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by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Also: Conspiracy of Silence Video

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6. On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference to disclose that over $2,000,000,000,000 (2 Trillion) in Pentagon funds could not be accounted for.
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> Planet Crumbles While We're Off Fighting Terror

Master Of His Domain
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Posted: Jun 14 2004, 09:07 PM
Quote Post
Planet Crumbles While We're Off Fighting Terror

By Richard Steiner
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

History has shown that human societies often misjudge risk, and that is the case today. With world attention focused almost exclusively on terrorism and Iraq, another, even more serious security threat deepens -- the global environmental/humanitarian crisis.

While we remain virtually hypnotized by terrorism, humanity is quietly destroying the biosphere in which we live, ourselves and our future along with it. Just since 9/11, 25 million children died from preventable causes, the world's population grew by 200 million people and thousands of species went extinct. Also, 250,000 square miles of forest were lost, 50,000 square miles of arable land turned to desert, 8 billion tons of carbon were added to the atmosphere and air pollution claimed more than 4 million lives.

Our boat is sinking, we know the causes and consequences, and we know how to solve the problem. Yet policy-makers keep rearranging the deck chairs. Left unattended, this broad environmental/humanitarian crisis will foreclose any hope for security in the world. Certainly we must address terrorism, but just as certainly we must ensure our planet's sustainability.

Some of the key indicators of our current condition help put these relative risks in perspective.


World population stands at 6.4 billion, more than four times its number at the start of the 20th century. Although some nations have reached population stability, many of the poorest, developing nations are far from it. The population -- growing by 74 million a year -- is projected to reach 9 billion by 2050, the additional billions coming almost exclusively in the poorest countries.

The largest generation of young people ever, some 1.7 billion ages 10 to 24, is just now reaching reproductive age. Where fertility remains high there is widespread poverty, discrimination against women, high infant mortality and lack of access to family planning, health care and education. More than 350 million women lack any access to family planning. Some religions oppose contraception, and female infanticide has become epidemic. Programs to stabilize population need about $20 billion a year (about one week's worth of world military expenditures) but now receive about $3 billion a year.


Conspicuous consumption has become a homogenizing force across the developed world. Just since 1950, we have consumed more goods and services than all previous generations combined. The consumption of energy, steel and timber more than doubled; fossil fuel use and car ownership increased four-fold; meat production and fish catch increased five-fold; paper use increased six-fold, and air travel increased 100-fold.

In the United States, where malls are more prevalent than high schools, shopping has become the primary cultural activity. Although world economic output continues to increase, when real costs are calculated, sustainable economic welfare has been in decline since the '70s. One measure of resource consumption of humanity -- our "ecological footprint" -- surpassed sustainable levels in the late '70s, and for an average American is now 20 times that of a person in some developing countries.

Studies estimate that, if the developing world were to consume at our rate, another five or six planets would be needed to sustain this level of consumption. The United Nations says that a 10-fold reduction in resource consumption (or a 10-fold increase in energy/material efficiency) in industrialized countries will be needed for adequate resources to be available for developing countries.

Rich-poor divide

The unequal distribution of consumption adds to environmental, social and economic damage as well. The gap in per-capita income between rich and poor nations has doubled in the past 40 years. The upper 20 percent in economic class -- Europe, Japan, North America -- account for more than 80 percent of the material and energy consumed globally while the poorest 20 percent account for just 1 percent of consumption. The world's 350 billionaires have a combined net worth exceeding that of the poorest 2.5 billion people. Those poor live on less than $2 a day and lack basic sanitation, health care, clean water and adequate food.

Despite unprecedented economic expansion of the '90s, today some 900 million adults are illiterate and 30,000 kids die every day from preventable causes. Poor countries pay more than $350 billion a year just to service the interest on their debt to developed countries (a total of $2.4 trillion) and often try to raise this money through environmentally destructive activities. Some countries spend more to service their foreign debt than on education and health care combined.


