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> Filer's Files 2009 - #15-UFOs Spring Arrival

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Posted: Apr 12 2009, 08:36 PM
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UFO Over the Philippines March 4, 2009
George A. Filer - MUFON Eastern Region Director
April 8, 2009

Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was "Be Happy" and
Eddie Pedrick my grandsons who drowned.

See _www.swimminglysafe.com_ (
In Special Reports, this week's files cover: Ronald Reagan Chased UFOs,
Defense Intelligence Agency Remote Viewing Manual Has Been Released, New
Jersey, Morris County UFO hoaxers describe stunt, Face charges, UK Releases
More UFO Files, and Strange Object on Mars.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: Arizona, California,
Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New
Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Virginia Washington. UFOs were also seen in
Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Mexico,
Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Syria, and the UK/ England.
The purpose of these files is to report weekly the UFO eyewitness and
photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in
space. Many people claim it is impossible for UFOs to visit Earth, I ask you
only to keep an open mind and watch the evidence we accumulate each week.
These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but
my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month
represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I
personally became interested in UFOs when I chased one over England when
flying for the US Air Force. I've been investigating them ever since. The US
Air Force under Project Blue Book investigated UFOs for more than twenty
years, we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread
life throughout the cosmos and UFOs are visiting us in ever increasing
Special Reports

Happy Easter:

"And Jesus said, I am and you shall see the Son of man sitting on the
right hand of Power, and coming in the clouds of heaven."

Editors Note: Two thousand years ago only birds, insects and clouds were
in the sky. All flying non-living objects were referred to as clouds.

Ronald Reagan Chased UFOs

"I was in a plane last week when I looked out the window and saw this
white light. It was zigzagging around. I went up to the pilot and said, "Have
you ever seen anything like that?" He was shocked and he said, "Nope." And I
said to him: "Let's follow it! We followed it for several minutes. It was
a bright white light. We followed it to Bakersfield, and all of a sudden to
our utter amazement it went straight up into the heavens. When I got off
the plane I told Nancy all about it, but we didn't file a report on the
object because for a long time they considered you a nut if you saw a UFO...."
Ronald Reagan, 1974

Defense Intelligence Agency Remote Viewing Manual Has Been Released
The Coordinate Remote Viewing Manual has been released by the US
government with an Introduction by Paul H. Smith (Major, ret.) who states "For a
number of what I consider to be very good reasons, I strenuously resisted
making the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA CRV) manual public. Since some of
my former colleagues had fewer reservations about its dissemination, it now
appears inevitable that the manual will become widely available, beginning
with its posting here on this webpage. The best I can do now, it would
seem, is to at least provide its context so people will better know how to take
it." In 1983-1984, six personnel from the military remote viewing unit at
Ft. Meade participated in training contracted from SRI-International. This
was the recently-developed coordinate remote viewing training, and the
primary developer and trainer was the legendary Ingo Swann. The following is a
sample of the findings of a Remote Viewing session by Mel Riley who views
human like entities on Saturn's Titan Moon Base where it is possible life
exits, and Mt. Hayes, Alaska.

_Mel Riley (alien session tasked by Ed Dames) - 1987 CRV training _

Morris County UFO hoaxers describe stunt, Face charges
by _Sarah Schillaci_ (file:///mc/compose? - For
The Star-Ledger, Friday April 03, 2009, 5:05 AM
Two Morris County men were so proud of pulling off a _UFO hoax_
( that
they chronicled it in an online magazine. But the Morris County prosecutor
regarded the stunt as a threat to aviation and tonight said he was filing
disorderly person charges against Chris Russo, 29, and Joe Rudy, 28. Salesman
Chris Russo of Morris Plains and science teacher Joe Rudy of Chester tied
flares onto helium balloons and launched them in a nearby field on the
border of Morris Plains and Hanover. "If there is a single word to describe this
.... it is in essence 'stupidity'," Prosecutor Robert Bianchi said at a
press conference in Morristown. Bianchi said although there were indictable
offenses with which he could have charged the men, he wanted to take a
"measured approach" toward the offense.

