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> Our Creator Speaks to the Eternal Females, "Come Home"

King of the Mountain
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Posted: Jun 22 2005, 06:03 PM
Quote Post
I figured some might be interested in seeing this here since it tells you where all the "Aliens" are coming from and why the entire universe is about to converge on little ole planet earth, the "vineyard".

The Book of Ezekiel

Chapter 47

(1) Turn back, come home again to those you have denied according to the entrance ways of your families. Behold the semen that has carried you out to be part of those from below, a contorting twisting threshold for the family of the fore. Surely now you can see they purposed the presence of your form to anger My family, how those of the fore’s semen was used to subdue and cast you down, to be part of those from beneath you, from the side of those who are right, from those of your physically right family? This is the reason they parched your altars,

(2) to cause you to break out and shoot forth to their ways and customs, to open your doors to the darkness of hoarding and denying, to surround and besiege you on every side with a way of life that has separated you women outside My wall of separation. They opened your doors to their ways and customs to turn you to emptiness. Those of the fore beheld as they poured out the semen of those of your right side,

(3) your extant husbands to whom you were connected to rule, the bindings they twisted with the means of your power to lay you out to condemnation. Those of the fore meted you out for their oxen family and your motherly bonds were alienated to cause you to give yourselves over to their semen, semen that is worth less than nothing.

(4) They meted you out for their oxen family by alienating you, covering you in copulation with their semen, semen for which you cursed your own to kneel in adoration, stretching yourself out to their oxen family. The semen of their loins

(5) meted you out to an oxen family in the torrential valley stream you took as an inheritance while those of yours who suffered and endured never failed. Those you alienated never put you away, even though the semen you mounted up triumphed to increase with your arrogance, semen that inundated them like a pond, a pond you swam in like a torrential valley stream. You took them as an inheritance while those of yours who never failed, those you had alienated

(6) bid for you, called to you from among the sons of ruddy human beings that you enjoyed gazing upon. Joyfully looking one upon the other and thinking of those from whom you had wandered as weak you delivered yourselves continually while denying them your return for the vain words of those on the bank of your torrential valley stream, those of your taken inheritance.

(7) Averse to come home you laid yourselves down, continually beholding those near you with the lips of your vessel. And in the torrential valley stream where you took for your inheritance, you vehemently and speedily multiplied the mighty in the process of time. The stock you fastened to yourselves were from among other men rather than those from your side, the same men

(8) appointed to you that you challenged, boasting about the others whose semen carried you out among the ancients as a female circuit of folding doors. This wallowing cast you down to touch among those of your charge and turned heaven to the darkness of your desert. You departed those of My employ for the roaring sea, leaving those you failed to bring forth among those of the roaring sea whose semen you stitched, forsaking

(9) My cause and committing yourselves to any breathing wild creature of appetite so that you could wriggle and breed to bring forth from everything and anyone that was there in the torrential valley stream where you took your inheritance. You departed to bring forth, letting yours suffer to nourish up your cause, the exceeding greatness of your mighty princes. In the process of time you females prolifically squirmed so that these others, whose semen you ran to carry, would then be stitched with every manner of living thing. You are wild beasts of appetite who then in the torrential valley stream took as an inheritance those you came against.

(10) Existing as fisherwomen of prolific squirming you presented yourselves to touch among those of your employ, for which reason since, you have been a fountain of kids (goat children) as well as the fountain of two calves (eternal children of alternate fathers). You have existed to spread your nets as fisherwomen, prolifically squirming to portion out species, fisherwomen prolifically squirming as insolent “noble” proud things of the roaring sea.
The exceeding might of your populous mighty men

(11) are but a swamp of whitish clay, those you have collected in a marsh pit that can never be made whole, those for whom you bestowed yourselves to bring forth while pulverizing

(12) those of your charge with your touching in the torrential valley stream where you took your inheritance. By touching with the lips of your vessels among the men of others, rather than yours from your side, your men were cut off at the dawn of creation with the burning that caused you to fetch any and all the stock of flesh. And though yours never foolishly dishonored you never did you want of the fruit of their boughs but made and end of them to show yourselves, wasting your whole to birth from your wombs and give your birthrights for the fruit of “renewal”. Because of this reason the semen of My men has been caused to break out and issue forth from out of their consecrated dedicated sanctuaries, the fruit of their boughs has become the provender of flesh for a branch coming up on a tree, a genus of mortar (half flesh half eternal “stone”) concussed by

