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> 1ANUNNAKI, The Movie

Freedom Fighter
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Posted: Dec 18 2004, 10:56 PM
Quote Post
I don't care about any Annunaki,
my motto has always been ,
One must be prepared at all times to hijack alien spacecraft if the opportunity arrises.
This means dumping the body of the Annunaki over the Atlantic enroute to Mars and beyond.
Discriminating between friendly alien and foe alien may be diificult in the moment of confrontation...
and action would have to be instantaneous before the shoe is on other foot,
so to say, and the alien kicks YOUR ass.

The only good Annunaki is a dead Annunaki.

But then there were so many
Annunazi's as GLP spook patrol...the debunker dominions

Aside from that
the "suncruisers"
are pixel bleedout of image object light saturation, be it planetary or anomalous.
Highly doubtful are the suncruisers, sorry.
BJ, your picture actually was most interesting , I will try and find it in the NASA links.

Thessa are you sure that the "suncruiser " did not correspond to a planetary passthru of the field of vision of the SOHO satellite?

PMEmail Poster

Freedom Fighter
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Posted: Dec 18 2004, 11:26 PM
Quote Post
here is the image of 2318 passing of the 2 objects you mentioned.

and this is actually almost 10 hours later than the first one you posted,
which most likely indicates 2 planets moving thru the field of camera vision.

Though I am highly skeptical about "suncruisers"
you will love this link
if you believe,
and I will admit , that the image at the bottom of the page,
did kick my ass somewhat

Dynamite CMEs

quick edit
I mentioned the images at the bottom of the page of link

where the object is magnified into the large odd shaped form

here is the actual link to the SOHO image

If you run this image thru your own trim and magnify you get nothing like they got.
They must be using an image magnification enhancement program.
Anyone know what this might be as an enhance program?

PMEmail Poster

Truth Seeker
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Posted: Dec 19 2004, 02:43 AM
Quote Post
if the Draco pretend to be the Anunnakki, do not buy it

Yes, it is absoultely correct that Princess Diana was aware of the ability of the Royal Family to shapeshift into a Reptilian form. This is not to say that they are ´aliens´. They are actually the same species as the rest of us Earth-humans. They just have an extremely high percentage of Reptilian DNA, giving them the ability to manifest a working Reptilian body from that DNA, which, when they are in their human forms, is hidden in what quantum physicists call "The Implicate Order".

Paul Burrel was going to reveal this aspect of Diana´s information, but was threatened for it. The Windsors claimed that he had stolen a boat, and when he kept quiet about the Reptilians, he was given protection by the Rothschilds mafia and now defames the Windsors on a more political level.

One of Diana´s confidantes, "Christine Fitzgerald", actually did come forth momentarily about the Reptilian shapeshifting aspect of the Windsors, but was subsequently threatened and since has kept quiet.

The subject of the Reptilians is rather complex, but basically the Royal Elite of Europe were created by the Draco Reptilians as part of a plan to return Earth to its original status as a Draco military colony.

For quite a while, it has been considered a cultural and genetic experimentation site. The Reptilians programmed their ´experiments´, such as the Mongol Hordes, the Sumerian Empire and the Royal elite, to take over other experiments. They have now succeeded in conquering the entire civilised world in this way, except for the Nazi-Aldebaranian civilisation underneath Antarctica, called the Fourth Reich.

There are really 13 different mafias in the Illuminati, which are all shapeshifters. These 13 mafias are not extremely friendly or cooperative with one another, and constantly infight. Beneath them are 300 families of Royal blood which are mostly not shapeshifters, but which are programmed with an oppressor mentality and given comfortable lives to encourage their cooperation in the Illuminati-mafia.

There is a separate mafia created by the Draco called the Japanese Illuminati, headed by Emperor Akihito. This Illuminati is at war with the European/Western Illuminati, but both groups are working toward a New World Order with inspiration from the same alien group--the Draco.

The Draco are not controlling the Earth as directly as some people might think. Yes, Baron Guy de Rothschild, the head of the Illuminati, answers to the Draco King of the World in the Inner Earth, but the Draco will not take direct control of Earth until the New World Empire is well-established and a staged alien invasion has occured.

By the way, if the Draco pretend to be the Anunnakki, do not buy it. They are not, and never were, the Anunnakki. The Anunnakki, which are actually called the Abbennakki, created the Black Race in Africa, and are a separate alien group, though they are Reptilian. They are currently trying to save the Black race from the United Nations, which is attempting to destroy the Black race via famine and disease. Just ask the people from Human Life International who proved that AIDS was put in vaccines and given to innocent people in Africa by the World Health Organisation. All the documentation can be found in Zurich, Switzerland. If you live near there, go ahead, visit HLI and they´ll show you the proof.

Louis Farrakhan really is in contact with aliens. He is a mind-controlled religious fanatic, but the aliens are indeed real--and they are the Abbennakki. If the Abbennakki can manage it, Farrakhan and other Blacks will be shipped off-world before their entire race is annihilated. Only Blacks with European genetics, such as those in America and Europe, will be allowed to survive during the New World Order, and they will be considered an inferior race bred for slavery (as they already are in the eyes of the Illuminati).