Between early January and late February, Russo and Rudy used Duct tape,
fishing line, roadside flares and balloons to pull off a hoax that had many
in North Jersey wondering whether UFOs were hovering over Morris County. The
hoax, which took place on five separate nights, involved the pair taping a
car flare to fishing line, tying the line to a large helium balloon and
launching the balloon into the night sky from a field in Hanover located
between American Road and Hanover Avenue. They released as many as 11 balloons
at once, all the time videotaping the glowing red lights bobbing and swaying
above them.

The perpetrators would have remained unknown if they had not decided to
chronicle their hoax on ESkeptic, thereby alerting authorities. In an
interview today before the charges were filed, the two men defended the hoax as a
"social experiment" and said it was an innocent effort to make people
approach claims of the supernatural with a healthy dose of skepticism. The men
stopped the hoax after Bianchi issued a statement asking the light-launchers
to stop, saying the objects could interfere with aircraft traveling to
airports in Morristown and Newark. Bianchi said the fact the two men had
stopped their actions after the statement was a factor in the minor charge..
Editors Note: MUFON Field Investigators Kristen Winslet and Matt Wilson
investigated this case and quickly discerned the objects were flares tied to

UK - Releases UFO Files

LA ROCHELLE, FRANCE -- Jean-Christophe Auguste writes , "In case you've
not heard about it, the UK DOD has released a wide range of UFO-related
documents covering the period '87-'93. If you want to find out more about close
encounters over Heathrow Airport, alien abductions, stray satellites - and
what the UK Government thought of it all - then this is the place to be.
Thanks to Jean-Christophe Auguste, _
Mars – Strange Object Found
Ken Pfeifer writes, After scanning many pictures of the European Space
Agency hi-definition pictures of Mars, I have found many strange objects on
the Mars surface..The area in question is called the Noctis Labyrinthus.
This photo was taken on June 25, 2006 by the European Space Agency and their
Mars Express Mission....Their web site is _www.esa.int_
( . Once the site comes up for your view, look for the search box on the
lower left hand side of the page. Put this code in the box: [sem9zj73r8f]
This is the I.D number for the photo. You should be able to bring up the photo
for your review. Depending on your computer system , you should be able to
get a very good close up of this hi-def photo. The area looks like a dried
up lake and the object , in the middle of the lake, may be a craft of some
type. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer, N.J Mufon Investigator, and
_www.heavensrangers.com_ (

US Sightings

Arizona- Strange Photo

PEORIA -- On Friday March 20, 2009, shortly before 8 PM, I thought I saw a
large white shooting star descending to earth and lost sight of it behind
a building. Almost instantly I saw it shooting up from the same area and I
watched the object disappear. This object was white and arching up toward
the south. As it gained altitude it seemed to have smaller shooting stars
coming from the original object. It continued up until it disappeared. As
soon as it disappeared another or the same object appeared traveling parallel
to the ground producing smaller versions of itself until they too
disappeared. This continued for fifteen minutes and culminated in a white ball
turning red with a green fuzzy area around it. This too faded from view then I
saw an orange glow that consumed approximately ten percent of the southern
sky and nevermade a sound. I was not the only witness as someone else sent
in a report. I did not have the digital Rebel XSI 12 mega-pixel with a
100-300mm lens at maximum extension. I grabbed my camera to take the attached
photos, but did not have a tripod available which resulted in the blurry
photos. Multiple objects appear in the photos due to the length of time the
shutter had to remain open to gather enough light. Thanks to MUFON CMS
California - Photo