Ecologists fear we are losing between 50 and 150 species each day, a rate thousands of times higher than the evolutionary background extinction rate of about one species a year. Some estimate that we have lost perhaps 600,000 species since the "biotic holocaust" began around 1950; if present trends continue, half of all species on Earth would be extinct in the next 50 years. Overhunting, invasive species, pollution and climate change are factors in this sixth mass extinction event, but by far the greatest cause is habitat loss. The lost ecological services could be devastating. It may take 5 million to 10 million years for biological diversity to recover.


Half of Earth's original forest cover is gone, and an additional 30 percent is degraded or fragmented. Only 20 percent of the original forest on Earth remains today as large, relatively undisturbed "frontier forests." And half of this frontier forest is threatened by human activity, mostly by logging. Another 100,000 square miles of forest is lost each year, mostly in the tropics, and only a very small amount of this forest loss is offset by regrowth.

Since 1960, about 30 percent of the Earth's tropical forests have disappeared and with them, thousands of species. Between 50 percent and 90 percent of the terrestrial species inhabit and depend upon the forests, and more than half of the threatened vertebrate species on Earth are forest animals. The link is clear: lose forests -- lose species.


Today about 1 billion people are undernourished and 600 million are overnourished. The United Nations lists 86 countries that can't grow or buy enough food and predicts that by 2010 global food supply will begin to fall short of demand.

More than 6 million people a year, mostly children, die from malnutrition. Grain production is declining and environmentally damaging meat production continues to increase. The 1.3 billion cattle (weighing more than all of humanity) have degraded a quarter of the planet's land surface.

More than 10 percent of world farmland and 70 percent of the world rangeland is degraded, and poor agricultural practices result in the loss of more than 20 billion tons of topsoil a year.


Fresh water may well be the most precious substance on Earth. People use about half of all available fresh water, causing aquifers to shrink around the world.

Some 70 percent of all water used by humans goes to irrigation; most simply leaks and evaporates from inefficient irrigation systems. Some water tables, such as the north China plain, drop by more than a meter a year. Two billion people have no choice but to

drink water contaminated with human and animal waste and chemical pollution.

The World Health Organization estimates there are 1.5 billion cases of diarrhea a year in children from contaminated water, causing 3 million deaths.

Today, water supplies in 36 nations in Africa, Asia and the Middle East are not sufficient to meet grain production needs. In China, 400 cities suffer from acute water shortage and half of the nation's rivers are polluted. The world lost half of its wetlands in the past century, and more than 22,000 square miles of arable land turns into desert each year. It's projected that in 20 years, the demand for water will increase by 50 percent and two-thirds of the world population will be water-stressed.


Air pollution exceeds health limits daily in many cities in the world. Some 5,000 people a day die from air pollution, and kids in some cities inhale the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes every day just by breathing the air.

Carbon emissions from burning fossil fuel now stand at 6.5 billion tons a year (four times 1950 levels), resulting in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations 33 percent greater than pre-industrial levels.

Global warming is no longer seriously doubted, and nine of the hottest years on record have occurred since 1990. The warming has accelerated the melting of polar ice caps and mountain glaciers; a rising sea level has inundated some Pacific islands, and more frequent and severe droughts, storms and floods cost more than $50 billion and 20,000 lives a year. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded most of the warming over past 50 years was human-induced.


Once thought to be inexhaustible, the Earth's oceans are more polluted and overexploited than at any other time in history. Seventy percent of world fish populations are either overfished or nearly so. Marine pollution has increased dramatically, and warming ocean temperatures have killed more than a fourth of the world's coral reefs. The 1998 coral "bleaching" event killed almost half of all Indian Ocean corals in just a few months, and Australia's Great Barrier Reef is threatened with complete collapse by the end of the century if warming continues.

If we connect these dots, the picture is clear: We are approaching a breaking point on the home planet.

