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> Psychic Dreams, This is my second one....

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Posted: Aug 7 2006, 09:39 PM
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This is my second dream I have had that came true. I am now prepared for this dream should it come true. I have plans and will continue to act upon them if need be......

This is how the dream started.........
In the first dream I dreamed that I was at work and found out that they were going to lay one of us off. Just to my surprise it was me in my dream. Went into work the next day and low and behold, it was me. I was unemployed for a while and now working again.

The second dream I was at my cubicle and the next thing you know, someone dropped off an envelope. It was addressed to me but meant to go to someone else. I opened the envelope and it said that they had hired someone for the position that I had applied for. Again, to my surprise the same event happened. There was an envelope laying on my desk and I began to stare at it. I opened it and what did it say? That they have someone lined up for the position that I am in as a temp. These things are scaring me but I do not show it. I just thought that I'd post this. All replies are welcome.

I am thinking about leaving here find my true meaning I have a funny feeling that it was not here. I am still trying to understand why did I stay here in boring Arizona? I do not like when I have negative psychic dreams like this.


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Posted: Aug 9 2006, 03:52 PM
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I wouldn't be so quick to label the dreams as negative.

Those dreams are there to guide you IMO.

I am sure you are stressed and in emotional turmoil...thus the dreams occur.

Good. Now, start prepping yourself before you sleep and ask to see what moves you should make or not make.

Your guardian(s) will lead you down the best path for you...but you must reamin positive or negativity is what you'll begat.

You reap what you sow something good.

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Posted: Nov 28 2007, 10:44 PM
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ive had dreams like that too

but i uually dismiss mine as pattern, see everything every ting that done or said or even acted is like a gigantic blanket i think

and naturally each fiber follows a pattern

and if you stare at that pattern long enough no matter how abstract itis, the fibers still being woven you can see where they are going to go

i guess thats the best way i can explain most of them

like a dream i had of me sewing and pinning something and two old women, 2 months later i find my self working with two seamstresses making draperys for a temp job... go figure even though before that point the most knowlege i had of seamstressing was that you made stuff and sew it (i didnt even know how to sew) , atleast now i do XD)

Or a dream that my dog oliver gets hit by a car , and having a mild hulusination of him trapped in vines

amonth later he gts hit by a car , as for the vines, i see them on things places and ppl that i will never see again or will be "dead" like buildings about to go out of bussiness will be covered in vines, and how covered they are tells me how long they well be empty

and the scary part im usually right ~_~ i hate being right about places i like it suuuuckkks

but eh what do i know? im just a kid with hulusinations and dreams that i have trouble telling if im awake or alsep or in between


but as for your dreams, is it possible that the day before you mind might have seen things that your eyes were too busy to notice? like ppl talking , or acting differantly around you , and your mind knew what was going on because at the back of it it had noticed it and put peices to gether while the rest of your mind was too busy to notice it, so when you went to sleep you back of your mind was able to tlk to the normal one and said

"hey this guy was acting funky, i think were going to get fired"

and gave you a picture senario to go with it because that part of your mind was thinking about even if you werent


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