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> Should I meditate on july 17 ?, An interesting perspective on channeling

Freedom Fighter
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Posted: Jul 17 2007, 01:46 AM
Quote Post
Hi Everybody ..

Heres an interesting and timely article from David Wilcock ..

Should I Meditate on July 17th?
Sunday 7/15/07

[Updated Monday]

Don’t get too ‘fired up’ in your expectations for July 17th, but there’s nothing wrong with a fledgling world meditation effort.


It is all too common to see channeling that is of mixed polarity. That’s a term from the Law of One philosophy that means someone is getting a combination of information from the positive, the negative and their own imagination, to varying percentages.

In fact, channeling is so difficult that fully 99 percent of all the material you will ever see out there is mixed — some a lot more than others.

I myself have experienced mixed contact in the past:

I got overly focused on the Cayce / Gordon Michael Scallion 1998 pole-shift;
Art Bell and his guests had me completely believing in a y2k computer collapse;

Good old Judeo-Christian guilt over leaving my ex-girlfriend led me to do a reading in tears, which led to a sentence that ultimately tipped me off it was not a positive contact.
In each of these cases, by going into the sessions with some degree of fear, sorrow or "know it all" front-loading, rather than uplifting gratitude and a desire to completely back off from following the information, I got messages that seemed to reinforce what I already ‘knew’.

The Law of One series has a detailed discussion about the telltale signs of a mixed contact. The most important point, in this case, is that specific dates are given, with great expectations surrounding that time, and when nothing happens the channeler — and the field of channeling in general — appears to be discredited.

Furthermore, depending on the level of penetration of the negative, there will be some degree of a message of impending doom surrounding the chosen date.

Don’t forget that ‘transient’ material is considered distracting and undesirable in the Law of One philosophy, and in the very first session Earth Changes discussions were described as "very, very transient."

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have preparations in the event of something going wrong, but neither should you dwell on it or make it a focal point.

Look no farther than the fact that we now live in the mountains of Los Angeles — directly in the midst of the number-one most paranoid area for Earth Change phobia on the planet. We are not getting any messages about needing to move.


We found a very provocative sentence in the July 17th "Fire the Grid" material circulating online — a newspaper advertisement soliciting an appearance on Oprah — that proved there was indeed a clever Earth Change warning thrown in, almost on a subconscious level:

“Take care of the “I” and the “We” which you seek for these earth changes will follow.”

It’s a vague, mysterious and troubling sentence that really stands out because it is so hard to make any sense of it. If we were to assume this was really God talking, it’s a subtle but terrifying message – get it together or die – a direct threat from these supposed beings of Light. It’s all the more troubling because it doesn’t really explain anything. The threat is given but it’s disguised enough that you don’t really know what you’re supposed to do, or not do.

Since the letter was written to Oprah, it implies a veiled threat to her — that if this show is not done, she is culpable for the "earth changes [that] will follow." One could conclude that the "I and the We [Oprah] seek[s]" would refer to the guests she has on her show, and the decisions she makes in who will go on.


This, to us, was proof of a ‘mixed contact,’ meaning it is mostly positive but negative forces have managed to work in a little of their own teachings of fear.

In no way should this imply that the person doing this work is "bad", or negative. We’ve had sporadic episodes of mixed contact ourselves in the early years, and from the feedback we’re getting, a lot of people have been inspired by her message. We send her our love and support, and that includes our honest feedback.

Channeling is very tough to do, and setbacks shouldn’t eliminate the process. The main key is to focus on the love and the light in your own life. If you don’t live rigorously by the principles your source teaches, you can end up in very big karmic trouble. We have been blasted — many times — over extremely minor infractions that no one out there would ever even know about or think important.

Volunteering for the job of a public figure as a channeler is a very, very difficult decision to make, and it creates almost absurdly high stakes in terms of how you have to live your life. Karma becomes MUCH stricter than for people who are NOT trying to go public as spiritual leaders.

In that sense you definitely should take care of the "I" and the "We" which you seek, for karmic slip-ups will precipitate great PERSONAL earth changes in your own life.


