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This website contains controversial information that may be disturbing to some viewers.
The theories, conclusions and commentaries are presented in an attempt to reveal the hidden truths.
It is up to the viewer to determine what they choose to believe after evaluating all available sources of information.


Does your government represent your best interests?

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



There is no law preventing the U.S. news media from intentionally lying to the public. Whistle blowers and honest reporters are fired for telling the truth.

Read the Poison Warning label on your toothpaste, then call the 800# and ask;
"Why do you put poison in my toothpaste?"

by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Also: Conspiracy of Silence Video

Equal, Nutra-Sweet and over 6000 food and beverage products contain Aspartame

6. On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference to disclose that over $2,000,000,000,000 (2 Trillion) in Pentagon funds could not be accounted for.
Such a disclosure normally would have sparked a huge scandal. However, the commencement of the [9/11] attack on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon the following morning would assure that the story remained buried.
Serving the greater Los Angeles area,
Los Angeles Drinking Water is proud to offer Reverse Osmosis filtration systems
that remove trace elements such as arsenic, mercury, lead and fluoride
which are known to be in Los Angeles tap water according to
the 2013 DWP Water Quality report.

"If our nation is ever taken over, it will be taken over from within."
~ James Madison, President of the United States

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> Homeopathy, things that work, follow the info

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Posted: Jul 8 2004, 08:03 PM
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I spoke with PuPP & AOB in chat, and am bumping this to the front page.

With extensive reading, and common sense principles listed in those readings, mag water is the single best thing you can do for yourselves and loved ones. Research it.

Every second is a choice you make. Choose well.

Wherever you go, there you are. You can't escape.
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Posted: Jul 10 2004, 07:52 AM
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Cheap sources for all your magnet desires.:

The company I ordered most of my magnets from is 'Bunting Magnets'. Allmagnets have the cheapest 1"x 1" x 6" #5 ceramic blocks for magnetizing home/apartment water. (see below)

disc magnet for magnet therapy:

Cat# DH-913 costs $0.28 cents each. WoW, big money!

for gas mags:

Cat# MA- 460 costs $0.90 each

The only problem with ordering from these type companies is most require a $50. minimum purchase. That's why it's smart to get several sizes for magnetizing home water, magnet therapy, gas savings mags for several vehicles and even for friends, family, etc.

home water magnets: (I've ordered from these folks too)

1" x 1" x6" ceramic block
part # CB187 $ 4.50 each

gas mags; part# CB1274 $0.23 each

List of suppliers:

Every second is a choice you make. Choose well.

Wherever you go, there you are. You can't escape.
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Posted: Jul 10 2004, 11:21 AM
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Here's a good source for magnets on ebay:

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Posted: Jul 10 2004, 11:37 AM
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That's a good site, Talon. Thanks.
It looks as though they have several things I need for experiments. Thanks for posting it. When I catch up, (I'm about 100 experiments behind [still working on FEE projects and tests]) I can always come here to get that link. I did bookmark it, however, my computer does get attacked (there's more spooks in my computer than in Arlington), so I may loose the bookmark.

Every second is a choice you make. Choose well.

Wherever you go, there you are. You can't escape.
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Posted: Jul 23 2004, 03:59 PM
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I figure I'm up to around 60 people now wearing and swearing by magnets. Most suffers from arthritis and sugar diabetes. They are passing their non-traditional medical remedies to all their family and friends. It's amazing how people want to spread good news. biggrin.gif

Every second is a choice you make. Choose well.

Wherever you go, there you are. You can't escape.
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Posted: Jul 23 2004, 06:10 PM
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In praise of Aloe Vera for all who are interested. It's important to get a good Aloe, so I Googled and found this:


Aloe vera works as an antibiotic, pain reliever, and anti-inflammatory. It helps to regulate metabolism and balance blood sugar. It carries 77 parts per trillion of oxygen through the bloodstream. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential elements, which contribute to the nutrient pool and cellular health.

It repairs tissue throughout the body, heals, and regenerates. It has great penetrating ability and is absorbed through seven layers of tissue. It enhances the immune system and acts as an immuno-stimulant. It improves circulation. It works as a natural cleanser to purify tissues.


