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Posted by: DerekFalken Jan 18 2008, 02:05 PM
Are you looking towards the future? I am. It doesn't look too good, does it?

We need to come together and wake up, folks. The way I see it, all of our problems arise from one, central problem.

Picture a machine.

All this machine does, all day, every day, is eat our future. We created it, we accepted it, and we live within it. The machine does one thing, and it gets stronger every day.

It allows us to escape reality.

Reality has become so horrible that we'll do anything to escape it. Our reality and the machine are as a Möbius strip--entwined to the point where we can't see where the machine ends and reality begins. The more we escape into the machine from reality, reality becomes WORSE and the machine's grip on us tightens.

Let's start with a basic question: who holds the keys to our future? Our children. We've fed them into the machine willingly, because we--ourselves--are no longer living in reality. We've neglected our children and we've been doing it a long time.

As we neglect our children, we neglect our future. Their future. Your future. Our future depends on them, and we haven't made them priority one! We have GOT to wake up, destroy the machine, and save our children from it--thereby saving our future.

What is the machine made of?

Every machine runs on fuel, and this machine runs on our time--which we give it freely--and our energy, which we surrender every time we step back from reality.

There are so many parts that make up the machine, there's no way to define them all. But we can make a start by dismantling the ones we can define right now. Each and every one of you knows the machine exists, and you know more about what makes it run than you think.

Drugs are part of the machine--a central cog if you will. And this cog, as it turns, sets others into motion. Every hour that we spend in a drug-induced stupor is an hour gone from our future PLUS countless other hours--even DAYS--taken from our future as we attempt to cope with the repercussions (mental, physical, and spiritual) from drug abuse.

Video games are another part. Yes, it sounds silly, but just bare with me. Remember the machine is fueled by our time and energy. EVERY hour that our children (and many of us) spend playing mindless video games is an hour fed into the machine. It's an hour that you and your children could have spent together, learned something, discovered something. It's also at LEAST an hour of our future gone--eaten, by the machine.

Television--specifically mindless "reality television," sitcoms that substantiate a dysfunctional family lifestyle, game shows, in short--everything except educational and informational programs--sucks more time and energy out of us and feeds it to the machine. Every hour that we sit in front of it is gone forever folks. It's gone from our future.

I would say that a major portion of the Internet and people using it are simply cogs in the machine. We have an ENDLESS supply of pornography, videos, games, and a MULTITUDE of other distractions at our fingertips. Once again, every hour spent frivolously is gone forever guys.

Are my statements radical? You bet your arse--they're radical to the extreme but you can't just focus on what part of the machine and try to get rid of it. The rest of the machine continues on and grows more omnipresent by the moment.

I'm telling you right now that our countries are in a state of torpor. Our priorities are COMPLETELY arse-backwards and because of that everyone's talking out of their arse rather than from their hearts or their brains.

Instead of living in the moment, planning for the future, we're WISHING and DAYDREAMING about a future we'll never have or we're drunk on the heady vapors of nostalgia, remembering the good times. Both of these activities--again--only function to solidify our lives within the machine and dissolve our lives from reality.

We need to throw it ALL way, tear down the machine, and start from scratch. It's the only way.

Are you awake yet, or are you still asleep? Well I've set your alarm and it's going off--RIGHT NOW.

Step out of the machine for a bit and think about our future. Think about what our priorities need to be and what we should be focusing on. Here's what I've come up with.

Priority 1

Focus on our children.

Throw all their videogames away. Will they be pissed? You bet. Tough. While you're at it, throw yours away as well. Cancel your dish / cable service and throw your television out on the curb or sell it. There's nothing on that glass teat that you need. Everything that appears on that tube is designed to trap you in the machine and help you throw away precious hours of your lives and your future.

Do you really believe that violence and one-liner sitcoms are helping us? My God, folks, instead of living their own lives and doing something, people are watching other people live sensational lives that make ours look positively bland while they sit back in an unprecedented state of leisure. We've sought out movies and TV because our own lives are boring. Why? Because we're boring.

Listen to me, I'm still part of the machine just like you, but damnit I'm trying to escape and wake people up.

If we stopped escaping reality and did our absolute best to change it for the better, why in the hell would we need to escape it? We wouldn't!

Set a strict curfew for your children, and don't budge for one minute. Have them home and safe at night. With no videogames to play, no television to watch, and no trouble to get into out there in the streets, guess what?

They might actually get some sleep.

How many times have you heard recently that everyone is suffering from insomnia (and depression)? Seen any commercials lately for sleep aids? I'll bet you've seen a lot.

You need your sleep, and your children do to. Do you really think staring at a cathode-ray-tube, an LCD, or any other light-emitting device has no effect on your circadian biorhythms? Think again. They do, and I'm here to tell you it's bad and they don't want you to wake up from this advertising-consumer negative feedback loop that they've carefully engineered and actually think about your lives.

Folks it is one hundred percent critical that you stop and think about this stuff right now.

Diet soda? Regular soda? Throw them all out. In fact, just get rid of everything except water. That's the only thing you and you're children need to be drinking. And use that money you saved from buying drinks to invest in a top of the line filtering system for your water. Don't skimp and pinch pennies here--it's vital.

If you do all that, so far, you'll have a lot of time together. Have fun together. Play some cards, take walks, and talk to each other about what's going on. Swallow your bleedin' pride and tell them about all the mistakes you made and tell them how not to make them. Keep talking until they listen.