As far as ‘the physics’ is concerned, such a ‘cosmic opening’ would require certain types of astrological configurations that day that are simply not there — including the galactic cycle crossing-points as per Dr. Sergey Smelyakov that we wrote about in "The Ultimate Secret of the Mayan Calendar".

Single meditations are not the answer, though they help for short bursts of time. The solution, in our opinion, has much more to do with bringing people to a collective realization about the science of consciousness. That is why we have put our whole emphasis into doing CONVERGENCE: The Movie, and promoting the Science of Peace MP3 series, which teaches you all the science you need to know.

The rational mind needs convincing on a widespread level that we do not have in our society right now. Once the knowledge we express in Science of Peace is public, far more people will realize that a group meditation does provide coherence and a decrease in war, terrorism, fatalities and violent acts during the time it is conducted.

Other channelers have apparently gone on to say that it is a BAD thing to meditate for world peace on July 17th. Again, this is silly posturing and one-upmanship, nothing more. Sending love and light to the planet is always a good idea.

So, in conclusion, July 17th is not a particularly important date. Not evil, not cosmic Ascension, no impending earth changes, just a good opportunity for people to temporarily focus on what they should be focusing on all the time anyway.

If enough people participate in this event, we may in fact see some positive turning-points in the ensuing two weeks in the news of the world — but then again, so many are already happening now that it will be hard to determine causality. This is a very exciting time!


Thanks to our ever-expanding discussion group, someone pointed out that there IS a back-story to the concepts of "I" and "We" in the material we’ve been talking about in this article.

It appears that the material is attempting to create a new semantic distinction between "me" and "I" as moving from the ‘egoic mind’ to the ‘I AM’, or the awareness of the Divine within the self. Then the ‘We’ is what is created once people awaken to their I AM nature, notice each other and form a cohesive group.

This is rather amusing for me, as for years I would never want to use the word ‘me’ in a sentence to describe myself. [And thus you can see I’ve progressed!]

Up until very recently, when I finally figured out what I was doing, I frequently violated proper English grammar by saying something like "John went to the store with my brother and I" rather than "my brother and me" at the end. I just couldn’t get myself to write that two-letter word!

Using my previous paragraph as an example, rather than saying "This is rather amusing for me," I would just say "This is rather amusing" to get around the word ‘me’ that way.

The particular mangling of the language that Edgar Cayce was so well-known for is even worse. I have to laugh when die-hard Cayce followers send me email that reads more or less as follows:

"So happy to find your website. Am enjoying it thoroughly. Want to thank you. Would love to meet you someday."

It should be obvious what the punch-line is. Cayce had such a low opinion of himself — seeking to transcend the ‘ego’ — that he didn’t just stop at ‘me,’ he often deleted ‘I’ from any discussion about himself as well.


The Law of One philosophy, which we attempt to teach here, put it best when asked if we should attempt to transcend or obliterate the material ‘ego’, or ‘personality self’, to attain enlightenment. The answer, which I will slightly paraphrase, is definitely among my top three favorite Law of One quotes of all time:

The purpose of an entity in [third] density is to:

experience all things desired,

to then analyze,

accept, and

understand these experiences,
distilling the love and wisdom found within them.

Nothing is to be overcome. That which is not needed falls away.

This is an amazing message. Experience all things I desire? You have got to be kidding me.

However, that’s what it’s all about. You integrate your ‘ego,’ or your personality self, by not trying to run away from its desires.

The point is also made that if your desires would interfere with someone else’s free will, it is better to restrain your ‘experience’ to the imagination.

So let’s say you are angry at a parent. The father often takes the brunt of it. You can, in your imagination, experience finally exploding at him and saying all the things you wanted to say but never could.

Analyze it, accept it and understand it, and look for the loving perspective — seek the wisdom you can gain. Ultimately you chose your experiences, including the abusive ones, to grow from — and therefore your anger can ‘fall away’ because you now understand the meaning behind what you have experienced.