Aloe Gold

This one for ordinary well-being, healing is best for quality and price. (Hilltop Gardens)

The Natural Health Source
2697 East County Rd. E Suite #412 | St. Paul, MN 55110
Phone: 888-606-5072

34-ounce bottle of Aloe Gold™ for just $24.95

Through a patented process called NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance - similar to a microscopic MRI), UPI and Aloecorp have proven that polysaccharides in the 50,000-100,000 Dalton range deliver the maximum immunity recovery benefits (3 to 12 times more than other aloe products!).

90-day money-back guarantee!


Aloe vera has amazing anti-inflammatory action in the digestive system. It reduces heartburn, soothes peptic ulcers, eases constipation, and has potential as a treament for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

In our immune system, aloe vera juice can reduce tumor mass and inhibit metastasis (spreading) in some types of cancer. It has the ability to stimulate our immune capacity owing to its high content of acemannan, the major carbohydrate un aloe leasves and gel. Acemannan may even mimic the function of AZT, making it a treatment for aids patients.

Aloe vera juice contains a wealth of vitamins, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, and choline, plus minerals, calcium, chlorine, copper, germanium, iron, magnesium lactate, manganese, potassium, silicon, sodium, and sulfer. But its uniqueness lies in its wealth of phytochemicals such as the organic acids chrysophanic, salicylic, succinic, and uric, polysaccharides such as acemannen, enzymes such as glutathione peroxidase, and various resins. (Also, all essential amino acids!)

$12.71 Qt. (?) Quality?


A.M.P. Molo-Cure® is concentrated: (1,000 to 1.)
Due to this patented extraction process, no other Aloe product in existence contains similar concentration levels of Stabilized Mucilaginous Polysaccharides molecules. It takes approximately

8 GALLONS of fresh 100% Aloe Vera gel to make just ONE OUNCE of A.M.P. Molo-Cure®! 1,000 to 1 concentration calculation; 8 gal. = 1,024 fl. oz. 100% Aloe Vera gel.

Organically grown, fresh Aloe Vera L.(var.Barbadenis) is used as our raw material. Our laboratory has state-of-the-art research and manufacturing equipment (designed to meet FDA and USDA requirements), which extracts the A.M.P. molecule from the raw material Aloe Vera plant. The product is manufactured using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) as regulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Molo-Cure Research, Inc.

4631 NW 31st Ave. #247, Ft. Lauderdale, 33309

IN THE USA CALL TOLL FREE: 1-888-858-4300
1 Bottle of A.M.P. Molo-Cure® $179.00 270 caps.

MUST VISIT THIS SITE!!!!! Pics showing healing. Worth the money if facing really bad health problems!!!! Then go to next website for better price for same quality, less money.

TOLL FREE: 1-888-858-4300

Compare price and quality with Aloevin Corp. below. Good for serious disease.


Aloevin Corporation, 106 Community Drive, DeBary, Florida 32713

USA: 1-866-753-9005

COMPARE our Aloe M.P. Plus™ to A.M.P. Molo-Cure®.

Both products contain the same ingredients including concentration of the key ingredient, Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides (AMP). (IASC) Certified

$129 per 270 capsule bottle


Desert Harvest

1140 Amstel Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907
Toll Free: 800-222-3901

10X Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate (32 oz) $32.00

We grow our aloe vera plants organically with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Immediately after the leaves are harvested, we use a cold process to preserve the active ingredients, applying no heat and adding no preservatives.


*When 20 ounces of Aloe vera juice was orally administered to 69 AIDS patients per day, eighty-one percent of these patients showed eventual disappearance of their symptoms (Pulse, 1988).


Another option: Very expensive!

21st Century has developed the most potent freeze dried product on the market today.

Only the gel should be used for human consumption and not the whole leaf. All whole leaf products contain broken down MPS (Mucilaginous Poly Saccharide) molecules and therefore no real healing properties.

MPS from the aloe plant stands for Mucilaginous Poly Saccharide...It is a long sugar molecule arranged in long linear chains. The longer the chain, the more MPS weighs. ...21st Century is the only product on the market today that achieves this complete molecular weight.

