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> Does Chemtrail Spraying Follow The Sun?

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Posted: Jul 13 2004, 04:16 PM
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I saw this commentary and I have observed this type of activity here in So Calif.

Note: Since June 30th, we havn't been massively chemtrailed, nor have I seen any chemtrails blocking out the sun- and BOY it's hot now!

Does that mean that I think chemtrails are a good thing ----- NO!

I believe the chemtrail program is prolonging the inevitable.


Does Chemtrail Spraying Follow The Sun?
By Marjorie Tietjen

Is it just coincidence or do military jet traffic routes intentionally correlate with the position of the sun? Every day of course presents with varied scenerios. During heavy spray days the whole sky will be intensely saturated. Thick clouds usually form as a result of this concentrated activity. However, on what many of us still call "blue sky" days, jets appear to spray lightly, mostly around the sun. This specific technique of spraying has often led me to the conclusion that perhaps there really is a problem with too much of the sun's radiation entering the atmosphere and that the faithful hazing around the sun is to perhaps block this radiation.

Several years ago when the chemtrail phenomonon was first being observed, there was much discussion on the website concerning the extraordinary amount of particulate matter pouring down through the atmosphere. This "fallout" can only be observed under very limited reflective conditions. The specific methods used to view this horrendous sight, were openly discussed on the carnicom site. One requirement for viewing these different types of particulates.....metallic and polymer, was a clear blue sky surrounding the sun. The other ingredient for effective viewing was to place yourself so the sun would be mostly hidden behind a roofline. One doesn't want the sun to shine directly in the eyes. With these two conditions in place, unbelievable amounts of particulate matter can be observed...some of which appears to be electrically charged.

I called Lisa Chang, a jet emissions specialist, and relayed my concerns to her. Of course she parroted the official government position on chemtrails...... everything is normal. I do have to say she was very pleasant. However, her advice was for me to collect this material and that then they would analyze it. I tried to tell her that much of this fallout was submicron in size, can only be viewed under highly specific reflective conditions and once the particulates pass through this observable region of the atmosphere, it was undetectable. I also mentioned that very expensive equipment would be required.

Soon after these discussions on Carnicom, other chemtrail websites, and calls to government officials, the spraying habits changed. There were no longer clear blue skies visible around the sun. I began to notice that much spraying would be done in the morning in the east where the sun is rising. The spray activity continues to follow the path of the sun throughout the day and much of the time it is concentrated around the setting sun in the west. It is now much rarer, at least in my area, to be able to view the heavy saturation of particulate matter during the day. An alternative method used to view this pollution is by using a million candle power spotlight at night.

Have the spraying patterns been modified to keep the extent of this pollution from being observed? Even a light haze around the sun prevents detection. I used to write to Patrick Minnis, a cloud and jet emission researcher at NASA. He would tell me that commercial jet traffic has increased exponentially ( which I question ) and that jets do indeed form cloud cover. However he contends that jet contrails have always formed cloud cover. Why would jet traffic increase so drastically just about overnight...around 1998, when the public began noticing the unusual jet emissions? Minnis explains that the reason for contrail fan patterns and crosshatching, is due to set air traffic patterns leading to local airports. I then wrote to him and asked why the jet air traffic routes seem to change every day and why the jet routes follow the track of the sun throughout the day? Here is his reply..."As far as the trails tracking the sun, I would say that this is pure coincidence."

Many researchers feel that there are several purposes behind the intentional hazing and the clouding of our skies. I tend to agree with this conclusion. I don't presume to know the answers to the chemtrail enigma. Trying to tease it all apart is certainly challenging, frustrating and at the same time fascinating.

I do think however, that a central question we should be asking ourselves is....why is the sun always being obscured or filtered? Would filtering or hiding the sun play any role in HAARP, weather modification, military communications, biological warfare, scalar weaponry, etc? I have limited scientific knowledge of these subjects so from what I can understand, solar screening and perhaps disguising the aerosol program's fallout may be possible logical explanations for one aspect of this multifaceted aerosol program.

I would appreciate hearing from any of you with your observations concerning this matter. Together.....some day.....we will unravel this mystery

"Ye shall know them by their fruits"
~ Matthew 7:16

"Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."
~ Buddha
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