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Posted: Sep 28 2006, 11:15 AM
Quote Post
By Lisa Rome
At 18 he had his first encounter. Now with many
contacts under his belt, he is one of the most ad-
mired UFO contactees in South America.


Sixto Paz is the head of GRUPO RAMA, an organization found-
ed in 1974, when Sixto was 18 years old. His first physical
contact with aliens was, he says, in October of 1974, in
Chilca, a desert area 63 km south of Lima, Peru.
Today, GRUPO RAMA has about ten thousand members in thirty-
three countries around the world. The groups are made up of
an average of twenty people. It is pretty standard that at
least one or two members receive messages from ET guides in
the form of automatic writing. Not all members have con-
tacts, only a percentage of these people are privileged to
have physical encounters. GRUPO RAMA's members meet about
twice a year to have contact. The last meeting was in August
of 1990 in Cuzco, Peru. Only members of RAMA are permitted
to take part in these contacts.
On five separate occasions since the group was founded,
RAMA has invited the press to attend contacts so that they
could objectively witness the presence of UFO's and ET's.
The last contact for the press - which was grossly under-re-
ported - was in March of 1989 in Chilca, the sight of Paz's
original experience. Camera crews filmed the UFO's in the
sky over Chilca. What happened with the filmed material
afterward and what happened to Sixto Paz upon his attempt to
enter the United States in 1989 is another typical,
unexplained chapter in the annals of modern UFOlogy.
For the most part, the members of GRUPO RAMA simply take
Paz's word about his guides tell him as the truth. To them,
he does seem to be "the man with all the correct answers."
His manner is very casual and friendly. RAMA has a simple
philosophy of peace, hope and harmony. The ET guides who
contact Sixto and the members of RAMA come from a federation
of ET's from different planets including: Siron, Xora,
Morona, Cali (Andromeda) and Rugu (Alpha Centaurus). Members
are supposed to lead a clean life and follow a spiritual path
incorporating practices such as meditation into their daily
The interview that follows was conducted in July, 1990 in
Paz's home in Lima and should serve as good introduction to
Sixto Paz, an international figure who has an intense in-
terest in seeing that the gospel of the aliens be spread as
far and wide as possible.

UFO Universe: You are a Peruvian from Lima?
Paz: Yes
UU: Could you please explain what is the GRUPO RAMA?
Paz: It is a group of contactees who have contact with
extraterrestrial beings. It started in Peru sixteen years
ago and has members from thirty three nations. During the
first year of contacts, I received contacts by automatic
The first year, we had the opportunity to invite journal-
ists so that they could be witnesses to see the ships and so
they would confirm that contact existed. We were simply
young kids between the ages of sixteen and eighteen. We took
this as a sign of luck and adventure. We never (at that
moment) thought profoundly enough about the enormity or
intensity of the whole thing.
We received a message to go to the desert on February 7,
1974 and that there we would see a ship. The journalists
verified that there was contact in the desert that night.
Around Lima there is a desert where there are big stretches
that are unpopulated. One can be undisturbed in these
Our group of young people arrived (at the desert sight) and
exactly at 9:00 PM saw from behind the hills of this desert,
appear an object shaped like a disk, full of lights. It
descended toward us. It stopped eighty meters above us. We
all felt a great deal of fear and panic. Never had any of us
felt such panic as we felt at that moment. Then they spoke
to us--as though we could hear them speaking into our ears--
and they said: "You don't know how to control your emotions,
you have to take some time for preparation before the next
contact." Eight months later, the ship landed in the sane
desert spot. It's landing gear looked like that of NASA's
ship that had landed on the moon.
UU: Three legs?
Paz: What we saw were two legs in front, but I can't tell you
what was in the back. It could have been four (legs).
Afterwards, the mark in the ground showed four prints. At
that moment, there were a lot of things that I didn't make
note of.
After we saw it, and it moved, we saw that it wasn't
exactly a disk, it was more like a Manta Ray. From the ship,
came a being about 2 1/2 meters tall, very tall, it's
appearance was like a Scandanavian. The communication (with
him) was all mental. We all heard in our heads what he said.
