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> Zimbabwe - The Beasts That Kill The Animals

Master Of His Domain
Group: Admin
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Posted: Aug 17 2004, 05:55 AM
Quote Post
Zimbabwe - The Beasts That Kill The Animals
By Jani Allan
© 2004

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated," Mahatma Gandhi once said.

Given this premise, the soi-disant nation of Zimbabwe is egregious, recidivist and morally bankrupt. The Zimbabwe Ruins no longer refers to the remains of an edifice but to a ravaged country.

Zimbabwe is in the grip of a seemingly demonic rampage of destruction.

In his speeches, the murderous President Robert Mugabe refers to the farm invasions as the Third Chimurenga - the war waged in the name of the witchdoctor Murenga. This is interesting in itself. Mugabe presents his "Land Redistribution" program to the West as a reasonable method of redressing the "imbalances" of colonialism. To his own people, he speaks in Shona and calls it the Third Chimurenga, "The War Against the White Devils."

Dr Peter Hammond is the founder and director of Frontline Fellowship. His Christian missionary work has given him firsthand knowledge of the situation in countries such as South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and further to the north in the Sudan. In his opinion, it is Zimbabwe that is committing national suicide.

By installments, it would seem.

As Zimbabwe plummets further and further into ruins, the independent human-rights non-government organization the Amani Trust documents close to a thousand assaults on white farmers and their Matabele workers. The occupation of the farms is not spontaneous. As long ago as 2001, it was reported that the organization of the so-called "war veterans" (some are not yet teenagers) was the work of Chenjerai "Hitler" Hunzvi, who was flown around the country in an air force helicopter as he coordinated the invasions. (He has since mercifully died of AIDS and was buried in Heroes Acre).

What does appear spontaneous is the way many of the "landless" peasants who are in direct contact with President Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF headquarters (via cell phone) kill or maim animals.

When a man wantonly destroys one of the works of man we call him a vandal. What then do we call a man who cuts the legs off a horse . or gouges the eyes out of a cow?

What do we call the blood-thirsty mobs of ZANU-PF's "war veterans" and youth militia who are shooting, snaring, spearing and using land-mines to destroy herds of elephant, the endangered Black rhino, cheetah, leopard, antelope and giraffe?

The Save Valley, one of Africa's largest conservation areas, covers an area of 840,000 acres. This conservancy has supported more than 1,200 elephants. It was also known to have the most successful black rhino breeding program in Africa. Over the last four years, some 50 percent of the reserve has been occupied by Mugabe's AK-47-wielding war veterans and youth militia. During this time, game rangers have recovered more than 35,000 snares. Victims of these snares include elephant, wild dog, cheetah, leopard and rhino. These cable snares entrap the animal so that it will starve to death. In one case, a pregnant giraffe struggled so desperately to free herself that the snares cut her throat. (Photographs of all these atrocities can be seen on the Internet.)

In Bubiana alone, it is estimated that 60,000 animals have been slaughtered in the past few months. Bubiana used to have the largest rhino population in the world. More than 75 percent have been killed. In Lynwood Ranch, another conservation area, seven of its 36 black rhinos were found dead in snares.

In several other cases, rhinos had their horns hacked off while they were still alive or they were simply blown up with land mines. In the Kariba area, more than a 100 elephants have been shot.

A British observer commented: "It is incomprehensible that Mugabe's government has such a blatant disregard for its own economic assets. Zimbabwe's extraordinary wealth is being systematically and savagely destroyed."

A black conservationist commented: "They (Mugabe's Marxist thugs) are destroying everything. They are crippling the country. It's a no-win situation. The whole thing has been motivated by a government that intends to stay in power at all costs and destroy anyone or anything they want to. It's a crisis situation, and game rangers need immediate help. The longer we wait, the more animals are being killed the less likely we will be able to survive in this country's economy. All we want to do is preserve the little bit that's left."

Thirty-year-old Bigboy Musemwa is the fifth of seven brothers. "I didn't ever think I would become an animal activist, but I have been shocked into the animal cause by the horrific massacre of animals in my country. Animals are being butchered by the land invaders. Zimbabweans are in dire need of being educated in the humane treatment of animals, be they domestic, wild or farm."

Musemwa has been shunned by his family as a result of his vociferous campaigning urging the international animal-protection community to muster support for the plight of animals and the environment.