LONG BEACH -- This photo was taken December 10, 20008, at 4:21 PM, that
appears seem to be the same type of craft that was filmed last October in
Santa Rosa. I took numerous pictures of that, a white/silver saucer and two
other black discs or other V shaped craft overhead. There were a total of
four craft in the skies here that day, but I didn't want to report too many
sightings for fear of ridicule. However, after seeing the photo of the Santa
Rosa sighting, I thought it was important to back up his claim with my
photos of a similar craft to show the activity in this area of our country in
the last year or so.
Note: This witness has taken several interesting photos in the past and I
don't believe the photo is an "out-of-focus" bird or insect. Also it is
noteworthy that the witness saw and followed the object in her camera viewer.
She stated that the object was moving towards the northwest. It appears to
be of triangular shape, but also could be construed as circular. The
witness is likely referring to the _October 28, 2008 photos taken of a metallic
object at San Jose, California_

BREA -- I was sitting on my third floor patio on March 1, 2009, at 2 PM,
looking south toward John Wayne Airport and Anaheim and noticed a small dark
stationary object. I watched it for a few minutes and it was unlike any
plane, helicopter, bird, etc. It just hovered. It was difficult to determine
exactly how far away it was, but I would guess between 2 and 5 miles, based
on the geography of the hills. When I saw the object rise a few hundred
feet, I alerted my friend Phil who also wrote off a bird or plane. It would
move slowly up and down, then horizontally some distance. We measured the
movement and its position by the distance between the telephone poles. We
watched for thirty minutes as planes flew by it. My neighbor "Elli" was also
mystified. The only explanation I had is that it might have been a kite, but
there was little or no wind, plus this object was about 1200 feet high and
did not swing from side to side as a kite would naturally do. After ninety
minutes, the object drifted southwest out of sight. Thanks to Peter
Davenport Director _ (

Colorado -- Triangle UFO Hovers

GRAND JUNCTION -- It was about 9 PM, when I got out of my car and saw a
bright light. I pulled out my phone and took footage of many objects flying
over the Mesa and forming a v shape. They then came to a complete stop. I
capture this on video on my phone it only records short clips, but by the
time I could start recording again they moved into a line. They stop then
formed together and got really bright then bam, they were gone in seconds.
Thanks to MUFON CMS

COLORADO SPRINGS -- We were headed south on I-25 towards Pueblo, when at
about 9:30 PM, on March 1, 2009, I saw a bright light in the distance. I
thought it a low flying airplane with the bright search light. After about
five minutes passed, I realized the object was not moving and we were getting
closer. The one light became two distinct lights with a couple red lights
in between.
We passed the object at mile marker 129, and could make out three bright
white lights in a triangle shape. The object NEVER moved and we noticed two
brighter white lights that would blink up high and one of the red lights
blinked below. The craft made no sound. We watched almost 20 minutes. It made
no sound and had a triangle shape and was able to stay perfectly still.
Thanks to Peter Davenport Director _

Florida- UFO Photo

KEY WEST -- I sighted an object in the sky while driving south near Key
West, Florida and photographed this picture. The object was completely still,
never moved and was dark in color on October 19, 2007, at 5:40 PM.
Note: The witness took the photo through his windshield while driving
south and the enlargement shows that it is not symmetrical and has no
conventional shape. The object is not likely to be a spot on the window. Given the
witness report and the photo who knows what this object could be? The photo
was taken with a KODAK C330 Zoom digital camera with 4 mega-pixels
resolution. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest _http://ufosnw.com_

LARGO -- My wife and I were walking on March 17, 2009, at 8 PM, on the
corner of Sherwood Dr and Seacrest Drive when I heard a strange noise coming
from the southwest. It sounded at first like a car with a bad axle with a
repeating whistling noise like a high pitched "whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo." The
noise got closer and we could hear as it passed overhead making a Doppler
Effect. It appeared to make an oval shaped shadow in the clouds, as if something
was passing by over them. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
_ (

Illinois -- Bright Flying Sphere

RIVERSIDE -- On March 17, 2009, at 8:17 PM, an object about as bright and
big as Venus passed by. I thought it may have been an airplane but as it
passed the brightness remained constant so I am sure it was not an airplane.
There were no other lights just a bright blue-white sphere very large and
very high. It was moving at a moderate speed about as fast an airliner would
fly. I was on the phone with my brother at the time who lives a mile away
and he could see it also. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
_ (

Iowa -- Thirty Flying Colored Objects.