UU: Did all twenty people in the group hear what was being
Paz: Yes, at the time of the first contact on February 7,
1974, we all saw and heard the same thing. At the time of
the second contact, eight months later, there were only four
people present for this experience...those who had the
opportunity to get close, to see the ship come down and the
beings get out.
One month and a half later, Juan Jose Benitez of "Gazetta
del Norte" from Viscaya in the north of Spain and EFE agency
(the Peruvian AP) came with us after reading a notice in the
paper about our contact. He asked us: "If these beings
really want to have contact with us, why don't we have a test
with journalists present? A photograph is always manipulable
and people, even if they are many, are always subject to
suggestion. Why don't you have an impartial or objective
journalist present as a witness? This would give the
experience more value."
Anyway, we said we would ask and they (the ET's) told us:
"Yes, they (the journalists) could come." He (Benitez)
couldn't believe the answer. He didn't know whether to think
we were crazy or not or if we were going to prepare some kind
of a show for him.
And so, that which we saw on September 7, 1974, made such a
strong impression on him that he wrote the book "UFO's...
S.O.S. to Humanity", the unusual experience of a Spanish
journalist in Peru. He had never written a book before. In
the book, he says: "In the end, I can only have faith in one
thing: they were really UFO's-unidentified flying objects. I
was profoundly afraid, profoundly happy and anguished."
From that moment, he continued with abandon his UFO
investigations. To date, he has published more than forty
books. He has become a "pursuer" of UFO's. He goes
everywhere where there have been sightings. He's spent many
nights in deserts and fields where people say they have had
experiences. Today, his investigations are of great depth.
And, above all, he is personal journalist of the King of
Spain. He works personally with the King.
This is recognition of the seriousness of his objectivity.
Above all, of the values that he retained to come out on top
after witnessing and writing about a subject that was very
"touchy" sixteen years ago after saying: I saw them, at least
I can say I saw something."
Fifteen years later, in March of 1989, we invited again,
journalists, and about forty journalists came from eight
UU: Jacques Vallee, noted scientist, author and UFO
investigator, in his most recent book "CONFRONTATIONS" says
that there is not enough evidence today to make any
conclusions about what is happening in the UFO world.
PAZ: What is happening is that we don't have the elements
within terrestrial science to be able to investigate,
analyze, measure and quantify the UFO phenomena because these
beings come from other dimensions to which we have no access.
They come from a technological place which is far beyond what
we know today.
We have a series of barriers - barriers which even halt our
speculation. Because, as of today, we have not been able to
move to other planets...not even as far as Mars. We are
sending satellites out to catch, within their capabilities,
information which could be arriving in a very simple way.
And we, rudimentary as we are, are very complicated. There
are many things which we are failing to understand because
our level is far below that of other civilizations.
In a world such as ours where we spend so much money in
armaments, where there's so much tension around the world and
so many border problems, if all of this money, all of the
scientific riches, that is: scientists working to develop
arms and weapons, would be spent in another way, for the
service of men, not only would there be no hunger or poverty
in the world, we would long ago have put an end to barriers,
like the barriers of light (travel). These are barriers that
we can pass. There are not measures within today's science
to analyze a thing like the UFO phenomena. It is certain, as
Jacques Vallee says, that we must confront this information.
And it is still difficult to do because the big nations guard
their information as their own and keep it classified...Thus,
the scientists continue to work in the dark trying to
assemble a puzzle of 1,000 pieces with only 250 pieces. As
long as the situation continues like this, it is going to be
very difficult.
UU: Do you think that the situation in the Soviet Union is
different now that it has opened up, since the USA has
dictated to western nations about how they should handle UFO
information, but not to the Soviet Union for the last forty
PAZ: This is the situation. I had the opportunity to attend
the "Dialogue with the Universe" conference last year in
Frankfurt and Sergei Vornsev, the TASS correspondent, spoke
of the case in Voronezh, Siberia that was reported about
September/October of last year. He had the opportunity to
weigh the contradictory information which tried to negate the
fact that the UFO had landed, that beings had come out and
were accompanied by a little robot and that the witness was
left with a "calling card" in the form of a red, stone-like
Sergei certified the seriousness of the investigators.
