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> Why Spirit Guides Don't Show Themselves, Spiritual Perception

Minister Of Information
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Posted: Sep 15 2005, 08:35 PM
Quote Post
Hello Seekers.

Have you ever said, if only I had proof. If only I could see visions or hear voices. But are the forces of light and love unable to visibly or audibly manifest? Or, do they choose not to for a very good reason.

If the forces of light welcomed you each morning at the foot of your bed, greeting you, blessing you and telling you what obstacles you would face that day, you would smile and embrace the day, without anxiety or uncertainty.

If the messengers from the Divine Mind, appeared and winked at you each time a person insulted you, you would wink back at them? You would have a constant reminder that you should never retaliate in kind.

If the spirits who guide you, on a subconscious level, sat on top of the television set and next to the radio, or rode in the backseat of your car, visibly assuring you that all the anxiety in the world was only a passing shadow, you would never have one moment of anxiety, fear, or dread.

But when you wake up each morning, you seem as if you are all alone. No voices are heard and no winged messengers smile and remind you that the trouble in store for you this day is sent as a lesson. No wise beings speak, announcing that the gas bill will be paid, later on by a unusual synchronicity of found money, If this were the case, you would have no opportunity, or need to develop trust in the Divine Mind.

So if you wonder why angels don’t speak to you, and teach your directly by human words, and why you are seemingly on your own, realize that you are never alone, nor can you be. Spirits come with you to earth and leave with you at death of the body, but in the between time, you must be allowed not to know for certain. You must develop spiritual sight. If you saw the spirit realms you would not need faith or need trust, as you would already have that assurance. You must use that free will given you to make choices without an outside force influencing you to choose to see the world through the eyes of love. Your love must be totally spontaneous to the situation. This is why fox- hole conversations are not made out of a free will choice, but come from the anxiety of fear. The Divine Mind gives love freely and so in turn wants to receive love freely.

So, the next time that fellow employee spreads rumors, or you stand up in anger at the television, you may wish you had a wise spirit telling you not to let events weigh heavy on your heart, but you will only hear your own voice. It is your choice to see through the eyes of love or to see as the world at large sees. You will not hear another voice except your own inner guidance. You have to walk all roads, as if you were alone, and not know for certain, beyond any doubt they exist. So, whether you take the low road of responding in kind, or you choose to exercise your love, the choices must he all up to you, and you alone.

Tree Hugger

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Master Of His Domain
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Posted: Sep 16 2005, 01:21 AM
Quote Post
Hi Tree Hugger, In 2002 I heard a voice. It said I was the King of Kings -- the uncrowned king.

It claimed to be the god of Abraham.

Should I believe it?

peace2.gif candle2.gif and hearts3.gif to your path.

"Ye shall know them by their fruits"
~ Matthew 7:16

"Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."
~ Buddha
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  Posted: Sep 16 2005, 04:20 AM
Quote Post
used to hear a voice or two in my head also
not any more...[not lately]
the voice was not mine
the voice was not always the same
it would get my attention
or sometimes just annoying
sometimes the voice came with a video in my head

it got my attention

i would talk to 'it'

i believe you.

i just have no 'whys'






Posted: Sep 16 2005, 04:56 AM
Quote Post
horses are my life !
i have had several over my life...
i do not ride anymore...
i used to watch the horse races on my telly
i do not like how some horses are mistreated in racing
but, i love horses when they are running free
i could ride bareback with no hands at a gallop !


twas 1990 and my son was a few months old and i spent much of my time, i liked watching the telly

breeder's cup 1990

i also liked to try and pick the winners and was not especially talented at that

one of the races began and a small voice kept whispering in my head 'goforwand'

there was an entry 'goforwand'
she was a beauty and a winner with a heart of gold

i knew i must keep my eye on her as she broke from the gate !

the voice grew to a loud, fast SHOUT !

i watched in horror when her ankle gave way and she kept trying to run on her three legs...with her broken hoof dangling.

they put her down on the track.
i cried for days.


we are all connected...
i love horses.




Truth Seeker
Group: Members
Posts: 165
Member No.: 516

Posted: Sep 16 2005, 06:47 AM
Quote Post
Tree, you are a real blessing to this forum. Thank you for all your words of wisdom. I know I have guides and protectors around me and now I know why I can't (yet) see them. I'll keep working on learning to use my spiritual sight.