You can run every single desire you’ve ever had through this process and grow from it. Your desires are not dirty, horrible or disgusting — they are perfectly acceptable.

Forgiving yourself — and others — is the key to breaking the wheel of karma, so the same people don’t keep showing up in your life with different faces and names.


Now let’s down-shift back to channeled material that appears largely positive but issues fearful messages.

You certainly can read this type of material if you choose, but messages of fear and doom are one of those things that ‘fall away’ as you grow. Even if there WERE going to be nasty Earth Changes, there is absolutely no point in focusing on them. We are here to grow spiritually, not to be consumed in worrying about our physical survival and longevity.

Fear has its value as a protective instinct, but this soul-draining dread of the future, such as the fears of a terrorist attack that are once again being whipped up for political expediency in the mainstream media, really has no purpose.

So the main purpose of this article is to be your 101 class in discernment — spotting clever little tie-ins of negative greeting. I don’t want to harp on this subject too much, so I will just say that while I am grateful for the explanation of what "I" and "We" means in the material this article discusses, it has not changed my interpretation.

Nor was my opinion changed by the observation that the "earth changes will soon follow" sentence is preceded and followed by flowery, uplifting verse.

All it takes is that one little phrase to communicate to the subconscious: "July 17th, 2007. Earth Changes will soon follow."


The Law of One series made it very clear that a ‘mixed contact’ typically has an almost entirely positive-sounding, service-to-others message, while "warning of dangers ahead". These prophecies are typically tethered to certain specific dates. Then, when nothing happens, the channeler is discredited.

Many people’s careers were scuttled in the aftermath of May 15, 2003, when it was widely believed that "Planet X" would cross near the Earth and cause a pole shift. Despite all the positive-sounding material, that point was consistently stressed — and nothing happened.

All the photos ‘proving’ Planet X was close were frauds or misinterpretations. Yet I had people arguing with me on email who were ABSOLUTELY convinced this was going to happen, and thought me a terrible person for not sounding the alarm and daring to question the ‘truth’.

I would write back, "Email me on May 16th, later in June, or whenever enough time has passed to convince you that nothing is going to happen."

They never did.


Remember — it is VERY EASY to listen to the background chatter in your mind, write it down and have ‘channeled’ messages come through.

Furthermore, it is MUCH easier to get negative entities than positive entities. That should give us pause.

This is particularly caused by how ‘confused’ most of us are on this planet in terms of how we treat others: "Most of your peoples cannot differentiate between love and control."

Furthermore, if you do not live rigorously by the message you share — even to the point of simply asking ‘transient’ questions — then it is MANDATED that negative entities get some airtime.

They will use it to their best advantage, even if it’s only a few words about impending Earth Changes. If you don’t change your questions they will ultimately be allowed to take over the whole show.

‘Transient’ questions are questions about anything that is NOT directly related to ‘ageless wisdom,’ i.e. to issues involving the evolution of mind, body and spirit, which will be as meaningful in ten thousand years as they are today.


I have seen multiple cases of people who used some form of divination technique, such as a Ouija or ‘angel’ board, a pendulum, even Tarot cards and asked ridiculously transient questions. They literally would start running every mundane decision they had to make through ‘guidance’, wanting to have a ‘clean run’ through life so they would do everything ‘right’.

This is about as WRONG as you can get, even though ultimately "there are no mistakes, only opportunities". They would end up getting seriously compromised by the messages coming through. This even put their physical health and stability at risk in several cases.

The whole point of esoteric guidance is to INFORM you to make your own decisions by free will — not to do the thinking for you.

It is not wise to ask your guidance what job you should take, where you should move or who you should marry. The closest you can get to asking questions like this, within positive protocol, would be to ask "How best may I serve?" That’s how I ended up in the mountains where I am now, which is quite a blessing.

Dreams are the best way to get these kinds of internal questions answered, because they will give you symbolic answers that you will not be able to make sense out of unless you are ready for them. That way your Higher Self can get you a useful message without directly violating your free will.


When you read the Law of One series, you can see that Don Elkins pushed the envelope on question topics quite a bit in the early days.