The fate of the Earth may well be decided in our lifetime, and we all should begin behaving as though we are living together on one small, precious, life-sustaining spaceship, which indeed we are.

The solution is straightforward -- stabilize population, reduce consumption and share wealth. We know exactly how to do this; we just need to pay for it.

The United Nations says $40 billion a year -- about what consumers spend on cosmetics -- would provide everyone on Earth with clean water, sanitation, health care, adequate nutrition and education.

The secretary general of the 1992 Earth Summit cautioned, "no place on the planet can remain an island of affluence in a sea of misery ... we're either going to save the whole world or no one will be saved."

Without urgent attention, the global ecosystem will continue to unravel and we'll consign future generations to a nightmare of deprivation, insecurity and conflict.

It's time to broaden our understanding of security beyond just that of terrorism to securing a sustainable future for spaceship Earth.

- Richard Steiner is a professor and conservation specialist at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks.

©1996-2004 Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Ye shall know them by their fruits"
~ Matthew 7:16

"Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."
~ Buddha
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Freedom Fighter
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Posted: Jun 14 2004, 10:36 PM
Quote Post
Hi PuPP,
It certainly is Apocalyose Now,
for the biosphere of fragmented ecosystems of wildlife.
A planet of only humans, domestic animals... and remnant wildlife?
LOTS of bugs and rats in the future.
In the Bladerunner movie, where the genetically manufactured repros of wildlife
were for sale in the bazaar, the wild animals were worth a fortune.

from the article,

"by 2010 global food supply will begin to fall short of demand"

And the price will absolutely skyrocket.
Non GMO foods will be at a premium price,
triple of their cost ratio to GMO foods now.

"Fresh water may well be the most precious substance on Earth."

Fresh water IS the most precious substance on Earth.
The COST of fresh water , and pure water will be enormous in the future.
A gallon of Crystal Geyser is only 2/3s the price oa gallon gas....
Everyone will be relegated to pumping their water thru Katadyne filters,
unless water filter and such technologies improve.

"The United Nations says $40 billion a year -- about what consumers spend on cosmetics -- would provide everyone on Earth with clean water, sanitation, health care, adequate nutrition and education."

Not much now really.
Now add in future food and water costs and distribution capabilities,
complicated by wars..

The ecosystem deaths of so many species so fast,
means only one thing.
That the dominant species will succumb as well,
to the same fate.

That is what all the plagues are about.
I am sure that everyone agrees that cancer is not just a disease anymore,
It is an all out plague....?

Survival of the fittest.
dog eat dog.
I saw a crow today tearing something to pieces by the supermarket hedges along the road.He was flapping about,pecking at something viciously as sparrows dived in to harrass the crow.
I pulled up, rolled the window down figuring he had a sparrow that he was pissed at,
but no,
it was a small rat that was fighting back ,
but the crows repetitive piercing of the chest and neck looked fatal, as he had the rat turned face up with his crowclaws..
I considered stopping the whole melee , but let nature take its course.

Survival of the fittest applies to mankind in the face of cataclysmic ecodisaster.
Wars for food and water in the future?

PMEmail Poster



Posted: Jun 15 2004, 05:13 AM
Quote Post
there are so many others with exactly the same summations...
many are saying NOW is when we need to DO something
or this is truly the end of humanity.
i sit here sipping my coffee...knowing it is killing me due to DDT.
Coffee is second to oil in world production.
in searching google the past few days about coffee/ddt...i came across this article & read it last night.
not a good bedtime story.
it focuses on breast cancer...
may as well be cancers of all type...
the ongoing battle between victims & chemical corporations.
i think they are not human anymore.

what we do now creates our world tomorrow.
i met a neighbor who keeps telling me more and more horror stories of my own little bonne terre and this area.
st joe park has a lake...caused by the lead mines here.
it is the worst polluted lake in all of the united states.
why don''t they drain it ?
clean it up ?
my neighbor tells me of a nice area just south of st louie...where long time residents are being forced to move under various stupid reasons...why ? because some developer wants another shopping mall.

oh just fuck me now.
sorrie...but, i am so fed up with mainstream...
yet..i find more and more of us getting wiser by the moment
it all has to hit your own backyard.
the kids...the teens..when will they start realizing their health is their wealth ?
when it is too late ?
back to sippin my morning poison.
today...i am off to locate organic coffee beans and a grinder and unbleached filters.



