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Posted by: Heiro Oct 21 2005, 04:35 AM
I found a site that talks about polarization in our culture. It discusses metaphysics and spirituality and has ideas about integrating these understandings in our lives. I just wanted to share it.

Posted by: redniut Oct 21 2005, 06:57 PM

It is interesting that it is called the "thoughts". It brings the mind into focus and revolves around that.

I have come to the conclusion that the mind is just a tool for keep us going, a computer if you will. All my instincts, my feelings, my "gut-feelings" are felt in the heart... they are later used by the mind to bring them in reality or in thought so it can be used.

You know that a fetus first develops the heart before the mind?

You could than draw the conclusion that spirituality evolves/take place in the heart. Isn't that once we learn to quiet down the mind we can evolve in spirituality...

any thought?



Posted by: Quemonius Oct 22 2005, 03:43 AM
Thanx, Heiro.

Red, my pops taught me that there is a difference between your heart (organ) and your heart (solar plexus). The feelings and emotions are controlled by your heart (solar plexus) For example, the Valentine's Day symbol of the heart truly represents the merging of 2 solar plexes and not 2 organs.

The saying~ My heart aches. It is not the organ that is aching, but the solar plexus. The pains are felt there. The pains affect the heart(organ),the brain(organ), and the brain (mind).

He also gave me these examples.

If you detect something eerie and become scared. You feel a pit in your gut. Your solar plexus. Then your heart (organ) responds and it begins to beat rapidly. Your mind processes all of the above. Your brain sends and coordinates all of the signals and impulses.

Posted by: redniut Oct 22 2005, 04:18 AM

Ok, solar plexus it is. Your father seems to know where he is talking about.

I'm reading some books from tom brown. I've finished two and reading the third. It is about edible and medicinal plants.
Tom brown was educated by an old indian fellow which he called grandfather. He is also known as "Stalking Wolf" (an apache). Anyway, besides being able to sneek up to a deer to the touch, he also was a respected herbalist. Tom was his student.

When Tom was far enough in his experience, he was tought to communicate with plants. He learned it by listening to his "inner voices/feelings" which according to his writings always come from the heart/stomach/gut area. Never from the brain. He learned to feel if plants were edible and/or had medicinal value. He used it to find his way if he wanted find particular plant or area...

Amazing stories and experiences. Good examples of how to develop yourself. It works for me!

but the point is clear: the mind can be the friend or the enemy! Better switch it off if you want to really know something!


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