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> H. SCHIRMER-Police Officer, Abduction (1967)

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Posted: Aug 7 2006, 11:12 AM
Quote Post
The Winged Serpent Symbol

Another winged serpent symbol seen on the breast of an
extraterrestrial human-like being who also abducted an Earth man was
reported ten years before Bill Herrmann' s sightings in Charleston

Around 02:30 in the morning of 3 December 1967, young Herbert
Schirmer, a 22 year old Police Officer of Ashland, Nebraska, a
veteran of the Armed Forces, patrolling the area in his police car,
was coming up on the intersection of highways 63 and 6, when he saw
in front of him a dark oval object with a line of blinking lights
around it's middle. His first thought was that it was a badly parked
truck, but when he turned his headlights up on bright, the object
rose up into the air. There had been a wave of UFO observations
around Nebraska about that time, but Herb never expected to encounter
one of them. When he returned to the Police Station sometime after
03:00, he wrote the following entry in the log: "I saw a flying
saucer at the intersection of highways 6 and 63. Believe it or not!"

When he left the station that morning Herb went right home because he
had developed a strong headache and he had a buzzing in his ears. He
just wanted to get some sleep. He also noticed the presence of a red
welt on his neck below the left ear. He had no suspicion of having
been taken aboard the strange craft he had seen. His official notes
only showed a lapse of some 25 minutes of time not accounted for.

The Condon Committee, then convened at the University of Colorado,
heard of the case and flew him to Boulder where Herb was hypnotized
and regressed back into the target time and date by Dr. Leo Sprinkle,
a well known professional psychologist and hypnotic expert.

Under hypnosis, the young police officer gave surprising details of
his contact with the occupants of the UFO. After that he began to
recall much of the contact and he remembered more information.

That morning after returning home, the pains in his head only
continued to increase. He took aspirins to no avail.

But before this Herb Schirmer had been interviewed by two members of
the Condon Committee, who had gone to Ashland a few days after the
incident. The physical effects were examined by physicist, Dr. Roy
Craig, while psychologist Dr. John Ahrens recorded the story of Herb
Schirmer and evaluated his mental balance and credibility. Both
investigators visited the place on the highway where the incident
took place. They also examined the Plymouth patrol car.

It was after that that Schirmer and a companion were flown to

"They said they wanted to give me some psychological tests," said
Schirmer. "When we arrived at room 202 of Woodbury Hall, at the
University of Colorado, I was introduced to Dr. leo Sprinkel, a
psychologist from the University of Wyoming. I didn't't know much
about hypnosis, but I understood that they would test me. Dr.
Sprinkel was able to put me in trance, and it was then when we knew
that I had seen much more than simply a UFO."

Under hypnosis, Schirmer described his approach to the object stopped
on the highway. The engine on the patrol car ceased to function and
the lights all went out.

Q. Did you try to draw your weapon?

A. They prevented me.

0. Did you try to call on the car radio?

A. I could not press the button. They prevented it.

Q. And now what is happening?

A. Something is approaching my car.

Q. Can you see the image of the person who approaches?

A. No. It is white. Very diffuse.

Q. Do you know where they come from?

A. From Venus, Jupiter and other planets. Their place of origin is
found in a nearby Galaxy.

Q. What do they want?

A. They don't mean us any harm.

Q. Why did they land in Ashland?

A. They wanted to take electricity from the high tension lines.

Q. How did they effect this operation?

A. (After a long pause.) . .1 cannot tell you at this time.

Q. How did the ship work?

A. It operated against gravity.

Q. And how did they do this?

A. I cannot answer. This is not the time nor the place.2

During this regression, two features came out that are

quite common to UFO cases: The taking of electricity, and the
UFOnauts asked Schirmer if there was a body of water near by.

When Schirmer returned to Ashland, someone suggested that he contact
Eric Norman, who writes under the pseudonym of Warren Smith, and was
well experienced with UFO cases, who could help him understand
things. Norman introduced Schirmer to professional hypnotist Loring
G. Williams, of Hinsdale, New Hampshire. They all met, together with
Brad Steiger in a Holiday Inn motel in Des Moines, Iowa, on 3
December 1967. Eric Norman subsequently published extracts of that
regression transcript that included the following:

"... almost two thirty in the ....... there is something in the road
in front of me... Probably a truck with a flat tire. I raised my
headlights and turned on the rotating beacon... The lights blinked up
and down rapidly... My God! What is that? .... can leave this road
and ascend into the air... Hmm... there is an abandoned field...
nothing can land... I follow it... I go by this dirt road to the
field... ......... Wahoo, four zero eight... Wahoo.. four zero
eight... the radio isn't working... Hmmm... What happened to the
motor?... And the lights?...

"Yes, sir.

