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> I need help, will someone help me wih this dream?, i had this dream last night, i dontunder

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  Posted: Nov 20 2007, 12:01 AM
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I wake up in my dream, in a field , beautiful, flowers everywhere on the ground, my back is against a tree, there is forest behind me green and growing beautiful , i walk threw the field to find a girl sitting playing in the flower , even some woven into her hair, she doesn't look older than 7 or 8 , i look up, there are mountians not too far away, Aline of them purple from this distance, white capped...

The little girl with curly black hair looks up to me ,and says "you aren't suppose to bee here kyra, not yet, you have to go back, its not time for you to come here yet" her voice is much older than her body

she stands up and thousands of flowers fall out of her lap, she looks back at them laying on the ground , picks a small white one with out stem and lets it fly i the wind towards the mountians "Things that are and arent are often the same, things seen and told are not always known until they happen"

the flower turns into a cloud

i told her as i watched the cloud drift away that i wanted to stay, but she said no, that there was something i needed to do first

she walked me to a tree that i woke up in front of, smething was standing it front of it, it looked like a solid shadow with a white mask painted with symbols that looked like a combabatio of squggly and straight lines

it rann its hand down the tree and a door opened in it

when i turned around to look at the girl, she was now a old woman with white hair, she gave me a little silver key with an eye on it

told me that when the time comes that i would need this

and when i steeped threw the tree door, i was what looked like a massive hospital like place, with only one very big room, sick were lying on flat beds, or walking around

there were ppl were what looked like big plastic space suits, walking around, sometimes taking the dead , which there were plenty, out side and burning the bodies, the places was filled with people

the child near me on a bed was wreathing in agony , she began screaming

i saw things moving in her body, like maggots under the skin, the skin was discolored as if it was badly bruised , rash and swollen

the tinny worm like things seem to crawl under her skin

as i looked down at her it looked like she began to decay before my eyes

her hair was matted in blood, most of it looked like it had fallen out, she was pale discolored a lot of teeth missing, it seem to progress right in front of me she didn't stop scream, i felt sorry for her

i leaned down close , and she told me , fear the berry close to the ground, it is poison , that that berry did this to her

and then she rotted right in front of me as if time sped up

i looked around and everyone here had the same thing the girl had, they were all dying

the place didn't have windows , but light came in threw a open door

i looked down at my body, somehow i wasn't sick like them , but my body was changed, and was still changing

tiny scales like a lizard were forming on my skin, they itched, and my skin was peeling away to reveal these scales, my nails were thicker, and my ring burned my hand a little where it touched

the scales were shimmery a purplish black like blue

my hair fell down around my face as i looked down at my body, it was still red but much darker , with thicker strands and shimmered differently , with the same purplish black like blue

i looked in my hand , where i thought i still had the key, and found a flower , the same white flower that the girl let go in the wind ,

but with it was other tiny purple pinkish flowers that are the petals looked like spikes , with a thin sliver of several differant kinds of roots ,

a few round dark red ish berries with white flowers at the top of them, a redish almost purplish reddish stem holding alot of dark purple red berries , some of the with very tinny white flowers
a black walnut shell

a yellow flower made up of a bunch of tinny yellow tube blooms in it

and a silver coin , and a copper thread

(If you can you tell me what they are or why they are so important? what are they? if you need i am very apt at drawing and i will later draw pictures to put here so you can better tell me what the hell are these tings)

i tried to go out side, but something was blocking me, more like pushing me back , but i could see out side, it was raining red, and i saw a city in the distance , and even from this distance i could see that the buildings had crumbled and smoke rose in the air

, it was destroyed

i looked at my hand again and the items kept flashing from a needle filled with a liquid back to the items over and over again

it seem to stay a syringe when i got close to someone who had the sickness

i heard the little girls voice, " Make it, and they will live, but still many will die"

i injected the sick person infront of me with the liquid, and i could almost see it running threw his veins

he got better , the ppl in theplastic white space suits ran to me and the boy, they started dragging the boy away and shot him , but ignored me

the girls voice saided "they dont want them cured, they want them to die , you have to save them alone, and hidden"

i looked at one of the guys in the plastic suits and saw my reflection in the plastic face part, it was scary ,

my eyes ere large and angular, with very little white, only at the very edges, but the you could see an iris and a pupil, the pupil was very large and shimmered like a cats, the irises seemed to change color with the light .

my bottom part of my face reminded me of a scally cat, fangs and all, my ears were alittle longer and pointed , my nose was not there replaced by what looked like two stretched out nostril holes that all

the images blinked like the needle and items had, from that to the normally red haired irish pixie looking girl that i am , over and over angain i started to get dizzy

he feared the suit coming off, i wanted to know why

i tor it off of him to find underneath was what looked like a young man, kinda human looking just a bit more angular to the features , with very light blond hair, and blue eyes , the eyes didn't have white but instead there was a constant darkish blue color where whites should be and a piercing glowing very light blue where the Iris and pupil would be on a human

his hair all feel out, his teeth, his skin peeled off as if he were a snake, but with out anything underneath, the blood was a deep deep blue

he kept grabbing for the syringe he wanted me to save him, but i got up and watched him die,

after that i woke up DragonWalkEmoticon3.gif

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Posted: Nov 22 2007, 02:35 PM
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hi waving.gif SpellsThorn, welcome.gif to the forum!

