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by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Also: Conspiracy of Silence Video

Equal, Nutra-Sweet and over 6000 food and beverage products contain Aspartame

6. On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference to disclose that over $2,000,000,000,000 (2 Trillion) in Pentagon funds could not be accounted for.
Such a disclosure normally would have sparked a huge scandal. However, the commencement of the [9/11] attack on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon the following morning would assure that the story remained buried.
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> TITAN, Earth's Quarantine by the Guardians'

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Posted: Apr 5 2009, 03:08 PM
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(Note: Do any of you remember a UFO landing at night in Alaska? Someone with a video camera not only filmed the strobing lights of the ship, they filmed what appeared to be little humanoids' walking around craft.
The person who filmed it did not want contact with any authorities, because, rumor said he worked for the Government and thought it better he not talk about it. He did say though, later, there was some kind of communication with the beings and they identified themselves as the "Guardian's". It was the first time I heard that name connected to any ET's, and now, in this story...Dex)

From Aileen:


by Chad Johnson

This OOTB sequence began as they usually do, when I laid down to sleep. I looked up at the ceiling to clear the analyzer in preparation for the sleep cycle. The room was dark of course, and I closed my eyes to begin the meditation which would allow me a good nights rest.

Without warning a symbol appeared on the inner-vision screen. It was a darkened silhouette of an oblate spheroid super imposed on an elliptical band. I felt a brief moment of panic. I reacted by efforting to suppress the symbol! Uh! Oh! That was a mistake.

The attempt to suppress only served to cause me to become equal to the vibration of the symbol and Lo!... I found myself out in interstellar space gazing at the planet Saturn which hummed musically in the upper right hand grid of my perception.

I could sense the presence of life all around me and in a way I could not quite comprehend. I could see all around the center of my attention-focus viewing several of Saturn's satellites.

The illusion was perfect. The rings seemed to spin at an enormous rate of speed and the colors were vibrant.

The planet began to recede slowly and I turned my attention one hundred and eighty degrees and beheld a large yellowish-orange sphere with a grayish undercast which gave the ball a slightly jaundiced appearance, a dull yellow-orange.

I thought: TITAN!! And in a wink... I was on its surface looking up at Saturn which filled the sky with its awesome presence.

At this point in linear time I had the sensation of occupying a limited focus of awareness which suggested a physical body which now impinged in my matrix. Being extremely curious I focused on it and finding no evidence of entrapment decided to play the dream out to discover what I could learn from it.

At that moment the dream became physical reality and after getting used to the body I looked around to see where I had located. As a physical identity I found myself in a small village inside a huge crystalline dome made up of geodesic panels of transparent material held together by a lattice work grid of metallic curved ribs interlocking at regularly space intervals to hold the panes. The dome enclosed an area of approximately twenty acres of flat landscape with some low rolling hills. The topography covered with green vegetation of grass, stunted bushes and some small trees which resembled fruit bearing trees I had seen on Earth.

I turned slowly to view the village which was a rather ordinary grouping of domed Quonset huts, non-descript sheds, some larger administrative buildings - also domed, and several large hangars which were semi-cylindrical. The usual roads and paths gave some semblance or order to the village but it looked very much like a temporary construction site or base on Earth; although the houses looked more aesthetic. They appeared to be double-wide trailers simple in design and unadorned.

While I stood taking all this in a sweet voice sounded behind me. I turned around to face the source and beheld a young woman of average height, slender of build with a narrow face, slightly pointed chin, high cheekbones nearly unbalanced the face but instead gave it a strange triangular, alien appearance. The effect was distracting but not unpleasant.

As she spoke I was transfixed by her eyes, so large and blue and all the standard glitches seemed to apply as I flowed into her space and lost identity. If time isn't a measurable constant in six-dimensional reality then let it suffice to say that we bi-located instantly into a dwelling. We stood embodied in a large crowded living room filled with men, women and children who looked like average human beings one would find anywhere on earth, except they were uniformly blond, Caucasian and glowing.

Some were wearing work clothes, some were wearing silvery looking metallic jump-suits but for the most part the majority were informally attired in street clothes which could have been manufactured on Earth.

I was engaged in a monologue with a tall, wiry gentleman with medium length white hair and metallic blue eyes. I was discoursing at length on a meta-physical subject with which I had been involved on Earth and had found someone who was a willing understanding listener. I was amazed at my own grasp of this subject for in truth I had been a rather mediocre student of it. His face was somewhat hawk-like and I felt a bit distracted by the intensity of the attention he was giving to me. From time to time he would acknowledge or interject comments and after a time another comely young woman came up and whispered to him, smiled warmly at me, and excused themselves. I wandered about for awhile sipping from a tumbler of fruit juice, answering questions, nodding and saying hellos but couldn't keep up with most of the conversations which were highly technical or metaphysical concepts which were beyond me in conceptual understanding.

I meandered over to a picture window and looked at a play area outside and also noticed the base of the dome. As I gazed up at Saturn the first girl whom I had encountered came up and touched my shoulder and said: "If you elect to go wandering around outside the dome then beware that old invader electronic spirit-traps abound throughout this system and if you get stuck on one it could destroy your physical body."

"I un-understand. I'm just going into the yard to watch the stars. It's so clear out here and they're so beautiful." A sinking feeling of dread and despair descended into my consciousness as I thought of having to leave here soon.

The girl, whose name escapes me or perhaps they don't use names, told me that her race was wandering in space for a long time having lost their planet in a catastrophe. That they wanted to settle on Earth but were stopped by a large space force who called themselves The guardians who told them the planet was quarantined and that landings on Earth were forbidden due to the inevitability of future cataclysms, natural and man-made.

So while telephoto probes were sent forth to evaluate they waited. I was or still am one of them, one among several thousand of them down here in human bodies and we are sending them data about this civilization so they determine if it's possible for them to creatively interact with us. Except I got screwed and forgot my mission.

The girl wished me well and assured that some day I would return upon bodily death to this group, my group where I would once again return home to stay. She urged me to study and learn all I could about the human spirit as well as the racial history of man.

I went outside, my heart aching with a longing to return home to stay. I turned to gaze up at Saturn oscillating in its awesome beauty, stunned by its enormity and the loudness of its chorus, a billion angels singing and playing the Harps of Space in exquisite harmonies while the great rings punctuate with their eternal rhythms.

At that moment I cognated that the entire Universe was truly alive and Saturn was an aggregate living God of Light and I was about to uncover the Secret of the Universe in its utter simplicity.

....And I awoke. And I knew the secret is there are no secrets except that I chose to forget that I am , myself, a God and couldn't even remember that I could remember or even that I chose to forget.

Was it real? Or was it... Memorex? Bashar tells us that our dreams are actuality - the ultimate reality and that life on Earth is nothing more than... a bad dream. I am learning to wake up and dream. And lately have begun while I'm awake to dream ecstatic dreams. Have begun my long journeys home to the Light!

"Breaking the Spear of Destiny"
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