Freedom Fighter
Group: Members
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Posted: Jun 15 2004, 07:41 AM
Quote Post
Nan , that is a good article on breast cancer.

From the article:
"In the U.S., the rate of breast cancer among white women from 1950 to 1989 increased by 53% or by over 1% annually."

That will get exponential in the next 40 years.

"Westin and Richter eventually connected this drop in breast cancer mortality to a 1978 Israeli ban on the use of three organochlorine pesticide...
alpha-***benzene hexachloride (BHC),
gamma ***benzene hexachloride (lindane) and DD
.....As a result, the three pesticides heavily contaminated milk and milk products, at rates between 100 and 1,000 times greater than in the U.S.,"

Benzene and other contaminants can also get in your water supply, in neighborhoods with old oil tanks underground for heating oil.
The tanks decay then leak oils into the grounwater.
The grounwater carries it right into your PVC pipe that is carrying water from the steel water main at the road , to your faucet.
The benzenes , etc, will actually leach right thru the PVC pipe.
I learned this at a girlfriends house in Seattle after we demanded that Seatlle Water test the water in her house.
They told us why the list of carcinogens was so bad from the leaching thru PVC pipe.

"thirteen tons of chlorine are produced in North America every year."

Not to mention how much is released by industry, that is in the air chemically bonding with a host of bad compounds

"Wolff to suggest that women exposed to such pesticide derivatives may face up to four times greater risk for developing breast cancer."

Type in.. her 2 neu... into google

"Despite the fact that tamoxifen has been implicated as a possible cause of uterine cancer, liver damage, and other health problems, the drug is now being tested among a population of 16,000 perfectly healthy women as a breast cancer preventative"

We are the lab animals and the US is the laboratory for science to play havoc with human hosts.This does not justify animal testing either.
Things like Tamoxifen are band aids, to allow polluting industries to keep polluting the causes of cancer..The focus is almosst never on the causative factor and eleiminating that completely,but on quick fixes to the immediate effects-cancer.

"The synthetic hormone Diethylstilbestrol (DES), given to women in the 50's and 60's to (ineffectively) prevent miscarriage, with cancerous results for both the women and their children,
***is still widely used in the meat industry as a feed supplement to put weight on animals scheduled for slaughter; the hormone is, of course, passed on to people in the meat. "

Ifyou eat meat , go with hormonefree and organic feed meats.
range fed turkey and chicken , NOT deboned, as that adds flurides into the meat by bone scrapings.

"Instead of working to eliminate and prevent xenoestrogenic pollution, the chemical industry and its medical cohorts have responded by pouring more drugs into the environment to counter actthe effects of previously introduced synthetic substances; by concentrating their research on high profile but less significant factors, like the elusive breast cancer gene; or by concentrating on expensive and technologically seductive cancer therapies, like gene therapy. "

I am worried about gene theapy genetics becoming environmental contaminants.
Biotech industries pollute also. Biotech industrial accidents occur, and the subsequent environmental contaminations are not publicized or regulated. They regulate themselves.Imagine the chemicalsthat are used in biotech and then disposed of, and genetic material that may cross into other pathogens then get transpored out of the labs,...

***Birth control pill chemicals REMAIN INTACT thru the septic tank system, into the ground water, and also survives intact thru sewage plant treatments as well, to a lesser degree, and that is then returned to the environment, in many ways,
including sewage sludge -biosolids-used as fertilizer spreading onto farmlands via EPA regulated recycling inititatives.