Scientists from the Geophysic Institute of Voronezh and that
the kids from the middle school #33 saw separately, the same
exact thing. Within the context of Peristroika inside the
USSR, there are organizations within, who are competing with
each other to be the most open with their information. So
what happened is this: In the case of Voronezh, which is just
one of many similar cases that have come up in recent years,
the military tried to debunk the case together with the
Ministry of the Interior. WHY? Because these two agencies
have not yet recuperated from the scandal of the landing of
the plane in Red Square by a West German boy. This (event)
showed the Soviet defense systems to be obsolete and that
with this event, they couldn't account for all the money
being spent on the edge of the twenty-first century for
technological development.
Our planet is so small. So they can't accept publicly that
extraterrestrial beings are coming from very advanced civili-
zations into Soviet airspace and that they permit themselves
to land in a public park and take with them - as though it
were a dog on a walk - a little robot. It is scandalous. It
is a blow to the morale of the armed forces. They should be
guarding the air space and guarding the Soviet Union. This
is why armies exist. If they (the ET's) had wanted to harm
us, they could have done so long ago. The ET presence
continues to be systematically hidden. For instance, in
January of 1986, when the Challenger was in the air, there
was a UFO nearby at the time it exploded. Three months later
at the time of the disaster at Chernobyl, many UFO's were
seen around Europe when the nuclear cloud went overhead. The
UFO's followed the cloud and strangely, the cloud came from
and returned to the same place.
UU: How do you know that the UFO's were around at that time?
PAZ: Because I was in Europe when the cloud passed over. The
photograph of the UFO that was close to the Challenger was
published here in Peru in the newspaper "Commercio" and in
the magazine "Somos".
UU: Why wasn't this photo printed all over the world?
PAZ: Well, there are times when we see things in papers and
they are tiny little photos with a tiny little notice
underneath. Some newspapers give them importance and some
don't. There are places where they say that there is freedom
of the press. But the truth is that the freedom of the press
is only for certain things.
The subject of UFO's continues to be treated with much
prudence. Either because there's political pressure or
psychological pressure. In Europe, they think that anyone
investigates these things is not very serious, is ignorant,
like Christopher Columbus. There are many people who have
pre-conceptions and those who have pre-conceptions have no
access to the truth. I want to show the relationship to what
happened in Chernobyl, in April of '86 with reactor #4 and
with Challenger. So, you have January and April of '86 and
in the month of June in the same year, the United States and
the Soviet Union had an emergency meeting in Geneva and they
signed a pact and the news came out in the papers that they
signed a pact of mutual aid in the case of extraterrestrial
aggression. This is ridiculous! They have spent more than
two hundred million dollars in projects of investigation and
statistics to demonstrate to the public that UFO's don't
exist to the people of the USA. Spending the taxpayers'
money. How can it be that they can't agree on basic things,
important and transcendental things, yet, they agree and sign
a pact of mutual aid in the case that "they" invade us...IN
UU: Speaking of international organizations, you have spoken
to the United Nations, haven't you?
PAZ: I spoke at the U.N. in New York on August 13th and 22nd
of August in 1986. I was invited to speak by the "Mystics
Club", made up by the members of the United Nations. There
were also many journalists present who cover various kinds of
information within the U.N. The original invitation was only
for the 13th, but they were so interested, that they invited
me to come back again on the 22nd. And they told me that the
doors of the United Nations would always be open to me. The
interesting thing about my talk was that they weren't
interested so much about how the ship was or if the being had
two or three eyes, the interesting thing to them was WHAT
THEY THOUGHT ABOUT US, how they see us, if they thought we
have hope. So that which I shared with these people was the
MESSAGE OF RAMA. We must take into consideration that there
are many contactees that say many different things because of
the way the contactee perceives things, so we must be careful
in this sense. RAMA, the group of contactees in Peru, is not
the only, nor is it the most important group - it is simply
one of many. However, it has a place in history as it has
invited journalists, the last time in March of 1989, to see
that the UFO's are there and in contact. The message that I
was referring to before is a message of hope. According to
the ET's, man can create that in which he believes.
