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> Pine Gap, Too Great a Technology for Earth



Posted: Jan 4 2005, 03:05 PM
Quote Post
My question after reading all this is...Why all the soupe up technology in this little world.
What do they ultimately and truthfully intend to do with it?
It's almost laughable to me if it weren't for the vulnerabilities of the little working guy who has been funding these incredible toy projects. What do they plan on doing with him?
I used to work communications (UHF/VHF)in underground missile sites while serving the Army armed forces during the VietNam era.
I'll tell you I'm really perplexed about all these complex applications of technology use potential that can subvert our worlds integrity before the Universal Councils that monitor these activities if used for wrongful purposes.
This makes me greatly wonder what really is being conducted here by the native tech Terrain ins? IMO The 'Public' is a different animal and needs to be protected from some of these guys.

Excerpt from the chapter:

By Christi Verismo

There are at least ten top secret American facilities in Australia, with the
so called 'Joint Defense Space Research facility' at Pine Gap, a
multi-billion dollar operation, being the most important. Originally Pine
Gap was decreed to control and act as a downlink for geosynchronous
satellites gathering intelligence, stationed over the Pacific and Asia by
the CIA, NSA and NRO. Construction was undertaken solely by American
contractors flying in, making it operational by 1970. Large underground
facilities are rumored to extend twelve levels below the base. Long tunnels
are laid out in a similar pattern to the spokes of a wheel and extend
several miles from the center. A secret nuclear reactor is installed in a
deep shielded underground chamber. Reportedly, extending five miles below
the base is a bore hole containing an ultra low frequency antenna which is
apparently used for secret experiments supposedly related to Nicola Tesla's
resonance theories, as well as low frequency communications throughout the
world. Pine Gap's communication systems are the most sophisticated
available, utilizing satellites, microwave, low-frequency and their own
dedicated cable to the US They are directly connected to Nurrunga, North
West Cape, Geraldton, Australian Defense Signals Directorate in Melbourne,
Canberra, Sydney, all CIA and NSA stations, ASIO, SIS and the Australian
Defense Science and Technology Organization which deals with UFOs and crash
retrievals. Pine Gap has eight white radomes placed near groups of long low
buildings. Miles away a double security fence is patrolled by Americans and
Australian Police. There is a five mile no fly zone. Pine Gap is now being
expanded with a second above ground power station and additional housing for
staff of around 1,200 in 1996. The reason : "Asian economic espionage".

A major NSA defector revealed that US has been carrying out continuous
research into electromagnetic propulsion at Pine Gap since 1966, which was
originally started in US after the war. Security aspects have included
hypnotic and post hypnotic keys planted in personnel prior into acceptance
into the project. A man has claimed his father worked on UFOs at Pine Gap.
He worked for the FAA in 1970 fixing the programming of mainframe computers.
He was one of only two or three in the US who knew whatever program they
were installing. During the late 70's he made several trips to Australia.
When his father came to visit, he had a locked briefcase that was chained to
him. They were then followed everywhere. His father said he was working on a
flying saucer, involved with anti-gravity propulsion, melding the computer
elements together for the guidance or stability part of it, underground at
Pine Gap.

Pine Gap locals have seen 30 ft wide white disks being unloaded from large
US cargo planes at the airports with the USAF emblem on them. Many are seen
flying at night. Much furniture has been delivered. An enormous amount of
food is apparently stocked in warehouses of what could be a multi-leveled
underground city. DR Jean Francois Gille writes that shares put on the
market at the same time will cause a world stock market crash. Cash will be
worthless and the risks of a global planned confrontation will be high.
Underground bases will serve as a place of safety for politicians and
international financiers. Plastic cards will be necessary and the setting up
of a world government ensuring 'peace'. Many will be taken to concentration
camps. Our new 'Masters' have the alien's support that they have made
alliances with. William Cooper says all the CIA Directors and Secretaries of
State were all members of the Council on Foreign Relations and also the MJ
12, which includes Kissinger. They rule US. The secret government kill
America's children for the alien projects according to their agreements with
alien nations to rule the world jointly. They can make US currency worthless
at any time and bring everyone under control with their global credit card.
In 1996 witnesses saw a triangular craft descend at an area west of Pine Gap
and many UFOs have been seen coming and going regularly from camouflaged
entrances at Pine Gap. Scientists and various aliens, (mostly reptilians
claiming to have once originated from earth, with DNA of a 2 legged earth
sauroid) that the US govt. has made alliances with work together underground
there. Genetic research in the form of human/alien hybridization and
anti-gravity experimentation is done at Pine Gap and other underground US