(13) the ways commanded by your “lord god”. These are the men of your twisted boundaries, those whom you left and caused to descend, those given of your own to the nations as a twofold accumulation branching off of Israel. These are they who were added with the twisting of the districts of your inheritance, the ruining of

(14) those I instated to you, your extant husbands and brothers, those who forasmuch you burned and laid down with as your own with the means of your power, leaving your chief patrimony to the women of such deeds in the nations. You caused the failure and overthrow of My heirloom, My patrimony, My portion

(15) with these your men twisted in the boundaries of the nations. By hiding in the darkness of hoarding and denying, you, the women in My place, were directed to be part of the “great” men of the roaring sea. The ways and customs of your lives are those that swathe and bring forth those sidled off as My adversaries, siding

(16) your walled places with cypress-like (eternal like) trees. They are the double hope you think of as those distinguished among your twisted boundaries, the fabric of Syria, the twisted boundaries of wall joined by females who were severed to your village from My midst. Because those who were near you enclosed you in the shame of their cavernous bored crevice hole of serpents,

(17) you twisted your boundaries with the roaring sea to exist as a village of afflicting springs. You are the Syrian fabric hidden in the darkness, hoarding and denying, twisting boundaries for a wall joined by females of darkness, you the women of that place at the mouth and direction of

(18) those of the fore. You are women of the end who have meted themselves out to be part of those you think to be wise; those shamed in a cavernous bored crevice hole of serpents, part of those who have taught you to attend to Syrian fabric, part of those looking well upon a heap of dung that testifies of the prudence of your part in the nations. These of Israel are those who descended, the part since twisting boundaries, touching among those of their charge, those who went before you in the ancient times to the roaring sea. These of the fore are the mouth of direction for you women there

(19) who have parched the extremities of My women, you are the “others”, the right hand of those of the fore by reason of their erections, equals with their semen of provocation and strife as the two places of a dessert sanctuary of devoted prostitutes, a torrential valley stream where you take your inheritance to be near the great men of the roaring sea. You are the directed “other” women of the region, those parched

(20) by the roaring sea as women sided insolently with your great men of the roaring sea. You are part of those of the limits of space, equals who have departed for their cause, those from before in My behalf now opposed in a wall, joined by females whose deeds are things from the roaring sea. You are the women of the mouth of their direction,

(21) divided by lot with smooth flattery, separated from your own to be the women of others such that your deeds in the nations have a clan branching off of Israel.

(22) And it will come to pass that you will be cast down to your own patrimony portion of strangers and aliens, turned aside to be strangers from those whom you were severed in order that you will birth their children, severed to exist as a spontaneous growth of your own nation from among the children of Israel. Those you failed and judged as inferior patrimony portions will severe you from the midst of the ruling clan of Israel.

(23) And you will come to pass, forasmuch as a clan of strangers in a strange place among those there, offering yourselves to those who possess your patrimony portion, those of the oracles of your “lord god”.

Auspice Christo
PMEmail Poster

Master Of His Domain
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Posted: Jun 22 2005, 06:52 PM
Quote Post
(4) They meted you out for their oxen family by alienating you, covering you in copulation with their semen

Hey Saxon, does the Oxen family imply the obese ones?

Like King Henry VIII, the Saudi Royal family, The monks/friars and many more of the past rulers of Earth?

I call them the marshmallow people. It's one type of hybrid human and we are easily affected by fatty, unhealthy, non-nutritional foods.

"Ye shall know them by their fruits"
~ Matthew 7:16

"Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."
~ Buddha
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King of the Mountain
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Posted: Jun 22 2005, 07:40 PM
Quote Post

These are some of the questions I have been answering that might help. I'll get to updating the "key" here shortly.

<<<1) The House of Israel: An order of celestial being, highly spirtual in nature as well as physical.>>>

Yes, they literally glow and are multidimensional. They have sexual relations as do we,but theirs is far superior to our own. Their children are a combination of the resultant eternal body and, depending upon the circumstance, a newly graduated spirt from good ole "earth vineyard U". LOL As Divine Rule, they are eternally mated and do NOT choose spouses, they are chosen by the Creator, the only one who could ever really make that kind of choice.