If we believe that there is hope in the world and if we
make a responsible promise for (the world), we can get the
world to change. If, on the contrary, we think that things
have no solution, we are self-programming our own
destruction. Even the 16th century prophet Nostradamus said
that the future is reversible. The prophesies were made not
so they would happen, but so they WOULDN'T happen. There are
many people who want the prophesies to come to pass, but no,
it is a truth that will help us to modify the future. How
many people dreamed that they might die woke up and did
something about it, like the people who ripped their ticket
for passage on the Titanic in two? These people CHANGED
their future. It is easier to change the future of an
individual than to change the future of many people, but
this, too, can be done. We must only try. The ET's tell us
that the world is a "big project", we are NOT laboratory
rats, our world is NOT a farm as some SCIENCE FICTION writers
in the United States who write about ABDUCTIONS and
kidnappings (by aliens), all of this talk is an assembly of
putting into people's heads a contradiction of the truth.
UU: What, then, is the truth?
PAZ: Lamentably, in a certain way, it is something with which
we can experiment with directly. On one hand, we can
experiment with it in many ways...we can go through it with
our instinct and with intuition, the sixth sense, ESP...or
even with common logic, logic is the most common of the
senses. In a universe as dense as ours, there has to be the
possibility that there is life...the possibility is
incredible. Here on Earth - Earth which is a little dot of
sand - we have men, for instance, who go around naked, eating
what they can from trees as they did one million years ago.
UU: Wait, what about the BAD ET's, the "GRAYS", that seem to
be not so good?
PAZ: This is just what I want to say to you. This is
relative to the forces of good and bad. Think of this: A
group of beings come "down" to make a scientific
investigation...I'm not trying to justify them, alright...and
they come and take samples - or they take a person inside a
ship, take their clothes off and make a series of
analyses...Anyway, these beings, it's not as though they have
come with the intention to make us suffer or to hurt us.
This is entering into Bud Hopkin's or Whitney Streiber's
territory where they try to make the ET's look like mad
scientists...or the keepers of concentration camps, like in
WWII. It's not like that, that is false.
I don't have anything against the USA, the Soviet Union, or
anybody for that matter, however, the "Big Nations" have
within their "war politics", not only psychological war, but
astral and psychic warfare as well. It is known that at
various North American bases that there are people who
specialize in psychic development, the power of psychic power
and psychic manipulation. With this tool, they can imprint
in the subconscious of people images which are hallucinations
and which make the people believe that they have been
abducted. Don't you think it's strange, for example, that
these beings that come to Earth and take the people into
their ships use syringes, "injectors" just like ours? In the
book by Whitney Streiber, for example, the GRAYS even use
little tubes to cut off circulation. It seems to me that
these are all examples of psychological programming.
UU: So, what are those little gray men, the ones we call
PAZ: Look, if in this world, we have Pygmies - we have little
beings - why can't we have little people? The problem is
that we want to believe that because someone or something is
little or ugly or different, they must be bad. This is an
example of Chauvinism on the part of Man. I don't want you
to think that I am being an advocate of the ET's. There is
EVERYTHING in the Universe...There are those which we call
"the good ones" and there are "the bad ones", too, but very
few "bad ones" have come to Earth.
UU: So, the "bad ones", then aren't the "Grays"?
PAZ: Some of these grays - and there are many types of
grays...tall ones...little ones - it is not that they are
aggressive because it is their plan to be harmful, it's just
because they are here for their own self-interest. Often,
self-interest is the need for survival. There are some
species and civilizations who are almost extinct. For about
twenty years, our planet has been in a sort of quarantine,
because of these other civilizations, who are not allowed to
come only in their own self-interest , to interfere in the
history of Humanity, because the Earth is a t a moment of
crisis, by definition. So, we have a certain kind of
protection. These books of Whitney Streiber are cases of
psychological manipulation on behalf of the USA, of the
governments. With all due respect to these writers, please
remember that Whitney Streiber was a science fiction and
horror writer. His stories use many themes that appeal to
the literary tastes of the U.S. including morbidism and
sadism. For what? To create this situation.
When you talk about the Matrix information or about William
Moore or about those government "confidants" who have made
revelations - the "Condors", the "Falcons", ex-members of the
CIA, what they have all said publicly, all these things are
false. So, in the end, one gets to the point of wondering:
What IS the truth? What it is that they're trying to create
is a mildew of disinformation, an information chaos or on the
other hand a (chaos) of fear that makes one think "Oh, I'd
better not get involved with these things, because sooner or
later, someone is going to hurt me."
