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> Project ELF Ends; New ELF Project Begins Worldwide

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Posted: Oct 3 2004, 02:36 AM
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Posted on Fri, Oct. 01, 2004

Navy pulls plug on ELF transmitters

Northern Wisconsin forest site was scene of repeated protesting

The U.S. Navy was to turn off two submarine communication systems in northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan on Thursday, but when the plug was to be pulled was unknown.

"The exact time is classified, but it will be sometime Thursday)," said Steven Davis, a spokesman for the Navy's Space and Navy Warfare Systems Command in San Diego. "It could be 11:59 tonight."

The secrecy was for operational security, Davis said.

The Navy's extremely low frequency (ELF) radio transmitter in the Chequamegon National Forest near Clam Lake has been the site of repeated demonstrations by anti-nuclear weapons activists.

About 25 were at the site Thursday, some with hand-held meters to monitor whether electrical current was going through the lines, said Tim Ward, a civilian technical director at the transmitter.

"They seemed satisfied that we are shut down," he said Thursday afternoon. Ward would not confirm that, saying only the facility would be "down" by midnight.

The Navy was also to shut down a similar transmitter in Michigan's Escanaba State Forest near Republic.

The Navy used the ELF system to maintain secure communications with submarines at sea, allowing the vessels to receive messages without surfacing because the radio waves penetrated into deep waters.

Developed during the Cold War, the $400 million Project ELF was proposed as a way for missile-packed submarines to stay hidden and undetected, giving the United States an edge over the Soviet Union.

All communications with submarines will now be done with 12 "very low frequency" transmitters located worldwide, Davis said. Thursday's shutdown involved little more than turning off a switch and ceasing the transmission across miles of antenna strung atop poles in the forest, he said.

Ward said the shutdown was historic because the communications system has been on line continually since 1989, shutting down only for short periods for maintenance.

Protesters at the Clam Lake site needed to be there Thursday, said organizer Mike Miles of Luck, a frequent protester whose first arrest for trespassing happened in 1984.

"We've been working toward this moment for too many years to let it slip by unannounced," said Miles, a Green Party candidate for the U.S. House in the Nov. 2 election.

It cost the Navy $13 million a year to operate both transmitters, Davis said. The exact costs for dismantling the sites, which could take up to three years, have not been determined.

The Navy will work with the U.S. Forest Service and Michigan Department of Natural Resources on the final closures of the sites, dealing with issues like National Historical Preservation Act requirements, environmental assessments and land disposition, Davis said.

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Posted: Oct 3 2004, 02:41 AM
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I google-newsed this topic and can't find anything that says where the 12 new locations will be. This should be worrying.

People in the original ELF areas experienced high rates of cancer, much higher than normal. Trees in the areas had abnormal growth.

Where are the 12 new locations and what are the effects of the even lower sounds? Will the new lower frequencies still distress whales and dolphins?

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Truth Seeker
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Posted: Oct 3 2004, 04:40 AM
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What was the problem, and how did it affect people comes to mind. Another question: What was the frequency that the Navy operated on?

It seems like the US Government does things while another part of the Government has no knowledge of it. Did you ever read the book Behold a Pale Horse? I have a copy somewhere. The author of this book was killed by a law enforcement officer a few years back. But, the author revealed, inthe book, about a shadow government, that operates without the non of approval of US Voters, just like the Navy does with the ELF.

I hope you can get back and give more about this ELF and what it has done to the people who lived close to the origin of the transmissions.

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Posted: Oct 5 2004, 02:42 PM
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The ELF system, which became operational in 1989, uses two transmitting antennas, one in Wisconsin and one in Michigan. The two sites must operate simultaneously to meet worldwide coverage requirements. Each antenna looks like a power line, mounted on wooden poles. The Wisconsin antenna consists of two lines, each about 14 miles long. The Michigan antenna uses three lines, two about 14 miles long and one about 28 miles long. Each site has a transmitter building near the antenna. The transmitter facility in Michigan uses about six acres of land and the one in Wisconsin about two acres. The operating frequency is 76 Hz.

ELF (extremely low-frequency waves) is used to trigger nuclear missiles. The ELF system is also used to trigger Cruise missiles. I hear it still uses high tech "morse code."

Couldn't figure out the power, but one haarp trailer can utilize 6*2*10000 watts or 120,000 watts total.

More info here:

The ELF communication system is used as a “bellringer” to notify the submarine crew to come shallow to copy a higher data rate broadcast (e.g., SSIXS).

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