Spacie, I love horses too, and was saddened to see goforwand's tragic accident. I wish they would have saved her life instead of "putting her down." Horses can have broken legs healed, contrary to popular belief. I have seen it myself. And I believe they are sentient beings, so deserve a chance to live out their lives. Well, I won't go any further with this rant.

But I also used to ride bareback, though I always needed to hang on with my hands!

If I ever find it again, I'l share an amazing story I found once about a horse who cried...

Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.
~ Rumi
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Minister Of Information
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Posted: Sep 16 2005, 06:40 PM
Quote Post

Yes Pupp I definitely believe you
The uncrowned king part is not clear.
I suppose it would be the message I was given. That is the only possible way for a 3rd density being to know for certain by as you always their fruits you will know them, and this goes for humans and non physical beings. You don't get good motives out of a negative source. What was the message if you dont mind saying?
Thanks for this reply and light to your journey

Hello love dancing and singing and horses. Thats a nice mix. I have never been around horses but I admire them very much.

Hello Impetuosity smileNew4.gif

Thanks for the encouragement. I always love to know I am helping out and adding to the good vibrations........have a wonderful day........(((hugs)))

PMEmail Poster

Universal Migrator
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Posted: Sep 28 2005, 10:49 PM
Quote Post
Spacie, I used to ride as well, although it's been a long time since I've been up on a horse. Maybe when TSHTF that experience will be useful, but at the moment having trained and rehabillitated abused horses isn't something I can put on a resume in the concrete jungle...

I hate racing...really hate it, especially considering it has the potential to be something great -- horses love to run. I used to ride several ex-race horses, and it's unbelievable how many problems they develop in such a short period of time. The psychological issues can be fixed or at least brought to a more manageable level with some love and patience, but the physical problems that arise both due to breeding purely for speed with little concern for overall health and the horses being ridden so hard in competition before their bones are fully formed can't really be overcome. A big 17hh thoroughbred called Jesse that I rode for several years spent much of his life lame, having to wear special shoes to literally hold his feet together because his hooves were literally cracking and falling apart. He lived to be 18 before his health got the better of him. He was a neat horse, we used to play tag out in the field and he would always greet me by shoving his nose at me so hard it would knock me off my feet. He'd give you this innocent look, like it was some kind of accident, but you knew damn well that he meant to do it!

sigh.gif good times...

Some of the other forms of racing are even worse, an old riding partner of mine rescued a horse who had been bred and trained as a pacer. The poor thing was too terrified to break into a trot (or any of its other natural gates for that matter), throughout her entire life she'd been beaten severely for breaking her gate, so when it was all said and done, all she could do was pace... I've seen some terribly broken horses and some incredible successes alike.

Tree, your words always have a funny way of helping me to climb out of the holes that I dig for myself when I feel like life is crapping on my head. Thank you.


You start out with a bag full of luck and an empty bag of experience. The trick is to fill the bag of experience before emptying your luck.
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Posted: Sep 29 2005, 04:11 AM
Quote Post
oh my..
horses put up with so much abuse..
i used to go to the sale barn and would buy a few of the worst cases...those that would end up at the killer's glue factory.
have also ridden a few ex race is hard to convince them to not RUN !!
went to a famous missouri fox trotter a special tour and this trainer/owner had young yearlings in small stalls with only one front opening to look out...with TIRES all around their stall floor !
i asked him why...he said it teaches them something or other about their FEET.
i only saw very tired young horses with lots of stress...
another similar stable in virginia had a similar method...those young horses a neurotic severly stressed animal...and they also were pumped up with all sorts of supplemental minerals.
the sport of kings

i love horses when they have unlimited grazing
can run the fields
eat good grass

those days are gone

i also boarded a 30 year old race horse
the owner told me to keep him locked up every night in his stall
my barn was old and i did not do that
i noticed he liked to remain mingling with the other misfits i had
he thrived !
he never did stop his running away with ya under saddle...

someday, i will 'have' another horse or two.

the spirit of the horse.

thanks, tree, for lettin me post here.




