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> Elizabeth Klarer, 4 Months on Another Planet

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Posted: Sep 1 2006, 12:08 PM
Quote Post
UFO Contactee and Space Traveler

Introduction and Interview by Stuart Bush ~ Transcribed and Edited by
Noel Huntley, Los Angeles, California

She stayed on the planet Meton for four months where she gave birth
to and reared her space child, Ayling.

Particular interest was shown in Elizabeth's experiences by the British
Ministry of Defense and they announced that UFOs do exist and are now

Elizabeth's story has attracted the attention of many countries, in
particular America, Britain and Russia.

In 1975 she was given a standing ovation at the 11th International
Congress for UFO Research in Germany.

In 1983 she addressed the House of Lords, in England and her paper
was also read at the United Nations.

Elizabeth Klarer was born in 1910 in Mooi River, Natal, where she grew
up on a farm and soon learned to understand the Zulus very well. She
was trained as a meteorologist at Cambridge, England. She later went
to Trinity College, London, to study music, where she obtained a
She is also a pilot, and learned to fly the DeHaviland plane. During
War II she was employed by the South African Air Force Intelligence and
during operations did work for the Royal Air Force decoding German
communications. She was also trained to observe UFOs for the South
African Air Force UFO Division. She has a son David, a daughter,
who is now a medical specialist, and another son, Ayling ~ an
astrophysicist living on another planet, which we will cover shortly.

Her fascinating story began at the age of seven when a flying saucer
visited her near her home. Telepathic communication between Elizabeth
and Akon, who was a crew member and scientist of the spacecraft,
occurred several times. In April, 1956, on Flying Saucer Hill at
Natal, the crew revealed themselves and Elizabeth Klarer was taken up
into space and into the vintage mother ship. In November, 1957, on the
high plateau of Cathkin Peak, in Drakensberg, Elizabeth Klarer entered
the spacecraft to meet her new-found lover Akon.

During the next eight and a half months she endured harassment,
especially from American intelligence forces, and on one occasion she
was almost kidnapped by the Russians who wanted to capture the future
space child. She was eventually taken by Akon to another solar system,
our nearest neighbour, Alpha Centauri. There she stayed on the planet
Meton for four months where she gave birth to and reared her space
child, Ayling. Owing to the vibrations of the magnetic field being
different on Meton, her heart was unable to adjust to the new
and she was forced to return to Earth. Contact has been maintained and
Akon and her son, Ayling, have both appeared to her visually in a
holographic image.

In 1984 particular interest was shown in Elizabeth's experiences by
the British Ministry of Defense and they announced that UFOs do exist
and are now official. Elizabeth's story has attractd the attention of
countries, in particular, America, Britain and Russia. In 1975 she was
given a standing ovation at the 11th International Congress for UFO
Research in Germany. She was applauded by a group of scientists
representing 22 nations where she gave a speech about the secrets of
light. In 1983, she addressed the house of Lords in England, and her
paper was also read at the United Nations. A few years ago she
traveled to Switzerland to appear on a TV show. She has written a book
entitled "Beyond the Light Barrier," and has now completed a second
one, "The Gravity Files." (Editors Note: This book has not been
as far as we know.)