One 1/4 oz. bottle sells for $89.95 and contains 70 (1/4 tsp.) daily maintenance doses.
(925) 352-9393 (California time!).



32 oz. $21.00 (Sale 7/22/04 $17.99)

Alterna-Med Health and Nutrition Center

11929 S Strang Line Road

Olathe, KS 66062




Terry Labs, 390 North Wickham Road, Ste. F

Melbourne, Fl 1-800-FOR-ALOE

Bill Neal, Eastern Sales Mgr. 1-800-367-2563


1015 S River Rd Unit 31
Saint George, UT 84790-2249

HillTop Gardens Aloe Gold - 34 fl oz. $21.95/$23.00



Freedom Fighter
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Posted: Sep 13 2004, 09:53 PM
Quote Post
It is good to reread these threads once in a while.

Bounce sheets repelling bugs and mice...
Especially mosquitos,
and I like the frying pan overnite with water and bounce to loosen the fried on grit.

The magnetics is fascinating and a science unto itself in the proper apllications of the forces.
It is interesting in the GLP energy threads on magnetics that the scientists do not really know how or what really powers them .
This seems to be a universal fact.
It is a mysterious force that is not totally explained along with the electromagnetics.

Well, to add to this
"things that work"
I did post this on Talons thread ,
but the cascading effect of
cascading Revenol, is apparently rapidly gaining in popularity.
It has lots of the antioxidants mentioned in many of the threads here.
Also a bit on Graviola.

And at the bottom
Pau D Arco

Key Ingredients
Cascading Revenol's formulation boasts a healthy supply of an army of the most potent antioxidants in the world. Included in the line-up are the following:

side notes
{Astaxanthin is the major carotenoid responsible for the pink-red pigmentation of fish and shrimps}
{USE NATURAL , synthetic astaxanthin is made from petrochemicals-but synthetic is extremely high content-see aquasearch link above}
sockeye salmon
krill oil
arctic shrimp
Sitting atop the antioxidant pyramid, this new, powerful antioxidant has the very rare ability to support healthy cellular function. Astaxanthin is a fat and water-soluble nutrient able to attach itself to lipoproteins for fast travel in the bloodstream, providing excellent bioavailability. Its 'polar power' assists this nutrient by attaching itself to hydrophilic (water-loving) nodes found on the sides of the cell membrane and to the cell membrane bilayer where the free-radical attack is first encountered. Astaxanthin is on the fast tract to being recognised as one of the strongest antioxidants on Earth and Neways is proud to be one of the first companies to utilise this important component in Cascading Revenol.

Grape Seed Extract:
Neways would not be content without being able to offer you the most powerful and bioavailable, broad-spectrum antioxidant grape seed extract on the market. For this reason, Neways uses a full-spectrum grape seed from the Rhone Valley in France, the richest wine producing area in the world. This extract is rich in procyanidin dimers, the single most powerful Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin (OPC) found in grapes, and anthocyanidins. Also, the bioflavonoids found in the grape skins used in Cascading Revenol contribute significantly to the cascade effect of the formulation.

Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract:
Boasting a 90% catechin content, Neways green tea extract is a knockout punch in the fight against free radicals. Green tea is known to assist against oxidation of lipids and promote overall health. Green tea also supports the circulatory, immune and cellular systems. Neways include a very high concentration of this exceptional antioxidant in Cascading Revenol.

Turmeric Extract:
Neways only accepts turmeric with at least 95% curcuminoid content. Why? Unlike many antioxidants, curcuminoids are able to not only support the body as it fights existing free radicals, but also support the body in its fight against free radical formation. Turmeric extract packs another powerful punch and Neways packs an impressive concentration of it in Cascading Revenol.

Rosemary Officinalis Extract:
Similar to Vitamins E's maintenance of several other antioxidants, this superior extract possesses the cascading ability to rejuvenate vitamin E. Rosemary also participates in the carnosic acid cascade, enabling its molecules to repeatedly scavenge free radicals. Neways injects a very generous amount of this potent and unique aspect to the free radical attack of Cascading Revenol.

