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Posted by: Earthbound Dec 20 2006, 07:23 PM
From Earthchanges TV

Lets take a look at the events which occurred over the last two weeks since the first X9-Class flare, then followed by an X3-Class flare producing a ‘direct hit’ to Earth.

12/05/06 - Shocking X9-Class Flare Comes Out of Nowhere

12/08/06 – ‘Pagan’ Volcano Eruption Possible

12/08/06 – ‘Shiveluch’ Volcano Eruption Begins In Kamchatka

12/11/06 - Large (65 mile diameter) Asteroid "164 Eva" Crossing Tonight

12/12/06 – New X3-Class Flare Fires Off - This Time Heading Right For Us

12/12/06 - Active Volcano ‘Khangar’ Discovered on Kamchatka Peninsula

12/13/06 - Astronauts Ordered to Take Shelter in ISS due to Solar Flare

12/14/06 - Rare Earthquake Hits Chiang Mai, Thailand

12/15/06 – Straight-Line Winds Leave 1 ½ Million Homes Without Power

12/17/06 - Yellowstone Lava Domes Swelling Fast

12/17/06 - Red Alert for Indonesian ‘Soputan’ Volcano

12/18/06 – Hawaii’s ‘Kilauea’ Volcano May Soon Collapse

12/19/06 – ‘Shiveluch’ Volcano on Kamchatka Spews Ash

12/19/06 - Rare Earthquake Rattles East Tennessee

12/19/06 - Mount St. Helens Lets Off Huge Plume of Steam

12/19/06 - Central Philippine Volcano ‘Bulusan’ Spews Ash

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Posted by: Mark Dec 20 2006, 08:30 PM

Posted by: uggliozzi Dec 21 2006, 04:58 PM
Fire, flood, tsunami, earthquake, avalanche, volcano, storm, sunspot, meteor: they are all part of the wonderful tapestry that gives our planet its richness. They help to remind us of the place of humanity in the scheme of things and helps thinking people to maintain their humility. They are the wonders of our existence - far more meaningful than art, architecture, war or anything else that mankind can do.

But do not forget that they are the playthings of satan who has domain over the earth - you must keep your eyes on the grand prize. You can look with wonder at earthly things and enjoy their beauty and complexity but you must keep God above all. God does not want you to deny yourself the pleasures of your earthly existence (if he did why would he put you into an earthly body?) but he insists that you never put any other above him. Now isn't that easy? Get out there: enjoy, wonder, live, love, cry, laugh, be; but always think God.

Posted by: Mark Dec 21 2006, 08:22 PM
uggliozzi, which god are you referring to?

The israeli war god - yahweh?

Throughout history, there have been many beings who have played the role of gods and they all had names.

Posted by: uggliozzi Dec 22 2006, 03:26 PM
I am referring to our one God. He who has chosen to remain nameless.
Humankind has named everything that exists in our physical world. Our God is above mere names - he transcends our physical lives and exists in many realms of which our feeble minds cannot yet comprehend.

Many peoples have claimed him as theirs and have applied many names but he is the God of our souls and not the God of our bodies - he does not exclusively belong to any group; we all individually belong to him. It is no good expecting anything just because you are a member of a group or religion and blindly follow its rituals and propaganda - only those who earn their place by their own endeavours will be ushered into the presence of God.

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