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Posted by: Mark Dec 20 2004, 05:30 PM
From the...

Alien Autopsy Video

Note: I have this on VHS.
It is a hairless female with 6 fingers and 6 toes.

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Here's a short mpg video clip.
alien_autopsy.mpg 3 MB

From the Roswell Thread

user posted image

These were allegedly retrieved from one of the recovered discs.... I mean weather balloons. Or was that swamp gas?

user posted image

NEW I Beam Images

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

People with 6 fingers

user posted image

user posted image

People with 6 toes

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Posted by: Ganesh2005 Dec 20 2004, 05:51 PM

One of the things regarding the Alien Autopsy, which people don't seem to notice, or mention, is when the alien blinks about 8 minutes something into the footage.

This was the clincher for us, apart from the unsettling feeling that this poor creature was probably alive. Alien vivisection ! Had to watch the footage a couple of times to be sure. The fact that it blinks after having half it's guts removed was quite unsettling !

While people may not have much sympathy for the Greys, you can hardly blame them for a bad attitude towards us after this sort of treatment.


Posted by: Mark Dec 20 2004, 06:08 PM
the alien blinks about 8 minutes something into the footage.

I don't recall that part.

Since I have the VHS video, I'll watch it again and post if I can see the blink.

Posted by: Parinthian Jan 12 2005, 09:34 AM
So what's the word on the blinking? eyeball.gif eyeball.gif

Posted by: Ganesh2005 Jan 12 2005, 10:16 AM
Hi Parinthian,

If you've got the full downloaded version (Divx), it happens in the 8th minute, when the surgeon is about to peel the black lens off the eye, or just after. I haven't got a Divx player at the moment, so I can't check for the exact time, but I do remember it was in the 8th minute. Check it out if you've got it.



In PuPP We Trust !!

Posted by: Mark Jan 13 2005, 05:58 AM
Ok, I'm gonna pop the video in the VCR right now.

I'll be back in 10 minutes or so with my report.

UFO2New.gif UFO3new.gif UFO4New.gif

Posted by: Mark Jan 13 2005, 06:16 AM
Wow, it's been almost 10 years since I've played the video.

It sure seems like the black eyed human hybrids in power sought to hide and cover up this information.

Weather balloon.... yeah right!

The 6 finger control images above as well as the alien images ARE actually from the VHS video.

This I-Beam with hierglyphics type writing also appears to be original and from the crash debris and in the video.

user posted image

My gf has a digi camera, I gotta see if I can take some images from the video.

Many thanks to Parinthian for providing these images as well as the Roswell Thread.

Ok, back to the video!

Posted by: Jocke Jan 16 2005, 05:34 AM
Rewatched this video for the first time in a couple of years.
I cant catch the "eyeblink" - the camera wobbles alot up and down.

But if this is a doll/dummy, Im still extremely amazed by the work that the crew that made. When the first cuts are made notice how "blood" slowly emerges and runs down from the cut path at several places. Ive watched my fair share of violent movies since I was 7-8years old, and its very rare that you see this type of realism with cuts done by various blades.

Its creepy to think it might be a real alien.
I changed my mind so many times on the authentity of this footage so I no longer know what to think.

What speaks for the "doll" theory is the stomach IMO. It has a very strange shape in that its not linear oval/round if you get my point. I havent seen too many autopsies so maybe stuff like that happens in Rigor Mortis (stiffness of body after death).

One should also consider the (probable) fact that if this is a fake, they could not possible(IMO) have more than one of these dummys (very expensive to make) - this means they only have 1 shot to tget their footage. SHure they can edit what they have and put together what looks convincing, but anyway its a valid point.

One thing I would have wanted to see would be a turning of the "body" before they start to cut. To see the backside would exclude tubes and wires going in/out of the body/doll.

anyway, just some of my thoughts after reviewing it again.

Posted by: Seralia Jan 18 2005, 10:58 PM
I found some more information about the alien in the autopsy that is quite interesting. winkNEW.gif

The Roswell Alien Autopsy film shows a small, hairless, six-fingered entity with an enlarged cranium and somewhat bloated stomach, perhaps due to body decomposition. The entity is lying on its back on a table while doctors, completely covered in white spacesuit-looking garb, perform a "routine" autopsy. With precision cutting instruments, they cut the skin and peel it back in a realistic manner, laying bare a body cavity filled with unfamiliar organs which are removed one by one. Doctors who have viewed this film claim that these organs are not comparable to the size, shape or locale of human body organs, and have no human counterpart. Pathologist Cyril Wecht stated that the body is like none he's ever examined and called for a full-fledged scientific observation of the film with respect to the morphology of the body and the organs. (UFO Magazine, Fall '95)