"...It is shaped like a football... lights blinking... with a silver
light below... it is extending some tripod legs from the lower
part... it is landing in the field. This is bad!... I am afraid... I
am trembling...I can't leave... there is something in my mind I want
to go home... I can't go... Oh, no! 'THEY ARE COMING TOWARD THE
CAR!... I try to pull my revolver... I am stopped... There is
something in mind... One of them, in

front of the car, raises an object... from which comes something that
seems like a green gas, and it covers the whole car... Hmmm... This
is something very strange... my God! This can not be... it can not
be... the gas completely surrounds the car... He is taking something
out of a holster... points it at the windshield... there is a
brilliant flash... like the flash of a camera... brilliant....... I
can not reply. That brilliant light paralyzes my movement.

Now I open my eyes... lower the window glass... I do not want to but
I ...... Two of them... I do not

see the other... He is behind me and he grabs me on one side of my
neck... Ow!... Ow!... He will hurt me grabbing me by the neck... it
hurts for a ....... he grabbed me on the left side, below the ear...
I can not see very well... It is possible that he carries something
in his hand...

"I don't know if he disadvantaged me again or not, I open the door
and get out, near the car... That one looks directly at my eyes. I
don't like it. He has strange eyes...

"...They ask me questions... 'Are you the guard of this place?' 'I am
the Police...' I wish he wouldn't look at me like that... More
questions... They ask me if we have a center of energy... They ask
about a body of water... And I ask him if he is real... He have me a
squeeze On the shoulder... Holy God! I am not dreaming... It's real!

"...He asked me if I would shoot at a spaceship... No, sir... He said
I could go aboard for some minutes... He said the ship functioned by
means of reversible electromagnetism... something... strange words...
gravity... Another stays to watch the car... the lights and motor
still do not work... The ladder by which we ascend to the ship is
very cold... colder than the air outside... The interior was
approximately 6 x 8 meters... the illumination inside is red..? There
is a couple of strange seats and some machines that look like
computers... I again feel a crawling... There are belts that whirl...
Through the mind... he does not speak with his mouth. He says... he
tells me... my head hurts...

"This is an observation ship with a crew of four men ... there is
much to explain... they have been observing us for a long time.... he
did not say how long... They send information little by little to
prepare us... and

also to disconcert and intrigue us... lately they have let us see too
much... all should believe a little in them, but not too much..

"...They are preparing us for the invasion.. no., not to conquer
the world... only to demonstrate to us... He did not tell me why they
are here... they are from another Galaxy and they have bases on some
of our planets...Venus... and others...Bullets can hit them, but
nothing can penetrate the forcefields of their ships... Again he
returned to pressing buttons... He said that while we were talking
and he was showing me things, they have been inserting things in my

There are details that fit strangely with other UFO abductions. In
the control room, Schirmer saw two seats of strange design with
triangular backs. The seats were mounted on tracks running along in
front of the console panels, and could apparently be moved from one
position to another.

Similar seats were seen on a lower level where entry was made and
where the power unit was located. There were more such seats in an
upper level with more computers arrayed along the walls. As they
entered the lower level of the ship from the top of the round runged
ladder it felt colder than the winter air outside. Schirmer's escort
offered to show him the power source for the craft and took him into
a central room in that lower level which was surrounded by many
cannister shaped objects mounted in a circle there inside. They had
wires connecting them one to another in the circle. In the middle of
the room was an object that was glowing red, inside the circle of
cannisters. It looked like a big spinning football in horizontal
position. The spinning center was surrounded on two sides
horizontally by triangular objects and what appeared to be computers.
The ET escort said that it operated on a principle based
on "reversible magnetism".

Schirmer said he was conveyed, by a glass elevator, to another level
of the ship. This turned out to be the main control room where the
walls were covered with computers and appliances. Schirmer was taken
to a large TV like screen on the wall with many controls below it,
which the ET manipulated. He showed Schirmer, on the screen, pictures
of their mother-ship, a huge vessel in space. He showed Herb the ET's
own solar system "in a galaxy next to yours", the being said. There
were many computer and console-like devices mounted on the ten foot
high walls all around this room. The strangely shaped almost
reclining type one-legged chairs could be moved along a single track
that ran in front of the many console devices. To the left of the big
screen was a map chart of a sun with six planets, "with writing
beside each planet. The language was one that I could not read,"
Schirmer said.

When Schirmer asked about the purpose of the trip to Ashland, the ET
said the ship came to extract power from a nearby hydroelectric
transmission line. Then the ET said, "look Watchman". "And I saw a
blue bolt of light through a porthole. It was like a beam and it hit
the transformer on a power pole approximately 200 feet from the
craft. There was a bright flash of fire and the blue bolt came back
to the craft."

"Then the man said that one of the reasons they landed was to extract
electricity from power stations. He also said that they have been
observing us for a long time."