Huge tracts of forest have been burned or hacked down. The destruction of the habitat is severe. A ranger who prefers to remain nameless says, "Fifty percent of Chiredzi's 270,000 acres have been destroyed. These forests which have taken hundreds of years to grow have been hacked down, opening the bush and exposing vast tracks of soil to erosion. Whole ecosystems are being destroyed."

Incredibly (all stories about African countries seem to have an "incredibly" somewhere in them), while President Robert Mugabe has been destroying what were some of the most successful farms and game reserves, he addressed the World Summit on Sustainable Development meeting in Johannesburg, and his racist ramblings were enthusiastically applauded.

There is only one thing more ridiculous than African dictator: the exaggerated respect that the world accords them.

In a story by Dan Roodt, the Afrikaner writer, he writes, "The game in the parks have now been cruelly trapped and decimated by a famished populace. ."

A psychiatrist this writer spoke to disagrees. He believes that hunger has less to do with it than hatred:

"There is a psychopathic and sociopathic cruelty to these attacks. Cows with their eyes gouged out, animals with pangas embedded in their rumps, their legs cut off while they are still alive, family pets being skinned alive and horses being set alight. These actions indicate deep, deep perversion, sadism and a desire to shock. The perpetrators are regressive in the extreme and entirely without conscience."

Phil Arkow is an internationally acclaimed expert on the link between animal cruelty and human violence.

"There is increasing evidence that animal abusers go on to commit acts of violence against humans. Almost without exception, serial murderers are found to share two common traits - viz. abuse (at times dissection) of small animals and a compulsion to commit acts of arson.

"U.S. law personnel are beginning to recognize that dogs, cats, horses and farm animals are part of the urban landscape and powerful indicators of the well-being or dysfunction of a community."

What then are we to make of the zeitgeist - spirit of the times - that exists in Zimbabwe?

And, more importantly, how long are the mainstream media going to avert their gaze?

"Their deed are evil deeds, and acts of violence are in their hands . they are swift to shed innocent blood. Their thoughts are evil thoughts; ruin and destruction mark their ways." Isaiah 59: 6,7.


Jani Allan is a British-born journalist and talk-show host. She spent many years in South Africa.

"Ye shall know them by their fruits"
~ Matthew 7:16

"Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."
~ Buddha
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Posted: Aug 17 2004, 07:03 AM
Quote Post
"Zimbabweans are in dire need of being educated in the humane treatment of animals, be they domestic, wild or farm."

That's a copout if I ever heard one. Since when does one have to be "educated" in humane treatment? Isn't this the excuse that was given by the military concerning the inhumane treatment of prisoners in Iraq? They didn't know any better?

Let's call it what it is: Men without conscience.



Freedom Fighter
Group: Members
Posts: 783
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Posted: Aug 22 2004, 11:11 PM
Quote Post
man oh man,
that is some heavy and and discouraging news.
It is a profound loss of remnant wildlife,
and south Africa would be welcomed to invade this insanity ..

Too bad the UN is so worthlessly ineffective,
but then it is the world governments that let human atrocity in Sudan go unchecked,
so the animals have no chance.

Many times it is thought that cumulative consciousness generated to a point will enhance it's welfare,
in this case blessings upon the wildlife, and their welfare, and escape from extinctive destruction by wanton insanity,
but, it is times like this where I wish
cumulative consciousness could be applied to eliminate ,
and even kill these
offenders and brutalizers of God rare creatures.
May misfortune and disease slay them all?
Or consciousness force psychicly sent to raise their sadistic heartlessness
to compassionate reason...?
Off with their fucking heads.

The animals everywhere have it far harder than the humans.

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Master Of His Domain
Group: Admin
Posts: 12737
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Posted: Aug 30 2004, 12:18 PM
Quote Post
Here's some more info from Rense.

I suggest you read Mary's comment at the end.


Zimbabwe - Poachers Push Wildlife To Edge Of Extinction
From AfricanCrisis.Org

The wildlife population in Zimbabwe is under serious threat. The only hope is for sanity to return to the country before complete extinction of many of the wildlife species. This is the view of a prominent figure in the Zimbabwe conservation field. Due to sensitivity of his views he wishes to remain anonymous.

In an alarming letter to Farmer's Weekly he describes how poaching and even legal hunting is decimating the game population in the country.