Interview With Elizabeth Klarer By Stuart Bush

Stuart Bush: Could you describe the flying saucer you flew in?
Elizabeth Klarer: She was perfectly circular, about 60 feet in
with a very large hull and a flattish dome in the center with portholes
around the dome. There were sets of three portholes encircling the
entire dome and she had a silvery sheen about her. This wasn't a
reflection from the sunlight, it was her own glow. It came directly
the skin of the ship and when the power was switched on the whole
ship glowed and would set up this field differential around her, which,
of course, she moves within. Inside she is very, very beautiful; simple
but completely beautiful, and the colors so lovely. The entire floor is
covered with a rose-red type of carpeting ~ very soft and very springy
to walk on. The walls change color when the power system is on; they
change from blue to green.
S.B.: Is there a functional reason for this?
E.K.: Yes, in harmonic interaction you are not only going to have the
color in the electromagnetic wavelength of the universe, which, of
is the whole basis of her power system, but the colors come in as well
and the different movements, particularly when she is speeding through
the atmosphere. These starships vary in size. The mother ships are very
much larger and do not land. The ships can travel instantaneously from
one place to another.
S.B.: What was the number of the crew in the ship you traveled in and
what were their duties?
E.K.: Two, and they were both scientists. Both were astrophysicists but
one was also a very great botanist which was a needed ability in
understanding the flora and fauna of planets for their protection and
the preparation of planets for human habitation. This is a continuous
S.B.: Tell us something about the outside construction of the ship.
E.K.: The ship is created in space from pure light energy into
and it takes naturally the celestial form. They then bring her to the
surface of the planet and construct the interior. But the whole skin of
the ship is created in space in order that this atomic structure of the
skin of the ship is conducive to energizing. That's how you get the
power and the different colors.
S.B.: I s the material metal?
E.K. No, it's not like a metal at all. It is more like a porcelain. It
is made
of an atomic substance from pure light energy which is the ultimate
S.B.: How long does it take to create the ship?
E.K.: To create the complete shell, no matter what the size, you have
to have the harmonic interaction of the measurement of that circle; it
has to be perfectly in harmony. It takes, in earth time, about 15
minutes to create. And it is created and not constructed, from natural
cosmic energy. Then when they take her to the surface of the planet
to complete the interior, in earth time, it takes about a couple of
S.B.: Are they armed?
E.K.: No, all they have is a deflecting ray as a form of protection
will keep any hostile craft at bay and immobilize them. The shield
effect completely protects her ~ from bullets, a missile or atomic
The magnetic field is so tremendous.
S.B.: Is it vulnerable then, when it is at rest?
E.K.: No, there is an automatic switch. The approach of any intrusion
causes the field to come on automatically.
S.B.: Could you tell us something about the vintage mother ship?
E.K.: She is a vast carriership with about 24 small landing craft each
which carry a crew of two people. The mother ship hovers about 1000
miles away in space and releases one of these landing craft to the
surface of the planet. They accommodate at least 5000 people ~
including women and children. They are completely self-contained
with an abundance of everything. They grow their own food on the ship
using their own means of irradiation; sunlight is not necessary.
S.B.: How do you view outside the ship?
E.K.: The ship is completely enclosed but there are portholes which can
be opened, and also inside there is the viewing lens which enables you
to see outside in all directions. This device not only can see through
barriers such as into cellars of buildings but can reveal the finest
such as beads on a necklace worn by a person on the ground. And
similarly for sound.
S.B.: Are all the crew from Meton?
E.K.: They are from the one civilization ~ of seven planets. But they
preparing other planets for human habitation in the system of Vega.
Vega is a young blue-white waxing star.
S.B.: Could you tell me how the people compare with humans on Earth?
E.K.: They are human but taller, better looking, more considerate and
gentle; not aggressive and violent. They dress and eat more simply and
are still young at an age of 2000 years of Earth time. Their star is
so violent. Our sun is a variable and produces rather harsh radiation
which affects the skin, ages one, and can be dangerous. They wear
simpler and less clothing made out of silk. Silk is beautiful and
comfortable next to the skin. Everything is free and you can pick out
your own clothes at a silk farm. There is an abundance of everything.
No money or barter system is necessary.
S.B.: What was the planet itself like which you visited?
E.K.: It is similar in size to Earth, a little larger, covered with
vast seas,
and the lands are islands, not continents. Climate is beautiful, under
control, and in fact, is really a utopia. They have everything they
They are not only thousands of years ahead technologically from us,
but are also spiritually very advanced.
S.B.: Could you describe the social systems on Meton?
E.K.: There are no politics, law, or the monetary system. Medicine is a
scientific activity and not required for health since they are all in
health. Their way of thinking is quite different from what most people
over here would understand. They are a loving, gentle and constructive
people. Everyone industriously does their work which they like doing
most. There is no need for law; there is no crime or police. Everyone
free and has a code of ethics. They constantly create beauty around
them and in general there is complete harmony. Their homes are lovely.
You can see from the inside out; the material is transparent one way.
Regarding pets, they love their birds, in particular, and there is
telepathic communication with them. Predatory animals are kept on
a different planet.
S.B.: What about their educational system?
E.K.: They don't have schools or universities. Their education is
completely visual ~ all done by what is called an electric mirage.
They have a little phial about three inches long and they insert it
into a niche in their home or the wall of a spaceship. A 3D scene