On one hand, the government says: "These things don't
exist", on the other hand, the government filters information
that makes people think that they (aliens) do exist and that
they are terribly, terribly bad. On yet another hand, they
filter another kind of information that is contradictory and
the (poor) investigators find themselves with nothing in
their hands that is of any help at all. In this type of
atmosphere, it is difficult to have access to anything solid
or consistent. So, what I can tell you from being in contact
with these beings, is that most of all this information that
is going around is not real. I tell you that is all
I have also found out that the alleged pact signed at
Holloman Air Force Base in 1964 is also an untrue story.
UU: How do you know that this story is false?
PAZ: Because I have extraterrestrial contact. The act of
being involved with these things and having demonstrated a
certain level of seriousness for sixteen years has allowed me
to speak on a certain level. One must tread in this territory
sure of the pureness of their own contacts. One must go with
caution and not fall into the catastrophic messages
predicting the end of the world and mix these messages up
with God and religion. It's real easy to fall into this
error or even let people "take you away" with the information
that they bring to you. One is a lot better off with
information that one can verify themself.
Until now, we (RAMA) has been able to maintain this
standard. At times we are even able to verify through other
investigators, messages that we have received. Little by
little, the truth is coming to light and it isn't true that
the United States has signed an accord with the ET's. Do you
honestly think that the ET's would sign an agreement with the
U.S. to sequester and experiment upon people? They could
very well go to China or India where there are lots of people
and there are no international organizations that investigate
the millions of people who disappear. None of this makes
much sense and it sounds like it's straight out of a movie.
UU: Aren't there abductions in Peru?
PAZ: There have been cases of abduction here in Peru.
UU: Like the typical ones of those of the "Grays"?
PAZ: No, we don't have them here, nor in Chile. There are
cases, but not ones where the people are sequestered and
forced. The ships come down, they invite you up, you go up,
then they show you things, then they talk to you about
things, then soon they take you back down. Taxi drivers,
military men, policemen, many people have lived through this.
But, there isn't this type of case where the people are taken
by force.
UU: Why do some people have contact and people don't, or
someone who wants to have contact can't?
PAZ: This always depends more on the ET's than it does on us.
It is they who communicate with us and not us who communicate
with them. They select the people. But, they
don't necesarily select people who are easily manipulated.
Often, they choose either young or very simple people; people
so simple that when they receive these messages with a lot of
knowledge, they make a big impression on the investigators
and the scientists. Surely, they figure something must have
happened when these simple people demonstrate the (new)
capacity they have. Something had to have happened. They
choose young people because generally, they don't have many
UU: But, in RAMA, one can prepare oneself to have contact?
PAZ: Naturally, one can prepare to have contacts, but it
always depends more on them than it does on us. What one
must do simply is to sensitize oneself. One must learn to
relax, to try to control one's mind with meditation. What
happened is this - five thousand years ago when ET's had
tight contact with various colonies in India, these were the
same exercises that they taught them - meditation,
introspection - to fortify their will. What they taught was
to fortify their will so they couldn't be manipulated, not by
anyone or anything...not by ET's nor by their own
UU: How many people are in each group?
PAZ: Between fifteen and thirty.
UU: Are they specifically made with fifteen to thirty people
or does it just happen like that?
PAZ: We prefer groups of twelve, they're easier to move
around. It's difficult to have this ideal number and most
groups have between fifteen and thirty. There are groups in
thirty-three countries at the moment. We calculate that
there are more or less ten thousand members. There are
people in Australia, Tahiti, in all of the South American
countries, the U.S., Mexico, Spain, France, Switzerland,
Germany, South Africa, and those are the major
countries...Oh, and the Soviet Union. There are three groups
in the USSR, two in Moscow and one in another state. The
third group was formed by a woman, an electrical engineer,
who joined in the Dominican Republic and then returned home
to the Caucasus. They not only let her talk on the radio,
but allowed her to have meetings in various libraries. I
have an invitation to go in October. I haven't been yet.
The formation of these groups coincides with the last year
when things began to open up.
UU: We spoke of the contact that you had last year in March.
What were the words of this invitation?