Alpha Lipoic Acid:
Originally thought to be a vitamin, this impressive antioxidant plays a key role in supporting the conversion of glucose to energy. If the body is void of alpha lipoic acid, vitamins E and C (two of the greatest treasures in the vitamin world) are almost useless. Alpha lipoic conserves these two distinguished vitamins in the body, rendering them more productive and actually helping to recycle vitamin E. Furthermore, other antioxidants do not properly network together when the body is deficient of this vitamin-like substance. Alpha lipoic acid energises metabolism; supports muscle function; supports the body against heavy metals and toxic metals; supports the nervous system, liver; and immune system. When glutathione has "cleaned up" after vitamin E and C, giving them a regenerative boost, it is then cleaned up by alpha lipoic acid.

Ellagic Acid:
According to Dr Garrett Trumble, "Ellagic acid assists as a scavenger to promote cellular health." Neways is proud to be among the very first companies to recognize the benefits of ellagic acid. Keep an eye open for several new revelations concerning this new, highly regarded yet little known substance.

Trans-resveratrol is a powerful phytonutrient that has been identified as the healthiest aspect of red wine. This newly discovered antioxidant is also known to maintain healthy skin and helps support the immune system. This nutrient is not yet well recognized publicly; however Neways is quick to recognise it benefits and has included resveratrol as one of the special ingredients in Cascading Revenol.

Bioflavonoid Complex:
Ever wondered why "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"? This is due to the high quantities of flavonoids found in fruits (and now found in Cascading Revenol). These well-researched antioxidants are known for their powerful scavenging ability and are vital to Cascading Revenol.

Carotenoid Complex:
Carotenoids, found in several yellow and orange vegetables, have a very synergistic significance in combination with selenium and vitamin E. It has been shown that increased intake of vitamin E and carotenoids support the cardiovascular system. The carotenoid complex is also described by some as the first step in the carotenoid-flavonoid-selenium-sulfate antioxidant cascade. The well-known benefits of beta-carotene are only a portion of the antioxidant power in Neways' carotenoid complex. Other well-known carotenoids, among over 600 known, include lycopene, lutein and zeaxanthin.

Co-Enzyme Q10:
Neways supplies a generous portion of Co-Enzyme Q10 - an important antioxidant found in all living cells. Co-Q10 assists by strengthening cell-wall membranes and producing energy directly in the mitochondria of living cells. Co-Q10 supports the cardiovascular system, tissues, organs and the immune system.

N-acetyl Cysteine:
As a thiol-replenishing component to the cascading formula, N-acetyl cysteine had been shown to be effective as well as safe. Its contribution to the glutathione/vitamin cascade is essential.

Esterified Vitamin C:
This is a bonded form of multiple vitamin C molecules in a configuration that enhances its power and residual retention in the body. As in Revenol, this form of vitamin C stays in the body for up to three days. This increased retention time is extremely beneficial to antioxidants since vitamin C plays and an important role in the antioxidant cascade and is highly effective at regenerating vitamin E.

Vitamin E:
There are several cascading interactions of Vitamin E with the other antioxidants in the formula such as glutathione, selenium and vitamin C. Neways takes advantage of the phytosome delivery system found in natural vitamin E to increase absorption.

Vitamin C relies upon glutathione's contribution to the antioxidant cascade to support its free radical scavenging abilities. Without glutathione, vitamin C and vitamin E cannot be regenerated to continue on with their free radical scavenging. Alpha lipoic acid contributes greatly to glutathione's cascading qualities and content in the body.

Derived from citrus fruit, this highly concentrated form of bioflavonoids is widely regarded as one of the heavy-hitters of the antioxidant realm. Both Russians and Europeans have long recognised quercitin's support of the body's systems. Its uses are spread from assisting relaxation to supporting the cardiovascular system. A generous supply of this ingredient adds a significant punch to the formula.

White Pine Bark Extract:
Containing an impressive complex of antioxidants, this water-soluble flavonoid has an almost 500-year-old history. This extract participates in the antioxidant cascade by assisting the enzymes necessary for the regeneration of glutathione. Needless to say, the benefits of this complex antioxidant are extremely diversified and well known around the world.

Beneficial in supporting the nervous system, taurine is a potent contribution to the cascading formulation. Taurine is a sulphur-containing amino acid antioxidant that helps maintain the proper concentration of ions within cells. Taurine also plays a role in cardiovascular and cellular health.

