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> 2007 by Marcus Mason

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Posted: Dec 11 2006, 01:39 PM
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Astrology & Astro*Cartography Update:10th December 2006

You ain't seen nothin' yet...
Things are about to get a whole lot faster and more intense next year...
and the good news is
the Abusers of Power can't possibly continue to resist these frequencies and energies !!!
So, stay true to your deepest truth and integrity,
and You Shall be Who You Are and All Will Be What It Is.

Still enjoying the ride? Or are you Just holding on tight?

2007 is Time to Let Go Completely and Trust your Innermost Will,
which is One with the Divine / Universal Consciousness,
which lies only Within You and Nowhere Else.

No-one "out there" can have power over us, unless we give it away to them at some level, and next year - 2007, there is the possibility for the whole planet to begin to discover and know that this is a reality, as Pluto (you know, the one that isn't a planet any more) oscillates back and forth over the position of the Galactic Centre (26deg. 56mins. Sagittarius) - we're about to discover just how significant this "non-planet" can be. As the saying goes - "Anyone who does not believe that a very small thing cannot make a big difference, has never shared their sleeping back with a mosquito!"

The Story so Far:
Fresh from dealing at a collective, global level with almost a year of the three outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) being retrograde (see last Update), Uranus was the last of these three to turn direct on November 20th. This seems to have resulted in some unexpected and rather shocking turns of events - the attempted storming of Stormont (interesting wordplay there), the Northern Ireland Parliament, and the poisoning of ex-Russian agent, Alexander Litvinenko, to give just a couple of examples. Oh, and then there's the upcoming "debate" about the foregone conclusion of the UK cabinet to spend billions to renew its nuclear deterrent, while our soldiers in Iraq remain inadequately equipped (Uranus and Pluto are a little bit involved here, methinks...uranium, plutonium...and the tendency for the outer planets to become so detached that they can lose touch with the day-to-day reality, in favour of some far off vision...or projection...or delusion if our deepest inner issues are not confronted).

However, the really, really good news is - Jupiter entered Sagittarius on Friday 24th Nov at 15.49 Universal Time (GMT) - hurrah! It will stay in Sagittarius for a year until 18th December 2007 - so make the most of it while you can, as it is the Blessing that will help to make everything else more acceptable. The only cautionary word here is don't expect waa-ay too much of Jupiter, as it can lead us to be over-optimistic and to exaggerate possibilities - however there is enough going on elsewhere to keep our feet firmly on the ground, and believe me, we are all going to need to do that if we are going to successfully integrate those Pluto/Galactic Centre Energies into our lives, our thinking, our feeling and our cellular, no big deal next year, just take one day at a time, or perhaps one minute at a time is better's a bit like the Universe saying to us "learn to live in the moment...or else!" - Tough Love, huh?

So what will it all mean?
The Galactic Centre (GC) currently lies in the direction of 26 degrees and 56 minutes of Sagittarius. We move very slowly in relation to the GC, so by next May 2007, the GC will have progressed all the way (1 minute of arc)to 26 degrees and 57 minutes. So, if you were to point a big enough telescope in that direction, you would see the centre of our Galaxy, if it were not for all the interstellar dust and debris that obscures the view. However, in 2002, observations made using gamma ray, X-ray, infrared, sub-millimetre and radio wavelengths finally led many astronomers to confirm that there is, as long suspected, a supermassive black hole at the GC, surrounded by hundreds of densely clustered stars.

Whatever lies at the centre of the Galaxy, it is in some way the motivating force behind the Galaxy, it is the core and the heart of the Galaxy, and the impulses that flow out from it physically, energetically and at the subtle-energy levels carry within them the impulses of the First Ray of Manifestation, the Ray of Power or Divine Will. This is akin to the Creative/Destructive force of Shiva. It is believed that roughly every 500million years the GC sends out a massive starburst, with hundreds of stars forming and very rapidly turning into supernovas, although we are not due one of those for another 200million years...phew!

