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> Brain Transmitters, Could explain those mysterious headaches

Freedom Fighter
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Posted: Mar 8 2007, 03:06 PM
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Hey Mark ..

I've read heaps of stuff about this over the years ..
Especially the stuff about the experiments in Sweden on mentally ill patients ..

I found this pretty comprehensive article which hangs it all together ..

I'm including the article without the interesting cranial Xrays, which show
the position and placement of these implants .. in some some subjects
there were up to 3 implants in the cranium ..

The most favored sites are just above the brow ridge, the nasal sinus, and the
base of the skull.. in one pic there was an implant in the lower jaw..

If you want to see the cranial Xray pics I'll get Gan to load em for ya ...

Brain Transmitters

What They Are and How They Are Used

Doctors in Sweden
began placing brain transmitters in the heads of anesthetized patients without the persons’ knowledge in about 1960. The insertion was conducted through the nostrils and took only a couple of minutes to perform.

Implanted devices can remain in a person’s head for life. The energy to activate the implants is transmitted by way of radio waves. Professor José Delgado wrote about the technology in Physical Control of the Mind in 1969.

The Technology and Its Possibilities
Brain transmitters have been thought to be impossible by the majority of people and have been relegated to science fiction. The fact is that scientists developed the technology into reality at least forty years ago.[1]

By means of two-way radio communication called telemetry, or remote control, one can send wavelengths round trip to a brain transmitter in a person’s head. The wavelengths flow through a person’s brain, then return to a computer where all aspects of a human being’s life are uncovered and analyzed.

To allow brain waves, measured by electroencephalograph (EEG), to be analyzed by a computer instead of through a printout offers new possibilities of interpretation. The charting of mental thoughts, vision, hearing, feelings, and behavioral reactions can lead to an analysis of the foundation of personality. It allows one to study the psyche more completely. In addition, one can follow chemical reactions, observe patterns of neurons, or follow an illness or disease and analyze it at an earlier stage of development. All of the above and much more can be discovered with bio-medical telemetry.[2]

During the 1960s, brain transmitters as small as a half of a cigarette filter made it possible for doctors to implant them in patients easily and without surgery.

Two-way radio communication throughout the world to the brain was possible by the late 1950s. This was done in many ways. For example, vocal messages could be sent by radio waves to receivers placed in the head, where a person with an attached transmitter could answer directly to a central location with his thoughts, by brain waves data (EEG) carried with radio signals.[3]

Distances were not a problem, since radio waves could travel globally at the speed of light.

“The X-ray shows a transmitter implanted in my brain.” — Implant victim.

Liquid crystals which are injected directly into the bloodstream and fasten themselves to the brain have been developed in the last ten years. It works on the same principle as the usual transmitters and uses the same technology and contains the same possibilities.[4] [Note:1]

How It Began - Experiments with the Brain

As early as the 1920s, European scientists made discoveries which paved the way for future development of brain stimulation. The Swiss W. R. Hess could identify 4,000 different places in the brain’s hypothalamus, which are in direct contact to certain physical and mental reactions. By stimulating specific points in the brain by an electrical current, the stimulation of one point of the brain could bring about aggressive reactions, while the stimulation of another point could bring about calmness. Through electrical currents to the brain, Dr. Hess could change peoples’ personalities, bring about feelings of happiness or sadness, hunger or satisfaction, etc. All of this was achieved over seventy years ago.[5]

To the Present and Victims for Life

Brain transmitters, also called electrodes, stimoceivers, and endoradiosondes, can control the brain and transmit data. They can be used to influence people to conform to a political system. They can be applied to remotely monitor and control human beings to serve as agents. The technology exists and is being utilized. The devices usually remain in a person’s head for life.