Ra set up a little game about the ‘alignment’ of the incense, candle and Bible they had at Carla Rueckert’s head, but in truth they didn’t care about the positions of these objects.

This was merely a hint to tell the group they were straying off course, since Ra could not violate the Law of Free Will by coming right out and saying, "you really should be asking less transient questions from now on."

Thankfully, they figured out what was going on BEFORE Ra would have been replaced by a negative entity masquerading as positive, giving uplifting-sounding messages while "warning of dangers ahead".


In the worst cases (which are not applicable here), the negative forces can completely take control of the microphone.

When they do, they do NOT say negative messages — unless the person is wrapped up in some type of clearly negative group where that material is being invited.

Instead, the negatives will "masquerade as positive". This means just what it sounds like… a source that will talk a good game, but then squeaks in little phrases here and there that work in the fear angle. A VAST amount of the channeling out there on the Net right now is exactly this.

Again, I consider the material we are discussing in this article to be almost completely benign, and do NOT believe there is more than a slight degree of interference happening.

Nonetheless, it is almost impossible to avoid some degree of ‘mixing’ without exceptional initiation and practice of the art. It took me a year and a half of daily work before I was comfortable enough to offer readings to others professionally, because I KNEW this was happening occasionally when I wasn’t tuned enough.


Newbies hate the idea that material can be simultaneously uplifting and distorted. They want to throw all their support into one body of material and become ‘followers’, and they do NOT like it when you question or criticize their dogma of choice.

I’m actually surprised by how little negative feedback I’ve gotten by pointing out these things on my site in this case — but my loyalty is to the truth, and to sharing the Law of One philosophy.

Since it is so rare to see material that is not mixed, the best approach, in our opinion, is not to view channeled information as factual.

Instead, see it as suggestive of possibilities and ideas for you to explore, which you can then either accept or reject on your own free will. Anything that doesn’t resonate with you should be discarded without a look back.

The ONLY reason why we treat the Law of One series as highly as we do is because the scientific points raised in it were subsequently verifiable — again and again — and the philosophic points continue to have value as you work them in your life. No scholar has found an ‘upper limit’ to how useful this material can be in their lives, if diligently applied.

So, we feel the key is not in group meditations, but rather in an ongoing practice. The Law of One philosophy only ever gave two techniques that create an ‘exponential increase’ in your spiritual growth in a short time:

Seek the love in this moment.

Reflect on issues from your past that inform this moment.

Each additional seeking of love in the moment creates an exponential increase. Each additional issue from your past you can bring up and examine for its relevance to this moment creates an exponential increase.

The world is healed by our own diligent effort in healing ourselves, day by day, consistently. As the Source often says,

You are the Light. You are the Love. You are the One Infinite Creator.

We are delighted to be able to offer the closest thing we have to scientific PROOF that this is true.

Once you understand what your Conscious Mind really is, and how it functions, EVERYTHING changes!

Best Wishes ..

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Posted: Jul 17 2007, 05:03 PM
Quote Post
Hi Nodstar,

That is one lengthy article about if I should meditate or not...

I've gone through the whole firethegrid website, let it sink in, and got my "truth" about it.

Since then, I've come upon many positive and negative writings about this.

To be honest, and this is just my opinion, or at least how I experience it; I need only my own idea about the story (and that goes for every story out there). If it turns out to be a bad lesson to follow the instructions in the story, than so be it: a lesson.

If people, like David, write such long stories to vent their opinion, they probably are not sure about their own, seeking followers of their own opinion, to feel more sure about the road (opinion) they are walking themselves.

Anyway, we can only hope, that sheep turn one day into self thinking....



"Being controlled is for the Ignorant"
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Posted: Jul 17 2007, 09:59 PM
Quote Post
Hiya redniut..

Thanks for taking the time to read and reply.

It is indeed a long post ... lol

I added it here for another perspective on all the fear mongering regarding the mass meditation event ..

I keep thinking of that old saying ..

"Knowledge dispels fear and ingnorance"..

Best Wishes ..

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