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> Myron Evans & the Unified Field Theory

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Posted: Sep 26 2005, 12:07 PM
Quote Post
Hi I'am a new member here and want to start something here of which I think is quite revolutionary.

I'am dutch so here we go:

On and (and in many papers and books dating back to 1992) are developed a unified field theory which is based on Cartan differential geometry. This completes Einstein's work as described on your website. Thank you for translating Einstein's papers (1925 to 1930) into English. Einstein's work is completed in the Evans unified field theory because causal and objective quantum mechanics is incorporated into general relativity using the tetrad postulate to give a lemma which leads to a wave equation of quantum mechanics. I worked with Vigier and discussed my theory in a lot of detail with Wheeler and Sternglass. These three colleagues were well acquainted with Einstein's work, the last two being students of Einstein and the former a colleague of de Broglie.

As you can see the Evans unified field theory is based directly on Cartan geometry, and the Cartan torsion becomes the electromagnetic field tensor as intended by Cartan, but with the additional inference of the Evans spin field, which comes directly out of the first Cartan structure equation. The other additional feature is the ansatz: A = A(0) q

i.e. that the electromagnetic potential is the Cartan tetrad within A(0).

The Evans unified field theory has been tested experimentally in a number of ways, and is described fully on the websites. I read some of your historical notes which I summarize very briefly as follows.

After the discovery of GR in 1915 Weyl attempted a unified field theory with non-metric connections and the tensor of non-metricity. In 1922 Cartan extended Riemann geometry to include connections that were not necessarily symmetric in the lower two indices, introduced the torsion tensor, and suspected that it could be relevant to electromagnetism. Einstein corresponded with Cartan and attempted in a series of articles in the Prussian Academy of Sciences (1925 to 1930) to develop a unified field theory with teleparallelism. He succeded in deriving the Maxwell Heaviside field equations as a first approximation to the unified field theory and also the Newton / Poisson equations. In teleparalellism however the general R tensor vanishes everywhere. Einstein did not succeed in unifying this theory with quantum mechanics, and complained that he obtained little or no support from colleagues. Indeed, from the mid thirties onwards Einstein was grossly offended by the Physical Review editorship and never published there again.

By taking account of the inverse Farday effect of non-linear optics I have succeeded in completing Eisntein's work. This is based on Cartan differential geometry, which you describe as "beautiful". It is indeed so. I also succeeded in deriving a wave equation from the tetrad postulate of Cartan, and in showing that the tetrad is the fundamental field for all radiated and matter fields. Nothing more than Cartan differential geomerty is needed, as inferred by Cartan and Einstein. I use the Riemann form and the torsion form, and neither vanishes in general - an improvement over teleparallelism, stated in all modesty.

The Evans spin field is part of Cartan geometry, and is observed experimentally in the inverse Faraday effect, inferred by Piekara and Kielich (circa 1955) unfortunately too late for Einstein to be aware of it. The two AIAS sites are attracting between them almost two million hits every year and the Evans field theory has been accepted as mainstream physics, simpler and much more powerful than string theory because it is based on Cartan geometry.

No doubt other versions of unified field theory are possible and should be explored of course, but the Evans unified field theory is by far the most popular at present among professional physicists worldwide. We can see this precisely from feedback stats, which show visits from every major physics institution in the world.

Myron Evans

So what? Most of you will think.Well Mr.Evans claims this and carefully read the last sentence:

"My acclaimed unified field theory is also developed carefully on already known experimental facts, and reduces to all the major equations of physics, which are of course, well tested empirically. It is a theory which completes the work of Albert Einstein and extends the scope and understanding of Physics far beyond its current boundaries. It has none of the unproven speculations of string theory and unifies general relativity and quantum mechanics. Its major predictions are the B(3) (Evans/ Vigier) field, which is now known to be observable with great precision in many ways, and the presence of an infinite supply of energy that can be extracted from space-time and used to solve the impending energy crisis."

An other name for this field is the: ECE field which means Einstein Cartan Evans field.

I think everybody of you never heard from this guy but he got already a reward which I think is a big one. This is the reward:


On the advice of the Prime Minister, Queen Elizabeth II has awarded a Civil List Pension to Prof. Myron W. Evans, Director of the Alpha Foundation for Advanced Study (AIAS) in recognition of his contributions to science.