“Autonomic and somatic functions, individual and social behaviors, emotional and mental reactions may be evoked, maintained, modified, or inhibited, both in animals and in man, by electrical stimulation of specific cerebral structures. Physical control of many brain functions is a demonstrated fact. ... It is even possible to follow intentions, the development of thoughts, and visual experiences,” wrote Dr. José Delgado in the book Physical Control of the Mind in 1969. At that time Dr. Delgado was a Professor of Physiology at Yale University, where he developed techniques for electronically and chemically influencing the brain. He has published more than two hundred scientific works and is a well-known authority in neurology and behaviorism.

In the preface to the book, it is written that Dr. Delgado, “... shows how, by electrical stimulation of specific cerebral structures, movements can be induced by radio command, hostility may appear or disappear, social hierarchy can be modified, sexual behavior may be changed, and memory, emotions and the thinking process may be influenced by remote control.”[6]

It is possible to change people, create illness, modify opinions, and dull or activate the senses by penetrating centers of the brain with radio waves. People then obey controllers instead of their own natural choices. Monitoring of individuals’ brain activity can instantly reveal all private experiences and observations of others.

“This is the second implanted transmitter; this device appeared under rather unusual circumstances on 10th March 1972, when I became tranquilized in the hotel where I was temporarily lodging. This implantation preceded a period of prolonged torture with personality-altering radio signals 10 - 20 hours a day and they started communicating directly with my brain. It was then I realized that they could discern my thoughts and, indeed, experience my entire range of cognitive activity. ... The picture was taken at Karolinska Hospital where all radiographers deny that any foreign object can be identified in this picture. However, there are a number of overseas physicians who testify the obvious fact, that several transmitters can be seen quite clearly.” — Robert Naeslund, INMC, Open letter, Stockholm, Sweden, May 1993, page 32.

Dr. Robert G. Heath, of Tulane University, has implanted as many as 125 electrodes in a human being’s brain. In his experiments, he discovered that he could control his patients’ memories, sexual arousal, fear, pleasure, and cause hallucinations.

Overriding Proof Against the Hospitals

“In response to your most recent letter regarding the roentgen films, I can only confirm that some foreign objects, most likely brain transmitters, have been implanted at the base of your frontal brain and in the skull,” wrote Professor Peter Aaron Lindstrom from California to one of his Swedish patients. The patient was a victim of an implantation of a brain transmitter over twenty-five years ago. Dr. Lindstrom, who taught at the University of California, San Diego, added, “There is no excuse for doctors to implant brain transmitters in people’s heads.”

There is complete evidence that Södersjukhuset, Karolinska, Nacka, and Sundsvall hospitals, among others in Sweden, have implanted brain transmitters without the permission or knowledge of the patients for many decades.

Mental Patients Utilized

Investigations at different mental hospitals in Sweden have shown that a great number of patients out of fifty interviewed, thought themselves to be victims of long-term medical experiments. A number of these patients were actually in need of mental care due to the experiments. There were also many at the hospitals who were forcibly placed there because they had declared that a transmitter had been implanted in their heads during an operation, or in conjunction with admittance to the mental hospital.

Checks were made of all groups with electronic devices which confirmed that there were radio waves traveling from brain transmitters in many patients.[7]

Interviews with patients were done at Långbro Hospital, Beckomberga Hospital, as well as at Karolinska Hospital Psychiatric Clinic.

The radio waves which pass through the brain are not necessarily registered by one who has a brain transmitter. Only when the effect is greatly increased, for example when experiments are performed, is it possible for the victim to detect them.

“This is the third transmitter placed in my head and the first which was embedded in my brain. Without doubt it was implanted while being detained by the police in Stockholm 1973; this was my first period of custody and afterwards I underwent considerable personality modification, a process which had already begun in 1967 but accelerated rapidly towards criminality after the implantation of the second transmitter.” — Robert Naeslund, INMC, Open letter, Stockholm, Sweden, May 1993, page 32.

Electronic Measurements

This picture shows the frequencies 18.5 - 18.7 kHz which were sent from a brain transmitter. The chart was created by a printer connected to a radio frequency analyzer computer during measurements from a transmitter in a person’s skull.

While measuring other persons, the wavelengths were counted at similar values.