fills the room ~ an advanced form of a holograph. There are no books.
They travel a great deal. The young children are taken around the
galaxy so they can learn from experience. They can use the electric
mirage to go back to a former time in their history. They could, for
instance, view our planet at the time of the dinosaurs. They have
beautiful paintings and create lovely music ~ harmonic music and
very uplifting spiritually, which relate to the harmonic music of the
galaxy. They communicate by means of telepathy and educational
concepts can get transferred this way. They are capable of thinking
in terms of the basic concepts not dependent on language ~ they
perceive the feelingness behind words. There is no problem in the
learning of languages such as any of those on Earth.
S.B.: What shape was the mother ship?
E.K.: She was more of a cigar shape with blunt ends and angles
depending on the light effect. From certain angles she could look
circular and may be five miles in length. These are city ships
containing everything needed ~ trees and flowers, lakes, beautiful
living quarters. Families are raised on the ships.
Some spacecrafts which land and are seen by people, are only
holographs. This is part of the conditioning process so that earthman
will become used to the idea of the existence of extraterrestrials.
S.B.: And what is this system they have of harmonic mathematics, and
are there any books explaining this?
E.K.: Yes, I have books on it, written by professor William Conner
from the U.S.A. I have his treaties on harmonic mathematics which
explains the whole process. He's also done this with respect to my
book "Beyond The Light Barrier." He has related the various figures,
distance of Meton from Earth, Akon's age, etc. to harmonic
mathematics; it's all there.
S.B.: Returning to the educational aspects, if there are no books, how
is information imparted?
E.K.: It is done from mind to mind, telepathy ship works ~ how she
is using the power system of the universe. You have to understand
the physics of the power system. The physical body could go but
not the mind. This knowledge was imparted to me by Akon. He just
put his hand on my forehead and told me to relax and think and
know exactly how the spaceship is utilizing the cosmic power to go
from this system to the home system. His hand on my forehead
enabled me to relax completely and understand how the ship was
using the matrix of space to go through the ether. I had to be in
complete harmonic relationship with the spaceship to go through
the light barrier.
S.B.: What is the woman's life like on Meton?
E.K.: There are no chores as we have on earth. It is all done with a
light ray. For example, a beam of light will bring you your food on
a tray. Families are larger ~ most families have about seven
children. You could have children while thousands of years old, as
there is no problem with age. They use a natural contraceptive; a
type of vegetable which they put in their food. There is no marriage
and divorce. They simply find their mate and stay together for life.
If there is an accident and a loss of life, the person simply
reincarnates and comes back to their same mate.
S.B.: What about the gravity belts? Did you use one?
E.K.: Yes, I used one to go upstairs. There are just three knobs for
starting, control and direction.
S.B.: You mentioned seven planets. What are the names of the others?
E.K.: They don't have names, just harmonic numbers. Akon gave me
the name Meton for identification purposes.
S.B.: How important is time to them and how do they measure it?
E.K.: They don't measure time at all. Time varies too much in any
case. With their triplet star system, they do not measure time as we
do here, with night and day, since they don't have night and day.
When the smaller star, Proxima sets, the other two rise so there is
never any night.
S.B.: What are their sleeping patterns?
E.K.: They depend on sleep ~ it is a great health restorer. In terms
of Earth time they would sleep nine hours.
S.B.: Regarding their eating habits, what are their views on how to
E.K.: They don't cook, they eat the natural foods, vegetables, salads,
etc. The only thing they heat, using electricity, are certain oat
made of fresh whole oats, like bread. They are only heated briefly to
bind them together. They never use chemical fertilizers for growing
S.B.: Why don't they have competitive sports on Meton?
E.K.: They don't think about it ~ it is not necessary for them.
Earthman, when he is not involved with wars, etc., needs to release his
aggression in sports and such competitive activities. The Meton people
do not have this problem.
S.B.: Do they recognize creative aggression?
E.K.: Yes, one must have determination and drive to create, but it
doesn't have to be aggressive!
S.B. What is their approach to health products? On Earth there is a
growing enlightenment in this direction.
E.K.: Yes, well they eat the natural foods and know which contain the
necessary ingredients for health. It is necessary to balance the
processes in one's food for proper utilization by the body. The
thing in growing natural foods is the soil to grow them in, and you
cannot possibly, as you do here, use chemical fertilizers. They never
use anything like that. They simply put back into the soil what they
take out. They revitalize the soil by means of electricity, which is
lightning does. It brings the Nitrogen into the soil. This is why
and thunderstorms are so important, along with the light and radiation
from the sun.
S.B.: So they would eat say, a raw potato?
E.K.: They do grow peas. They are a necessary source of protein, and
they eat a lot of fiber, as this is vital. They have natural vegetables
fruits, which are scientifically improved and enlarged. For example, an
apricot, which would be the size of an apple, would be enough for one
meal. It would have all the vitamins in it you would need, because
apricots are a tremendously nutritious source of food and have a
rejuvenating effect on the body.
S.B.: Now, can you say anything about planet Selo, which was visited by
Hal Wilcox (UFO contactee), and which is about 600 years ahead of us,
yet is of the same Alpha Centauri system as Meton, which is how many
more years ahead of us?
E.K.: About a hundred thousand!
S.B.: How is there a planet (Selo) in the same system so far behind?
E.K.: Planets vary. You have planets in certain stages of advancement,
and planet Selo is closer to two major components of Alpha Centauri.
These are the two larger stars, and these rotate about each other. Selo