Plastocene Portals and Looking Glass Eyes

There are several disturbing qualities exhibited by the specimen named SUE. First, as the autopsy continues, the 'peel-off' black eye 'coverings' are removed to show white eyeballs set deep into the sockets with no apparent pupils. At one point we watched in amazement as the alien blinked. We kept going over and over that same section of the video, and even slowed it down, and we were sure the alien blinked! Another disturbing aspect of the Roswell alien is the absence of a belly button, the insertion point for the umbilical cord which connects a mammalian fetus to its mother. Also disconcerting is the lack of nipples on an otherwise muscular chest which indicates presence of mammary glands. These details would certainly rule out objections that the cadaver is a doctored human corpse, but they also indicate that the entity did not "come into the world" in the manner in which mammals are born.

How can a "humanoid" with physical characteristics as close to our own not share the basic characteristics of mammalian reproduction? There are a limited number of options: (1) it was "hatched" from an egg or larvae and is insect, reptilian or amphibian in origin, or (2) it is bio-engineered and, therefore, it is a cyborg; or (3) the alien grays are some combination of both of the above.

Another bothersome aspect of SUE's autopsy remains hearsay. I have seen the video in its entirety a few times and it is not clear where a crystal-like object is removed from the brain. This would be another indication, taken along with the previous two, that the entity is bio-engineered. Perhaps the sections of the footage owned by Volker Spielberg contain this enigmatic detail. It has been reported in UFO Magazine that several "still frames" of unreleased footage were shown at the International UFO Congress in Nevada. These frames are very detailed and are supposed to be released in the future. Perhaps these are the frames which purportedly show the brain crystal. Interestingly, Stanton Friedman has also noted that he was expecting to see something that he did not see in the film. He also had heard talk of an autopsy of a second alien which others had said was on the tape. He concludes: "one story is that Santilli sold this to a collector to make some quick money." (Top Secret/Majic, 201)

- A most interesting anomaly. In one of the sequences (I'll get the exact time signature) there is a close-up pan of the "alien's" eyes and the film jumps right at the exact spot of the eyes, so it appears that the being has "blinked". being a cynical soul, one could possibly consider if the film was indeed faked, this could be a prank on behalf of the creators.... a sort of "easter egg" or signature.

- I eliminated the language on the "debris" as resembling Sumerian. That in itself doesn't mean a hill of beans, but it dashes a pet theory I had.....

- If anyone remembers the Col.Philip Corso interview given to Linda Moulton Howe, and Corso's book, "The Day After Roswell", he mentioned that the blackness of the eyes were from a membrane-like (paraphrasing) covering.

When one views the footage, the "Doc" uses tweezers to pick out the membrane, and the way it undulates, it reminds me of a jello skin, so it corroborates Corso's description.... however, who was first, the film the book, or the rumors??!

Roy: Hey, I've got a question for you. During the autopsy film I noticed that right around the part where they were peeling the eyeballs off that the alien blinked.

Don: No. Bob?

Bob: [laugh] I have heard this story so many times. There's a splice in the film there and if you look at it single frame you can see the jagged splice across the film. That's all it is, the alien doesn't blink. They're not that hard to kill.

Q: What about the shot where the alien blinks?

It doesn't. The "blink" is a glitch in either the film print or the video transfer.

It's amazing how little time that they spent on debunking the eye blink. blinkNEW.gif

Posted by: Ganesh2005 Jan 19 2005, 02:34 AM
Thanks, Seralia for the updated info.

Not much of an explanation for the eye

Why would you have a film splice there? It's not like he loaded a new reel or anything, it's continuous footage!

It's not even just the blink for me, I had the un-nerving feeling that it was alive even before that. But to see it blink after it had half it's brain removed was really creepy.

Why are these people convinced it's a hoax? Where's the evidence?

I thought Kodak tested the film, and it was the right batch & emulsion for '47

I think I'll download a Divx player and have another look.

Peace pinkelephant.gif

Posted by: Mark Jan 19 2005, 06:51 AM
Thanks Jocke and Seralia, it looks like others noticed the blink too. I was in the process of watching the video when my gf went ballistic. I didn't get to finish it.

If it's just a glitch in the film, to me its no big deal. The important thing to me is that it is a real entity and not some movie prop.

6 fingers/6 toes, large head, female, hairless, no mammary glands, no belly button.

In regards to the eyes. Yes, they are covered with a black membrane.