Long wavelengths are commonly used since they work over vast distances at the speed of light, and the frequencies are often between 15 - 35 kHz.[8]

The radio waves are called “frequency shift” signals and can flow within a certain wavelength area. They do not occur in a decided frequency, but rather through a special modulation, the radio waves identity. The bandwidth was 150 Hz and the effect in all measurements was between 1 - 10 microvolts.

Measurements were done with the following electronic devices:

Hewlett & Packard Spectrum Analyzer 3585 A

Roedre & Schwarts VLF-HF Receiver EK 070

Marconi Spectrum Analyzer

Dynamics SD 375 Spectrum Analyzer

Nicolets Radio Frequency Analyzer Computer

Court Trials in Canada

were heard against a number of hospitals in Montreal in 1989. The hospitals were accused of carrying on long painful experiments with patients which began in the 1950s. One of Canada’s most honored doctors, Ewen Cameron, Head Doctor at Royal Victoria Hospital and Allen Memorial Institute, worked on assignments from the Secret Police that ordered experiments with, among other things, brain transmitters.[9]

“Furthermore, it can be seen that electrodes placed in the occipital lobe are blocking the blood flow behind their delimitation where the oxygen depletion is caused and this is seen as well in his frontal brain just above the implanted transmitter. Among the changes caused by the frequencies affecting his brain, the reduced oxygen levels have induced an alteration of neurological functions, and impaired cognitive abilities including that of memory. Moreover he [Mr. N’Tumba] has obviously been anesthetized without his knowledge so that this implantation could be performed. ... The x-ray examination was performed at Brook Hospital Main, September 16, 1992.” — INMC, Letter to British Prime Minister John Major, Stockholm, Sweden, October 9, 1992.

“... a meeting between Mr. John Austin-Walker, Member of Parliament, and a victim of mind control, impressed on him the importance of pursuing investigations into the matter ...” — INMC, Letter to British Prime Minister John Major, Stockholm, Sweden, October 9, 1992, page 1.

Many Others Cry for Help

Doctors at the World Health Organization’s (WHO) office in Copenhagen say that many Swedes write to them, stating that they have been exploited for hospital experiments. Many say that devices must have been implanted in their heads.

The United Nations’ information office in Copenhagen also says that upset residents of Sweden have contacted them and have sought help as victims of hospital experiments.

Amnesty International in Stockholm and Copenhagen tell a similar story, as well as the Citizens’ Rights Movement, representatives of the Green Party of Sweden, and a number of female members of the Swedish Parliament.

Those who contact the National Swedish Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) about this issue are sent to Department Ptp (formerly HS4 and SN3). Then they are informed that they are psychologically ill and that they run the risk of being admitted to a mental hospital if they continue to talk about a device in their heads. Additionally, they are told that brain transmitters do not exist.

Swedish Board of Health and Welfare

The person Dr. Lindstrom later helped had by 1977 written to authorities in Sweden and explained to them to what he had been subjected. Among those he wrote to was the General Director of the Board of Health and Welfare.

Declared Mentally Ill

Dr. Annmari Jonson at the Board of Health and Welfare referred to the letter a year later when she explained, “He intensely maintains everything which he had written to the Board of Health and Welfare. He exhibits, in this way, obvious misconceptions and points clearly to the need for psychiatric examination.”

The examination was conducted in 1978 by Dr. Janos Jez, who wrote:

“He says that he is convinced that a device was applied in his head during an operation at Södersjukhuset. He ought to be considered dangerous if this pattern of misconceptions cannot be erased; and if he then begins to doubt his ideas and thereafter begins to have insight into his illness. He should therefore be committed to an asylum.”

Five years later Dr. Lindstrom wrote, “... I can only confirm that some foreign objects, most likely brain transmitters, have been implanted at the base of your frontal brain and in the skull. ... I fully agree with Lincoln Lawrence who in his book on page 27 wrote; ‘There are two particularly dreadful procedures which have been developed. Those working and playing with them secretly call them R.H.I.C. and E.D.O.M. — Radio-Hypnotic Intra-cerebral Control and Electronic Dissolution of Memory ...’”