Pluto is, if you like, the receiver of First Ray energies within our own solar system, so when it conjuncts the GC, it will be as if the Will of the Solar System Logos re-alignings fully with the Will of the Galactic Logos, and comes right down into our own planetary and human realms. We have been seeing the awakening of a gradual refinement in our understanding of First Ray energies with the discoveries of trans-Plutonian objects (TNO's/planetoids/dwarf planets/whatever) in the Kuiper belt - to date, we now have Quaoar, Sedna, Orcus, Varuna and Eris, (and the, as yet un-named 2003EL61 and 2005FY9) to help us differentiate and integrate these powerful and transformative frequencies that lie at the very edge of our outer understanding and inner spiritual experience...arguing about whether they qualify as planets or not seems somehow futile in the light of the profound energetic changes, opportunities and challenges which they are presenting to the Collective consciousness of our planet.

The Timing of Pluto / GC contacts
Pluto makes its first exact conjunction with the GC on 29th December, 2006 - however, we will be feeling the approach of that already, as it is within 1 degree of orb of the GC now. There is an interesting sequence of cosmic events leading up to the Pluto/GC conjunction, which will make it touch us all at a very personal, as well a more detached spiritual level: On 8th Dec. Venus conjuncted Pluto, then on 18th Dec. the Sun conjuncts Pluto; on 20th Dec. the Moon conjuncts Pluto; on 26th Dec. Mercury conjuncts Pluto. All these planets will have passed over the GC before Pluto reaches it on 29th Dec. So first our emotional body (Venus) attunes to the Pluto/GC energies, then our spiritual-heart (Sun) attunes, then our energy body (Moon), then our mental body (Mercury), so by the time Pluto (our spiritual-will body) gets there, everything else will be either zinging in anticipation, or struggling to integrate these powerful GC energies, and perhaps in some cases producing physical symptoms as our physical body tries to integrate them. So, don't be surprised if you get strange abdominal symptoms (stomach and spleen - Venus), or maybe heart palpitations or anxiety feelings (Sun), or lower abdominal symptoms (kidneys, bladder, intestines, sexual organs - Moon), or throat and head symptoms, or mental confusion (Mercury) - the likelihood is that you would feel this wherever your most vulnerable areas normally lie. This is not to say that you will necessarily feel such symptoms, as many will not, but just to help understand what is happening if you do happen to experience unexplainable, weird, or undiagnosable symptoms. Remember that any pain or discomfort experienced in these regions is probably due to the resistances in your physical and energetic structure to these highly transformative energies pushing through the resistance of your cellular structure and crystallised energy patterns in the body, thoughts or feelings. So any form of energy-medicine could be an appropriate first choice at these times, (ie: acupuncture, cranio-sacral, homoeopathy, bowen, reiki, healing, kinesiology, energy-based massage, shiatsu, tui na, etc, etc) - symptoms, if they occur should pass quite quickly, although the really deep-rooted stuff may take longer and not get fully resolved until the end of the Pluto/GC conjunction next year. Wherever a symptom may be, regard it from the viewpoint of "how am I not expressing my true will in this area of my life? What is the underlying pattern of disempowerment that is causing my energy to get stuck here in particular?" When the energy shifts, then the symptoms will improve. (Of course, if such symptoms persist for a prolonged period then you should seek medical advice.)

Pluto/GC will bring up all of our power issues - how we use it, how we abuse it, how we accept it, how we fear it, how we give it away or blame someone else for what is wrong, how we separate ourselves from the Oneness, how it's all "the government's fault", or "the banks' fault", or "the terrorists' fault", or "the E.T's fault", and on and on. It is ultimately about seeing and fully understanding how and at whatever level we disempower ourselves, and thus prevent our lives from fully manifesting our true beauty, wisdom, strength, love and unlimited possibilities to be the creators within our own Universe. Pluto is challenging us first to fully align our spirtual will with the Divine/Cosmic Will, and then to step into the creative possibilities that this offers. Sounds simple put like that, doesn't it? And...we have the whole year to accomplish this, or rather to allow it to be accomplished through us. Pluto also represents how we project out, and then identify with the deepest levels of the Collective Shadow, so every time we "buy into" some negative collective belief, fear, judgment or opinion, we are giving away our Divine creative power and becoming more a part of the problem than the solution, and the more we project our beliefs or opinions out into the Collective Shadow, the more hopeless and disempowered we will feel that nothing is going to change for the better, or that it's too late to make a difference anyway.

