigo

The church said sexual activity was the sin in the beginning but since sex was the creation of God, nothing could be further from the truth, but they never understood the purpose for sexual union was not to satisfy the sensual desires but to connect the two individuals in a sacred union which connects both to their Source and makes sexual union with equal love a trinity. This takes the sensations both spiritual and physical but balanced.

What some sons of God did was to disregard the example of the ones already trapped and be tempted to risk being trapped too, which they were and now have forgotten altogether what sexual union was for to remind humans they were not only flesh but spirit. The spirits who came and got trapped for sensual pleasure now only have sensual pleasure without the spiritual. This is why sex is often so disappointing in this world............much light to your path.......

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Posted: Oct 4 2005, 04:09 AM
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burn all churches


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