The real reason why the Illuminati dislike the Black race, and why people are programmed to fear and loathe Blacks, is that they are more difficult to programme because they are a hybrid between the original Draco-human genetics of Earth-humans, and the genetics of the Abbennakki, as well as African apes. You will notice that pure Blacks are more difficult to mind-control as a result of their genetics. Far more of them are aware of the Illuminati than whites or Asians. White genetics are the easiest to mind-control--particularly those with blonde hair and blue eyes.

If you were to mind-control a person with Black genetics, you would first have to make them as stupid as possible, which is precisely what the United States government has done in the ghettos. If you go to Africa where the Blacks are not dumbed down by drugs and bad education, you will notice that many of them are very difficult to control as a result of their resistance to European mind-control.

This is part of the reason why they are being wiped out. Many of them, like the Zulu, also know about the Reptilians. Just ask Credo Mutwa, the renowned Zulu shaman.

The Aboriginal peoples everywhere, such as the Native Americans, are also being destroyed, but for a different reason--that being their connection to Nature and their knowledge of God-Mind and harmony with the Earth.

Being in harmony with the Earth creates a state of mind in which one is very difficult to mind-control.

You will notice that an Amazonian shaman who is aware of Oneness and aware of his/her connection with the Earth would probably never go along with the New World Order, whereas a blonde-haired mall-going American is extremely likely to accept such a thing, both because of genetics and cultural upbringing.

PMEmail Poster



Posted: Dec 19 2004, 04:15 AM
Quote Post
Vianova, thank you ever so much for posting the links! I have several sites in MY FAVORITES with shortcuts to Desktop, and added yours to the lot, which are much more comprehensive! Wow! Thanks, too, for taking the time to find more on the Sept. image of the two orbs. I will not post the Oct. 1 image as we find that both orbs are still in view.

One of the images on your link, showing a 9-11 image of an large ?, brought to mind the posts on GLP of people seeing a second sun early in the morning, and posts about what is called the sun's dark twin. Makes a person wonder.

Those sites are awesome! WIO has done a lot of work showing what some of these anomalies are and what's in 'em. Some folks can do that. Lots to consider.



Freedom Fighter
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  Posted: Dec 19 2004, 07:51 AM
Quote Post
Thessa are you sure that the "suncruiser " did not correspond to a planetary passthru of the field of vision of the SOHO satellite?

Why you ask? I'm not sure about almost anything let alone Soho anomalies... blushNEW.gif

KrazyMatty, you sure have some real thought provocative and very interesting posts.


“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32 (NKJV)
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King of the Mountain
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Posted: Dec 19 2004, 01:44 PM
Quote Post
Attention Reptilian experts,

According to today's deciphering of the book of Ezekiel, the Creator is pointing at the following ancient societies as the source nations for the Reptilian "army".

Persia, Lud/Lydia and Phut/Put (son of Ham)

According to what I'm translating these nations were tapped to build the present army of "suspended crockadile skin" (kind of cute eh?). Apparently these groups offered up their beauty as a trade for lizard boy descendents.

Does that jive at all with what you all have seen in other places? scratchinghead.gif

Auspice Christo
PMEmail Poster

Freedom Fighter
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Posted: Dec 19 2004, 11:12 PM
Quote Post
Well, I just will have to scratch my chinny chin chin...
On all that annunaki-abbenaki stuff there Matty.

But from reading the scifi scenario of lizard loathe,
I certainly will have no compunctions whatsoever when I blow their fucking brains out.

If it were to be true that a lizard species performed genetic engineering here on
WTF DNA recombinant are we,
Then it is time for a revolution ,
and a lizard hunt
'down under".

I am sure they enjoy a good fight.

I sometimes imagine myself on the operating table in the alien craft and the skinny bugeyed slim fingered alien mad scientist is there ready to implant the roboworm computer chip,
but I am faking the hypnotic controls, and I reach out and strangle the bastard,
breaking his neck and kill the assistants as well.
I think I do this as my own preconceived adaptational response if I ever were abducted.
Lizard Lounge.
Drink a double komodo dragon .




PMEmail Poster



Posted: Dec 22 2004, 06:50 PM
Quote Post
The reason so many blonds are abducted and involved in ufology is because the blonds or Nordic were specifically bred by the Draco -- so that they can incarnate into this dimension. If you examine many of the rituals said to occur you'll find blonds used as 'alters' or actually gatekeepers ushering in other wordly forces. Its encoded down to their very dna.

So no-- Blonds DONT have more fun...

The reason blacks arent is because they are of a more direct line to the Annunaqi-- which contrary to belief are NOT the Draco reptilian but they do have reptilian mixed due to intergalactic 'peace' agreements with the Draco. In other words you have your son [or you] marry a Draco-- to keep the peace. But it didnt work-- the Draco violated those agreements over and over again.

The redheads are the children of another intergalactic species -- that travels in and out of our Dimensions-- they are psychic beings -- and they are abducted for their abilities...


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