While some game may be surviving, he said, they are very frightened and are difficult to see, let alone approach.

We have the additional problem in that the DNP (Parks) has bowed down to politics and have issued 'permits' for certain people to hunt on their allocated plots, even though the farmer-owner is still there. Looking at some of the figures, the numbers are completely unsustainable and we do know of some who have turned it into a massive meat-harvesting business, completely disregarding the 'quotas'. They are looked after as long as the right people get the meat,' he said.

Giraffes are probably the hardest-hit animals because they are easiest to hunt with dogs and snares and give a huge amount of meat in one go. Others are eland, impala and wildebeest, of which very few will be found. As soon as a pocket of game is identified the poachers move in, he said. Izak Hofmeyr

Sometimes our lobbying does get through. This was taken from my wildlife document which Doug took overseas, and which I subsequently circulated to selected press. Obviously, the 8-page document was too much to publish, but at least it did get a mention, as well as in their Weekly Quotes column, below:

"The only hope is for sanity to return to the country before complete extinction of many of the wildlife species." - Prominent figure in Zimbabwean conservation, in a letter sent to Farmer's Weekly describing how poaching and even legal hunting is decimating the game population in the country.

From Farmer's Weekly - Zimbabwe

From Mary Sparrowdancer

As someone who has personally cared for over 20,000 wild animals and wild birds in the United States, (under state and federal permits, including permits to care for endangered species) I would like to comment on the slaughter of the animals, on the slaughter of the humans, which appears to be out of control.

The appropriate care of our natural environment, including preservation of wildlife species, is so extraordinarily important that perhaps all life on Earth actually depends upon it.

We live in a strange time - a time that appears to have been predicted by many Native American and Aboriginal Peoples.

In this strange time in which we all now live, it is those who do not find their way into mainstream news focus, (whether they are human beings, animals or plant life), who are destined now, at this time, to simply be harvested by a strange,
increasingly global group of dictators who seem to be perpetually hungry for nothing other than harvest.

Harvest without plan is foreign to the Native Peoples with whom I am familiar.

Harvest without compassion or wisdom is mindless and does not consider the ramifications that the actions might have upon future generations.

One does not simply take as much as one can take in one season - one does not take the biggest and the best of all species, unless one is a fool, or is so detatched from the Earth that he is uncaring of future generations.

To take the biggest and the best and simply sacrifice them to assuage immediate hunger, means that in that moment, one is taking and destroying the hope of the future. This applies not only to the poaching of animals. It also applies to machinery of war, and the taking of boys and girls to carry out the machinery of war.

We live in a time of very strange hunger. At what point it will be satiated, I do not know. The entire world seems to be driven by this strange hunger to consume as much as possible - as though we were all becoming less like caretakers of this world, and more like flesh-eating bacteria.

My hope is that those of us who are still capable of waking up, will do so - before it is too late. We need to wake up and replace insatiable hunger with wisdom and compassion.

mary sparrowdancer

"Ye shall know them by their fruits"
~ Matthew 7:16

"Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."
~ Buddha
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Posted: Aug 30 2004, 05:39 PM
Quote Post
Rhodesia (after Cecil Rhodes) is the former name of the African country of Zimbabwe. At an earlier period, the name "Rhodesia" was used to refer to a larger region that corresponds to both Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia) and Zambia (Northern Rhodesia).

In 1953, faced with the independence of African states, the United Kingdom attempted to create the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, which consisted of the current nations of Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi which at the time were called Southern Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland respectively.

The Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland was dissolved on January 1, 1964 upon the independence of Malawi and Zambia. When Northern Rhodesia was granted independence by Britain in 1964, it changed its name to Zambia. Southern Rhodesia remained a British colony and came to be known simply as Rhodesia.

...elections were held in April 1979, in which the UANC (United African National Council) party won a majority, and its leader,Abel Tendekayi Muzorewa, a United Methodist Church bishop, became the country's prime minister. At this point the country's name was changed to Zimbabwe Rhodesia.

...(since) they (the elections) did not include the two prominent political parties within the African nationalist liberation movement, ZANU and ZAPU... Zimbabwe Rhodesia did not receive international recognition.

As a result of the exclusion of the major Afican nationalist parties, i.e., ZANU and ZAPU, "terrorism" ... "war of liberation" from the perspective of ZANU and ZAPU, continued unabated.