To me, those are the sunglasses, just like many of the human hybrids today must wear, myself included. I have always had light sensitive eyes. Without sunglasses I cannot drive a car east or west if the sun is rising or setting.

I believe it has pupils. The eyeballs appeared to be looking up, or rolled back in the head. But I do remember seeing them, I'll watch again to verify and post my findings.

Ganesh, imagine how many people would freak out if they knew. Some need to be gently brought to the realization that it is real, and we are not alone.

Disclosure was upon us in 2001, and then the evil ones allowed or launched 9/11 to distract the masses and instill fear - a feeding frenzy of energy.

The Discovery, TLC and History channels use to show awesome stuff as well as Fox tv. But now they seem to all be taken over.
Just cheap mindless entertainment now.

The same beings/species who control our news media and feed us lies as truth also give us this mindless entertainment.

They control our govts, militaries, our news medias, religions, monetary system, energy, unhealthy foods, synthetic pharmaceuticals, chemical corporations and our fluoridated water supply.

Posted by: Ganesh2005 Jan 22 2005, 03:43 AM
Hi PuPP,

I was searching for more info on the Alien Autopsy. I could only really find debunking stuff, but I'm not convinced it's a hoax.

One point someone raised was: If you're gonna spend $100 K on a convincing alien hoax, you'd think you would make it look more like the consensus picture of what a grey looks like, not this weirdo hybrid. Of course, the debunkers wouldn't know about the ongoing hybridization program of the greys (which has probably been going long before Roswell) I also saw reports of the Fox special (from '98 I think) debunking the Alien Autopsy and Billy Meier as well. Another report said Meier did have real photo's, but also hoaxed some stuff as well. Was this Meier, under threat, discrediting himself to prevent assasination? It's a bit wacky.

Anyway, I'll keep digging.

BTW, I saved the zipped folder of UFO footage (498Mg), that Para-normal were giving away as a free download just before they disappeared. If you like, I could post you a copy. You've probably got a lot of it, but it's a good collection.



Posted by: Mark Jan 22 2005, 04:27 AM
Thanks Ganesh, I don't believe it's a hoax either. It's too human looking like you said. More like a half breed.

I saved the zipped folder of UFO footage (498Mg)

498 MB????

That's like 1/4 the size of my 2 gig hard drive.


You'd have to snail mail it to me on a CD.


Posted by: Chaiyah Jan 24 2005, 05:22 PM
This female looks very pregnant, Pupp.

So, was she real?

Posted by: Mark Jan 25 2005, 04:59 PM
Hey Chaiyah,

I believe she is real.

I have the video on VHS and it simply amazed me.

I believe that we're all hybrids and we're not all the same.

Posted by: ShawnMcCaffrey(nli) Nov 13 2005, 09:57 AM
Hey PuPP and co. I can't beleive I just ran into this board, I'm an avid reader of anythingremotely abnormal and thought I had the crem de la crem of internet "nutwing" sites but aparently not! I'm in the process of waiting for my confirmation e-mail but couldn't wait to post!

My interest isn't so much in the theories anymore seeing how I beleive that the "end" is coming up on us quickly and I have a lot of other issues to file through, however I can't help but wanting to see this footage, does anyone know where I can dowload it? Thanks! hello.gif

Posted by: Mark Nov 13 2005, 04:27 PM
Hi waving.gif Shawn, welcome.gif to the forum!

buzzemoticom.gif woodyemoticom.gif

To date, this is the only short video clip I have found online. - Mpeg 3 MB

Posted by: Mark Nov 18 2005, 05:37 PM
I'm not sure about this one due to so many hoaxes and so much disinfo online but it is here for your prerusal.

Alleged Alien Autopsy Photographs; from UFO Crash in Yugoslavia

user posted image
In November 1966 in the country close to a small village called Otocek of the former Yugoslavian Federation, a flying object crashed and an extraterrestrial being was extracted.

The event was soon put under silence, pretending the crash was the result of a highly secret military test.

user posted image

The body, partially burned, was said to be the one of a pilot of the Air Force. They said it was deformed by flames and heat. The darkness of the night helped the military authorities to pass this thesis as believable.

user posted image

The extraterrestrial being was immediately taken to Belgrade, with an ambulance of the Army, and in the Capital it was assigned to a Military Hospital. In a few hours, some of the most important scientists of Yugoslavia started to examine the corpse.

user posted image

Among the scientists, three were the doctors that led the autopsy: the surgeon Andrej Zobol and the two pathologists Nikola Jullic and Zoran Frederic. The three were employees of the Government.

user posted image

The photographs I have sent you show some of the most significant moments of the autopsy.

user posted image

In 1999 the pictures were passed secretly to the author by the nephew of one of the doctors, that is living now in Slovenia, very close to the Italian border. In 1966 neither the USA nor the USSR knew of this event thanks to the fact that Yugoslavia was a Socialist Country, but it was not aligned and it was neutral, far from the frictions of the Cold war.