I have had dreams that were so real, that I did not know I was dreaming.

I try my best these days to not recall my dreams since the severe attacks of 2002. I had the worst nightmares of my life during that time and I can still recall the dreams as if they occured last night.

Maybe someone can analyze your dream for you?

I will not ever try and tell you what your dreams mean, because most folks who watch tv and movies will have dreams or images put into their minds from what they absorbed while watching tv or movies.

"Ye shall know them by their fruits"
~ Matthew 7:16

"Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."
~ Buddha
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Posted: Nov 23 2007, 08:34 PM
Quote Post
You were in class. Intensified learning. You were told that you were from/for another time, you were only watching and learning. But the place where you were was real, all things are now. Keys are symbolic for unlocking knowledge, what follows them is the reality that they are actually about. There is a plague coming, I dreamed of that when I went to bed wondering why local councils are so intent on covering all our roundabouts and nature strips with dropdeadinstantly deadly poison like the masses of oleanders everywhere. Berries don't play games, they are there to protect a seed and that's what they do even when they are eaten alive they protect the seed and make sure it gets where it has to go. If the seed needs extra protection, well, just ask a holly bush, or anything RED. Cloud is blessing still in formation, not yet annointing anything, but it will when it rains/reigns. Young girls are aspecting beings who do not lie, virginal hearts/souls. White haired woman has survived through wisdom and exists to share and reflect. Same being, different purpose, different appearance. You change, human is a physical experience, nothing more. The words "only human" are redundant and will kill everyone who believes them - that may be the disease, believing that running around eating berries like cavepeople and putting restrictive labels on life forms gives stability. Really it will kill. We have to adapt to a horrible horrible plague that is coming. Only humuan will kill everyone who cannot see that they could be more.

As for the format you were given the lesson in, read Whitley Striber's The Secret School. You have been chosen. We all have our own purpose, our own mission to accomplish. If we ourselves do not find a way - no-one will.

Blessed be to you Starseed.




Posted: Nov 23 2007, 08:55 PM
Quote Post
Not meaning to put pressure on you or anything (that was me above).

There is as much symbolism as reality in every symbol in your dream. With a name like SpellsThorn you would know where to find literature on the flowers you saw

and that walnut shells can be used to produce black dye

I collect wallnut shells when I can crack them into two perfect halves. They have their uses.




Posted: Nov 23 2007, 08:58 PM
Quote Post

Silver kills bacteria

Copper kills invertebrates

Both are goddess metals

Coin is the means to accomplish - just happens that silver coins were common

Wire is a conductor - just happens that copper wire is common for this purpose

You little nature loving electric historian you... lol.gif


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  Posted: Nov 26 2007, 12:10 AM
Quote Post
Thats the thing i didn't know any of this stuff Y_Y

dream a lot of things and lately they are becoming well....more persistent i don't even have to be asleep sometimes

as for the name spells thorn? is something my grandmother told me when i was younger, that i was like a blue rose among a valley of red, enchanting, yet i have more own thorns to bare and protect

(which is funny because she didnt know at the time, but i cant see the color blue, im partially colorblind , but it does have its advantages, because y eyes naturally block out that spectrum, i see better in the dark than anyone i know)

spells like to enchant and my thorns XDD

i found out what some of those plants were though,

tiny purple pinkish flowers that are the petals looked like spikes , looked to be Milk thistle
dark red ish berries with white flowers at the top of them, a redish almost purplish reddish stem holding alot of dark purple red berries , some of the with very tinny white flowers , seemed to be American pokeweed

and my mom told me that one of the roots might have been Wormwood

though i dont know what most the roots were , or the yellow flower

As for the dreams while im awake they are even stronger than the sleeping ones and when i "wake" from them i keep feeling an intence pull towards the pacific ocean , but not at the ocean mre inland its like my body that isnt my body at all is being pulled by something

(or i just might be crazy XD whch is possible)

but i will continue posting my dreams here because i have a need to understand them though i have no freaking clue why iget them at all ~_~ im not anyone important if they are seeing dreams, why should i have them? im not a leader or anything, so why me? why not give it to someone who can actually help ppl?

i thinbk in a way that is why im posting them, to let someone who understands them who CAN do good with them know them ....because in all areas other than experimentation and animals im useless

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Posted: Nov 27 2007, 08:49 PM
Quote Post
There is no such thing as an unimportant person nono2.gif

Everyone has their role to play, their tasks that they must achieve. Each person is chosen for their purpose. Everyone is a sovereign spirit and a shard of the ONE. United we shine, divided we refract.