<<<2) The ruddy man (the adam): Early ancestors who were under the charge and guidance of the house of Israel.>>>

Ruddy man ( in this case He's actually addressing a singular guy delivering this message) is the race descended through Adam and Eve. This race was specifically put here AFTER all other races. This placement was solely in response to the rebellion as a plan to cycle all remaining in the top of the Kingdom through the "vineyard" as both a teaching lesson and to test the mettle of those who will "supplant" Lucifer and gang.

<<<3) The locust nations: Early groups of possible evolutionary humans.>>>

The locust nation(s) is the result of the intermixing between the eternals and the flesh here. This was already in wild swing here when Adam and Eve showed up and therefore the reason that "Eden" (desire and pleasure) were "fenced". Notice how long it took to jump that fence. LOL One of the well known descendents of the locust nation here are Kenites or descendents of Cain. You can see them on your TV as central bankers and the like. They are the ones building yet again the New (Old very very old LOL) World Order

<<<4) Extant man: Who are they? Men who continue to exist? From where, previous cycles of creation, evolutionary beings adept in spiritual manipulation and incarnational rememberance?>>>

Extant men/women/children. These are the singular eternal elements of Israel. (Male/Female/"gods") They are typically called "Magistrates" in plural or His "family". They are those Jesus was here "herding". LOL In any event, Jesus was here putting this train back on the track. That's why you see the disciples fighting over throne spots etc. The word for "Magistrates" is Strong's 430, the word Jesus recounts from Psalms as "have I not told you that you are "gods"/"Magistrates.

<<<5) Orders of angelic beings, purely spiritual in nature, comprising both those who stood fast to the Kingdom and those in rebellion.>>>

Yup, I hear you, this one's a little fuzzier in my mind since I think you are pointing to that part of the "locust nation" that lives outside of here. These look to be the Annunaki and have a sizable range of mixture and access to the upper realms. According to what I am seeing, the battle is ongoing and these groups still raid the realm to some degree but I doubt as severely as when it all started.

<<<It appears that the house of Israel were physical celestial beings of a high spiritual order existing in a spritual hierarchy of eternally mated pairs. They were in charge of the spiritual and moral development of the "ruddy man" The wombs of the house of Israel were walled off and inaccessible to just any incarnating spirit since they were under the charge and protection of angelic beings who made certain that only spirits of their own order could be born among them.>>>

Absolutely Spot on.

<<<The rebellious angels hatched a plot to deceive and convince the house of Israel to fornicate among the ruddy men and thus open their wombs to the influence of other spirits. The rebellious angels captured these wombs and the wombs of their daughters to bring forth the might men of old using the power inherent of being near itterations of the formerly perfect physical bodies of the celestial house of Israel.>>>

Yup, you're all over it.

<<<Most astonishing? Some reference to the "lord god" were those made by the Self Existent One in a sarcastic tone.>>>

Yes, their "lord god" is Lucifer and his "oracles" are his teachings that fueled the rebellion by corrupting their minds. Yes, the Creator calls his teachings a "heap of dung" among other things. LOL BTW, the vast majority of those "aliens" and eternals outside of here are totally indocrinated with Lucifer's "wisdom". The "Urantia Book" is a good example of what they believe and more than likely, those outside of here "channeling" that information BELIEVE what they are telling you. Much of their technical information is totally correct, but it's that last 10% that "gets" them. LOL

<<< Biblical accounts of reincarnation. The likely origins of sex magic and the possiblity of using sexual fire to topple heavenly hierarchies, which leads to the possiblity that there was a third mechanism by which the angels fell:>>>

Yes, the "vineyard" here does in face "rotate" with reincarnation until the spirt in training ultimately graduates to the "eternals" which also has a heirarchy BTW. Yes, there were several falling mechanisms utilized by Lucifer.

Originally he started with teaching until he snagged the few needed to get the dominoes going. Once he had them copulating openly in "beauty" in his public "festivals" the rest was an ugly ugly torturous collapse of eternal relationship after eternal relationship. The Greek "myths" have stories of this stage as well as the Kolbrin. Much like here, those abandoned sometimes ran after those who left them and were grabbed in that manner, some were later seduced while sexually starving alone etc. etc. Ezekiel covers most if not all of these mechanisms in detail.