The patient wrote to both the doctors and the Board of Health and Welfare’s General Director, Barbro Westerholm, and included a copy of Dr. Lindstrom’s declaration. However, none of them desired to answer, which indicates both the Board of Health and Welfare’s attitude towards the issue, and even the doctors’ guilt.[10]

What Brain Transmitters Look Like

The above photographs are of brain transmitters. The above one on the left is an enlargement taken from an X-ray. The above picture on the right was taken at an operation to remove the implant.

The above one on the right shows the shape of the most usual type of brain transmitter. It looks like a bullet and is put into place through the nose. This device was inserted during an operation at Södersjukhuset in Stockholm by Dr. Curt Strand at the end of the 1960s, without the knowledge or consent of the patient. It was placed just underneath the brain. This implant is the same shape on both sides and its actual length is 16 millimeters (mm) or .62 inch, with a width of 7 mm (.27 inch).

The above picture to the left shows a brain transmitter which has the shape of a mushroom. It was implanted through a surgical opening in the forehead. Its actual size is 7 mm (.27 inch) across the head, while the stem is 4 mm (.16 inch).

Most implant victims are unaware of the devices because they were sedated during the procedures. Then they are amnesic, monitored, and controlled. However there are some disclosures.

“This is the fourth transmitter in my head and it was inserted in connection with an appearance at Nacka Police Station, just outside Stockholm, on 26th November 1975, ostensibly for interrogation. I was locked up in a cell, but after a short while I fell into a deep sleep from which I emerged to an entirely new life. It is during these hours when the transmitter was implanted, and when, I awoke I had a searing high frequency signal at about 100 db in my skull. This was to plague me for about 16 hours a day for the past eight years and completely transform my life. It depressed the functional capacity of my right cerebral hemisphere and altered my personality, behavior, and abilities as if they no longer were part of myself.” — Robert Naeslund, INMC, Open letter, Stockholm, Sweden, May 1993, page 32.

Doctors Warn

Dr. Robert J. Grimm of the Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland, Oregon, stated in March 1974 at a doctor’s symposium in California, that he viewed brain control and influencing the brain with radio waves was of similar importance as to the debate concerning the detonation of the first atomic bomb in Hiroshima. He also asked, “Do scientists have the right to pursue projects potentially destructive of human life, and in this era, destructive of the individual?”

And Protest to the Swedish Government

The chairman of an internationally influential scientific organization in Canada, Dr. Andrew Michrowski, wrote in 1985 to the Swedish government and sought an answer about Sweden’s obvious encroachment of human rights. He saw clear evidence that Swedish doctors implanted brain transmitters in patients, and referred to the Declaration of Human Rights signed by Sweden.

The Swedish government did not reply.

“This X-ray shows three transmitters in the frontal lobes. All of these were implanted on different occasions by the Swedish police. The detainee had been put to sleep unaware, as usual, at the police remand center in Stockholm. A doctor writes in his statement concerning this X-ray:

‘...Later I received your additional skull film which clearly demonstrated some implanted transmitters, one inside the brain and two probably just underneath the brain.’

The upper arrow indicates the object lodged completely within the brain. All these transmitters were inserted through the nostrils and implanted into the frontal lobes in the vicinity of the upper opening of the nasal passage.” — Lennart Lindquist, Evamarie Taylor, and Robert Naeslund, Cybergods, Stockholm: Gruppen, 1996, page 11.

Another medical opinion about X-rays, “... taken at Karolinska Hospital where all radiographers deny that any foreign object can be identified.” — INMC, Open letter, Stockholm, Sweden, May 1993, page 32.

FOA Educates Doctors

Since the 1960s, the Swedish Defense Research Institution (FOA) has educated hospital doctors, mostly surgeons and psychiatrists, regarding brain transmitters and bio-medical telemetry.