If blue bounces back out of your eyes without being absorbed, then your neural pathways will find a way to compensate for that in another way.

Shine on, you who can see in dark places...



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  Posted: Nov 28 2007, 07:34 AM
Quote Post
thats the thing, im not important in anythingthing

im not a leader in any way, i cant even lead my little sisters in doing whay they are suppose to do

in fact the only thing probably useful about me,is the fact that i need much less light to do things

but it makes me thoroughly useless during the day, i have to wear special sunglasses to even go out side during the day at all
there goes my only useful talent
so my part is probably just to sleep, and tell , i dream i tell someone, and its up to them

thats it! so why the hell should i have these bloody dreams , and the other stuff??

they would have been better off giving the dreams to someone that will actually matter in the future , not me.. then i wouldn't hve to tell someone at all, they would already have them

im color blind , so dont ask me to disable the bomb

im just a walking genetic MISTAKE so how the hell could i be "important" in whats to come,

This post has been edited by SpellsThorn on Nov 28 2007, 07:48 AM

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Posted: Nov 28 2007, 07:59 AM
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Yet another dream

A man stands with out a shirt, a ring of light behind him , he cocks an arrow and shoots it in the sky, it sets the sky ablaze

he aims the arrow at me, and shoots , but the arrow falls sort and lands in front of me.

it snaps in half, and becomes a coton flower and a corn stalk

i pick them up

the corn stalk becomes a sword in my hand with the words "Let be only truth to your words, that is your weapon"

the cotten flower, becomes a diamond shaped sheild with the writtens " Let what is hidden be known unite many under many, that shall become one"

turn aroun and theres ppl standing there like a lake of ppl , they look beaten up and a great fist behind them a statue of a and holding what looks like a giant ball in ts hand

i say something and everyone is looking at me, but for some strange reason im not scared, i just look very pissed, and determined

the go towards the fist which is behind them and infront of me in the distance

but it does no wavor, it hold the ball

a shadow comes at me, a shadow whereing a mask, and i die

i fall to the ground and drop the weapons

but when i drop them they turn to light and enter everyone that had fighted on my side

they now carry them, and the stone hand and ball crumble

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Posted: Nov 28 2007, 11:09 PM
Quote Post
Arrow represents WILL - shoot straight

Sword is an angram of Words - Light represents knowledge or enlightenment

Corn grows in ears - food for thought

Cotton flowers, don't know, but they are thorny plants and to "cotton on" means to "get the drift" or to finally understand something

You may not have enough of the pieces to see what the puzzle is right now, but you are an important part of the picture.

As for your perception of importance, true greatness is often never heard of. Who is greater, the doctor who can heal a terrible illness, or the doctor who prevents it from happening in the first place by treating it at the first sign of infection? You can bet that only the first doctor's name will be heard, but the second is by far the wiser.

You don't have to be the goose that laid the golden egg, you've been told in your dreams to keep quiet about your work anyway.

Here's a little pearl for you - Cause does not alway preceed effect, and witnessing an event can alter the outcome. Weird but true.

I went through worlds of shit thinking for 30 years that I was an oxygen thief - then one day I found that all that time I had been prepared for a purpose and I just happened to be the only person with the right knowledge in the right place at the right time with that stubborn fed up attitude to get the job done. I have to be quiet too, but fear not, your work will find you. Just be true to yourself and listen to your higher self.



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Posted: Nov 28 2007, 11:25 PM
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Ok this one im not sure about scary enough, it might have been one of my wake dreams but if it isnt im getting the funk out of here , it was that real

I was walking out side coming home from brining my sisters to school

i saw a young man, and i was drawn to him (even though i still dont know why) ad kept getting a prickling feeling all over my body,

I saw him from behind first, neck length hair pitch black, where just jeans, and aT shirt

just the average guy

but i fell as if i was being pulled towards him , i was curious maybe, but he looked to be the average joe

i so i walked fast to catch up , and i guess when he heard me walking he turned around

he was deeply taned mixed looking, but his eyes was just scary, they were so damn blue it creeped me out , and aganst that dark skin it made them look brighter

and i just blurted out "Uh whats your name?"

no thinking just asked , which isnt normal for me

i look at his neck lace, i dont like looking at anyones eyes, but expecially HIS

it was a small disk with wings on it with a man in t , it looked kinda like costume jewelry or something , hut it shinned like real ,

by then i was freaking out and didnt know why ,

all i knew is i had a particular feeling in my head , like i had a bumble bee in it and got very dizzy

next thing i knew i was reaching for the door nob of my house

i might have had a MAJOR brain Glitch or a freaky strong waking dream, but it was even more real than usual, i cool even smeel that damn Colone he was wearing, to the shin of the chain and necklace on his neck everything..

im not even sure it was real or a wake dream , but if it is... i dont want another one like that again EVER

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Posted: Nov 30 2007, 08:40 PM
Quote Post
Mr PuPP can help you out with that one. There is plenty on this site about thosssse people... winkNEW.gif


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