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> Mass deaths of fish/sea creatures in 2006

Freedom Fighter
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Posted: Feb 28 2007, 06:58 AM
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06 01 2006
Hundreds Of Catfish Die In Manoa Stream
Place: Hawaii
Cause: unknown
Amount: hundreds

06 01 2006
Heat causes mass death of fish
Place: Australia
Cause: unusually high water temperatures
Amount: thousands dead,00.html

14 01 2006
Mass Sea Turtle Deaths Perplex Biologists
Place: El Salvador
Cause: unknown
Amount: about 100

18 01 2006
A Rash of Mysterious Fish Kills
Place: worldwide

"When large numbers of dead fish turned up in the nation’s waterways, the reason was usually obvious. If 10 million silvery-backed menhaden were floating belly up on North Carolina’s Neuse River, it was a safe bet there had been a manure spill at one of the nearby hog farms. When 30,000 fall Chinook salmon littered the shores of California’s Klamath River in 2002, the cause was obvious: not enough water in the riverbed after farmers diverted it for agriculture. Historically, massive fish die-offs might have been disturbing, but they were generally not mysterious.

So when a rash of fish kills began leaving a wake of lesioned fish corpses but no smoking gun, scientists took notice. In the last four years, millions of fish have died in kills from Florida to Connecticut, with no obvious culprit besides their crippled immune systems. This lack of a known cause has prompted a growing number of scientists to develop a new – and troubling– hypothesis: the die offs aren’t the result of any one pollutant or stressor; rather, they are the product of a “perfect storm” of multiple factors.
The consensus now developing is that the cumulative effect of these stressors is bringing streams, rivers and bays across the country to a tipping point beyond which there will be nothing humans can do to reverse the inevitable. The multitude of contributing factors and uncertainty over the relative importance of each already makes corrective action difficult to agree on.

An estimated 80 percent of the Shenandoah’s adult smallmouth bass and sunfish died last spring and summer. Most were covered in bacterial lesions, a hallmark of many recent kills. Considered a secondary effect, these sores arise because aquatic bacteria take advantage of a fish’s weakened immune system. The cause of this immune-suppression is what has left most scientists scratching their heads.

“Too many times we’re looking for one answer,” Smith said, noting that scientists should be looking at all the factors at play in a river, including fishing, agricultural and industrial runoff, and warming temperatures.

Vicki Blazer, a fish pathologist with the National Fish Health Laboratory in Leetown, WV, who studies the Shenandoah, agrees that the problem requires a big-picture, regional approach. “You get little pieces here and there,” Blazer said. “Let’s put something together where we’re looking at the Shenandoah, the Susquehanna and the Potomac, all of which dump into the Chesapeake.” Yet many state officials seem reluctant to do much information sharing, simply because there isn’t much information to offer. “We’re not ready to share an answer,” said Andy Shields of the Pennsylvania Fishing and Boating Commission. “We’re still trying to get our hands around what’s happening here.”

Most fish have an “ideal” temperature and rapid changes in that temperature can spell disaster, according to Cornell University fish pathologist Paul Bowser. There are many potentially harmful organisms waiting to prey on fish that are weakened or stressed, according to Bowser. And when water temperature spikes 10 degrees in a matter of days, that is just what happens. When a section of a river becomes “hypoxic” there is not enough oxygen in the water to support fish. The Chesapeake Bay has long been notorious for such “dead zones,” but Bowser and others are now trying to discern whether other stressors make fish more likely to succumb to hypoxia. How warming patterns relate to fish kills is an issue scientists are beginning to monitor, including Stony Brook University professor, Alistair Dove. According to Dove, changes in the Long Island Sound’s water temperatures have been the driving force behind a decade-long lobster die off, with low oxygen levels and pollution exacerbating the situation. “There is very little doubt in my mind [kills] will increase in number and severity,” Dove said.. "

20 01 2006
Significant fish deaths at Coyote Valley Dam
Place: California US
Cause: unknown
Amount: thousands dead (over 100 000)

02 02 2006
Mystery surrounds Australian eel deaths
Place: Victoria – Australia
Cause: suspect a link with high temperatures and drought conditions
Amount: thousands

26 02 2006
Scores of Fish Beach Themselves in N.C.
Place: N.C. US
Cause:it may be related to a popular phenomenon known as “jubilee. (oxygen level)
Amount: thousands dead

01 03 2006
Dozens of dead whales near Tokyo
Place: Japan
Cause: unknown
Amount: 70

03 03 2006
Mass beaching kills 40 dolphins
Place: Australia
Cause: unknown
Amount: 40 beached,00.html

19 03 2006
Fifty whales die after beaching in Indonesia
Place: Indonesia
Cause: unknown
Amount: 93 beached

19 03 2006
Royal Navy sonar blamed for deaths of four whales in January
Place: Spain
Cause: navy sonar
Amount: 4 beached