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Minister Of Information
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Posted: Jun 15 2004, 08:18 AM
Quote Post
Problem, reaction, solution. The tool used to manipulate us all on a regular basis. It is all a smoke and mirror show making us look to the government for our safety and for our very opinions.

The "War On Terror" is exactly the same as the "War On Crime", the "War On Drugs" or the "War on Poverty" and all the other "War On Etcs". A catch phrase to make you think that something creative and responsible is done. They create the problem, wait for the reaction and then provide the solution. Generally the solution is a decrease in civil liberties for the people who are conned into trading thier freedoms and rights for alleged security.

Take the war on drugs for example. If it were not for certain black ops groups importing "drugs" such as cocaine and heroin to finance thier operations without having thier budgets subject to congressional oversight and certain groups that have high ranking and powerful individuals in charge then we would have 1/100th the amount of those 'drugs' in this country. If it were not for these people supplying the street pushers then we would not have this problem. Also the 'drug laws' on our books are draconic and un-constitutional. 10 year jail sentances for possession of a substance that should never have been made 'illegal' is the sign of a police state or dictatorship. But then again the government has to prop up the outside contractors who run our prison system now don't they?

Of course we are having some severe lash back from the environment. Major coorporations are allowed to pollute with either themeselves as a monitor of thier activities or minimal fines and no real requirements to actually clean up thier own messes. These companies should be forced to clean thier mess up at thier own expense and then be fined twice that amount for having done this to begin with. Watch how quickly these companies clean up thier operations once thier financial stability is on the line. Suddenly operating in an evironmentally friendly way will become extremely affordable for them.

May you know Love and Laughter in your life.
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Posted: Jun 15 2004, 09:23 AM
Quote Post
"We are the lab animals and the US is the laboratory for science to play havoc with human hosts.This does not justify animal testing either."

It was in the 70s that I came to that sorry conclusion. It didn't take a whole lot of thinking to realize that "volunteers" for testing drugs weren't the only subjects being used. Anyone who visited a doctor for illness got one of their new drugs.

If you want to live longer, stay away from the medical doctors unless it's an emergency. After I got away from them, my health improved 100%.



Master Of His Domain
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Posted: Jun 16 2004, 08:02 PM
Quote Post
Hey Vianova,

It sure looks like the controllers are pushing for us to max out and then collapse.

No conservation at all, rampant environmental destruction, poisoning us, and then when food supplies dwindle, feed us synthetic processed crud for food.

Soylent Green anyone?

"LOTS of bugs and rats in the future"

I hope I can eat bugs, I don't know if I could eat a rat, I've had rats for pets before. It would be like eating my cat or dog. uh....HMMMM

"many are saying NOW is when we need to DO something
or this is truly the end of humanity."

Yes, we need to change our ways. Easy on your poison smile.gif

I've quit the daily coffee routine to limit my poison intake (white sugar) and I feel much better!

"These companies should be forced to clean thier mess up at thier own expense and then be fined twice that amount for having done this to begin with."

Of course that would be the RIGHT thing to do, but because we have evil beings running things, justice does not prevail.

"If you want to live longer, stay away from the medical doctors unless it's an emergency."

I've lived my whole life that way. I have always been fearful of docs and believed you should only visit one if you arm is dangling by a thread or you got like a bone sticking outta your skin. ohmy.gif

"Ye shall know them by their fruits"
~ Matthew 7:16

"Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."
~ Buddha
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Freedom Fighter
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Posted: Jun 16 2004, 10:48 PM
Quote Post
Many bugs are 80% protein.
Funny I don't see too many grasshoppers anymore,
maybe thats why that crow killed the rat.
I remember seeing a TV special on frogs in a cannibalistic orgy, and watching a smaller frog trying to eat a frog almost twice his size.

In a crumbling world.