This white crystalline nutrient is a cell membrane stabiliser, a hydroxyl radical scavenger and growth supporter. Look for inositol's benefits in supporting musculoskeletal health and the signs associated with aging. Inositol is a sugar found in the muscles, but does not stimulate insulin release.

Potassium Sulphate:
Sulphur is critical to detoxification. It is also terrific in assisting the body in its fight against oxidative stress and a key element in the cascading chemical processes of this formulation within the body. This potassium form of sulphate promotes cellular energy.

Selenium Selenomethionine:
Selenium is an important nutrient in the antioxidant cascade that promotes healthy cell division. The amino acid, methionine, is a carrier that helps selenium to be easily absorbed through the intestinal tract.

Copper is an important supporting mineral for keeping our skin, blood vessels and connective tissue supple and elastic. Low levels of copper can contribute to free radicals by lowering the activity of several endogenous antioxidant peptides. This mineral is important in supplements that contain zinc and vitamin A.

Zinc Monomethionine:
This easily absorbed and retained form of zinc is vital for over 70 different enzyme systems, supports the immune, reproductive and musculoskeletal systems, the metabolism of vitamins A and E, energy production, DNA/protein synthesis and of course free-radical scavenging activity. The list goes on as research continues to reveal much more about this impressive mineral.

use Tri Vita as well
{B12 B6 and folic acid}

pancreatic enzymes-tripsin


An astounding cancer-fighting tree from the Amazon!

Is 10,000 times stronger in killing colon cancer than Adriamycin, a commonly used chemotherapeutic drug!

Hunts down and destroys prostate, lung, breast, colon, and pancreatic cancers... leaving healthy cells alone!


For this reason, in Gravizon, graviola is blended with Recovazon (another formula from Amazon Herb Company) that contains many herbs known for their ability to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation's, Envirozon that assists liver functions, and Arcozon that assists immune functions.

In addition to these herbs, Gravizon also contains strong antioxidants that provide protection against free radicals. For example, cam camu, a small fruit the size of a large cherry that contains up to 4,000 times the amount of Vitamin C contained in on orange.

Also, sangre de drago, the sap of a tree that is nearly 90% oligomeric proanthocyanidins, the active component in grapeseed extract.

Annona muricata
Gravizon™ contains Graviola (45%) plus 28 additional herbs which help the body to support immune function; to detoxify; and to drain toxins.
Graviola extract
Whole-leaf graviola, processed according to ancient Spagyric extraction methods.

A complete formula for whole body health. The flagship product and biggest seller.

Illumination is the ultimate phyto-nutritional formula, from the highest concentration of life energy on the planet, providing extracts of over 30 of the Rainforest's most valued botanical treasures.
Ingredients include: Una de Gato, Jatoba, Pau d'Arco, Tayuya, Fucus, Suma, Star Anise, Pedra Hume Caa, Carqueja, Horsetail, Artichoke, Boldo, Bitter Orange, Alfalfa, Quebra Pedra, Jurubeba, Passion Flower, Mulungu, Espinhiera Santa, Cajueiro, Muira Puama, Catuaba, Yerba Mate, Cornsilk, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Lemon Grass, Pata de Vaca, Sarsaparilla, Chamomile, Stevia, Chuchuhuasi, Sangre de Drago.

Graviola (Annona muricata) is a small evergreen tree from the Amazon whose leaves are believed to offer immune, circulatory and lymphatic support. Research since the 1940s has validated and expanded understanding of this herb and its unique phyto-nutritional qualities.
Illumination {product}
Ingredients include: Una de Gato, Jatoba, Pau d'Arco, Tayuya, Fucus, Suma, Star Anise, Pedra Hume Caa, Carqueja, Horsetail, Artichoke, Boldo, Bitter Orange, Alfalfa, Quebra Pedra, Jurubeba, Passion Flower, Mulungu, Espinhiera Santa, Cajueiro, Muira Puama, Catuaba, Yerba Mate, Cornsilk, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Lemon Grass, Pata de Vaca, Sarsaparilla, Chamomile, Stevia, Chuchuhuasi, Sangre de Drago.