One of the books which was used twenty-five years ago at FOA’s Department 3 in education had the title Bio-Medical Telemetry (1968), written by Dr. Stuart Mackay. Dr. Mackay wrote in the introduction that, “The purpose of this book is to introduce a wide segment of the scientific community to the rapidly developing field of bio-medical telemetry. It presents to physicians, engineers, and scientists information about the possibilities of different telemetric methods. It gives biologists a background in electronics to enable them to choose equipment.”

The former head of FOA, Lars-Erik Tammelin, and the following director, Bo Rydbeck, are medical doctors with advanced knowledge in biology.

When Bo Rydbeck became head of the FOA in 1985, he said in an interview in the newspaper Dagens Nyheter that, “Among the current assignments, more intensive effort will be put into information technology.” Which includes both telemetry and brain transmitters as essential parts.[11]

Dr. Mackay continued in his introduction, “Among the many telemetry instruments being used today [1968] are miniature radio transmitters that can be swallowed, carried externally, or surgically implanted in man or animals. Recent developments include pressure transmitters small enough to be placed in the eye, ultrasonic and radio units for free-swimming dolphins, units for tracking wild animals, and pill-sized transmitters of many designs and functions that can operate continuously for several years. The scope of observations that can be made is too broad to more than hint at with a few examples. ... The possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the investigator.”

Dr. Stuart Mackay has worked as a Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and at many foreign universities. His main fields are Medicine and Biology.

Computers and the Brain

“Dr. Delgado is optimistic that with the increasing sophistication and miniaturization of electronics, it may be possible to compress the necessary circuitry for a small computer into a chip that is implantable subcutaneously. In this way, the new self-contained instrument could be devised; capable of receiving, analyzing and sending back information to the brain, establishing artificial links between unrelated cerebral areas, functional feedbacks, and programs of stimulations contingent on the appearance of predetermined wave patterns,” wrote Samuel Chavkin in The Mind Stealers (1978), a book about psychosurgery and mind control.

Samuel Chavkin was the founder and chief editor of the Science and Medicine Publishing Company, which publishes periodicals concentrating on medical topics.

In the preface to the book it is stated that, “Telemetry for the surveillance of every citizen is on the drawing boards. Chavkin’s prediction that mind-control techniques could become standard equipment of governments, prisons, and police departments is backed by forceful documentation.”[12]

Bio-telemetry systems that remotely “mind read” and “mind control” have existed for decades. Brain transmitters measure EEG and transmit data to computers that instantly translate it into words. Implants also deliver electric shocks that control a brain and behaviors. The devices are now less than 1 mm (.04 inch) in diameter.

Dr. Delgado conducted experiments in the early 1960s that placed an electrode on the eardrum (middle ear) of a cat. The device picked-up people’s conversations and transmitted them to a receiver for listening. According to Victor Marchetti, co-author of The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence (1974), the CIA attached a tiny radio implant to a cat’s cochlea (inner ear) for surveillance purposes.

A few years after Delgado’s implanted “bug” experiments, Dr. Ralph Schwitzgebel developed a miniature radio receiver so that a therapist could communicate with his subject.

Very small combination microphone-transceiver-speakers are implanted in unsuspecting people’s ears. The instruments transmit nearby conversations and deliver audio commands to individuals that are usually unaware of the voices.[13]

“X-ray photograph taken the day following the operation [August 12, 1987, St. Carolus Hospital, Ji Salemba, Djakarta], the 1/2 cm [.20 inch] deep area of branded cortex can be identified, as can the implanted transmitter.” — INMC, Open letter, Stockholm, Sweden, May 1993, page 15.

In 1985
an advertisement placed by the Swedish Citizens’ Rights Movement in over thirty daily and weekly publications stated that doctors in larger hospitals in Sweden inserted brain transmitters in anesthetized patients during operations. At the same time, a letter signed by fifty people was sent to the Attorney General.