VAN METER -- Roger Marsh writes, "Last night at 10:30 PM, I was sitting on
my porch and noticed something strange so I retrieved my binoculars and
saw a circular object changing colors, beautiful colors I have never even
seen before. My cousin and I followed the object up over the corn field even
though it was tough to follow due its rapid movements. Another bright object
flew directly under the first followed by more. At least twelve bright
colored objects formed a line in the sky back over the tree tops and continued
their rapid movements. This lasted for thirty minutes when they all
separated. I watched until 1:45 AM, as more and more kept appearing each looking
identical to the others. I finally went to bed since I had to work the
early the next day. There were at least thirty objects like in New Jersey.
Thanks to Roger Marsh _UFO Examiner_

Kansas – UFO Takes Off

SCAMMON -- My 17 year old son and I were pulling out of our driveway to
pick up my other son on April 4, 2009, at 1:23 AM, and I saw a huge bright
light lift off up through the tree line to our north. We both turned and saw
a large orange light just above the trees, that I could not make out the
shape as it was so bright. My first thought was we were being bombed, but I
realized it was going up not coming down. My son is yelling "What is that?"
I turned the car north and sped towards it. My son is telling me to call
the police and I told him they would think I was crazy. It started moving
east and looked like a net was over the top of it.
Just above the orange light something was visible but not lit up and this
appeared to have a huge net over it. You could see something under the net
like a huge mobile home with the back of it having large bright orange
lights brighter than any light I have ever seen. We were both scared. I gave
him my cell phone so he could get a picture of it before it moved too far
away. The object was much closer to us then it appears in the picture. The
object flew east and in less than a minute we could no longer see it. We tried
calling my younger son's cell phone several times and he did not answer. We
drove the 5-6 blocks back to our house and my son went in to get his cell
to see if his brother would answer. The object appeared to be coming back
and my son yelled "Its coming back chase it!" We drove towards it but at the
edge of town our visibility was blocked by trees and it vanished. We
noticed five minutes later that a Sheriff Patrol had come into town. Thanks to

Massachusetts -- A Silver Boomerang

CAMBRIDGE -- I came up from the T station underground at 5:50 PM, and
looked up to see a silver boomerang shape hovering high up in the sky on March
4, 2009. I stared at it, then looked behind me at the moon and a bright
star, then turned back around, and saw the object still there. A plane then
passed by it at a lower altitude. I have never seen anything like this
slightly shiny silver boomerang that was not moving. Thanks to Peter Davenport
Director _ (

Missouri -- Wedge Shaped Craft Followed Me

NEOSHO -- On March 4, 2009, at 3:10 AM, I was on my way to work and passed
East Newton High School on Highway 86 and looked in my rear view mirror
and noticed two amber lights approaching at a steady pace without head lights
on. The amber lights looked like parking lights of a car as they came up
behind quickly again. I tapped my brakes and slowed some. My tail lights
illuminated the outline of a wedge shaped object like a snow plow behind me
with two amber lights at the bottom front. I got scared and sped up to 90 mph
to get away and the object then dropped back about ten car lengths and
seemed to be flying like a craft. As I approached Route H, the object once
again speeded up at amazing speed and came up to my rear bumper with its amber
lights glowing. The craft was now right behind me and its amber hue
engulfed the inside of my car. I could feel heat on my neck, arms, face, and back
and could hear a very distinct humming sound. I was terrified and continued
to drive 90 mph until I approached a curve in the highway and had to slow.
I hit my brakes hard and slowed for the curve.
As I drove around the curve the craft dropped back, the amber hue and heat
left my car, and the craft left the road and flew diagonally to the
southwest across an open field, but its amber lights were still facing my
direction. The craft was now about 150 yards to my left about treetop high.. It
then flew southeast climbing slowly, paused, and shot up at an angle to the
northwest leaving a bright amber flash and a silver streak. Thanks to Peter
Davenport Director _ (