Shut their bloody cell phones and mp3 players and ipods OFF. Better yet, take them away for good. Do they really need them? If you're awake by now, you'll realize the answer is no.

Teach them how to become responsible, conscious, and LOVING adults. This is hypercritical. Teach them to spend time either improving themselves, doing good for others, and soaking up knowledge and wisdom wherever they can. Help them with their schoolwork instead of popping a cold one and plopping down in front of the TV. Guess what? You just might learn a thing or two.

Make it a point to meet your neighbors and fellow humans. Show them by your good example how rich life can be free of the machine.

Get involved in every aspect of their lives. Join the parent-teacher association. Get to know their teachers, what they're teaching, and if you don't understand it--make an effort to learn. Ask your teachers how you can help them succeed---I guarantee you that (for the most part, your mileage may vary) you'll gain their respect and come away from it dripping with wisdom.

Hammer home with conviction that violence, anger, hate, and greed solve nothing and only ruin everything for everyone.

You've got to start now, folks, and especially if you have children in elementary school. Those formative years are crucial to their development and shape who they will become as teenagers and later as adults. Your elementary school teachers (my wife is one) have the greatest impact on your children, above and beyond all other teachers and mentors they'll have in the rest of their lives.

Gain their respect by earning their respect. When they anger you, stop and do whatever you have to--count to ten, take deep breaths, walk outside and pace for a bit--whatever it takes until the anger is gone. Punish them if you must, but choose one way of getting their attention.

Don't spank them and yell or scold them. Choose one or the other. When you do both, you're doing irrevocable damage to their spirits and their minds. But make sure you reward them for their good behavior--with words of praise, their favorite dinner, or a small gift. Do that as often as you can.

Explain to them early on the reasons for your decisions. Don't fall back on, "Because I said so." Or, "Just because, you'll understand when you're older." Teach them those things now, folks. The sooner the better. They'll respect you for it, and their ability to make good decisions will increase tenfold.

Priority 2

Get your head out of your arse, get involved in your community, understand what's happening at all levels of your political process, and make your voice heard.

Go to local government meetings and find out what's being proposed or denied. Do volunteer work for any cause you happen across where you can help others who are in need. By doing good works, good works will be returned to you. Perhaps not right away, but they will be. Volunteering your time and energy for the good of others will have a dramatic and uplifting impact on you.

I'm not just making this up--many studies and polls have shown without margin that people report feeling the happiest and feeling good about themselves when they volunteer to help others, out of all the other activities they could be doing.

This isn't dogma or evangelical rhetoric--it's the truth, and truth is the only gift I can give you, and right now, more than ever, it's the most important gift you can pass on to others.

Go out and vote--educate yourself on the issues at stake and who's for or against them. Encourage others to do the same. Take a few hours each week and make it a point to talk about this stuff with your family. By becoming a force for truth and goodness in the process, you concordantly become a vector for the betterment of your future.

Get involved in the neighborhood. Here's a thought: take ten minutes in the evening and drive around the neighborhood. Keep your eyes out for crime and suspicious behavior. If you see something that doesn't feel right in any way, call somebody. Don't take a chance. Do you know how many crimes (many of them violent) that could have been prevented if only someone was there to witness it and call for help? I'm here to tell you that it's a frightening number.

Our police forces are underpaid, overworked, and spread far too thin. You might be surprised to know that just by driving through the neighborhood--being visible--you might just inadvertently stop someone from doing something when they realize that the people in your area aren't completely asleep in front of their televisions any more. A criminal psychologist told me that a vast majority of everyday criminals will stop what they're doing and move on or call it quits for the night when they realize there's a good chance they'll be spotted and caught.

Priority 3

Stop buying rubbish you don't need, fix things instead of throwing them away, and get rid of all the rubbish you have that's just taking up space.

Friends, we live in a disposable society. Everything we have is disposable, including relationships! High divorce rates tell me that many of these couples were never taught one of the fundamental rules of union: after three-five years (sooner for some, later for others) love is a DECISION, more than any thing else.

Plan your budget. Plan your shopping trips--don't waste precious gas, time, and energy to go get one thing. Consolidate your lists and compress everything into bi-monthly trips. Carpool and share rides. Walk when you can--the exercise is good for the soul, body, and mind.

Learn how to shut off that internal looping dialogue, your own voice telling you that you can't impact anything. One person who refused to step down and take it started some of the greatest achievements in history. Set aside your prejudices, set aside your differences, and realize that we're all in this together.

So that's my rant.

Final Thoughts

Take this advice and let it grow in you, like a seed. Start small, and work towards some of these goals and you might just make a difference.

Search inward and really contemplate what matters in the long run.

Stop doing the things that don't matter, and start doing things that make a difference.

Derek Falken

Posted by: Mark Jan 18 2008, 02:45 PM
Nice rant!
handclap.gif handclap.gif handclap.gif handclap.gif

You are correct in your observation.

I came to that same conclusion a few years back.

Video Games
Cell Phones

All part of what you call the machine.

But I call them the 'alien tools' which enslave our minds.

Derek, it's amazing...when I read some of your's as if I wrote them myself. How bizarre!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts...maybe some will listen.

If I had kids, I know I wouldn't want their brains sucked out through their eyeballs from immoral, decadant, mind numbing television and radio programming. Music can play a large part in mind control --- good or bad --up to you to decide.

Posted by: DerekFalken Jan 18 2008, 03:20 PM
I'm glad to have struck a chord with you Mark, and I'm enriched to know that you've had the same thoughts and drawn the same conclusions.


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