Stan Deyo also asks if Pine Gap could be a man-made city of multiple levels,
used to shelter key US personnel in the event of some disaster. Among some
of the major contractors and suppliers for Pine Gap have been Collins Radio,
McMahon Construction, LTV aero-space company, a conglomerate of electronics
and aircraft manufacturing subsidiaries and IBM Stan says it is rumored that
there are super IBM computer systems on a floating platform, 'down the well'
underneath the facility. IBM has mammoth computers which can recognize both
voice and visual patterns. Their main memory sizes are said to be in excess
of 2,000,000,000 bytes. The first 2 antennas for controlling and
communicating with satellites were constructed in 1966-67. In 1974
unauthorized photos and other information from inside the faculty are
reported to have been sold to Russia. In 1991 Pine Gap was instrumental in
tracking Iraqi SCUD missiles, with satellite imagery tracking the Iraqi
troops. Diane Harrison wrote there are now about 18 satellite control
antennas, making it one of the largest satellite control stations in the
world for satellites parked in fixed orbits above the equator. The most
recent satellites are 300 feet diameter. They intercept signals in the VHF,
UHF and millimeter wave frequency bands. Within that frequency there are 4
categories of signals. The first category monitors signals transmitted in
the course of advanced weapons development, particularly ballistic missiles.
The first satellites were designed for this and monitored Russian missile
development programs and now monitors other countries. The newer satellites
are now primarily for the Soviet Union. This intelligence is shared. The
second category monitors signals from large radars, including ones
associated with anti-ballistic missile fields. air defense radars, radars on
ships. Analysis of this tells lot about the capabilities of those
anti-missile and anti-aircraft systems in the various air defense fields
around the globe.

Thirdly intercepting the communications of other satellite systems, i.e.
communications which are going up from ground to communication satellites
which are also based in fixed orbits. Listening satellites parked close to
the communications satellites. Finally they monitor a wide range of other
microwave emissions on the earth's surface including: long distance phone
calls transmitted via terrestrial microwave circuits enabling them to
monitor military, political and government agencies or private individuals.
Diane says that a satellite can be parked over the interior of a country and
intercept the microwave emissions coming from it. The satellites are under
the control of the CIA, who in turn answer to the NRO (National
Reconnaissance Office). There are 8 large radomes, that cover the antenna
arrays which keeps sand etc. away and conceal the antenna's position from
enemy spy satellites. There are a wide range of communication devices: HF
radio, underground cable, telstra telephone and telex, 2 satellites
communication terminals to occupy the on average 1,200 staff. The staff have
to wear color coded ID to match the color ribbons running along the walls.
US Military Airlift Command carry thousands of tapes home for further study
and send parts and supplies twice weekly. There are direct links from Pine
Gap to the US bases in the Philippines, Guam, Krugerdorp South Africa and
the Amundsen-Scott base at the South Pole.