Minister Of Information
Group: Members
Posts: 406
Member No.: 204

Posted: Sep 29 2005, 05:59 PM
Quote Post

No need to thank me Spacie. I enjoyed reading about the horses, in fact it tugged at my heart to think of them in the situation.
The only time I rode was was as a teenager and they say that a horse must respect you, well this one knew I didn't know what I was doing and it went just where it wanted to go and the group of other horses got further up ahead he headed out to some pasture and I was telling in every kind way to go back but he just ignored me and kept wandering around until someone finally came to fetch us back. I got the idea who was boss that day.

Love to you Spacie smileNew4.gif

PMEmail Poster
Visiting PuPPs Fan



Posted: Sep 29 2005, 11:45 PM
Quote Post
Hey PuPP, I found this in LOTR, it's About Strider/Aragorn/Elessar/King Elessar/The Elfstone/the Lord Elfstone (all the same person)

All that is gold does not glitter
Not all those who wander are lost
The old that is strong does not wither
Deep roots are not reached by the frost
From the ashes a fire shall be woken
A light from the shadows shall spring
Renewed shall be blade that was broken
The crownless again shall be king.

There is a king without a crown in every great legend, it is a magickal formula because the essence of the hero is having experienced a sort of self imposed exile in the interest of the greater good, and this hero is the great king. Tolkien knew this from his studies of ancient texts and stories.

If THEY want to eliminate a hidden threat THEY have to draw the hero out of the wildwoods and into the spotlight - find the exiled hero and kill him. There are probably many many of these people alive today because of the sheer quantity of people living today. The drive does feel like you are the only one true one like this because each one has an individual and personalised task in the world. There are many tasks and each one is appointed to the one true king of that individual task. Some tasks are bigger than others, but all are essential. Elessar is the one who can say 'Namaste' - the god/divine in me recognises the god/divine in you. These days we ought to have a country club for true kings. THEY be crapping themselves in the knowledge of this because the day will come when all true kings take a stand for their people and unite whole battalions of men in their wisdom.

THEY only want economically viable sheople - not heros and kings and the deeply strong with a fire within.

I think it was a trap PuPP, I think it is a common trick to try to draw the hero/king out of hiding before the time is right.

Spacie, I have a BIG dislike of the lack of ethics and breed standards of the thoroughbred industry and although I pity them, I wouldn't buy one. Their heads are a mess, I wouldn't trust one under 18 years old and then they're on deaths door (not like breeds that can work into their 40's) and they don't do well in a paddock, and they get sick and cancers and stuff. I've seen heaps of them go through the saleyards and the same buyers get them every time. Its heartbreaking to see and I would never have anything to do with someone who breeds them, or anything to do with the whole industry. Its terrible. I don't understand pacing and standardbreds either, that seems even more @#$%ed up than normal racing, I mean what is the point? So sad.

cheers2.gif Horse will yet be our best friend. Honour the horse. cheers.gif




Posted: Sep 30 2005, 03:32 AM
Quote Post

francesca kelly
her story......
bout how the british slaughtered thousands of marwari horses
horses that were divine
the british then imported the inferior thoroughbred

makes my blood boil





Posted: Sep 30 2005, 04:03 AM
Quote Post
marWARi !!

my 'best' horse was a blue roan
a mixed breed
beautiful large space between his deep eyes
hooves that i never put shoes on
my blacksmith would come out to give him a trim
he liked how strong his hooves were !
i also had a half thoroughbred/standardbred
his granddaddy was some kind of champ
he was a hot head
would panic and rear straight up...he would go all the way over if he let his fear take 'rein'
he would pace the fence line
i had him a few years...sold him back to the arabian horse breeder i got him from
went to a channeler...who described that particular horse and said he needed allergy meds !!!????????
i did not contact the new owner and the next week she called to say he died !!!!!!
she came home to find him in one of his sweaty frenzy pacing and he went down.
she figured he had a stroke.
also knew a local horse trainer at the race track in illinois...
his methods always included lots of whipping and hitting
he told me he had horses stroke out while at a full gallop
good golley
man is so foolish

they tinker and they do not understand anything natural

oh well
not all man
right here on this thread i feel so very connected with others
who LOVE horses
and it truly is about spirits that blend
to ride......ya must be a part of your horse
not the 'boss'
i am more like the teachings of
pony gawani...a cherokee that knows horses are 'prey'

when you read about the marwari horse
i wonder.........
they won battles for their riders.