Nevada – Strange Light Photographed

LAS VEGAS -- While traveling from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, California on
I-15 South, the witness took this picture from the passenger side of the
car on January 21, 2008, at 10.30 AM. His digital camera did not flash and he
noticed this object after he viewed his pictures at a later date. He was
approximately a hundred miles from Las Vegas. Thanks to Mufon CMS and Ken

New Jersey -- Orb Shaped UFO Sighting

PRINCETON -- On March 8, 2009, at 7:30 PM, my husband and I were returning
his 90 yr old mother to her home and looked up and saw a UFO. We were near
Hamilton Street when my mother-in-law stated it couldn't be plane as it
didn't move. This UFO hovered at was around 500 feet high and had three large
lights shining down which formed the triangular shape. On two of the sides
were red flashing lights. Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research:
_http://www.brianvike.com_ (

ATLANTIC CITY -- On April 1, 2009, at 2:15 PM, standing in back of the
Flagship Hotel looking southeast toward Gardner's Basin an orb shaped burning
orange object fell straight down. It was in view for five seconds then lost
behind houses. It had white smoke trailing behind. This was reported to me
by a coworker who wishes to not be involved.

CAPE MAY COURT HOUSE -- I had just returned to from college on April 2,
2009, and went to Arby's to pick up three friends when we noticed an
extremely bright low flying light coming directly toward us at 9:45 PM. We were
very alarmed as we stood by my car and watched it fly directly overhead and
suspected it was something other than a conventional airplane as it made
absolutely no sound. We noticed a second much smaller lighted craft traveling
above the first craft at a 45 degree angle traveling at exactly the same
speed. We began to notice a great many more very similar looking craft flying
everywhere we looked. This continued for over three hours as we drove to
various parts of the county throughout the night. Similar lights were also
seen the following night. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New York -- Lights and Disc Shaped Object

BROOKLYN -- Great sunny day so I took several pictures from Sunset Park on
April 5, 2009, because I wanted to make a panoramic picture. When I
downloaded it on my computer and adjusted the contrast, I noticed this white
disc. Thanks to MUFON CMS

BROOKLYN -- Two groups of junior high school and high-school age students
were in the Borough Park area and observed bright whirling yellow-orange
lights over the locale for more than 30 minutes on February 12, 2009, in the
early evening. Some said that there were four lights which seemed to be
independent of one another, as if from separate craft. Thanks to UFOINFO -
_ (

LONG ISLAND -- On March 27, 2009, my girlfriend was driving and I was in
the passenger seat and we saw something strange along I-495 near the Sunrise
Highway exit. It was a flat white disc shaped object in the middle of the
sky just sitting there from 6:30 AM, to 6:45 AM. I studied it for a while
thinking maybe it might be a cloud, but the whole was sky was clear so, I
figured it wasn't a cloud. It had no wings and no propeller. As she tries to
look at it; it starts flying fast to the left and then darting down. I tell
her it's starting to move fast, but I was able to keep an eye on it. As we
turned into the Green Acres Area in Valley Stream it disappeared. On March
31, 2009, we were driving along the same route and saw a similar object.
Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research: _http://www.brianvike.com_

Oregon -- Two White Lights

CORVALLIS -- On April 4, 2009, at 9:35 PM, my partner and I witnessed the
brightest light in the sky north moving away at incredible speed gradually
turning from white to red. Then a second light appeared a few degrees
higher and about a degree to the west of the first one. It took the exact same
trajectory, velocity, brighter, and larger than Venus with a white to red
color shift as it faded. There was no flashing lights or indication of
aviation lights. The fade from a bright white light to a reddish light reminded
me of a Doppler effect. We had similar sightings several time s last year.
There is a small, municipal airport about 4 miles to the south of here so
I'm used to seeing planes. Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research:
_http://www.brianvike.com_ (