The computer room is one of the biggest in the world and the operators use
headsets to communicate. Within the central operations building at Pine Gap
people are keeping the satellite and its antenna focused on the signals they
are intercepting. Then other staff process the enormous volume of
interpreted signals. Then the signals are analyzed for intelligence data. Up
to 1980 Australians were not allowed access to the voice intercepts, coming
into the signal analysis section. But now they have full access to all areas
except the cryptographic room, officially anyway. Univac computers encrypt
transmissions, including voices and these go to Redondo Beach in California.
About 25 to 30 messages are sent from Pine Gap each day to US and about half
go to the CIA headquarters in Langley Virginia. Though occasionally data is
sent directly to the NRO Headquarters in the Pentagon, or to the NSA
headquarters at Fort Meade Maryland. Diane writes that there is a group
called the Joint Reconnaissance Schedule committee, who meet each morning to
decide who is going to be listened to for the next 24 hours to focus the
antennas on the satellites. e.g. who is doing a missile test, or if a
political crisis occurs somewhere. A similar station to Pine Gap is located
in South Africa with 1,200 staff and is also linked to another VLF station
at the South Pole.

Dr Gille writes that Pine Gap has enormous computers connected to US,
Krugersdorp South Africa, Guam, Canberra, Antarctica US base counterparts,
which collect information from these countries, about finance, technology,
and everything about people. The Amundsen-Scott base at the South Pole is
located on a sensitive magnetic spot of our planet, in that it holds exactly
the same assets as Pine Gap, and that all the information about most of the
average citizens of Western Europe is stored there in memory banks tens of
meters under the icepack. Canberra computers were connected to all banks,
every post office, all telephones, all police stations and customs houses,
every arrival and departure desk for air or sea travelers and to the other
data centers collecting data on private citizens in America and Europe. All
financial, economic, political and military information about every citizen
of the Western World is being stored. The president of the Rockefeller
Foundation arranged the construction of 20 luxury residences in Canberra, to
accommodate the world government-to-be.

In Silent Partners: The UKUSA Agreement by Susan Bryce
( says there are about 48 years of SIGINT (satellite
signal intelligence) shared by the UKUSA partners: US, Canada, UK,
Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and the NATO nations. ( Possibly
Germany, Norway, Turkey and China are in too.) As well as communications
interception and satellite spying there is an interest in undersea
activities. (There are said to be over 1,400 alien bases here on this planet
including undersea. ) The UKUSA pact has been gathering intelligence on the
former Soviet empire for 40 years. Pine Gap, Nurrangar and Menwith Hill
operate under this pact. Menwith Hill covers communications and phone calls
between USA and Europe in UK. The NSA which runs this controls over 2,000
electronic intercept stations, with 130,000 personnel around the world. The
primary purpose of the NSA was started to decipher alien communications,
language and establish dialogue. In 1983 the NSA established a worldwide
computer network linking 52 separate government computer systems used
throughout the world. All the information ends up at NSA's Headquarters in
Maryland. So it can plug into each phone call and message in USA, UK and
Australia using the US base, Pine Gap and the new installation at Geraldton
in Western Australia.

Patrick Poole wrote an very complete analysis and here is a summary: Echelon
based at Pine Gap is the technological spy system intercepting all phone
calls, faxes, emails and telexes in the world mainly by satellite. Plus
other satellites, microwaves signals, cellular and fibre-optic cable
communications traffic. Real time phone calls in USA could be listened to at
an outpost of Echelon at Menwith Hill in UK. Commercial espionage can be
beneficial to the companies that helped the NSA develop the systems that
power the Echelon network. This can also be used to push American
manufacturers out of deals in favor of US defense and intelligence
contractors, who frequently finance both political parties. The European
Parliament is asking if this violates the sovereignty and privacy of
citizens in other countries. Though UK does allow surveillance on its own
citizens, Menwith Hill and Pine Gap cover US citizens. Echelon stations are
all over the globe, from Geraldton W. Australia, Waihopai New Zealand,
Ascension Island in the Atlantic, the Indian ocean atoll of Diego Garcia,
Guam and the Philippines in the Pacific, to South Africa, Misawa Japan to
Leitrim Canada. Pine Gap, Menwith Hill, Bad Aibling Germany, Colorado USA
and Antarctica are main centers. No communications signal escapes the
electronic net. The two primary downlink facilities for over 25 satellites
acting as giant scoops picking up info from all electronic communications
are at Menwith Hill in North York Moors UK and Pine Gap. Menwith Hill has
1,400 American NSA personnel and 350 UK Ministry of Defense staff on site.