The Royal Society of Chemistry and the Royal Society kindly encouraged the appointment and the two Chief Executives communicated during the process. Dr. Myron Evans is the only "pure chemist" ever to have been appointed to the British Civil List. Michael Faraday was a physicist (in today's terms) rather than a chemist although the Faraday Society was later dedicated to physical chemistry and chemical physics. The RSC is pleased and proud at his appointment.

Other notable sceintists appointed to the Civil List include James Joule, who had no formal training, and was in today's terms an engineer; Robert Brown, who was the botanist who discovered the Brownian motion; Airy, the Astronomer Royal, a physicist; and last but not least the great Michael Faraday.

This is a high honour granted to few British scientists. Only two or three other leading British scientists have been awarded a Civil List Pension: these include the father of classical electrodynamics, Michael Faraday, (1797 - 1867), who was awarded a Civil List Pension in 1836, and James Prescott Joule, (1818 - 1889), the father of thermodynamics, awarded a Civil List Pension in 1878. In the arts, notable recipients of a Civil List pension include Lord Byron, Lord Tennyson and William Wordsworth

Prof. Evans was born in 1950 and was educated at Pontardawe Grammar School and University of Wales Aberystwyth, and is the author of some seven hundred papers and monographs in chemistry and physics. He is Harrison Memorial Prizewinner and Meldola Medallist of the Royal Society of Chemistry, sometime Junior Research Fellow of Wolfson College Oxford, University of Wales Fellow and SERC Advanced Fellow, formerly an IBM Research Professor at IBM Kingston New York and a visiting scientist at Cornell Theory Center.

He has made many contributions to both chemistry and physics, and has recently completed Einstein's work of 1925 to 1955 in the development of a unified field theory sought after by physicists for four hundred years. This achievement has been universally recognised worldwide in the past two years. He becomes the only British scientist currently on the Civil List.

Ok and now what it is all about:

The source of electric power from spacetime is now known with precision to be (barebones notation): J = (A(0)/mu0) (R tilde ^ q - omega ^ T tilde)
so the frst computational task is to input various R, omega, q and T and to compute J.

In free space: J (vacuum) = 0 and for pure gravitation: J (gravitation) = 0

The vacuum of general relativity is a flat spacetime devoid of all energy. In order for J to be non-zero the Christoffel connection must be asymmetric in its lower two indices.

This source of electric power is not present in the Maxwell Heaviside field theory but has been observed in a reproducible and repeatable manner in devices which are being prepared for mass production. Using the material I have sent over in the past week the above equations can be written as tensor or vector equations and then expanded into scalar component equations. I have done this already for the Coulomb law.

The IE for field matter interaction is: d ^ F tilde = (|g| half epsilon R) ^ A = mu0 J

Here the metric determinant g and the Riemann form R are symmetric, and originate in mass. This leads to the usual MH inhomogeneous field equation for all indices of F tilde. Note that R is infinite for a point electron. Thi sterm does nto appear in the HE because that equation is for free space (effective absence of mass).

The really important new insight is that in the presence of interaction of electromagnetism and gravitation g and R are changed in the above equation,AND THIS IS THE PRECISE SOURCE OF THE NEW TYPE OF ELECTRIC POWER AVAILABLE FROM EVANS SPACETIME.


On sep 21 Mr Evans put this on is weblog:

Energy from ECE Spacetime

Yes the design is ready and independently tested - it is a matchbox
sized circuit. As usual I am not at liberty to say any more at present other than the fact that results are very positive. I know that this stretches the patience of people a bit, but I have great confidence in the Mexican group. The secrecy is for good reason. On the other hand the theory is out in the open as you know.

Thank you; dodeca

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Posted: Sep 26 2005, 05:06 PM
Quote Post

mmm, I guess this bring us from the "to be ridiculed", to the denial phase. Good. Big step!

Although I cannot follow all mathematical equisions, I do have great interest in zero-point energy.

Some time ago I also read about some experiments a guy was doing which was based on the faraday's disc. He was looking for "overunity" as well.

Are you planning on doing practical guidance as well if people are willing to do experiments?

Keep up the good work! Wish you all the luck and safety you need.


"Being controlled is for the Ignorant"
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