is closer to them in that vicinity, therefore Selo would receive
intensity of radiation from these double stars. Proxima Centauri is
very much farther away, but it still makes up a triplet system, which
known as Alpha Centauri, and Akon's home planet is in orbit about
Proxima Centauri. There are seven planets there altogether (around
Proxima Centauri) which is a star about the same size as our sun. So
you have a different radiation output, which has a great effect on
civilizations that exist on the orbiting planets. Radiation has a vast
effect on the brain or mind, and consequently on development.
S.B.: As I understand it now, Selo has two suns and Meton has three
suns, yet they are both in the same system. Does it mean this third
sun is in a higher dimension?
E.K.: Meton, my home planet, only has one sun, and Selo has two suns,
so that makes up the triplet system of three suns!
S.B.: But I gather that there is no nighttime on Meton!
E.K.: That's right. Because when Proxima Centauri sets in the
planetary rotation, the two larger stars rise, and they are so big that
their light is cast very far afield, and naturally Meton, being in this
triplet system, gets the light from these two larger stars, but not the
intensified radiation, because of the distance. You see, the two larger
stars are young, waxing stars, and they give out intensified radiation,
while Proxima, the third star, is smaller and a middleaged star, so it
gives out a modified, highly intensified vibratory radiation, which
has a very different effect in the formation and advancement of a
civilization, because it does affect the brain.
S.B.: I would presume then that Meton is in a higher dimension than
E.K.: Yes, in a higher vibratory rates and very much farther advanced,
and has a civilization which occupies all seven planets in that system.
(Ed. But it is in the same physical dimension.)
S.B.: To get back to the mother ships or city ships (some cigar-shaped,
and five miles long!), how were these constructed ~ out in space?
E.K.: Constructed in space, yes, but we don't talk about construction,
we say they are created. They were created in the atmosphere of the
planet. All the components were ferried up to her, to be put together
space. This was done more than 65 million years ago. It goes right
back in the history of ths solar system, when Venus was alive.
(Ed. ~ habitable in the third dimension.) Scienists of Venus in those
days detected that the sun was a variable star (Ed. ~ irregular
so they prepared to move out into space, and they built the vast mother
ships to ferry all the people and as much as possible of the flora and
fauna away from the planet to the Earth, which was the nearest
S.B.: To get back to the mother ships or city ships (some cigar-shaped,
and five miles long!), how were these constructed ~ out in space?
E.K.: Constructed in space, yes, but we don't talk about construction,
we say they are created. They were created in the atmosphere of the
planet. All the components were ferried up to her, to be put together
in space. This was done more than 65 million years ago. It goes right
back in the history of this solar system, when Venus was alive.
(Ed. ~ habitable in the third dimension.) Scientists of Venus in those
days detected that the sun was a variable star (Ed. ~ irregular
so they prepared to move out into space, and they built the vast mother
ships to ferry all the people and as much as possible of the flora and
fauna away from the planet to the Earth, which was the nearest
neighbor.The scientists recognized the Sun was a visible star, with
maximum and minimum periods of sunspot cycles, which happens to
this day, but at certain epochs in time it expands. Now the Sun is
expanding and contracting all the time. It is pulsating like a heart,
but at certain epochs it expands out more, in intensified radiation.
Now this is what happened to Venus, and being closer to the Sun her
seas had dried out, and what little fauna remained (and all the flora)
were destroyed. And then of course the dinosaurs, which had
dominated the Earth, were also destroyed through the intensified
radiation. Thus the great civilization from Venus, which we call the
mother planet, was able to get away from Venus, and landed on
earth and the moon, as way-stations.So there we have the beginning
of highly intelligent human life on this planet because we were
fathered by men from outer space. Certainly not descended from the
primates of this planet, but in fact from cromagnon, an advanced
human being, who created the great civilization of Atlantis, which,
of course, was eventually destroyed.The civilization from Venus
decided to leave Earth owing to the harsh nature of the variable Sun
and move to a neighboring system that was more conducive to their
way of life and thinking. They discovered Proxima Centauri, which
was a star similar to the Sun only much older and therefore a stable
star. They moved to Meton which is now the home planet because it
is very similar to the mother planet, Venus, in atmospheric conditions,
distance from the star and also, the more important of all, the higher
vibratory rates, which is more compatible to an advanced civilization
and consciousness. They had bases on the Moon, Mars and Earth
which they still visit.The Venus people left a section of their
here on Earth to look after the planet and advance the mentality and
consciousness of the indigenous people of this planet, which they
are in the process of doing.
S.B.: Did they have anything to do with the age of Lemuria and
E.K.: Yes, definitely with Atlantis. Atlantis was, of course, their
base and they also had a base in South America. Some of the Incas
are descendents of the space people. Now, in the region of the Andes
there used to be a very tall, fair race of people, many redheads, and
these people were from Venus. They remained there until the great
upheavals of Atlantis, which resulted in the Andes being pushed up
by volcanic eruptions and with the volcanic evolution of the planet
generally. So what was once a very fertile area became barren and
mountainous, as it is to this day. But you still have certain buildings
that remain, and also under the sea. Some of the pyramids still
remain in Central America and these are the most important ones
because they are very beautiful and vast, and there is one pyramid
which has just been uncovered by archeologists who thought it was
a mountain. The Spaniards built a cathedral on the top. It was covered
in trees and grass, and the excavations are now revealing a pyramid.
