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Posted by: redniut Dec 14 2006, 02:34 PM
Yep, your read it correctly...

Laws are setup and in December 2009 vitamins, minerals and herbs good for health will be illegal through the WTO... That involves 149 countries!!


The International Decade of Nutritionís High Potency Nutrient Feeding
programs can be carried out in compromised communities through excellent
documentation before and after the nutrient feeding programs to show the
ups and downs of high potency nutrient feeding: increased health, decreased
illness and mortality, increased productivity and quality of life,
decreased costs of health and/or illness care. All of this, of course,
would be made impossible under Codex if, for example, a country tried to
export high potency nutrients which violated the restrictive and dangerous
Vitamin and Mineral Guideline (ratified July 4, 2005, at the Rome meeting
of the Codex Alimentarius Commission).

How typical again that this is not mainstream news... They are sooooo transparant these days...

Time to start growing your own food!!


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