In the better interior lighting, Schirmer got a good look at his
unusual visitors. He saw four men altogether and he talked to two of
them. The words were articulated but they seemed more like they came
from the ET's mid-section than from their mouths.

Under hypnosis, Schirmer described these alien beings to the
interrogator. They were between 1.35 and 1.50 meters in height. They
were strong and muscular without fat in their slender members. They
had a wide and fuller chest for men of their height, like the
Altiplano Indians who breathe the rarified air of heights. They did
breathe our ambient air without any kind of atmospheric equipment to
aid them. Schirmer knew they were breathing it allright, because as
he entered the ship he had looked back at the ET being left to watch
his patrol car, and he saw the steam of his breath when he exhaled in
the cold winter night air. They had a larger and more narrow head
than an ordinary human. Their skin was a grayish-white, likened to
the color of home baked white bread. They had large eyes with fine
eyebrows above that turned up at the outside. They reminded Herb of a
cat's eyes. The nose was longer but flatter, and more prominent than
that of a normal human. The lips were very fine, a mere slash in the

The little UFOnauts wore a kind of closely fitted fly-

ing suit and pull-on boots. It was a silvery gray color, like
asbestos. Schirmer did not see collars or cuffs, nor any seams,
zippers or closures. A belt surrounded the waist and a holster-like
thing hung from one side. He didn' t remember much about the hands,
since they wore gloves.

On the left breast of each crew member he observed an emblem that
resembled a serpent with wings. The emblem was in red on the silver-
gray uniform. The belt, boots, and gloves were black. The silver suit
came up over the head in a kind of cowl fitted around the face. The
hood had something like ear-muffs on each side with a small antenna-
like mast sticking up from the left side.

One of the ET's pressed a button and belts began to roll. Herb began
to feel a crawling sensation. He pushed other buttons on the machines.

"And through my mind... I don't know how... he told me things... My
head hurts... there is something... he is speaking... he is telling
me that this is an observation ship with four crew members."

When asked about the form of communication, Schirmer said: "They seem
to employ both methods to talk to me... the voice and mental
communication... The one that talked to me spoke with a voice, in a
kind of English with a strong Italian accent. It sounds very strange
and it seems to come from the middle of him. He told me they study
our terrestrial languages by means of a kind of machine. My mind
tells me they possess computers capable of speaking any language
whatever of any place on Earth where they land."

They told Schirmer that they have bases on our world, below the
surface and also beneath our oceans. Schirmer responded by saying, "I
don't understand. Perhaps there is where you want to disorient the
people. Why won't you tell us where the bases are situated? This
could put you in danger, and I know that you are very conscious of
all pertaining to your own protection."

They said that one of their submarine bases was off the coast of
Florida, between that peninsula and the Bermudas. Another of their
bases in in the polar regions. And another in the ocean off the coast
of Argentina. They said that these bases are for the protection of
the occupants of the UFO's and of "yourselves". They also said they
had bases in various other places, including two in the United
States. They deliberately withhold from the public the emplacement of
these bases. They do not want to provoke an invasion of these places
by an army of UFO hunters.

Curiously, the UFOnauts revealed considerable information to Herb
Schirmer about their system of propulsion. They told him that it
operated on reversible magnetism. a crystalline rotor in the center
of the ship is connected to great columns... reactors. The inversion
of the electromagnetic energy allows them to control matter and over
come the force of gravity.

They told Schirmer the ship was made of pure magnesium 100%. When the
UFOnauts demonstrated how they could draw electrical energy from high
tension lines (energy which was later returned to the lines because
they could not store great quantities within the ship), Herb asked
why they took small quantities then. They told Schirmer that one of
the defensive weapons of the ship was a field of electromagnetic
force, which they activated when the ship was in a landing mode. This
forcefield is of circular form surrounding the ship, and it is this
which stops the automobile motors and silences the radios and
television. It also provoked a disagreeable crawling sensation under
the skin of human beings, which could even increase to paralysis.

Schirmer's captors told him, among other things, that theirs was an
observation ship dedicated to collecting specimens of diverse types
of vegetation and animals.

Speaking later to investigators, Schirmer observed:

"It is possible that I asked them if they kidnapped human beings. The
only thing that I remember is that he told me that they had in
progress a program called a breeding analysis', and that they have
used some human beings in these experiments. He did not say whether
they kidnapped and carried away human beings. I did not continue this
discussion because I did not want them to get any ideas with respect
to me."

Schirmer believes that these UFOnauts have an advanced knowledge of
the brain.

"I believe they have captured certain people and have manipulated
their brain in a certain manner. For example:

They were able to control my knowledge of the observation. I did
exactly what they wanted me to do, like one of those robots we always
speak of. They were also able

to impede my giving certain details when Dr. sprinkle had me under
hypnosis before the Condon Commission. I am certain that these folk
can control a man through his brain for whatever time and whenever
they want."