BJ says,
"If you want to live longer, stay away from the medical doctors unless it's an emergency. After I got away from them, my health improved 100%."

Not to mention that 30% of the infections ,are caught at the hospital.
My mother gets a respiratory infection in 1 out of 2 visits to the cancer center for the infusions of herceptin.
My sister is a NWO military medical industrial
product of Tulane U.
The doctor,my sister and mother of two,..., bless her poor heart and terminally closed mind, will not believe that people have fibromyalgia, and prescribes prozac , etc.

She scares the hell out of me.
But did once save me with a prescrip of levaquin...
Stockplie what antibiotics you can!
Doxycycline, Levaquin, bactrin, and zithromax..augmentin.
keep cool dry in the fridge.
In an emergency...they come in handy.
Bactrin saved me from certain surgery, from diverticulitis once.
Diet since then has been the primary course of action.
Stockplie vitamins and minerals as well, and all your herbal cures.
Store them all well, and if you think your favorite herbal remedy is going to be banned , stock up bigtime.

the emergency preparedness thraed here , is apropo to this thread of the planet crumbling.

PMEmail Poster



Posted: Jun 16 2004, 11:00 PM
Quote Post
Vianova, how do you get antibiotics without a prescription? I haven't seen a doctor in 14 years, and then only for a physical, so don't have a "family" doctor. Chiroprators can't prescribe.

If one can't get antibiotics, the next very best are the herbs that knock out virii, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Some are organ specific....lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, intestines, blood, and skin, and some are good for everything.

Oils are good, too, for massaging into the feet. Within 20 minutes, the oils are throughout the body and doing their job.



Freedom Fighter
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Posted: Jun 17 2004, 12:16 AM
Quote Post

Obviously storage of the essential herbals and oils are paramount as well ,optimum to antibiotics , and more accessibly available to stockplie than antibiotics.
Mexico has LOTS of available antibiotics, and the internet would surprise you with availability online , from what I have heard..

Antibiotics...Old folks get rid of the stuff all the time.
Sometimes friends have leftovers that get thrown away.
Keep an open eye , and they show up,
2 or 3 pills at a time to the whole prescrip.
KNOW what antibiotics are for what.sicknesses.
A PDR helps.
and the antibiotics have a shelf life, far beyond what they say , if kept properly.
Amoxycillin is called Trimox, not very good, but effective on anthrax.
GIs, ex soldiers have bottles of it.
They gave my dad a whole bottle for "rashes" at the VA.
The storage of antibiotics is for emergency purposes, plague outbreaks of pneumonic bacteria or mycoplasmas, anthrax, strep and staph, under martial law... etc.
Viral warfare or pathogenic flus, SARs etc, need the herbals and oils...luck..
The viral vaccines will kill you in the long term, so you either get well from herbal treatment, and genetic resistance, or you die.
The best vaccine for West Nile , is just catching West Nile,resistance thru health and adaptive treatment with appropriate herbals, and medicinals like nutribiotic, pycnogenols,whatever else you know, and surviving.

Are you going to line up for that mandatory SARs vaccine?

Remenber all that swine flu vaccine during Ford administration ?

Mandatory vaccines for biowarfare , levied upon the planetray populations is
another symptom of the crumbling world , and the war on terror.

PMEmail Poster



Posted: Jun 17 2004, 07:34 AM
Quote Post
Here' something for you, Vianova. I try to get "broad-spectrum" herbs. One is echinacea, widely prescribed by doctors in Germany. Aloe vera is wonderful, too. And here is another:

In the late 1960's, research by Upjohn showed that elenolic acid, a substance derived from olive leaf extract, killed every virus tested- every one! Among the viruses tested were herpes, influenza, a couple of leukemias and a sarcoma. Elenolic acid was also effective against parasitic protozoans and bacteria. Furthermore, it was found to counteract a variety of viruses associated with the common cold in humans.

I get the 15% oleuropein extract. There is a higher potency, but it is pricey.



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