Menwith Hill goes back to 1951 and received one of the first sophisticated
IBM computers in the early 1960's. The NSA took it over in 1966. British
Telecom wires fibre-optic telephone trunklines capable of carrying 100,000
calls simultaneously through Menwith Hill. It has become a target for peace
activists. Echelon decrypts, filters, examines and codifies messages into
selective categories for further analysis by intelligence from the various
UKUSA agencies. Menwith Hill SILKWORTH super-computer operates voice
recognition and optical character recognition and feeds them into data
recognition engines. Voice recognition programs convert talk into text
messages for further analysis and even individual voices can be targeted, so
every call they make is transcribed. Each message is given a 4 digit code as
to its source e.g. 5535 for Japanese diplomatic traffic. Keywords are kept
up to date by Dictionary Managers. Messages are transmitted to each agency's
headquarters via a global computer system that acts as the nervous system.
Part 2 http://www.angelfire. com/oz/cv/cverismo2e2

The rest of the chapter PINE GAP: Australia's Area 51 continued in Volume 2

Dex & Shirley
Secret of the Saucers II


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Posted: Jan 4 2005, 06:37 PM
Quote Post
[FONT=Courier][COLOR=blue]id like to thank you for enlightning us all on pine gaps objectives,thisll be a save n re read carefully job for me ,my interest is recently through a friend who was a council worker in a Very quiet town and had just retired,his job amongst other tasks was to mow around one of the many new "towers" theyre installing at times it seems like magic overnight,and on more than one occasion mowing only in the vicinity of the fence to this tower in his area the alarms would go off.....this man now nearly 60 was given the number Direct to Pine Gap to halt the systems alarm.....i found that somewhat strange for a seemingly "harmless"tower that the pine gap facility was called not chubb security!lol.Having some private reservations about the fact that our area is possibly beeing trialled with harmonics on some level the info is appreciated and to note for any that are interested since the towers started mysteriously growing in numbers weve had ufos for 4yrs an running,observation clearly sees the parallels but unfortunately us monkeys (so it seems they think of the public at times)are not privy to any more information,except the odd chance of luck to find soldiers digging wiring in houses down my road to discover theyre on candid camera an one at a time go inside ,returning in stubbies and Tshirts!this footage im happy to send any that care for opinions as im always glad to find the "normal"reason in what appears to be a SUS covert job....again thankyou and peace

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a pyroclastic surge o' Love
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Posted: Jan 4 2005, 07:00 PM
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Hoy MaGindi,

Good to see you didn't follow the advice of our favourite AA (Alcoholic Abductees) member

You know, the dude who said..'THE ARMY IS OUR FRIEND' !!??

WOW ! That guy was so excited he almost dropped his Raelian pamphlets.

" In PuPP We Trust ! " user posted image

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Posted: Jan 5 2005, 02:21 AM
Quote Post

Thanks for that interesting article. I really wish Australians would make more of a fuss over Pine Gap, and all the other US bases there. I don't like what they're doing. I don't know whether you're a regular Nexus Magazine reader, but if you are, you may recall a series of articles written by Harry Mason, a British-born geologist/geophysicist living in WA, who decided to research all the "fireballs" in Australia. The series of articles published by Nexus were very interesting, and thought-provoking. You can find the first one, with links to the rest, here:

I haven't finished reading them all yet!!!