Ivan Kremer

All Rights Reserved 2005

(Editors Note; The UFO Casebook has not been able to verify nor debunk this story. There is, at this time, no other information available except what Ivan Kremer has sent me. The story and photographs are posted here for public view in the interest of curiosity until at some time more info comes which will prove one way or the other.)

source and references:

Report & Photographs Ivan Kremer

Posted by: Mark Apr 9 2006, 12:28 AM
Here's the latest on the Santilli Alien Autopsy Video.

Boy we sure were almost fooled there for moment... 'eh? roflsmiley.gif

user posted image

ET Autopsy Film Finally Exposed As Fake?
By Philip Mantle
UFO Updates
Santilli Changes His Autopsy Film Story

user posted image
Tonight (April 4) showed the SKY ONE TV show 'Eamon Investigates - Alien Autopsy. The show starts of with Santilli still claiming that he saw real film of aliens and that he purchased it from a former US military cameraman. However, there is now a change in the story. Santilli & his colleague Gary Shoefield claim that it took 2 years to buy the film & that when it finally arrived in London 95% of it had 'oxidised' and the remaining 5% was in very poor condition. They therefore decided to 'reconstruct' it based on Santilli's recollection and a few frames that were left.

To do this they hired UK sculptor John Humphreys. Humphreys tells of how he used sheeps brain for the brain and a lambs leg for the leg joint.

The cameraman's interview film is also a fake. The man in the film is someone they literally brought in off the street and gave him a prepared script to read from.

Santilli and Shoefield continually try to insist that the AA film as we know it is a restoration, but in fact it was made by John Humphreys. To try and justify they claim that some of the surviving original frames are seen mixed in with the reconstruction/restoration. Interestingly neither Santilli, Shoefield or Humphreys could point out where and which are these frames when viewing the AA film.

Santilli admitted that the six-fingered panels in the debris film were the result of 'artistic license' an he even produced one of the I-beams from the boot of his car. The debris film was also mde by John Humphreys.

In fact, Humphreys is the surgeon in the film, and a former employee of Shoefield's in behind the window. He's Gareth Watson, a man I met several times in Ray's office.

Nick Pope and mysels appear briefly in this show and I dare say Nick will have hi own comments to make. For anyone interested in the AA film I do recommend watching this if you can. I've taken part in another show for Channel Five in the UK the content of which I am not permitted to disclose.

After watching this tonight I can honestly say that I do not believe one word of either Santilli or Shoefield and I have no doubt that the film is nothing more than a complete fake. There is and never was any original film and there is and never was any US military cameraman. Santilli & Shoefield had little credibility as it was but now they have none.

The alien autopsy film is dead and I hope to put it to rest, once and for all, soon. Watch this space.

Philip Mantle

Posted by: uggliozzi Apr 9 2006, 03:05 PM
I have a real problem with many descriptions of "aliens". They are described as looking too much like us.

While there is no doubt that natural forces will evolve beings whose abilities and attitudes are in may ways similar to that of humanity, I find it just too coincidental that they have two arms, two legs, a head on top with the brain in it and with ears, eyes, nose and mouth arranged identically to ours. Not to mention a central nervous system.

Unless these aliens and we are in some way part of the same evolutionary tree, it is extremely unlikely that aliens would superficially resemble us. There are just too many viable physical configurations for multiple separate evolutionary processes to select the same basic layout.

When I can see, smell and shake "hands" with one of these bipedal beings, I will change my mind.

Posted by: Mark Apr 23 2006, 02:02 AM
uggliozzi, what do you think we are?

Do you believe that we evolved from hairy primates which are still living in the jungles?

Maybe if I was covered in hair, I could believe that I am a product of evolution from hairy primates.

But I do not have much body hair... in fact, I have lost most of the hair on my lower legs, (calves) and my chest has like 6 hairs on it.

Whether you believe it or not, the "several" current human species living amongst us are not natural to Earth and did NOT evolve from primates.

There is only one species that I know of who resemble primates and could be a good case for evolution... some of them are called jews.

If you look into biblical records, you will find the tale of the 2 brothers.... one was completely covered in hair.

Posted by: Mark Aug 31 2010, 03:57 PM
Here's another interesting autopsy video

user posted image

Here's the Santilli alien autopsy video
user posted image

user posted image

Roswell Alien Autopsy

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