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There is no law preventing the U.S. news media from intentionally lying to the public. Whistle blowers and honest reporters are fired for telling the truth.

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by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Also: Conspiracy of Silence Video

Equal, Nutra-Sweet and over 6000 food and beverage products contain Aspartame

6. On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference to disclose that over $2,000,000,000,000 (2 Trillion) in Pentagon funds could not be accounted for.
Such a disclosure normally would have sparked a huge scandal. However, the commencement of the [9/11] attack on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon the following morning would assure that the story remained buried.
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> New Helicopters, Stealth Tech Revealed?

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Posted: Dec 11 2007, 05:48 AM
Quote Post
Stealth Helicopter
MH-X Advanced Special Operations Helicopter
The U.S. Army and CIA developed what could be considered a stealthy helicopter during the Vietnam War. There, they were primarily interested in reducing the amount of noise that the helicopter generated, and they named the helicopter The Quiet One. Light, quiet and stealthy helicopters could be used for clandestine missions, quick in-and-out assignments without being noticed. A Special Forces A-Team performing an extraction could grab their target, climb a rope, and be extracted by a stealth helicopter. Other stealthy helicopter has focued on reducing detectability by radar and infra-red sensors, including the suppression of hot engine exhaust gases.

In the 1980s, Hughes and other American aircraft manufacturers investigated concepts for the construction of radar-evading "Stealth" helicopters. The US designed stealthy helicopter-type aircraft. One program was the McDonnell Douglas X-wing. Stealth features of this hybrid craft included using the stalled blades, when in aeroplane mode, as radar reflectors, and using McDonnell Douglas NOTAR (no tail rotor) technology to eliminate tell tale tail rotor radar signature. The X-wing project had an unclassified counterpart, which allowed components of the 'black' X-wing to be obtained under cover.

According to one report, a classified stealth helicopter was being tested at the Groom Lake Air Force base as early as 1990. The code name for the helicopter as "T.E.-K," standing for "Test and Evaluation Project K." The F-117 stealth fighter was reportedly known as "T.E.-A," and the B-2 stealth bomber, known as "T.E.-B." The 2/6/95 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology reported that the Air force had a silent NOTAR helicopter and a stealth helicopter inside Area 51.

For the conventional helicopter, there are two fundamental systems that contribute to the generation of near-field and far-field noise, the main rotor and the tail rotor. Each rotor emits unique and recognizable sounds due to its highly individualized operating condition. Engine noise is typically of secondary significance.

A helicopter main rotor generates primarily low frequency noise and, in certain operating regimes, high amplitude low-to-mid-frequency noise modulated at the blade passage frequency. The low frequency rotor noise is made up of basic loading noise and broadband turbulence noise, each a function of lift and rotational speed. These sources are present in any lifting rotor.

Additional sources, such as Blade Vortex Interaction (BVI) noise and High Speed Impulsive (HSI) noise, become dominant in specific operating regimes, namely in descents and at high forward airspeeds, respectively. BVI noise can be the most significant contributor, because it occurs during a helicopter’s approach to the landing area.

Operational noise reduction modifications involve the use of known low noise techniques and modifications to flight paths in an attempt to minimize the noise “footprint.”

Current technology for noise reduction employed in new rotorcraft designs, must ensure that the cost, performance, and other impositions on the design are met in concert with reduced noise.

Control of main rotor noise has traditionally been accomplished by the judicious selection of rotor blade configurations and rotational tip speed. Airfoils, blade planforms, and tip shapes are chosen which mitigate the effects of HSI noise and BVI noise. For a given design gross weight, increasing the blade chord and changing the number of rotor blades are means of reaching an acoustically desirable rotational tip speed. The blade number change also alters the frequency distribution of the sound generated.

Groom Lake Employee Description

X-2 Description and Photo

I thought this was hilarious. It was the new President's Helo too... lol.gif

H-69 [Omitted]
The authoritative website,, in its section on missing US Department of Defense designations, reports that when the VH-71A designation was assigned to the Lockheed Martin US-101 (winner of the VXX (Presidential Helicopter) competition), the design numbers 69 and 70 in the H-series were skipped (H-70 has since been allocated to the Bell ARH). "As has been confirmed by the VXX Program Office, the number "69" was regarded as embarrassing, because that number is also known as a synonym for a certain sexual practice. According to USAF/XPPE, H-69 will not be assigned in the future to any helicopter."


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Grouchy old bastard
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Posted: Dec 11 2007, 06:54 PM
Quote Post
The US does not need to develop stealth helicopters and all reports about this are most likely a smoke screen to confuse the issue with low signature aircraft.

The US already has craft which can move (not "fly") virtually undetectably at high speed in our atmosphere. These craft have been developed from extra-terrestrial technology. The US does not want the public to know officially about these craft because it does not want to answer the awkward question as to why the people have been lied to about extra-terrestrials for so many years.

The US government is playacting about still needing dangerous, expensive, chemically-powered launch vehicles to get cargo into near-space when it has simple craft which can do it with ease. Think about all the money, lies and lives being expended on creating a false space program. Are you angry about the sham? I am!

So many ferals - so few bullets.
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Posted: Dec 12 2007, 04:37 AM
Quote Post

I have my suspicions, and the motives you cite are certainly very valid, but remember that the government has been working on a “Gradual Reconciliation Retro-fit” for some time.

Basically, they have had the technology from retro-engineering (via the TA) since before Roswell (an intentional leak to introduce the idea) and have been working on a tightly followed schedule of technology introduction. Not only to keep the information that we have alien tech a secret, but also to help explain the leaps of technological prowess our government has achieved recently.

A side note, according to some sources that I’ve spoken to, “Back-in-the-Day”, the European Monarchy took the bodies from The Discovery, and the then fledgling American contingent took the then incomprehensible technology. We were thought to have received the short end of the stick, as none of the European Intelligencia could make any sense of anything.

We’ve been collecting the other data ever since…

Oh, and yes. I'm angry about the sham, too! pissed.gif


This post has been edited by EvilMonk on Dec 12 2007, 04:39 AM

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