PAZ: I had a message through automatic writing, it came to me
when I was meeting with a group of about thirty people in the
Dominican Republic, in the city of Santiago. Sometimes one
or two people receive messages and other times more people
might receive messages. There we were and EIGHT of us
received the messages. We try to check the reception so it
does not become a "message hunt" - because one can easily
lose the sense of equilibrium. It's hard to maintain oneself
in a serious, balanced and objective way in these things.
Anyway, the messages said: For the month March, 1989. The
message was received on the 10th of February, 1989 and we
were told to invite journalists to come to Peru after the
24'th of March. There would be a planned sighting for the
press in Lima, Peru, in Chilca, 63 km from Lima in the south
in the desert. Chilka is where I had my first contact
sixteen years ago and where I went inside the ship when the
sip came down and we went inside and they took us up. This
happened in very few cases...perhaps once every two years.
UU: Are the ET's just in the ships or they also here with us?
PAZ: They have told us that some of the civilizations have a
few of their beings living amongst us, living with us all
over the world. There are some civilizations that have
beings very similar in appearance to us or they can assume
our appearance. So they can live with us.
UU: Can you tell they're ET's?
PAZ: It's very difficult. It's very difficult because they
have to be the kind of people who pass unperceived.
Otherwise, they couldn't live among us. Anyway, today we see
all people as being so strange, that our last thought is if
they are ET's or not. We wonder about people who come from
the East Village in New York where you see such weird people
walking on the street. You wonder more if they are
exhibitionists than if they're ET's. In any case, you're
usually too afraid to go near enough to ask!
UU: Getting back to last year's contact - I don't think it
was so effective internationally, as very few people heard
about it. The ET's made a preparation to have the contact,
but even people in the United States, important
investigators, still haven't heard anything about this
contact. I'm still telling people about it as NEWS - they
haven't even heard of RAMA.
PAZ: I want you to understand one thing: We are not running a
popularity contest. For example, here you have (he
demonstrates) a copy of one of our books. You cannot buy this
book, we don't sell it. We are trying to demonstrate not
only that the contact is real, we are also trying to
demonstrate our intentions. In this book, for example, we
tell about how (RAMA) started and the experiences of our
contacts, the development of the contacts, etc. We share
this book. "The ET Guides and the RAMA Mission: with people
who are interested, like press people...we share this type of
literature. We've done it this way because it is not good
enough to be good, you also have to look good. The best
demonstration that RAMA is real is simply NOT to sell it, but
to, invite little by little in a slow methodical way,
journalists, we have invited them five times, the last time
was in March of '89 - the first time was in September of '74.
We invited the journalists as witnesses to be objective and
impartial. We aren't saying "THIS IS REAL", we are leaving
it up to the journalists to say if it is real. So this is
the way we have been doing it.
We are just a group who contributes to one more test of
demonstration, one of many. If I say to you here and now
that I saw this ball-like thing flying around and it did
this and that, and there were ET's while you are filming,
someone will always say this was all pre-arranged - it's a
show! There will never be sufficient proof until the
politics of hiding information and silencing of information,
until the government says..."We have proof, we have UFO's in
a hangar." Until one of the astronauts like Armstrong or
Collins or whoever says: "I had an experience - I saw them.",
people always say , "He's just an astronaut, maybe he went
crazy, maybe he saw something." There are many people in the
U.S., who until the government says it's true, won't believe.
So, if the government says "The sun is green.", people will
say, "The sun isn't green, but if the government says so, so
it must be." So, there are many people who believe the
official information. In the meantime, until the government
says something different, the people will continue to believe
that which is official.
UU: Can you enter the United States today at will? Didn't
you have a problem last year in Miami entering the country?
PAZ: Yes, I did have a problem. I had a visa to enter the
U.S., an indefinite multi-entry.
UU: All of your papers were in order?
PAZ: Correct. All of my papers were in order. I have
traveled to the U.S. about twenty five or thirty times, to a
conference at Columbia University, at John F. Kennedy in San
Francisco, to the United Nations, invited by Channel 23 and
51 in Miami on various occasions. I never had any problems.