It's not too late - IT'S NOW - it's only ever now, and we are the ones who can make a difference - NOW, by aligning positive thinking, with positive feeling and POSITIVE WILLING. Many have become so accustomed to feeling powerless at the Collective Will level that many of our positive thoughts, feelings, beliefs and affirmations just tend to fizzle out in the (apparently overwhelming) negativity of the Collective Shadow. It does not have to be that way, and it's not the way it works anyway. We may tend to feel disempowered when we believe that the politicians are getting it all wrong, or are complacent, or don't really get the magnitude of the problem, or have other secret agendas which we cannot influence. At the Collective Will level, when we think like this we are just reinforcing the negativity, and our mistaken belief that "they" have any power at all over us, or over outcomes.

However, just think back to the (literal) over-running of the Berlin Wall, and the subsequent collapse of Communism. This was recently used as a justification for the renewal of our nuclear deterrent, and a British Cabinet Minister (I forget which one) actually claimed that it was the maintaining of our strong deterrent which was the cause of the Collapse of Communism (quote "we won the Cold War") - no it wasn't - it was the Collective belief and conviction and re-taking of inner power by the people of Eastern Europe - plain and simple. So what looked like an impossible situation, literally changed overnight when the Collective Will became aligned, focussed and strong enough to withdraw the projections and fears that kept the dictators in power. Similarly now with Iraq. Most people on the planet have known for some time that this was an ill-considered and probably illegal war, based on misinformation at best, or downright lies at worst. And most people on the planet have felt powerless to really do anything about it. However that deep Collective Conviction and Indignation has finally filtered up into the awareness of the "wise" elder statesmen of the Iraq Study Group (sounds cosy doesn't it) and its recommendations, so that now the only two people on the planet who don't think the continuation of our presence in Iraq is a good idea are Bush and Blair...and one of them's not that sure any where does the power truly lie?

It actually starts from the bottom of the pyramid up, not from the top down. What is at the bottom supports what is at the top, but its so easy to lose sight of that. Imagine how much more powerful our individual will can be at affecting positive outcomes, when it aligns fully with a positive collective intention, and the Universal / Divine / Cosmic Will - now THAT'S DEMOCRACY at work. Aligning with the Universal Will has nothing to do with belief systems or religious viewpoints. It derives from going deep enough into our Core energy to allow the energy of Universal Will to remove the obstacles that the ego throws up, which prevent us from being fully empowered, positive, effective and creative participators in the processes of change on this planet. When we can align this level of will-awareness with spiritual wisdom and compassion, then nothing and no-one who abuses a position of so-called "power", can stand in the way of that. We literally do create our future at the collective level.

That's what's on offer from Pluto and the Galactic Centre in 2007 - take it or leave it, but it's a Once in a Lifetime Offer, and it won't come around again for another 240 years or so, so what have you got to lose?...well. the ego for one thing. Oh, and despite of what you may have read or heard in the past about Pluto being a dark and destructive force, it only appears to act in that way when we are in denial of the true creative power of our own inner Light...if you try to push the Creative Power of the Universe down into your Unconscious, sooner or later it will come up and bite you, just to get your full attention. The deeper you have pushed it into the Unconscious, the harder it will bite until you listen to's the mosquito in the sleeping bag, or maybe the tarantula, or God forbid, the crocodile!

The Sequence of Events
Note: Although the exact timings of the conjunctions are given below, Pluto remains close enough to the GC for it to have significant effect throughout the year, so the times given are likely to be the most intense and challenging turning points - the rest of the time in between, we will all be dealing with how to integrate these energies according to our own particular levels of awareness, depending on our individual psychological/ astrological and spiritual propensities.

Soon after the first Pluto/GC conjunction on 29th Dec 2006, Mars will conjunct first the GC on 12th Jan 2007, then Pluto on 13th Jan. This will bring our personal will patterns into the picture. So here, we will get the opportunity to completely align our personal will with our spirtual will and with Divine/Cosmic will...aah enlightenment!..or, it may also just make us more acutely aware of what we still need to do in order to accomplish this level of alignment in order to realise that we are, and always have been enlightened - we've just been in denial for several lifetimes. So now we get our worksheet for the year ahead. We will get a chance to discover how well we have done in January 2008, when Mars goes retrograde in opposition to the GC, and again in February 2008, when it goes direct in opposition to the GC.