When they referred to the rigorous security means with which they
surrounded the ship, one of the crewmen said:

"You people are very hostile."

When Herbert Schirmer was hypnotized and regressed back into the
experience by Dr. Ron Katz, of the University of California (Los
Angeles) Department of Anesthesiologym Schirmer drew sketches, in
trance, of what he saw. Those drawings were made in 1974, and were
published in The PROVINCE (Vancouver, B.C.) for March 20, 1976. A
sampling of those drawings is shown here.

Dr. Katz learned that Schirmer saw the UFO first as flashing red
lights, then as a football shaped object. He tried to call the
Sheriff's Office, but his radio was already dead.

"The craft was moving over the highway... no.... about 40 feet in the
air. It seemed that seemed that some great force was pulling the
patrol car up the embankment towards where the craft was beginning to
land. Schirmer saw a red-orange glow around the light on the bottom
of the craft, and saw a hatch open. "It was then that a shape of a
man came out and walked over to the front of the patrol car. Then a
second man came out of the craft and walked over to the car. The
first man stood in front of the patrol car and holding a small box-
like object, pressed something. A greenish mist came out spraying all
over the patrol car."

"The other man walked over to the driver's side of the patrol car and
reaching inside, pressed a silver object against my neck, directly
under my left ear. I felt a tingling sensation go through my whole

It was then that the gray-skinned man addressed Herb Schirmer
as "watchman of the town".

The abducting ship was a huge circular craft estimated to be about
120 feet in diameter by 40 feet from top to bottom of the bi-convex
lens shape as seen from the side. It was a metallic magnesium in
color and had a glowing field or corona surrounding it. It had an
antenna-like projection on top, and a bright reddish-orange glowing
ring on the bottom. It had a spinning flange surrounding the rimline
at the middle which stopped when the reddish ring on the bottom
stopped glowing. It also had a close-spaced line of windows or ports
all around the ship just above the rimline and its spinning flange.
It had one rectangular window near the top of the upper dome. Both
domes were equal sections of a circle. It had a hatch or door about
midway between the spinning rim flange and the glowing ring on the
bottom. It extended three piston like legs from the underside and
landed on them. The hatch opened and a metal ladder was extended down
to the ground.

The mother-ship displayed on a viewing screen aboard this observation
ship was a mammoth craft that must have been at least 800 feet from
left to right side of the view seen. It could easily take four or
more of the 120 foot observation craft completely inside it if it was
only one observation ship wide.


1. Almost all of the UFO abductees mentioned here had splitting
headaches after their encounter with the extraterrestrials. We don't

know if this is a normal psychological reaction from the excitement,
or whether it has something more specific to do with abduction
experience such as air breathed of drugs induced during the

2. It is apparent here that the ETs have programmed Herbert Schirmer
not to recall certain things. But in this case he, or they, may have
been monitored by the ETs, for it was the place and those
interrogators he could not reveal it to, because later he freely
revealed how the electrical power was extracted from the high tension

3. The illumination inside the Reticulian ship that abducted Bill
Herrmann was also red. These are two of the few rare cases where the
internal illumination was red light.

4. It is unclear whether Galaxy is the correct term to be used in
this case. Since Herbert Schirmer was ill versed in astronomical
subjects, it is possible that what was really meant was another group
of stars.

(Note: Now we've been told they do travel the galaxies..not hard to
visualize after looking at Hubbles photo Abel 1689-cluster of
galaxies at

5. These unusual seats had one-legged pedestal bases like so many of
these cases involving this type of being. From there these seats were
quite different, however. They were more like reclining chairs in
style and had side arms and backs with a headrest on top of the back.

6. Schirmer was also taken up to a third level where he saw two of
the strange seats mounted in front of an identical console device for
each seat. There was a wide rectangular viewing window above the two
installed instruments. It looks a little like the one seen from

7. This is the first case of the small pasty-white human-like beings
with large eyes, who were also reported to have eyebrows. Whether
they also had hair on their heads is unknown, because they never
lowered the fitted cowl-like hood that completely covered the head
except for the face.

8. Submarine bases have frequently been reported bu UFO occupants.

Filiberto Cardenas of Hialeah, Florida, and David Melemdez of Bayamon,

Puerto Rico were both abducted by UFOs and taken to underwater bases.


9. The "breeding analysis" mentioned may be something like the
biogenetic experiments carried out by other ETs, seeking to
understand a different humanity, which may be us. Some reported that
they were actually creating groups of hy-brid people by cross
fertilization of specimens from Earth abductees.

10. We may recall that in both the Betty and Barney Hill, and the
Steven Kilburn cases, their cars were "pulled" off the road abruptly
and at high speed by some unseen and unknown force beyond their

"Breaking the Spear of Destiny"
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