Posted: Sep 30 2005, 04:12 AM
Quote Post
'horses teaching people'

eeeeeeeeeeee OO !!
bareback is the best!!!!!

luv ya !


Visiting PuPPs Fan



Posted: Sep 30 2005, 09:19 PM
Quote Post
Hi Spacie

I had a beautiful old boy, some sort of british heavy mix pony. He displayed what the guidedog trainers call 'intelligent disobedience'. If he ever did not want to do what I asked of him I would have to ask him "Ok then, what do you want to do. Show me". Twice he took me straight to orphaned animals hidden in the fields and refused to leave their sides, so we took them to the stables. At times I would see tears run down his face when he witnessed the neglect of his closest friend who was starving from neglect. I would feed his friend whose owner would never show up, but I couldn't afford it and the agistment manager eventually took his friend to the sales to get some unpaid money back. So sad. After my car accident my hips weren't working properly, so I sold him to a young girl because I'd heard that her family were going to go to the sales to buy her a horse. I was afraid that they would get something drugged up to the eyeballs and she would get hurt. They knew my horse already so I offered him to them and they were happy with him. I regret the sale, but it was best for everyone. I don't hold onto things when I can see a better outcome with someone else. It is nice to have people here that understand these things. hugs.gif


Universal Migrator
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Posted: Sep 30 2005, 10:00 PM
Quote Post
That's so sad about the foxtrotters sadoriginal.gif How these people are allowed to even come NEAR an animal is beyond me, let alone how they can run these large stables and breeding operations while practicing such cruelty.

The first horse I fell in love with also weaved like a maniac. She was a mixed breed called Nutmeg with a beautiful coat to match her name -- kind of a mix between bay and buckskin, with a blaze that went crooked and ran off the right side of her face. She was also blind in her right eye. She was NOT born that way, it was what her previous owner had done to her, and she was such a mess that her owner literally gave her away for free to the stable I was riding at. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, the owner of that stable later turned out to be psychotic and abusive as well.

I was 8 and had been riding for about a year when they had an influx of new students and not enough school horses, so I was given the challenge of riding Nutmeg, who had been pretty much running wild in the pasture for months as no one knew what to do with her. Poor thing was absolutely terrified, under saddle your choice of gates was either a standstill or bolting and bucking. It never seemed to occur to anyone else that whipping her harder wasn't going to make her behave better.... Once I got her going, she was a joy to ride, as long as you were only turning left! She wouldn't turn to the right because of her blind eye. After a couple years of riding her, they were able to use her as a school horse and put beginners who had never even been near a horse on her back. They were all astonished, but it wasn't rocket science, or any great riding skill that I had (although I did have to learn very quickly how to stay on a bucking horse, and ate a LOT of dirt in the process!), it was just a little bit of love and gentle determination. She never did stop weaving though.

There were a few good years and then the owner, who was already a little "off" and not a very nice person, ended up having a complete breakdown, stopped feeding the horses, LOCKED them in their stalls with padlocks (not just the school horses and her own riding horses, but also other peoples' horses that were being boarded there.) and all kinds of other crap that I heard about from other people who were boarding there long after I had to leave. Chasing down the owner with a dressage whip is a quick way of becoming unwelcome at a stable, but I couldn't just sit there and watch her beat any horse over the head with a pitchfork handle, let alone my favorite horse, let alone the fact that she was being beaten because someone was having a hard time getting her tacked up while she was weaving in her stall...

On the bright side, she was eventually shut down by the humane society, but I don't know what ended up happening to all of the horses.

Sorry 'bout the long rant, I think I got a little lost somewhere along memory lane.

People who need to be the "boss" of their horse are missing the point -- it needs to be a partnership. I hate seeing when people think of the horse more as a vehicle to do their bidding rather than a living being, or even worse, people who see the horse as a living being yet feel that "breaking" them and forcing them to bow to their will gives them some sort of power. I've always had the best success by focusing on building trust and mutual respect before I even begin to worry about whether or not the horse is doing what I'd like it to be doing or not.

Man, do I ever miss riding right now!

You start out with a bag full of luck and an empty bag of experience. The trick is to fill the bag of experience before emptying your luck.
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