On 1st April (!) 2007 Pluto turns retrograde. (Retrogrades occur when the Earth effectively "overtakes" another planet, so that planet looks like it is going backwards along the zodiac.) So now the work really begins. Pluto, at the best of times will dig into the deepest recesses of our psyches to get to the Light. When it turns retrograde, it just digs in much deeper to get through the Really Tricky Stuff. It is significant that this occurs on April 1st, and it offers a BIG CLUE as to how we can best deal with this challenge - it will either make fools of us all, or we can individually choose the Path of the Fool, and step off into the Unknown, trusting only in our inner truth and the Divine Light within us. This is the time to LISTEN TO YOUR INNER VOICE and ignore the fears of others, or the fears generated by the unintegrated parts of your own psyche - this is a time of turning within in order to regain the Power that we have given away to others - so no-one else can tell you what to do whilst Pluto is retrograde - we have to find and then trust the answers ourselves. This is not to say don't listen to others' advice, but make up your own mind and don't take anything on trust unless it comes from, or aligns with your own inner voice. Test out everything - even this Update, for accuracy - it may not be true for you.

On 17th July 2007, Pluto once again exactly conjuncts the Galactic Centre, whilst it's going retrograde (Pluto, that is - we'd be in really deep trouble if the Galactic Centre started going retrograde). So now we really get to see where and how we are still resisting Universal / Divine Will, and we will come to realise that Resistance Is Futile! If we are a part of the Oneness (and how could we possibly not be) then we ultimately have no choice but to follow the Universal Will. The ego may try to make all sorts of excuses and reasons and arguments as to why it should be allowed to remain separate from the Reality of Oneness, and try desperately to stand resolute against the overwhelming creative force of the entire Cosmos - aah, the ego, you've got to love it really, haven't you, it's just so silly at times. King Canute might have gained more respect if he had learnt to become a really great surfer instead of trying to stop the waves; and that's what we all need to do with the energetic waves coming in from the Pluto/GC - learn how to really surf these energies at the cosmic level. And when you fall off your board, get right back up there again and feel how exhilirating it can be - yeeeehaaa!

A Brief Note about the "Photon Belt"
There has been much talk in recent years about the so-called "Photon Belt". Some of the more whacky assertions that have grown up around this theory are at best rather misleading, and at worst spurious astronomical absurdities or mathematical impossibilities, which there is not space to refute here. However, the research of Dr. Alexey Dmitriev of the Siberian department of the Russian Academy of Sciences at Novosibirsk, has come up with some very interesting results that appear to confirm the existence of the "Photon Belt": He and others have been measuring increased plasma and photon activity at the leading edge of the Heliosphere. The Heliosphere is the tear-shaped "bubble" created by the solar wind as it streams out beyond the far reaches of the Solar System. At the front edge, where the Solar Wind stops, the "bubble" becomes flattened as it pushes forward into interstellar space. Normally there is an area of highly charged plasma and photon (light particles) activity in this area. Before 1999, this was about 10 astronomical units (AU) thick (I AU is the distance of the Earth from the Sun - 93million miles = 149million km). Since 1999, the thickness of this has been growing steadily at a phenomenal rate, so that it is now at least 100 AU thick (ie:9,300million miles)! This is causing vast amounts more plasma and photon particles to flow into the helioshphere, which is affecting the activity on the Sun, and is thereby changing the weather patterns on every planet in the solar system! Far from absolving us from responsibility for Global Warming, this knowledge makes it even more imperative that we do everything we can to help counter-balance the effects of these vast cosmic changes.

It is believed that the Photon Belt is one of several doughnut-shaped bands of energy that radiate out from the Galactic Centre, and which our solar system is moving into as we hurtle along the outer reaches of the galaxy. The alignment of Pluto with the Galactic Centre means that it (Pluto) now lies directly in the path of these highly charged frequencies flowing from the GC into our solar system, so that Pluto can somehow act as a transformer to step down these frequencies, making them more easily assimilable to our human consciousness. (For more background on the research of Dr. Dmitriev, visit: and the excellent site of David Wilcock, who claims, very convincingly to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce: )