The Attorney General Questioned

Those who had signed the letter had read through material which showed that the reality of brain transmitters is a fact. The signers demanded an answer from the Attorney General on whether the implantation of brain transmitters is a crime or not. Those who signed the letter were representatives from different human rights groups, the Swedish Peace Movement, professors from, for example, the Royal School of Technology, lawyers, and others.

The State Says Yes to Brain Transmitters

The Attorney General did not reply to the letter. Instead, he sent it to the Attorney District (Överåklagaren), who said that this issue should not be considered a crime. Decision from May 15, 1985, Överåklagaren Register number AD II 76-85.

However, of course it is one of the harshest crimes which the state can commit; to deny the right of the individual to his or her own brain, and to inner peace without the interference of government authorities. Since Sweden signed the Human Rights Act, it must follow the act’s assumptions. In any case, it means that a new relationship has been created between the state and the people of the country.

“There are similar signs, here and now, like in Germany during the 1930s, where the country’s leading doctors and politicians see individuals as objects of experimentation where their brains and behaviors are changed,” wrote Samuel Chavkin about the United States in 1978. The same can be said about Sweden, the same ideas exist here. Mind-control technology has changed since the 1970s and has been developed even further.[14]

This material is for publication.
If you are interested as a journalist, or would like more information, please write to us.

Investigation and reporting done by:
Investigative Reporting Group
Box 136
S-114 21 Stockholm, Sweden


Hope this helps ..


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Posted: Mar 8 2007, 06:47 PM
Quote Post
Hiya Noddy, good stuff.... between hypnosis, drugs, television, "some" music, commercial jingles, implants, alcohol and pharmaceutical meds, its a wonder anyone can think for themself these days.

I remember that video demonstration by José Delgado.

Delgado could stop a charging bull in its tracks by utilizing an implant in the bulls brain.

I also recall how Pavlov trained some dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell.

By means of two-way radio communication called telemetry, or remote control, one can send wavelengths round trip to a brain transmitter in a person’s head.

THEY can even make you think the god of abraham is speaking to you.

Thanks Noddy, if Ganesh feels up to posting the x-ray brain images, I'll take a peek.

"Ye shall know them by their fruits"
~ Matthew 7:16

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Posted: Dec 28 2007, 02:27 PM
Quote Post
Thanks Mr M, for not restricting this thread to members. This is really creepy, a new thing called Tooth Tunes.

Its a toothbrush marketed at kids that has music in it that is transmitted straight from contact with your teeth into your skull to use your skull as an amplifying box.

Who knows what lies under the audible mess? sadoriginal.gif

This little toy sort of makes a mess of the government standpoint that people who hear things through their tooth fillings (or for some of us, our arthritic jaw bones) are mad.


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Posted: Dec 30 2007, 02:33 PM
Quote Post
Thanks Mr M, for not restricting this thread to members.

Hey "special" guest, There is no knowledge or archived posts restricted to members.

The members only section merely contains free downloads that I cannot afford to share with the world due to bandwidth.

(And maybe some of my rantings which I tried to hide.)

"Ye shall know them by their fruits"
~ Matthew 7:16

"Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."
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Posted: May 24 2009, 10:29 AM
Quote Post
Bumping...I am pretty sure that I am a United States implantee...

Remember me Pupp? The dream guy?

Here is my story...too much to post here...

And yes...I am MemoryShock...Good to see this place is still up and active...

Economics is what forces people into action or the lack thereof. Mind control is what makes people happy about it.
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Posted: May 26 2009, 09:30 PM
Quote Post
hey SubVolitional -- yes I remember you -- the dream guy.
Thanks for being cool when u posted here.

These days, I try and not recall the dozens of dreams I have each night as they disturb me.

And yes -- Mind Control IS a reality

THEY got me good. -- and THEY are still hammering away at me.

I stopped going to ATS a few years ago -- although I may still have a membership there as PuPP.

Those folks did not want to know the truth about aliens.

"Ye shall know them by their fruits"
~ Matthew 7:16

"Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."
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