<<< some fell from choice, some were cast down and still others were PULLED down by sorcery from below because they were too weak to resist the pull of the spells of the dark lords.>>>

Not really so much sorcery and spells as much as simple needs related to their own construction. God made us and the eternals to ultimately be "completed". A completed pair have sexual unions that can't even be imagined here, and there like here, when one gets stranded with no one, the grieving and sheer emotion of the event drive actions that otherwise would not take place. That's why you see our Creator addressing these different groups individually. Those who started all of this KNOWINGLY with their plan are going to be paying very very very dearly for what they have done. Yes, an all out attempt will be made to salvage even the most hard core from their ranks, but ultimately many of them will be permanently turned to ashes in front of all onlookers.

<<<They took portions of heaven by the violence of their sorcery and the driving of sexual heat up the heavenly hierarchy.>>>

Yes, not so much sorcery but the planned opportunistic invading of those sexually starving and grieving among those with heads full of Luciferian Crap, a lot like here. LOL

<<<Yet in the end, those not instrumental to the plot and unrelenting in their ways, though we all have become "mongrel" children of the first celestial house of Israel, shall be salvaged by the mercy of God.>>>

Absolutely correct, the "almost" total salvaging of God's children, kind of like you'd expect, no? As for "mongrels", the body types etc. aren't all that big of a deal to remedy in that those bodies not of the intended plan simply get destroyed and the "fromless" spirit rehoused in one that is appropriate.

The one time "Armegeddon" event will have a one time showing of a "Sword" of our Creator in the hands of our brothers and sisters who will execute their long held wrath on their unmerciful brothers and sisters. This particular "Sword" has the one time ability to actually seperate a spirit from an eternal body. Lucifer and gang gufaw at this type of talk but will be unitedly crapping their pants when it starts to happen. As is with bullies, they think they are tough because up till now, nothing could touch them. That, my friends is about to change. ;-)

<<<I my self have too looked to know which trading star travellers were about way back in the prehistory of our supposed general history. And the structure of coming to grips with an evolving culture upon this world and how to mould them to the ways needed by the visitors, and whoa the varied visitors who have dropped into the equation too, with many addenda’s to fulfil. All along the evolving populus has had to scramble to mould the various visits into a structure of historical and moral opinions to found a view of the current.>>>

Yes, to date this is the only thing I have seen which totally explains the huge variety and history of that which has gone on "out there" since the "beginning of creation". The very book of Genesis reads much much different than the experts would tell you and directly addresses all of this initial activity as to the huge scale of interbreeding etc. The entirety of the first chapters of Genesis is an account of the activities of the Strong's 430 Magistrates. The 3068 "Self Existent One" doesn't even show up until Adam is introduced, and then He shows up with His Magistrates, those still with Him from "Zion" or "Jerusalem". One name points more to place, the other condition. Trust me, it's a place and condition we all want to go to. LOL (But first you have to graduate)

<<<it appears that not one story has the total merit of the situation because it was not founded via one structural event, but by an input of quite a few non related events, that over time have been blended via limited understanding and flagrant addition to suppositional description of spoken stories (mythical Histories tales of old) the matter at hand is How many star nations have been upon the blending of earth society, for the diversity of cultures attests to this. And the overall message not the particular way it came about is fundamentally the important notion.>>>

Yup, it's been a "sordid" past to say the least. LOL That's why you'll see the Luciferian gang laughing at things like I'm saying because this has been going on for a very very very long time. But, as is with most things, the laughing stops when the bodies start dropping, this will be no different. Even the eternal types will have "knees like women". LOL Yes, the spread history of the picture that is being painted is found just about everywhere in every religion, pieces strategically spread to block to assembly of the puzzle. You'll find on the whole that the Self Existent One seems to always get "broad brushed" by Lucifer and gang with the angry self absorbed pontificating contentious brush, you know, the one that paints the picture of Lucifer. LOL

<<<For the star tribes shall return, that also has been told in all the various scriptures, a most exciting time ahead.>>>

Yup, down right white knuckle gripping exiciting. LOL Lucifer and gang will be here shortly in hopes of blocking the end game of their "supplanting". That's why he/they show up in such a snit. (wrothful) LOL

Auspice Christo
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