Back to Pluto and the GC
On 8th September 2007, Pluto turns direct again, and on 27th October makes its final conjunction with the Galactic Centre. So, one last chance to align!...Well actually, it might take the rest of your life, but this IS THE PIVOTAL TURNING POINT, after which there is no going back - not that there ever was, but the ego likes to hear that sort of it a sense of purpose and something to aim for, so it doesn't have to acknowledge its futility. Seriously though, if you want to plug yourself fully into the Cosmic Mains, now will be the best time to fully surrender and do it...the only real question is whether you choose to do it willingly, easily and quickly, or prefer to make it a long, drawn-out and uncomfortable process - the ego likes that kind of thing also, gives it something to complain about and thus continue to justify its existence. I'm sorry, I just can't get really serious about all of this...remember April 1st is a BIG CLUE - DON'T TAKE ANY OF IT TOO SERIOUSLY - we are being shown just how much of an Illusion our experience of this Universe really is, so why would we take it too seriously. We might as well believe that the characters in our favourite soap operas are real! The difference here is that we now have a 'real' opportunity to realise that we are the writers, directors, set designers and stars of our own soap operas, so we can decide where the plot goes next and what the outcome will be...subject to Divine Funding of course...some plots just won't get approval from Upstairs, especially if they go against the Overall Long-Term Programming Plan. (Unlike the BBC, God is not probably not open to lucrative offers to defect to other Realities.)

How will the Pluto / GC conjunction affect the Earth-grids ? There are some interesting planetary and Earth-grid alignments during the pivotal points in the Conjunction, so for those who like this kind of thing - read on...

Remembering the "Problem"
Pluto becomes exactly conjunct the Galactic Centre on 29th December 2006 at 12.00 USZ6 (Russia Zone 6 Time = 05.00 Universal Time/GMT): The North-South Meridian line of Pluto will be passing directly over the Fault Line off the West coast of Banda Aceh, Sumatra, which caused the Boxing Day Tsunami on 26th December 2004! I do not believe that this presages another earthquake there - however, the shift in the Tectonic Plates and the instability of the Earth's crust there suggests that it is through this region that the First Ray energies of the Pluto/GC conjunction can anchor into the Earth-grids. Pluto's meridian will also have just passed over Bagan, site of a thousand temples in Myanmar (Burma), and within minutes will pass over Lhasa in Tibet. At the same moment, Saturn's Meridian line will be passing down the central Atlantic, through "Ruta" which lies near the north end of the Mid Atlantic Ridge, and is believed to have been the most sacred temple site of Atlantis. Saturn is particularly concerned with the structures and energy patterns inherited from the past, and so memory too. This is likely to bring up collective fear-memories about what went wrong in Atlantis, and an increased sense of urgency and responsibility to prevent us from upsetting the natural balance too far this time. In the same moments, the Moon's Meridian will be passing directly over Hawaii, the planetary Alta Major Chakra, the energy centre which receives input from the Cosmos and flows directly into all of the earth-grids simultaneously. The Moon connects us with etheric energies and wiht feelings. Hawaii is like the Shamanic Centre of all the Earth-grids, connecting us to the Spirit of the Earth and the Spirit of the Ancestors - the Moon means that this can be a felt experience for some level we will all feel the shift that is taking place. The Meridian of Ceres - the Mother Goddess, largest of the Asteroids, will be passing directly over New Caledonia, regarded by some as the most beautiful and paradisical island in the New Hebrides, to the north-west of Australia. The Goddess returns to Paradise, to the ancient Lemuria! So, all four of these planets will be "triggering" places on the Earth-grids which have been in the past, or are now regarded as the nearest places to Paradise on Earth. All this as the frequencies of the First Ray of Divine Will aligns with the First Ray frequencies of Pluto within our solar the frequencies of Heaven literally come to Earth, through these places, into the Earth grids, and potentially into each and every one of us on this planet. Breathe in...breathe out.