31 03 2006
What caused massive fish kill in Brazos?
Place: Texas US
Cause: unknown
Amount: thousands dead

24 04 2006
Massive Fish Kill in Lake a Mystery
Place: Australia
Cause: unknown
Amount: thousands dead (300 000)

28 04 2006
Parasite Seen as Likely Cause of Starfish Kill North of Vancouver
Place: Canada
Cause: possible parasite
Amount: hundreds dead

28 04 2006
400 Dead Dolphins Found In Zanzibar
Place: Zanzibar
Cause: unknown
Amount: hundreds dead (400)

26 05 2006
Dozens Of Dead Sharks Found In Kaneohe Bay
Place: Hawaii
Cause: unknown
Amount: dozens dead (about 36)

17 06 2006
Even the fish are gasping for air in the heatwave
Place: UK
Cause: algae brought on by hot weather - the oxygen level dropped to 5 per cent
Amount: thousands dead (over 10 000),,2-2229571,00.html

PMEmail Poster

Freedom Fighter
Group: Members
Posts: 567
Member No.: 264

Posted: Feb 28 2007, 07:21 AM
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06 07 2006
Fish deaths prompt to halt drawdown of Milltown Reservoir
Place: US
Cause: probably a spike in water temperatures
Amount: unknown

17 07 2006
River pollution kills 3,000 fish
Place: England – Europe
Cause: 2 suspected pollution incidents
Amount : thousands dead

20 07 2006
Deadly fish virus spreads in Northeast
Place: Lake Ontario US
Cause: probably deadly virus
Amount: thousands dead

26 07 2006
South Bay fish kill draws more questions than answers
Place: US
Cause: unknown (best guess say biologists, is low oxygen levels)
Amount: thousands dead

02 08 2006
Heat Wave is Drying Up Europe's Water Resources
Place: Europe
Cause: high water temperatures, low oxygen levels
Amount: thousands dead,2144,2116999,00.html

03 08 2006
3 million fish die at Salton Sea
Place: US
Cause: green tide
Amount: millions dead

07 08 2006
Whales Wash Up Dead Near Mexico’s Baja Coast
Place: Mexico
Cause: unknown
Amount: 11 whales, and a group of squid

11 08 2006
Mass fish death in river puzzles Taiwan
Place: Taiwan
Cause: unusually warm water or industrial waste or changes in the water caused by the typhoon (really an unknown cause…)
Amount: thousands dead

16 08 2006
Officials still perplexed by dead fish, comb river to unravel mystery
Place: Ottawa river –Canada
Cause: unknown
Amount: thousands dead

25 08 2006
Red tide dumps fish on beaches
Place: Florida US
Cause: red tide
Amount: unknown

25 09 2006
Sakhlin II water samples expected this week
Place: Russia
Cause:unknown, but maybe pollution from Sakhlin II oil instalment
Amount: mass death

29 09 2006
Millions of dead anchovies found on Spanish beach
Place: Spain
Cause: unknown (maybe high water temperatures)
Amount: millions dead

09 10 2006
Mass Fish Deaths Blamed on Pollution in 2 Turkish Rivers, 09 Oct 2006
Place: Turkey
Cause: pollution
Amount: thousands dead

10 10 2006
3rd Fish Kill Reported in Turkey.
Place: Turkey
Cause: pollution
Amount: thousands dead

13 10 2006
Mass death of Centurion fish
Place: South Africa
Cause: fish appeared to be choking, maybe because of pollution
Amount: hundreds dead

22 10 2006
Dead Fish In Pond
Place: Scotland
Cause: unknown
Amount: thousands dead

23 10 2006
Dead fish in the Guadalhorce river in Málaga
Place: Spain
Cause: lack of oxygen in the low levels of water
Amount: hundreds dead

30 10 2006
More than 40 dolphins die in Mozambique beaching
Place: Mozambique
Cause: unknown
Amount: 40 beached

17 11 2006
Mystery surrounds Bekasi fish deaths
Place: Jakarta
Cause: some say pollution some say low oxygen level
Amount: thousands dead

17 11 2006
Mysterious deaths among mountain fish – the culprit is poisonous algae
Place: Switzerland
Cause: poisonous algae
Amount: unknown

12 12 2006
More dead fish found in Va. River
Place US
Cause: unknown
Amount: hundreds dead

18 12 2006
Brazil Probes Dead Fish Washing Ashore
Place: Brazil
Cause: temperature
Amount: thousands dead,4...eadFish,00.html


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Master Of His Domain
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Posted: Feb 28 2007, 08:38 AM
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"Only when the last tree has died, and the last river has been
poisoned, and the last fish has been caught, will we realize that we
cannot eat money."
~ Chief Seattle, 1854

"Ye shall know them by their fruits"
~ Matthew 7:16

"Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."
~ Buddha
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