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Posted by: Tree Hugger Jul 20 2005, 04:33 PM
Hello Seekers

There are natural laws in the universe, put in place by the Divine Mind.
One of these is gravity. Humans are never aware of this force as a law until the break it.
Breaking of this law can bring painful results, even death of the body. A jump off a tall building is a good example of the swiftness of execution involved in breaking this law.

One could apply this principle to the first human expulsion from paradise. Each event arises from the previous event, and this is considered the natural consequence of following the pathway that leads from one stepping stone to the next.

Was this an expulsion or a consequence? Breaking a leg is the natural consequence of jumping off a building and breaking a law, but is not considered punishment in the same sense that some people mean punishment. Humans were intertwined with nature and followed the laws and were happy until they began to forget the laws and the fact they were not only bodies walking the earth. After they forgot, they began breaking law after law in ignorance.

The Divine Mind does not have to execute judgement and punishment, the laws work on an automatic basis, without exception, and if (a) happens, one can know that (b) will be the result.

Humans who forgot their divine connection could not live in paradise because it was only for those who loved it and cared about it. It would not thrive because humans no longer respected each other, nor themselves and so events began to go wrong for them as a natural result of breaking natural law. Nature became a resource to be exploited. The land was not sacred, nor the water, nor the earth, nor each other as slaughtering each other in wars began to be widespread. All of this builds up consequences, another name for which is karma.

Here is the enormous gap between thinking that God punishes directly and things occur of the enforcement of pre set laws. No one can defy gravity and not suffer. There is nothing of a personal nature to this.

The law of Returns always works perfectly. This is like the eternal wheel of justice and it always bring back according to what is given out. No human need ever be concerned that justice will not dispensed. There is no special privilege in this court as the wheel rotates until the human who put it in motion stops it.

No humans need be agents for laws, which have always been in existence and always will be in existence. Those who have set themselves up as judges have not been elected by Divine Mind. They have volunteered due to narrow thinking that they are set apart as special. Every human is special because every humans is part of the Mind, and Divine Mind did not set up police to tell others not to defy laws.

There will be many who continue to see consequences as punishment. The earth is in peril because humanity has strayed from their close association with nature and has broken many of the laws put in place and now are suffering the consequences. They need only to alter their path to change the consequences. If one owns a food producing service and knowlingly offers food to others which does damage to the body, this has consequences.
If one harms any part of the natural world there are consequences. If one hates another person there are consequences. To every act there are consequences. This is the law. Every thought and every action has recompense.

Consequences are just like fruit off a tree. A good thought, a kind word, producing good healthy food, honest dealings, being true to ones word all have positive returns. This is the law.

Punishment or reward is built in to the creation.

Those who say they love God and yet proclaim punishment to those disagreeing with their interpretation of God will find that this attitude itself has consequences. Hoping or wishing another gets punished will have its own consequences. There is one scripture which very clearly says this in the Bible that the judgement you hand out is the one you will get back.
This is most sobering thought, if one thinks of the fact that every word uttered, carries with it consequences. If one heaps judgement on the head of another, describing horrible things he envisions in his dark mind that God will do, then that one has by these very words, guarantees that they will have equality of return on their hopes. Thus all he wishes for others will come back and happen to him.

This is the law.

Out of your own mouth you will bless or condemn yourself.


Posted by: Mark Jul 20 2005, 05:26 PM
Hiya Tree Hugger,
You would think that G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, Colin Powell, Tony Blair and many others should all receive their just rewards for lying and slaughtering thousands while profiting and polluting the Earth.

It appears to me that some beings seem to have no retribution in this world for their acts of cruelty and dishonesty.

While others, like myself, cannot break certain laws (like most of the 10 commandments) without feeling the consequences.

Thou Shalt Not Kill
Thou Shalt Not Lie or Cheat
Thou Shalt Not Steal

Posted by: Tree Hugger Jul 20 2005, 08:32 PM

Hello Pupp
I made a error......that should read the Law of Returns states that what you give Jesus said cast your bread on the water.....and it comes back to you

Just because you haven't seen it yet or perhaps you won't even see it for Bush anymore than you would see it for your local judge or the owner of the local porn shop, or even your next door neighbor.

You either believe in that justice of the Divine Mind or you don't.

Here is one when I heard about but have no idea is this is real or not.
..........I had heard that some bankers of modern times upon death were being sent immediately back as poor children in third world countries.

But if you read enough NDEs you soon see that no one gets away with anything and how can one follow the life of another and see what kind of heaven or hell they have within themselves, that they carry around and even into the next world.

Love and hugs to you Pupp

Posted by: Mark Jul 20 2005, 08:52 PM
Hiya Tree Hugger, I can edit your post title if you want.

I had heard that some bankers of modern times upon death were being sent immediately back as poor children in third world countries.

I'd prefer that THEY came back as nuisance insects in people homes and they would get squashed - over and over again!!

I believe many NDE reports are real due to the details of those who have died and came back reporting images that they could not possibly have seen while lying on their backs in a hospital bed.

But I also believe that the bloodlines seem to have some inherit ability to reincarnate into their OWN bloodlines of wealth, power and prestige which would explain HOW THEY have been able to dominate Earth for at least 6000 years.

We will never have Peace on Earth as long as we are enslaved by THEM.

May Peace, Love and Truth surround you.

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