Virginia -- A Miles Long Luminescent Light

VIRGINIA BEACH -- During the drive to my aunt's house on March 29, 2009,
at about 9:30 PM, we notice a very strong huge, miles long luminescent
light. This light filled up a large portion of the sky and it was all in the
clouds, and then dimmed out. I thought it was the beginning of a lightning
storm, locals are saying it was part of the Russian Soyuz. I now this for
sure, space junk does not fill up the night sky then disappear. I have noticed
more military drills since then. I.E., more jets flying in the sky. Thanks
to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research: _http://www.brianvike.com_

Sightings Outside the United States

Australia - 30 to 40 Lights in a Circular Formation

girlfriend off on March 13, 2009 at 7:15 PM, and were driving down Santa Barbra
Road and saw an orange thing in the clouds. My Dan and I thought we saw
some bats fly over but both us said, they looked far too big to be bats. Then
we saw lights appear in the sky and spiral around in a circular formation
like a really big light show. My Dad drove really slowly and they were
covering an area far too big to be the Friday night football game in Brisbane.
Then in three seconds, all the clouds were vacuumed away into the distance
heading west with the lights. It was like a vacuum cleaner sucking a fog
like substance out of a jar. They flew in the distance for another ten
minutes and we were freaked out and amazed. Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO
Research: _http://www.brianvike.com_ (

Canada -- Egg, Three Pearl White UFOs and Jet Fighters

WINDSOR -- I just got off the bus on March 1, 2009, at 3:30 PM, when I saw
an egg shaped UFO rise up from behind a nearby house and levitate there
for about three minutes. It then began to move around another three minutes
before blinking off and vanishing. My two brothers were with me. Thanks to
Peter Davenport Director _

MONTREAL, QUEBEC -- On March 22, 2009, at 12:53 AM, I was driving parallel
to Sherbrooke Street, when my friend pointed to the sky at three ping-pong
like pearl white balls flying at about 1000 feet altitude two miles away.
All three were in a line with small spaces in-between. The one in the
middle looked less white than others. My friend said, "It might be an UFO", but
I was skeptical. We then went to our penthouse floor swimming pool, and
looked for the object. I thought they were some balls on the wires although we
could see no wires. Fifteen minutes later, a CF-188 Canadian Air Force jet
fighter dove at 1500 feet right at the balls and went straight to the
Westmount area, where it turned around, and passed by the same spot again but
much slower. I am knowledgeable in aviation and I know for sure that no
planes are allowed to fly that low and that close to the LaSalle neighborhood.
It caused the buildings to vibrate. I had to admit that they might be UFOs,
because fighters would not buzz the city without a reason.. Thanks to Brian
Vike - HBCC UFO Research: _http://www..brianvike.com_

Cyprus – Films of UFO

NICOSIA -- Dr. Wahid Ibrahim reports that at 3 AM, on March 13, 2009, I
was visiting Cyprus, and on my way from Nicosia to Larnaca at 23 kilometers
distance before Larnaca I recorded by my Mobile phone Nokia 6111 a UFO.
Later, I was able to record another over the sea. I recorded two films of the
same object, one film on the way and the other film when I arrived to my
hotel exactly on the sea shore looking at Larnaca. The object was moving from
northeast and heading to southeast of the island. Thanks to Dr.Wahid
Ibrahim. _www.ufo-egyptian-hunter.org_ (

Egypt -- UFO Photo

LUXOR -- I returned from the trip after taking photos at 10:22 AM, on June
27, 2008, at the Temple of Karnak. This object was not observed in the
field but found later in the image. The EXIF info shows focal length of lens
of 17mm, which in bright daylight such as this should place everything from
two feet to infinity in focus. Shutter speed was 1/250th of a second.
Artifact is inconsistent with dust on the sensor. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Greece -- A Elliptic Disc Shaped UFO

THESSALONIKI -- I am writing this on behalf of my friend aka Stella who
was the actual witness. She was in a taxi on her way home from work at 8 PM
on February 19, 2009, on Main Avenue near the sea. The taxi approached three
whitish-pale circulating yellow lights above the avenue that caught her
attention. She asked the driver to open her window so she could have a better
view and stuck her head out as they drove directly beneath the lights. She
saw the underside of an elliptic disc that was three times bigger than a
helicopter with a grey matt metallic fuselage. It was hovering a little
higher than the Macedonia Palace with three pale yellowish lights circulating
around it. It had a small red light in the center and made no noise. She
asked her taxi driver to let her off there and by the time Stella got out the
UFO had vanished. Thanks to UFOINFO - _