...Britain resumed control for a brief time in 1980 and then granted independence to Zimbabwe Rhodesia during that same year, whereupon the first all-party multi-racial elections were held ... Unsurprisingly, the Marxist Robert Mugabe and ZANU won these elections. On April 18th, 1980, the country became independent as the Republic of Zimbabwe, and its capital, Salisbury was renamed Harare, two years later.

...Recently, Mugabe has been widely condemned (and terms like "dictator" and "racist" have been used to describe him) ...

(Rhodesia lost her civilized way of life when Britain relinquished control of that country. Under white rule, the country prospered. It wasn't time to hand the reins of government over to Mugabe. Now, how to get rid of him!)



Master Of His Domain
Group: Admin
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Posted: Apr 26 2006, 03:58 PM
Quote Post
"We must find new lands from which we can easily obtain raw materials and at the same time exploit the cheap slave labor that is available from the natives of the colonies. The colonies would also provide a dumping ground for the surplus goods produced in our factories."
~ Cecil Rhodes,
"founder" of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)

Mugabe Offers Ruined Farms Back To Whites
From Jan Lamprecht
Isn't it nice? Mugabe & his assorted scum seize the farms, drive the White farmers off, and bankrupt many of them. Then, after years of either complete neglect, or just the general trashing of the farms - now that everything is broken he asks for the White farmers to come back and lease some of the land on a 99-year basis. I have a 4-letter response to that!
Some of the white farmers are down-and-out enough to actually dare to do so. With the skyrocketing food prices, one could, in theory make a killing now - if you can actually manage to grow something. But chances are that the farmers will also have to contend with a massive theft problem as starving blacks will try to steal from them.
From what I have heard, the majority of White farmers will not waste their time coming back. Only a few will take up his offer.
Imagine, unemployment in Zimbabwe is now at 80% and inflation will soon hit the 1000% mark. Even the official inflation rate is at 913%. Well, it serves him right. Zimbabwe is trashed and smashed, and will perhaps take 50+ years to get back to where it was at the time he destroyed it.
I doubt that country will be able to recover from what he did because others will pass it by. Opportunities have been lost which will never be seen again. Let it serve as a monument to BLACK RACISM. - Jan

BBC News

Zimbabwe has confirmed that it is offering land to white farmers who had their property seized under President Robert Mugabe's land reform programme. Deputy Information Minister Bright Matonga told the BBC any Zimbabwean can apply for land and that farms would be allocated on long leases. But he said that farmers would not necessarily get back land they lost. Critics say the reforms have devastated Zimbabwe's agriculture-based economy and led to massive food shortages. On Friday, the Commercial Farmers" Union said 200 white farmers had applied for land over the past two weeks.

In 2000, there were some 4,000 white farmers working on much of the best land. Just 300 remain after a campaign of often violent land seizures. The Zimbabwe government is portraying white farmers as having finally come to their senses, accepting that they cannot resist Mr Mugabe's land reform programme. "They are begging us for land," Mr Matonga told the BBC. But BBC Africa analyst Martin Plaut says hard facts have driven this policy U-turn. By confiscating the white-owned commercial farms, the government transformed a country that was once the breadbasket of Southern Africa into a net food importer. And despite good rains there is every prospect of another deficit over the coming season, our correspondent says.

Mr Mugabe has admitted that there was corruption in the distribution of the farms seized from the whites. Poor blacks farmers, in whose name the land reform was carried out, were often left to fend for themselves. Without capital, implements or seed, many failed to use the land productively and agricultural output has collapsed. Tobacco used to be Zimbabwe's major export earner but production has fallen from 237m kg in 2000 to 73m kg last year.

The white farmers are being invited to apply for land on the same basis as other Zimbabweans. Successful applicants will be given 99-year leases. The unclear legal status of the farms is another factor in the declining agricultural output, which the government hopes will soon be solved. Zimbabwe is now poorer than it was at independence in 1980, after it had survived 16 years of sanctions and eight years of civil war. Mr Mugabe says his policy is designed to reverse colonial policies, which saw blacks evicted from their land and moved into marginal areas. He says Zimbabwe's economic problems stem from a western campaign to bring down his government.

Source: ZwNews.Com

"Ye shall know them by their fruits"
~ Matthew 7:16

"Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."
~ Buddha
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