Pau D arco tea

PAU D'ARCO TEA, on the other hand, has shown that it may hold the secret for the successful treatment of cancer and other diseases. Dr Daniel B. Mowry, PhD, states in his widely published article on Pau d'Arco that "whole Lapacho has produced clinical anti-cancer effects without side effects." Read Dr. Mowry's extensive research and history of Pau d'Arco published here. Over the last 15 years I have received many reports and testimonials from terminal cancer victims relating their miraculous cures of this deadly disease.

Pau D Arco Forum,811,00.html

What Is It?
***Health Benefits
Dosage Information
Guidelines for Use
General Interaction
***Possible Side Effects

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Posted: Sep 14 2004, 06:01 PM
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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, V!!!!!! You have given us a veritable schmorgasbord of goodies from which to choose, along with the source links. People are gearing up for the flu season and we need to get supplied with the right stuff in order to get our immune systems up to par.

I saw your post re aspartame on GLP. I went into saved file and brought out a post by Grey Lensman to add to the mix, written by an FDA whistleblower. We can't stress enough to folks to get away from the stuff, especially from their kids. That goes for MSG as well.

The addition of selenium to your post reminded me that it is a help against brain damage caused by fluoride.



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Posted: Oct 19 2004, 04:18 AM
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Furthermore, if you consider that our planet is 80% water, I think it is a good idea to get in the habit of being grateful and loving in your general attitude if YOU want to make a difference. We are much more powerful than we realize, we have created the mess we find ourselves in and we also can create something better - our choice! In any case, I have made mine and am learning to create an environment which is loving and peaceful - join me and others already busy doing it!

This is where it starts. As we think so we are. The potential of the human is unliminted. Look at what some people have accomplished in a life time such as the Wright Brothers, and just think, it all started with a thought and belief in ones self---having faith in ones self.
IT's good to know that there are people out there that know that they are creators and can create something better.

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Posted: Aug 12 2005, 01:15 AM
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Just to let all know about my magnet journey...started wearing a magnet ring due to an index finger that I was told had arthritis in... it felt like there were shards of glass cutting me all the time, and when I bumped it, damn near went thru the roof! I started wearing this ring, on my middle finger... and not only is the pain gone, but swelling has gone down too...
Also our 3 yr old has Juvenile RHeumatoid Arthritis, and we are basically battling the medical "experts", who keep wanting to put her on new meds... her ESR (elevated sediment rate in her blood signifying inflammation) went up by 60 points in a month... the specialist went nutsy... said the only way we would get it down was by injecting her with another med, yeah...another poison... and the PR on this one came out and said possible fatalities GREENSKULL.GIF ... hubby and I said no way... got into it with the doctor's nurse, and was told her sed. rate and inflammation would NOT come down without this med... headbanger.gif
I said her ESR was up due to being stressed about her brother's death (in March), and we were going to rely on alternative methods, remedies and prayer. Happy to say, her ESR dropped FIFTY-FIVE POINTS IN A MONTH! clap.gif We bought her some of the same magnets I have in the ring, and she is wearing them in anklets on both legs... in 2 weeks, she has lost almost an inch in ankle and knee areas! It is a funny thing though...the nurse was suppose to call me back the next day... have not heard from them since they got the news about her ESR dropping... do you suppose it is because they are too busy eating crow? scratchinghead.gif whistlingNEW2.gif
p.s. this new med they wanted her on? It is anywhere from $300 to $600 a DOSE! Don't tell me it ain't about the pyramideye2.gif *$%&($^*& DRUG PUSHERS ANYHOW! angryNEW.gif

This post has been edited by StarChilde on Aug 12 2005, 02:41 PM

"Come to the edge", he said.
They said: "We are afraid. "
"Come to the edge", he said. They came.
He pushed them & they flew."
(Guillaume Apollinaire)
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Posted: Aug 12 2005, 07:39 AM
Quote Post
QUOTE (StarChilde @ Aug 12 2005, 03:15 AM)
Happy to say, her ESR dropped FIFTY-FIVE POINTS IN A MONTH!

This is amazing news, Sharchilde. Congratulations!

I think I'm going to head back to the beginning of this great thread and check out some of those links!

Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.
~ Rumi
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