Ireland A Bright Orange Light

MULLINGAR, COUNTY WESTMEATH -- The four of us ffirst thought a bright and
low burning orange meteor was coming straight at us on February 19, 2009,
at 9:30 PM. We realized it wasn't a meteor when it took a right turn. It was
like a large orb that changed shape, turned different colors, and went
back to the original orb shape. It happened really quickly and flew across the
sky as we watched until it got a good bit away from us and it came down
from the sky. Thanks to UFOINFO - _

Japan -- UFO photo

Last year I took a trip to Japan and shot numerous photos on July 1, 2008.
I recently looked at the photos and spotted this object. I think it shows
a UFO. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Korea -- Numerous Sightings

South Korea -- On March 31, 2009, a series of deafening sonic booms were
heard over the entire nation prompting many to believe they were under alien
attack. Now it appears that the deafening roars that set of car alarms and
had panicky pedestrians running for cover in sheer terror were probably
related to the North Korean satellite launch and the various air forces
monitoring the area. None of that stopped virtually every newspaper in the
country reporting that Korea might be under UFO attack. Unusual lights or UFOs
were seen over a number of cities in the country. Internet sites crashed as
people debated as to whether South Korea was facing annihilation at the
hands of ETs or devastation as a result of North Korean missiles. As a
doomsday mentality gripped the nation many felt intrinsically that the world as
they knew it was on the threshold of a major change. Thanks to Michael Cohen,
_m.cohen@allnewsweb.com_ (

Mexico Numerous UFOs Moving Around

CANCUN -- On March 28, 2009, about 12:30 AM, I saw the third shift Mexican
workers staring at the sky at the Real Resort Carribe Hotel pool during
our spring break. They pointed at moving lights and didn't seem all that
surprised that five or six lights were moving randomly and forming a huge
square/triangle pattern. Two lights began falling towards the earth spinning
around each other as they fell. They stopped falling and shot back up
travelling up perfectly parallel to each other. Their movement was obvious, but if
they weren't moving I would have easily mistaken them for stars. It was
like a parade and they moved on down the beach and away. It was truly amazing.
Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research: _http://www.brianvike.com_

Netherlands - Oval Possible Blimp?

AMSTELVEEN -- On March 4, 2009, at 10:10 PM, I saw an object moving slowly
with the wind south of Amsterdam that I first I thought was a blimp as it
appeared to be the same shape. It appeared faintly illuminated internally
with slow pulsating electric blue lights. The blimp then slowly halted and
remained stationary for 30-40 seconds. Then in awe I observed the blimp roll
on its side and slowly 'peel off' over the college buildings. The blimp
climbed at 15-20 meters perfectly vertically and disappeared into the cloud
covered sky. I was within 400 meters of the blimp and although I was in a
poorly lit street, the internal illumination made it look just like a blimp
with a thin non-metal skin. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
_ (

New Zealand -- Large Yellow/Orange Circular Object

WELLINGTON -- It was quite a bit after dusk on March 4, 2009, and most of
the stars were visible when I saw an object about the size of a penny held
at arm's length moving like a meteor. It was circular and yellow/orange in
color, with a bright center and slightly dimmer radius. It moving slower
than a meteor and appeared larger and less bright. Its speed was very
consistent, and was becoming more dim as it moved north. It changed direction,
almost 90 degrees to its original path and continued in this direction and
became more and more dim until it faded completely from view. hanks to Peter
Davenport Director _ (

Peru – Strange Object Photographed

A new version of the original image of the extraterrestrial space probe
(or "Canepla) Enlarged and colored processed and now using picture management
programs / image processing recently probe or canepla" alien pictures and
filming at the same time overflying some house members of Proyecto UFO
Piura, PERU. Thanks to Peru Blogs.
_ (

Philippines -- Photos of Disc

QUEZON -- On March 4, 2009, I was about to take some food from my house
when i saw the strange object hovering near the rooftop. It was low and
moving slowly and sometimes it was moving fast. I was shocked and grab my
camera. I also noticed some signal interruptions with our radio the same with
some appliances like cell phone and television. I was scared especially when
it hovers just above us. It just disappeared from a really great speed.