The "Healing Crisis"
At the Retrograde Conjunction Of Pluto / GC on 17th July 2007 at 22.25 BAT (Baghdad Time = 19.25 UT/GMT), Pluto's Meridian line will be passing over Mecca, and within a few minutes of that over Aksum, Ethiopia, probably the last resting place of the Ark of the Covenant, which contained the ancient codes of the First Ray energies of Divine Will. This will renew the First Ray impulse within the Islamic and Judaeo-Christian traditions, and continue to root out any distortions within their teachings which have come about over the centuries. Also, within minutes Jupiter's Meridian will pass over Mount Olympus and Delphi, Greece - Zeus, the Father God of the Greeks and western mythological/psychological archetypes, returns to his traditional Abode on Olympus! The Meridian of Vesta, holding the feminine aspect of the Solar Logos will be passing directly over the Teufelstein / Lucifer's Rock in Austria. This remarkable site lay directly under the Eclipse Path in August 1999, and has carvings that depict a calendar of the cycles of Venus, as Lucifer the Light Bringer - yet another example of how the Divine Feminine became demonised by "Christianity", much of which had little to do with the actual teachings of Christ. The Meridian of Juno (wife/consort of Jupiter), carrier of the soul aspect of relationship will now pass directly over Ruta on the Mid Atlantic Ridge (see above), anchoring the new frequencies into the soul body, and healing the negative soul-memory and fear that we collectively carry about the destruction of Atlantis. Our souls have at some level been expecting it all to happen again, and it doesn't have to be repeated in that is what Barbara Hand Clow calls "Catastrophobia" - the fear of the repetition of the past catastrophe (Atlantis) - a sort of global post traumatic stress disorder at the unconscious soul level - if we keep resonating at that old frequency then we will attract it again...or we can choose to heal the fear-memory, change the frequency and attract the energies that will create a different outcome. The Meridian of Venus will just have passed over Macchu Picchu, Peru, anchoring the new frequencies into the emotional body. The Meridians of the Moon and Saturn will be passing either side of Bimini in the Bahamas, anchoring the new frequencies into the etheric and physical body. The Sun's Meridian will, within minutes pass over Sedona, Arizona, anchoring the new frequencies into the Spirtual heart and mental body. The Moon's North Node Meridian will be passing over Bali.The North Node anchors in the Spiritual Purpose of an event. There is something here, as with the Pluto Meridian passing over the Tsunami Zone at the first conjunction, of the creative activity of Shiva, who destroys the old patterns first in order to create anew. The Meridians of Neptune and Chiron will now pass over the Tsunami Earthquake zone off Sumatra. Chiron and Neptune together are concerend with deep healing of the Collective Unconscious, and the healing power of Unconditional Love, presaging their exact Conjunction in February 2010. This is the deep healing energy and Grace that can transform the fear-memory frequencies of Atlantis and Lemuria.This retrograde phase of the Conjunction will be the most crucial for releasing the old and anchoring the new frequencies into our collective consciousness, energy bodies and cellular structures.

The "Resolution"
At the Final Conjunction of Pluto / GC on 28th October 2007 at 15.24 AWST (Australian Western Time = 07.24 GMT/UT), Pluto's Meridian will be passing over Broome, on the north coast of Western Australia. This will anchor the new First Ray frequencies into the Rainbow Serpent earth currents, which according to Robert Coon, flow into Australia in this region as part of the Great Energy Circle, known in other parts of the world as the Michael/Mary Dragon line. Jupiter's Meridian will be passing over Borobodur, Java bringing the positive, creative aspects of the Divine into this most sacred place. Venus' meridian will have just passed over Mount Olympus and Delphi - anchoring new frequencies of Love into the birthplace of western civilisation.Saturn's Meridian will be passing over Roma and Assisi, challenging the structures and attitudes that have perpetuated fear and limitation since pre-Christian times* and reminding us, as St. Francis did that every living being is our sister or brother, including the planet herself. (*Remember the Roman Emperors? - they're alive and well and living in Washington DC - Same architecture, same Eagle on the standard, same empire-building...and still trying to control the Brits. Caligula made his horse into a senator and advisor...GWB asks his dog's advice about his policies on National TV for his Christmas message - aah, what goes around comes around !). Mars' Meridian will be passing over Brasilia, enabling Brazil to fully embrace its spiritual role as the Hands of the World, (according to Master Kuthumi). As the location which will hold the frequencies for the future Age of Capricorn in 2000 years' time, Brazil literally holds the spiritual future of the world in its hands. Mars enacts. The Moon and Ceres' Meridians will be spanning Teotihuacan in Mexico, site of the Mayan temples to the Sun and the Moon, and assisting in the relesase of the Light memory imprinted into the stones by the Souls of the Mayan Elders...for more on this truly inspiring information from Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, visit:

And finally - Uranus' Meridian will just have passed over Hawaii...releasing just about everything! Let go, Let go, Let go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the Ride - you might as well, with Love Marcus Mason x

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Enjoy the Ride

I be trying me best!

"Ye shall know them by their fruits"
~ Matthew 7:16

"Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."
~ Buddha
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