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There is no law preventing the U.S. news media from intentionally lying to the public. Whistle blowers and honest reporters are fired for telling the truth.

Read the Poison Warning label on your toothpaste, then call the 800# and ask;
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by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Also: Conspiracy of Silence Video

Equal, Nutra-Sweet and over 6000 food and beverage products contain Aspartame

6. On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference to disclose that over $2,000,000,000,000 (2 Trillion) in Pentagon funds could not be accounted for.
Such a disclosure normally would have sparked a huge scandal. However, the commencement of the [9/11] attack on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon the following morning would assure that the story remained buried.
Serving the greater Los Angeles area,
Los Angeles Drinking Water is proud to offer Reverse Osmosis filtration systems
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which are known to be in Los Angeles tap water according to
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> Australian women delaying pregnancy, even though it may harm their babies

Grouchy old bastard
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Posted: Dec 18 2006, 03:06 PM
Quote Post
Experts voice fears over older mothers
Tuesday Dec 19 06:55 AEDT
Australian women are delaying having children until even later despite warnings that older women are less likely to fall pregnant and deliver healthy babies, a new study reveals.

An infertility expert has called for a government-funded education campaign targeting both men and women to tackle the trend.

Statistics released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare show the average age of first-time mums has increased again to 28.

The average new mum was aged 25.8 in 1991, compared to 26.5 in 1995, 27 in 2000 and 28 in the most recent figures available from 2004.

Women giving birth in Australia ranged from 12 to 56 years old but half were aged above 30.

One-eighth of women had their first child aged 35 years or older, compared to about one in fifteenth in 1995.

Professor Michael Chapman, head of women's and children's health at the University of NSW, said he was concerned the trend was continuing despite significant publicity that putting off childbirth resulted in an increase in infertility, miscarriage and foetal abnormalities.

Fertility begins to fall at about 30 and becomes a significant issue from the age of about 35.

"I think it demonstrates a need for very specific educational activities to occur in the community," Prof Chapman said.

Prof Chapman said a recent Fertility Society of Australia survey showed women were aware of the issues associated with delaying childbirth, but 85 per cent - even those in their late 30s - thought they would not have any problems themselves.

The study also disputed the idea that women were largely responsible for delaying having children, finding that men's desire to focus on their career was often the driving factor.

"It probably means we've got to look at educating males as much as we do females," Prof Chapman said.

Dr Edith Weisberg from the Family Planning Association said women often told her they had delayed having children because their partners were not ready to commit.

"A lot of the time it's because they haven't met the right man, or the men they are with don't want to have children," she said.

Also, young professional couples were often unenthusiastic about giving up their lifestyle to have children, whereas in the days before reliable contraception, "it often wasn't a decision, it was just something that happened".

Mothers in the ACT and Victoria had the highest average age, while mothers in the Northern Territory were the youngest.

In 2004, only 11,500 Australian teenagers had babies, representing less than five per cent of the 257,205 births and a decline of 15 per cent over the past decade.

The proportion of women having babies aged 20 to 24 has also fallen.

The report attributes the trend in delaying childbearing to "a number of factors including social, educational and economic, and increased access to assisted reproduction technology".

Australian National University demographics researcher Professor Peter McDonald said young women were already starting to get the message, but he agreed more education would not go astray.

"We provide contraception education in schools, a bit of conception education probably wouldn't hurt," he said.

The report, Australia's Mothers and Babies 2004, also revealed caesarean sections have continued to increase from less than 20 per cent in 1995 to almost 30 per cent in 2004.

The report also estimated 83,210 abortions were performed in 2003.

Women aged 20 to 24 were the most likely to terminate a pregnancy and accounted for more than one quarter of all abortions.

©AAP 2006

Here is yet another example of how capitalism is wrecking western society.

The never-ending propaganda war on society by capitalism creates an artificial need for "things". "Oh we put off having children until we were set up" or "I wanted to have some fun before being tied down by children", can be heard in any women's group discussion on having children.

My first child was born when I was 30YO (my wife 23YO) and when I wanted to slow down and take it easy I still had youngsters living in my house. I pity someone having their first child at 40YO - when they are starting to creak at the joints they are still looking afer children, putting them through Uni, trying to cover their expenses - no retirement for them. How long can these people enjoy their grandchildren? What wisdoms can they pass on to their grandchildren? Think - if you have two generations that have their first child at 40YO then the grandchildren virtually have no grandparents! What a loss.

The female human should start having her children at around 15YO. She should be living in a supportive household which includes parents and her husband so that she can learn and get assistance from experienced older family and close emotional support from her husband. A lot more marriages would survive if the marriages were within a family support structure to reduce some of the anxiety and lack of confidence regarding children. Humans evolved to exist in extended family groups and the extended family is still the most effective method of living in happiness. But with religions ignoring the facts of evolution and with capitalism pushing rampant materialism and forcing the breakdown of the multi-generational family, there is no chance for a society which is physically and mentally healthy.

So many ferals - so few bullets.
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Master Of His Domain
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Posted: Dec 18 2006, 03:20 PM
Quote Post
Women giving birth in Australia ranged from 12 to 56 years old

Interesting statistic

A certain species does not want the white race to breed prolifically or to have intelligent offspring that gain wisdom from their older family members.

That species believes in slavery and you can read about that in Leviticus, found in the jewish bible.

"Ye shall know them by their fruits"
~ Matthew 7:16

"Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."
~ Buddha
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