Russia – Maneuvering Object

EKATERINBURG -- I was going home along a narrow driveway, on March 8,
2009, at 7:30 PM, and low above the horizon, I noticed a glowing object moving
from left to right and slightly descending. It looked like a bright planet
such as Venus, only a yellowish hue. It was too bright and too slow moving
for a meteor and took three seconds to cross the sky and disappear behind a
row of trees. I hesitated for five seconds but it had gone. I turned to
unlock the door and took one more glance to spot the object once again! It
moved still slightly descending, still silent and in another few seconds, it
was covered by the building. Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research:
_http://www.brianvike.com_ (

Syria -- Three White Lights

ALEPPO -- On Tuesday night, March 3, 2009, and I was returning home at
10:22 PM from school and my friends saw three fast moving lights! They were
far away but flew closer but the distance between them wasn't changing! I
thought there were three objects but my friends said there was only one!
Everything happened fast. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director


WESTBURY-on-TRYM BRISTOL -- I was driving home from my girlfriend's house
down Henleaze Road on March 14, 2009, at 11:55 PM, when I noticed several
large orange fire like lights slowly moving across the sky. I saw a woman
with a camera filming so I stopped and asked what the lights were? The guy in
the car said, "I think they are Buddhist Lanterns," but his wife said she
thought the lights were UFOs. The balls of light were pretty large and
moving as fast as a low flying plane.

LONDON -- The nine silver spheres hovered above a row of shops on the
internet giant's new Street View Service. Sun News reader Faye Sharpe, 18,
discovered them while viewing her Wolverley Street neighborhood in East London.
Faye said: "I was checking out the road to see if I could spot my mates. I
thought it looked very strange and zoomed in. I thought it was some planes
but they look pretty close together for that. Maybe they are UFOs."
Yesterday baffled ufologist Nick Pope said he was "very excited" by the
image, which he labeled "truly fascinating". He added: "It appears to show
nine objects flying in near perfect formation. About the only thing I know
that can do this is the Red Arrows - and it's not them." Mr. Pope, who used
to investigate sightings for the Ministry of Defence, said: "I've run
through the list of possibilities that normally explain these things, but I can't
find an answer." Yesterday The Sun visited the street to talk to locals
about the mysterious find. Holly Riding, 19, said: "It's definitely weird."
Karishma Daswani, 22, added: "The fact that they are flying in formation is
very strange." Oriele Calvert, 44, said: "This is definitely the strangest
thing I've ever seen in Bethnal Green." Street View, on Google Maps and
Google Earth, shows 360-degree views of 25 cities throughout the country.
Thanks to the Sun (
WORKSOP NOTTS -- We had friends over on February 20, 2009, and they were
leaving about10 PM, so we went outside to say bye, when we all six of us saw
a huge wheel shaped light with white lights that pulsated getting brighter
then dimmer. My husband went to check the cows and saw a fainter object
over the houses of Worksop. Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research:
_http://www.brianvike.com_ (

HOVETON, NORFOLK -- On February 21 2009, I observed a black triangle with
lights on each corner and red light moving through the middle at 10 PM. The
same triangle was observed hovering for five minutes about 9.30 PM on
January 29, 2009. It then picked up speed and flew away faster than any
aircraft. Both my brother and I commented on the speed and quickness to change
direction of the object. Thanks to UFOINFO - _

LONDON -- On March 22, 2009, the cameraman wass about to shoot a music
video when a fleet of giant fireballs flew by at incredible speed. Probably a
dozen lights were filmed moving at about the same speed as shown on the my
space video. _

"Breaking the Spear of Destiny"
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