S.B.: Where do the rest of the Earth people come from if only a small
portion came from Venus?
E.K.: The majority of people here on Earth are indigenous, with a
percentage from the home planet Venus who had stayed here when
the main civilization moved out from Venus before going on to
Proxima Centauri. They remained to look after the planet, and also for
educational purposes for the native people, which of course is being
done to this day.So we're here to inform people of the truth of their
origin. Also to bring Venus back to life by feeding the atmosphere
with algae, which creates the storms, the rain and the lightning, the
volcanic eruptions, and the life. And also to form the seas again,
because Venus was originally covered with vast seas, as is Meton.
That is why Akon's civilization moved out from earth to Meton because
it is very similar to what Venus was in the past; islands and seas,
with thick atmosphere, which filters the radiation, and above all has
a higher vibratory rate for the advancement of a higher civilization,
and particularly for the advancement of a consciousness into the
fourth dimension.They have also come back to create bases on the
Moon and Mars. They can bring back to life Mars as well as Venus,
and this they plan to do since their main work throughout the galaxy
is to prepare star systems for human habitation.
S.B.: How would this tie in with the information that the Sun is dying?
E.K.: The Sun is dying, but we don't talk about age, it is simply a
metamorphosis. It is becoming cooler so something has to be done
about it. It is going to be a double star system since Jupiter is a
forming star. Jupiter will have a star burst in the very near future
and we'll then have two stars in the skies of Earth. As the Sun cools
down, Jupiter will heat up.
S.B.: How long do you think the Earth people have been in existence?
E.K.: The indigenous people of Earth go back to the time of the
dinosaurs. Before the demise of the dinosaurs there was a very small
colony of human kind, as there was also a very small colony of
mammals, and they were not affected by the intensified radiation
because they took refuge in caves and escaped the radiation by
going underground. This was instinctive, and it was the same with the
other mammals. But the giant creatures had nowhere to escape from
the intensified radiation. The ultraviolet destroyed the vegetation so
they had no food and became extinct. The mammals were intelligent
enough to go underground and then lived on other life. Now many of
our race today are descendents of these people from Venus. Generally
they are not conscious of the fact that they are here to advance and
educate the indigenous peoples of this planet, but many have had a
race memory which has been activated by certain events ~ material in
a book or seeing a spaceship in the sky. They have suddenly realized
this is their purpose and that this is what their life is all about and
are here for a reason.
S.B.: To come back to Akron's spacecraft, when he visited you did his
craft create the thunderstorms?
E.K.: Not always ~ sometimes. This is a very interesting question.
The thunderstorm, particularly the hailstorm, which I described in
my book, was quite natural. But it has happened in the past and
very recently that his spaceship has created thunderstorms. This is
due to the fact that when she come into the condensation level of
our atmosphere the heat field around the ship condenses the
molecules of the atmosphere into cloud and the result is that the
gravity field retains the cloud around the ship, spinning it around
in its lines of force ~ you can actually see this. This is what we call
an inorganic cloud because it is created by the spaceship.As she
moves, the cloud goes with her, and we have actually photographed
this cloud effect with the spaceship in the middle. You can actually
see the glow of the ship in the cloud. The Air Force takes infrared
photographs of such a perfectly circular and rotating cloud with the
glow in the middle of the ship. Now this is a very good form of
camouflage and they (Akon) use it quite a lot.Just recently I
experienced Akon's spaceship in Natal which created a most
tremendous storm. I saw this circular cloud which had a grey edge to
it, the perimeter was clear-cut in the blue sky and it was perfectly
circular; in fact it looked rather like a mushroom cloud of an atomic
explosion. The high center to the cloud was the spaceship dome.
The cloud itself was almost an apple green cloud. In the center was
this pink-orange color ~ it was quite beautiful. The resulting storm
was tremendous, incessant lightning, rain and wind. It happened
four times. It was a warning for me regarding making a decision.
This happened in the last two weeks.
S.B.: Couldn't Akon have remained in the fourth dimension, in
invisibility, to avoid the storm and still communicate to you? Why
was it necessary to be so dramatic?
E.K.: He wished the effect to be observed by others. He wanted the
people to understand the power of the spaceship and that it was there.
Now I'm known by the natives as not just the star lady but also the
S.B.: Are you a twin flame of Akon, that is, from the same source of
consciousness or are you a soul mate in which the relationship has
built up from many lifetimes together?
E.K.: We both originated from the same place so we have always been
twin flames but we are also soulmates because we have the same
consciousness, realization and ideas in life completely. I can't
remember many past lives. I remember my previous life clearly with
Akon on Venus, and we have always been together through the ages.
I have only had this one life on Earth.At certain periods we have to
be parted, for example, for me to do my work here and Akon to do
his work in outerspace. My purpose here is involved with a vast
educational system throughout the world to tell people about all this,
to write about it. It is necessary for people to realize there is a
authority and civilization out there who will intervene if we do not
behave ourselves.
S.B.: The spiritual advancement is so great on Meton one might have
thought that the people would have transcended the physical level
and moved into a higher plane. Why are they still using physical
bodies like us?
E.K.: So they can communicate more easily to other civilizations in
the physical. There are no physical disadvantages: they keep in
perfect health, and there are no injuries. So it is perfectly safe for
them to retain the physical body, besides they seem to enjoy it.
Elizabeth Klarer died of cancer in 1994.

