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Posted by: Junkman Oct 2 2008, 11:13 AM
September 29, 2008

A small pyramid for science, a big discovery for the Bosnian Pyramids

An archaeological site in Donje Mostre, in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramid, has unveiled a Neolithic artefact that has been dated to 6000-3000 BC. The discovery was made by students of the German University of Kiel on September 23, and was announced by Zilke Kujundžic, who is actually one of the main opponents to the pyramid project, having filed numerous petitions for the work to be stopped, claiming the entire project is a hoax.

The small ceramic pyramid – in some reports also referred to as a benben stone, because of apparent visual similarities with such stones in Egypt – is a major discovery, showing that local people, millennia ago, created ceramic objects in the shape of a pyramid. One can only wonder why, noting that Donje Mostre is also the location where giant rectangular stone blocks have been found, some of which are definitely manmade.

Nevertheless, being the extreme (one might argue irrational) critic she is, Kujundžic has refused to admit she might be wrong, stating that the find is “not related” to the nearby pyramids. Meanwhile, Kujundžic was also accused of not having shared the discovery with the local Visoko museum. It is no doubt divine irony that some of the best archaeological evidence for the reality of the pyramids, has been unearthed by one of its fiercest opponents.

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Posted by: Tex Arcana Nov 14 2008, 02:20 PM
That is truly ironic. Although, the natural explanations given for the Bosnian pyramids are exhaustive and persuasive, part of me wants Osmanagic to be proven correct. I think that is motivated by the selfrighteous indignation of his critics, one of whom has slurred me in association with Osmanagic. An association, which does not exist, BTW. I am tempted to launch into a profane, abusive rant but this is, after all, PuPP's forum where a certain modicum of decorum is maintained.

Posted by: Mark Nov 14 2008, 02:54 PM
Hey Tex --- decorum premits rants in defense of someone who defames you or tells lies about you or your work.

Speak your mind Tex -- that's why I created this forum... -- I grew weary of my postings being deleted, censored and altered by moderators and owners of the many forums out there.

Posted by: Tex Arcana Nov 14 2008, 03:36 PM
Thanks, Mark, but it occurs to me that I may have ranted on this before and I hate to sound like a broken record street crazy. Basically, a Bosnian bimbo lambasted me for wearing an el cheapo WalMart cowboy hat because Osmanagic wore a hat too, kinda like Tom Mix, Zahi Hawass and Harpo Marx. This, being done while lifting photos of me from my website, having been steered there by a kneejerk debunker from a popular gator refuge in Dixieland. Okay, enough steam venting; the rice and vegetables are done now. LOL!

Posted by: Junkman Nov 15 2008, 04:21 PM
Rant away, TA! I enjoy reading your posts!

I hope you enjoyed your meal! smileNew4.gif

Posted by: Mark Nov 19 2008, 02:37 AM
Hey Tex --- Ha! --- Wasn't that the dork who was claiming there was no pyramid in Bosnia ---or the one who was? --I forget ---

I recall someone got all upset here at my forum for no reason after we posted about the Bosnian pyramid.

Heck --- those of us who study know about the pyramids found all over the world ---many of which are unknown to the avg person.

And I thank you for sharing your discoveries and adventures.

Posted by: Tex Arcana Nov 24 2008, 04:41 PM
Hey, Mark. I don't think any of the folks I referred to every posted here but it's possible they did during the height of the controversy. Nationalistic emotions ran high in a region poorly understood by most of us. The genocidal wars that wracked the region following the collapse of the Soviet Union have origins extending back to the Medieval period and before. Osmanagic's pyramid offered the hope of increased tourism to a place few would consider visiting given all the bad press resulting from the atrocities reported during and after the UN interventions there. Critics said Osmanagic was only out to make a buck and others said he was doing irreparable damage to legitimate Roman and Medieval archaeological sites. The fact is that the cultural resources of Bosnia had already been devasted by the wars and corrupt bureaucracy had polished off anything that survived. I don't see that Osmanagic did any great harm by scraping off the topsoil of the purported pyramid and he did turn up some pretty interesting objects be they natural or artifactual. He did seem to spur some local pride and cottage industry with his project but I certainly do not think he got rich off any of it. Nor did anyone else as far as I know. As for the Roman ruins and Medieval cemetaries, I don't recall ever hearing about them prior to Osmanagic but Roman and Medieval sites were never of great interest to me. I realize that they are to others and I can understand why some people might be miffed by the limelight being focused on what they consider to be a bogus project. What I found most interesting about Osmanagic's investigations of the area were the spheres and pavements which were so similar to the ones I found in Oklahoma. It was interesting to see the same arguments and explanations pulled out to discredit the Bosnian phenomena that had been used earlier on me and the Oklahoma sites. And I think that is how I got dragged into it by one of the people who had come down on me years before. I've since put some distance between myself and the pointless bickering over what this stuff is or is not but it did dredge up some really unpleasant recollections and ugly emotional baggage. It is for this reason that a part of me would like to see Osmanagic score a knockout suckerpunch on his detractors. Personally, I have a deep suspicion that the truth of the matter is an order of magnitude older and weirder than either side could ever bring themselves to imagine.

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