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Posted: Jan 10 2005, 09:02 PM
Quote Post
blushNEW.gif A wee Magindi blooper on the posts so ill save with an edit extra an to add to all the wonderful quotes many here have and ill add from the man the gov loathed n hated so,the man that for a time had them baffled...the man that with peacefull opposition freed india ,perplexing the dark ops until they overcame it with invasion of public so i quote......"before one can rebel against the mighty,one must learn to rebel against oneself"...peace whistlingNEW2.gif

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Posted: Jan 10 2005, 09:11 PM
Quote Post
QUOTE (MagIndi @ Jan 10 2005, 09:02 PM)
UFO4New.gif lmao ganesh sorry about late response i been busy doin  that thing i dolol,(LMFAO@pamphlets) ya what would we do without them types around ,maybe say........i dunno get somewhere!learn more and not be hindered by weirdo covert gov types all with names like bob and joelol.,.hope ya liked the last vid sent ya dude,hows the ufo flyin right through the guts of the dipper!sent to gilliland n its def about addin the downunder section to match his plus hey the dippers the dipper N or S hemisphere  lmao...peace man ,stay a thinker winkNEW.gif  ..and pupp thx for the welcome but did ya get me last post in ufos?or me mail,me umm puter is tempermental n dunno if ya saw  beatmonitor.gif  ..peace all,oh an ps to dex thx dude read the link info was good stuff.  winkNEW.gif

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Posted: Jan 18 2005, 03:02 PM
Quote Post
These were sent to me from MagIndi of some objects observed and filmed at North Queensland, Atherton tablelands, Australia.

I'll add a description later for this first image when I get more information.
user posted image

2 UFO Videos

user posted image

Play Video 0007 .mpg - 2 MB

user posted image

Play Video 0005 .mpg - 2.9 MB

I assembled this animation from 6 still photos sent in.

The Constellation Orion.

This reminds me of my message in 2002:
"Look towards Orions Belt for a sign"

user posted image

Note: There are more videos, but I cannot play or test them on my old PC. I can only play .mpgs and .mov files.

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Posted: Jan 18 2005, 08:03 PM
Quote Post
cool to see the vids up PuPP, a big thankyou to Ganesh for his effort ,hes a champ....if ya want the Orions (all 3) plus the extended footage around it ill try n get them in a format you can read ,the whole lots pretty good for eg on night 2 the ufo was a fookin beamer!(send ya a still pic to post up on that one) if theres any problems reading the vids it wont be long before the sites up,there will be around 60 clips ranging from 2 to 15mins in length thats all ORIGINAL ,Aussie and VERY current footage from things like the classic ufo zippin through stars ,large mother craft overhead an ufos flying into gorges ,hovering then *poof* goin byebye lol...peace miner.gif
ps the 1st image like the multicolor ufo if ya want can send ya lots more

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Posted: Jan 22 2008, 03:25 PM
Quote Post
received in email....

Wed, 09 Jan 2008
On a desert highway in Australia's flat, dry centre sits a petrol station by a watering hole where extraterrestrials have been stopping off for millennia, or so "witnesses" say.

If truck drivers or passing tourists find themselves nodding off on the long drive between Alice Springs and Darwin, a pit stop at Australia's self-proclaimed UFO capital might just revive them.

While filling up the tank or their stomachs at Wycliffe Well's roadhouse, they might notice little green men holding out their hands or staring out at them from nearby walls.

That may be no cause for concern because these are probably just statues and paintings put there for the visitors' benefit. But according to locals the real thing is so common around here that people hardly even blink when they see it.

Lights in the sky, blue domed discs, silvery beings - all common stuff in Wycliffe Well, say locals, who see a secret connection with Australia's nearby spy facility of Pine Gap.

Sceptics, on the other hand, say the large number of sightings may rather reflect the high levels of alcohol consumption, for which Australia's Northern Territory is famous.

"When I came down here it was just a common occurrence. It was just one of those things. Even the previous owner just mentioned it to me in passing," said Lew Farkas, who has run the Wycliffe Well roadhouse and caravan park for 23 years and claims around half a dozen sightings of his own.