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"Breaking the Spear of Destiny"
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Posted: Sep 1 2006, 08:20 PM
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She died of cancer in 1994...interesting very interesting.

I have seen and experienced the inorganic cloud thing...but I think it was military because I could hear the whop of a squad of helicopters. It was on the 4th of 2004 I believe it was. A freak storm popped up and caught holidayers off guard.

The copters rode on top of the clouds...and a tornado siren blared. I sat outside while everyone else ran for cover. I just knew something about is wasn't natural. My neices ran to coax me into the basement but I refused to go...and so they stayed with me and experienced the inorganic cloud, as well.

Hm..I wonder if therer is a radar showing the movement of the cloud. I bet it disappears right at the "inactive" military base which was about 25 miles away.

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Posted: Sep 3 2006, 11:26 AM
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At about the same time, in 2004 I have seen the inorganic cloud that was described as well. I was in South Korea at the time and I was watching outside while the storm was coming on the 5th of July. The cloud was green on top with orange sparks of lightning in the center. The bottom of the cloud was apple green as well. We thought that there were atmospheric experiments going on.

Everyone else ignored what was happening while a few of us stopped to look and noticed this weird cloud.

Back to the US:
Another experience here in Arizona was I was on base and I saw a very violent thunderstorm as described above. These clouds were very, very dark grey. It appeared as night-time durning the day. I was getting ready to run back inside for cover when these sets of clouds caught my eye. The clouds were rotating clouds that caught me and I stopped and starred at them. I thought that they were going to become vertical rolling clouds and form tornadoes. They were not tornadic, they just rotated horizontally. The next thing I know, the rain came down violently and I could no longer see the clouds. I went inside looking for the clouds again, but the storms had move very quickly to the west.

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