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Posted by: ufo_1300 Feb 7 2006, 10:52 PM
I was watching a documentary on the 'phoenix lights' just recently and they had an interesting section on UFOs/Aliens in the bible and famous religious paintings etc.

So, it got me thinking, the 'star'of David that the shepherds, wisemen etc were meant to have followed...well..was it a star? In many UFO reports, witnesses describe the '┌FO' as a star falling from the sky..rapidly moving etc etc Although ofcourse they realize it is not a star but its the word they decide to use in the i figured back in the days of Jesus a 'star' might have been the best description for what they saw but whether it was a star or not we do not know, for they could not call it a flying craft because there wasn't such a thing in those days.

My explaining is genrally confusing so im sorry if you don't catch my drift, but its just thought, ill try and find a decent article on the topic.


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