I have had and used up almost 5 passports from all the
travelling I have done. I had all of the stamps in my
passport. I have never stayed in the U.S. for more than
fifteen days. I have never demonstrated any kind of wrong
behavior. Yet, my trouble happened after the contact of last
During April, the journalists went back to the U.S. to
spread the information (about the March contact). What
happened? It seemed as though there was a strong opposition
to the journalists. They returned with their filmed mater-
ial, two people from one channel and five people from another
channel. They had planned to prepare a special one hour
program for the U.S. and distribute it internationally, if
the material came out well and it had.
They had come to Peru to film with that intention. So,
what happened was that they got back to the U.S. and they
called me and said, "Listen, Sixto, we have encountered a
very strong opposition. The management of the channel has
told us that we can't do the one hour special and they
wouldn't let us broadcast this news on a national level -
only on a local level - a three minute story!" How could it
be that they went to all this expense to send the journalists
to Peru, a country with social tension and terrorism, to do a
three minute story? They had this great exclusive story that
they had witnessed the reality of this important thing.
Don't you think it's a bit strange? They said: "Listen,
Sixto, it seems that the management of the channel received
an order that this news be treated in the most silent form
possible, as though it was frivolous, to give the story the
littlest possible coverage. We were surprised. We didn't
believe you when you told us about the politics of
censorship. Now that we have seen it first hand, we don't
know what to say."
So, they invited me to go to Miami to Channel 23 so that I
would go speak (to the management) and give them support. I
went with the invitation, the airline ticket, the hotel
voucher and everything. I arrived at the airport in Miami.
I went to the immigration window, we spoke and they asked me
to step aside with a federal guard. I thought that this was
some kind of a random check, so naturally, I went along.
Anyway, I spent ten hours incommunicado, they didn't even
allow me to make ONE phone call!
UU: What were the charges?
PAZ: Nothing, they told me nothing. They took me to the
runway. THE RUNWAY, in one of those closed cars. Then they
made me go up into the plane from the runway. They then
handed me my passport with the VISA CANCELLED without
offering me any kind of explanation.
UU: So, now you can't enter the U.S.?
PAZ: Wait, the affair is like this: I wrote to the
immigration office in the U.S. a declaration explaining how
I'd been mistreated. How I wasn't offered any explanation as
to WHY I was mistreated, even though my papers were in order.
Grupo RAMA, in the U.S. received a reply which explained
that there had been a confusion, that they were very sorry
and that they would re-instate my visa.
UU: So, do you have your visa now?
PAZ: No, we have requested it, but it seems to be a
transaction that takes a long time, a strangely long time.
UU: It's been about a year now, hasn't it?
PAZ: Yes, doesn't it seem like an awfully long time to you?
UU: Yes, that's why I would still like to know what the
charges were.
PAZ: I've already told you, there weren't any. I really
should have protested. It's not possible that they can
detain a person for TEN hours without letting him see anyone,
without letting him eat, in a country that is based on
freedom and is so concerned about human rights. I tell you,
it leaves one a lot to think about.
UU: What do your guides say about the caves and caverns
under the sacred mountains of PERU?
PAZ: They say first, that The Earth is not hollow. The
Earth is covered with tunnels and caverns, reminiscent of
Jules Verne's "Voyage to the Center of the Earth." Inside
these tunnels and caverns, live remnants of other
civilizations, beings left over from other civilizations
which have disappeared. There are also archives of
information in three caverns in Peru which contain the
information about the past history of our planet.
UU: Do the beings from these other civilizations still live
in these caverns?
PAZ: Few "intraterrestrials" still live there, many used to
live there. Underneath South America, there still exists a
part of this civilization.
UU: Are these the beings we refer to as REPTILES?
PAZ: Well, it's not that they're reptiles, it's that their
pigmentation is a little green, because they are subject to t
light/energy that allows them to live underground in an
almost artificial way; so it gives them a green skin tone.
This could be interpreted as reptile, but it isn't like that.
UU: Do people that have had UFO contacts have stronger
psychic powers than others?
PAZ: You see, from the time that they experience such
contact, their psychic faculties become more sensitive. They
would not necesarily have had these powers previous to their
encounter. We all have psychic powers. They develop or are
born with some people. They can also develop with some kind
of exercise or practice or with some particular kind of
Most people who didn't have any special type of faculty,
have their own faculties moved or awakened from the time that
they first undergo a contact experience.

End Interview.

"Breaking the Spear of Destiny"
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