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> UFO Experiences, A DIRE WARNING

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Posted: Aug 2 2006, 11:03 AM
Quote Post
By Daniel O'Hara.
(Excerpted from Flying Saucer Review)

I was born in Winchester, Hants in September 1940, and my father (1903-1973) was a heating engineer who was employed by the Winchester firm, Dicks Limited, between the early 1930s and the late 1950s. His work took him all over the County of Hampshire and adjacent counties, and one job on which he was employed for some months circa 1954-5 was a major rebuilding at Broadlands, Romsey, some 9 miles from Winchester. This was the home of Lord Louis Mountbatten, sometime First Sea Lord, and uncle of HRH Prince Phillip, husband of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Apparently Lord Mountbatten decided to have one wing of the house demolished, and the ensuing work involved a major project for builders, electricians and heating engineers. My father was involved in the heating aspects of this on behalf of Dicks Limited. I well remember that he came home one day in early 1955 with a story about Fred Briggs, a local bricklayer also working at Broadlands at the time, who had seen a 'flying saucer' in Broadlands Park on his way to work. I was at the time a lad of 14, and while not a believer in UFOs, I was to take a keen interest in the extensive literature then being produced on the subject. I read books by George Adamski, about which I was quite skeptical, and also a more scientific study by Aime Michel: The Truth about Flying Saucers. At the time I was naturally intrigued by the story, and keen to hear the details from my father.

A few years later, my father told me that Fred Briggs was coming to Winchester to play in a darts tournament at a local public house, and he arranged for me to interview Fred at the hostelry. The date of this interview was September 2, 1959, and the landlord kindly provided a private room for me (now age just 19) to talk to Fred for about half an hour before the darts tournament began. Some of the details he told me were already familiar to me from what my father had told me in 1955, but I was careful to make notes of the interview with Fred, whom I judged to be in his early to mid forties at the time. These are supplemented by clear and distinct memories. In what follows I rely on both my notes and my memories. I was guided, in drawing up a sort of questionnaire, before the meeting in September 1959, by the 'checklist' given in Aime Michel's book.

The incident in question occurred at about 8:30 am on Ash Wednesday, February 23, 1955. This was a cold day and the ground was covered with snow. As was his wont, Fred was cycling to work from his home in Romsey through Broadlands Park to the big house. Part way through the large park he noticed a strange object hovering above the ground. He got off his bicycle, and left the drive, pushing his bike towards where the 'craft' was hovering.

He described the weather as cold, with light snow cover; there was little cloud and visibility was good. The 'craft' he described as a 'dull metallic object, apparently aluminum' about 20 to 30 feet in diameter, and shaped like a large humming top. He approached within about 20 yards of the object, which was hovering about 20 yards above the ground. He held the object under observation for about 4 minutes.

There were no lights on the craft, apart from a blue light which shone from a porthole and which paralyzed him, causing him and his bicycle to fall to the ground. While stationary, the object made no sound, but there was a 'whiz' when it suddenly took off at great speed. Fred, greatly shaken, was only now able to get up from the ground, but did not feel able to remount his bicycle, so he pushed it towards the House.

When he arrived there, he was met by his foreman who said: "What's up, Fred? You look like you've seen a ghost!" Fred told him the story, and the foreman said "Get in the van," and drove him back to where the incident occurred. In the snow they could clearly see where Fred had dismounted and wheeled his bike across the grass. They could also see the patch where Fred and the bike had fallen to the ground; also below where the craft had been hovering the snow had clearly melted.

Driving back to the House, Lord Mountbatten was soon informed of the incident, and he sent for and interviewed Fred at length, his secretary taking a statement which was later typed up and which Fred signed. Some days later, Mountbatten sent for Fed again and questioned him further. He then showed Fred some photographs of an object, and Fred recognized it as exactly like the one he had seen at Broadlands. Mountbatten told him that the photographs had been taken from a British Naval vessel in the English Channel close in time to the appearance at Broadlands. Mountbatten told him not to talk to the press about what he had seen, and quickly left for London.

Fred Briggs then told me a story of a subsequent event. This occurred late on evening in November 1957. He was walking home in the dark, when a man of normal appearance materialized beside him. He told Fred about the event that he had witnessed on February 23, 1955, displaying detailed knowledge of what had happened. The man said: "If Lord Mountbatten had come with us then, for 6 months to a year, he could have ruled the world." The conversation then turned to the Hydrogen Bomb, and the stranger said: "If any country dares to drop the H-bomb, we will destroy them." Fred asked who "we" were but got no answer.

The stranger disappeared, apparently into thin air, after they had been talking for about an hour. He said he had not told anyone else of this encounter. I found Fred Briggs to be a level headed man, normally-sighted, articulate, clearly sincere, but I did wonder about this supplementary incident: had it been devised to impress me? I never saw or heard of Fred Briggs again after this meet on September 21, 1959. I had recently completed my schooling and was about to leave home for college.

Mr. O'Hara's account of Fred Briggs humanoid encounter is crucially important alongside the strange case of Mr. Janus, an alleged alien who also approached former Air Marshall Sir Peter Horsley a key aid to the Royal family in the 1950s. It is interesting to note the Royal Navy sighting on the day of the Broadlands even as reported by Briggs to O'Hara; was this perhaps a deliberate validation message to Mountbatten who had been First Sea Lord. Closer to home, it is purported among certain historical sources that a former editor of FSR, Waverney Girvan received an alien visitor in the weeks before his death in the mid-1960s. If these remarkable alien delegations had continued, the UFO enigma would have resolved very quickly into a straightforward diplomatic exchange. Something or someone put an end to this process, an external power struggle or coup-DE-tat is one possible answer.

Finally, if we go by previous cases, Fred Briggs mysterious visitor responds with typical brutality to the prospect of human hegemony. In the brief snippet we have of the one hour conversation is markedly sinister in his notion of destroying nations and selecting rulers of the world. Surely this kind of sentiment was more suited to the Hitler youth than the ears of the monarchy of this great nation, who stood tall among the guardians of the free nations of the world during the terrible advance of world communist totalitarianism during this era.

Location. Tel Aviv, Israel
Date: Jun 2, 2006

During the Shavuot Holiday eyewitnesses at the Knesset (The House of Parliament House in Israel) reported that the building and areas around it were visited by a luminous white body or figure. Eyewitnesses assert that the luminous white body “strolled” for several minutes along the court at the entrance into the building and disappeared. A commotion was caused among the numerous guards and security personnel in the building, who some assert that the luminous figure also visited during the day and was seen inside the legislative assembly. Some claim that it was seen coming from the direction of a “cave” located at the old cemetery next to the House of Parliament. Another guard on duty reported that at around 0200A he saw a shiny white cloud which entered the Parliament, assumed a shape of a “body” and strolled along the court. Security cameras capture a strange “halo” or afterglow in the video. However later the chief of Security at the Knesset one Itshak Shadar denied that nothing “mystical” was seen, but in the same breath directed experts to study the video film since according to other sources “he was not entirely convinced of a mundane explanation to the event”.

HC addendumSource: Quoting Israeli publication “Maariv” June 6 2006

"Breaking the Spear of Destiny"
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