This tiny dot on the map, 400 kilometres north of Alice Springs, surrounded by scrub land, now attracts international visits from "experts," occasional UFO conventions and constant local media coverage of the unusual sightings in the vicinity.

"It is recognised throughout the world UFO industry," said Farkas.

Suggestions that the sightings could be caused by such normal phenomena as birds and aircraft landing lights are promptly dismissed by the UFO watchers.

"You take that with a pinch of salt. It's a lot of rubbish," said Farkas.

It's a quiet life for Farkas providing food and petrol for the dozens of cars that drive past daily on the monotonous route up the Stuart Highway punctuated only by flat scrub, termite mounds and the occasional dead kangaroo or wandering emu.

"There were lights doing manoeuvres in the sky"

But the night time visitations are more than enough to liven things up, he says, describing the most memorable of his own encounters.

There were lights doing manoeuvres in the sky, little ones dancing around the big ones, doing figures of eight, he said.

Farkas (59) was a physical training instructor in the Australian navy before he took over the roadhouse and says this sighting reminded him of manoeuvres around an aircraft carrier.

"That is how we used to do exercises, in exactly the same way. It looked exactly the same as we used to do at sea," he said.

"Over the years I have had quite a few sightings, mainly lights. I have had a close up encounter where I have actually seen the portholes - just like you read in the comic books of the past."

Farkas claims Wycliffe Well is one of only four or five places in the world where there are constant sightings of extraterrestrials and UFOs, probably the most famous being the Nevada Desert in the United States.

The remoteness of the Australian outback has made it harder for people to become aware of Wycliffe Well, but it seems the news is slowly spreading.

It was truck drivers who in modern times first noticed the unusual goings on, during World War II, when the waterhole gave rise to market gardens that fed the war effort against the Japanese up north in Darwin. Their stories were mainly of strange lights in the sky.

But local Aboriginals also report that extraterrestrials have been visiting the area for thousands of years, hanging out around some of the area's stunning rock formations, such as the Devil's Marbles, a sandstone formation just to the north along the Stuart Highway.

Recently, a group of Aboriginal women in a local community reported their own close encounter. They were sitting around playing cards when a big beam of light appeared.

"There is no airport so they have got to land somewhere"

UFOs apparently also land in the nearby Tanami desert, according to the believers. "There is no airport so they have got to land somewhere," said Farkas.

It used to be easy to tell when there was UFO activity, he said. The electronic banking and telephone lines would go out. But with a change to fibre optic technology that problem has disappeared.

Farkas dismisses claims that he might want to drum up interest in UFOs to boost business at his roadhouse, saying he has plenty of business from the constant stream of motorists passing by.

Barry Williams, editor of Australia's quarterly journal "The Skeptic" which attempts to debunk all kinds of suspect science, has other explanations for the sightings. Many could be of the planet Venus, others would be aircraft landing lights, he says.

"We are not skeptical of people sighting things. We are sceptical of some of the conclusions they come to from what they have seen. They don't stand up to any crucial thinking at all," he told AFP.

Alcohol or aliens?

The Northern Territory in general has the reputation of having a large number of sightings of UFOs, he said, which he suggests might be connected with the local drinking habits.

"I don't know whether this is in any way connected with the fact that the Northern Territory has the biggest beer consumption of anywhere on earth," he said.

Keith Douglass, a cleaner at Alice Springs hospital who follows UFOs on the side, says he has been up to Wycliffe Well about half a dozen times but has never seen anything.

Nevertheless, he has heard lots of tales, for example of an Aboriginal woman who was chased by a UFO.

"It is a flat disc with a blue dome. It has been sighted around Alice Springs a couple of times. It chased this lady into town. She saw it again up at Wycliffe Well," he said.

"Wycliffe Well - that's been going for years."


"Ye shall know them by their fruits"
~ Matthew 7:16

"Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."
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