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> Einstein's wrong, relatively speaking

Master Of His Domain
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Posted: Nov 9 2005, 12:59 PM
Quote Post
Einstein's wrong, relatively speaking
By Verity Edwards
The Australian
November 07, 2005 
ONE is possibly the greatest scientist who ever lived, and the other is a maverick physicist from Adelaide.

But Reg Cahill says he can prove Albert Einstein and his hundred-year-old theories of relativity are wrong.

The problem for Professor Cahill is that many of his contemporaries line up with Einstein.

"I've been treated with utter contempt and hostility," he told The Australian. "This is pretty shocking stuff - but it's what you'd expect."

In 2002, Professor Cahill started to question what he thought were anomalies in Einstein's theory that time and space are relative.

"They all agreed with one another and they were all indicating a huge speed difference in different directions," he said. "When you find out the speed of light differs, the whole Einstein theory starts collapsing."

We know now the speed of light at approximately 300,000km per second is relative to space itself - before it was always relative to the observer."

Professor Cahill said that debunking the Einstein theories would lead to new discoveries in physics and greater understanding of phenomena that could not yet be fully explained.

"There are some incredible discoveries being made," he said. "We're discovering some properties about space that are awesome." [...]

"The outer part of spiral galaxies go around about 10 times faster than Einstein's theory permits, so people invented dark matter to account for extra gravitational pull.

"They've spent years and millions of dollars looking for it - but it doesn't exist."

Over the past 100 years, physicists have conducted experiments to test if the speed of light is constant.

Professor Cahill says they obtained definitive results but ignored them because they feared they would be shouted down for questioning Einstein.

"It's staggering that the concept of physics has been built on a mathematical illusion." [...],10117,17159653-13762,00.html

"Ye shall know them by their fruits"
~ Matthew 7:16

"Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."
~ Buddha
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Grouchy old bastard
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Posted: Nov 9 2005, 04:24 PM
Quote Post
I think that people have been misinterpreting the theory of relativity in two ways.
The worst misinterpretation is in assuming that nothing is faster than light. The second issue is is relating the theory to speed. IMHO, if the theory is related to the ability to accelerate mass to a higher speed, the theory holds true for sub-light and supra-light speeds.

Small explantation:
if you only have the ability to move anything at 80 miles per hour, then as an object approaches 80MPH the amount of effort needed to accelerate it towards your ultimate speed becomes increasingly greater until, at 80MPH, no amount of increasing effort will accelerate it. You may as well deduce that the mass of the object is infinite at 80MPH because you cannot move it any faster. Similarly its length will appear to change because an outside observer who also cannot move faster than 80MPH measuring one end and then the other will find that the second end will have moved so far that he cannot get a measure on it, he will interpret the length as infinite.
If, however, the experimenter and observer can move at 100MPH, the effects don't become serious until nearing 100MPH. If your terminal velocity is light-speed then your effects happen then. If you can go even faster then another velocity becomes the limit.
Within the realm of the object itself, there is no change in mass or length.

We observe so-called anomolies in the theory of relativity because we cannot accept that there is a force (maybe more than one) which travels MUCH faster than light. I refer to gravity. Mass, time and gravity form a related trinity. Manipulate one of the trinity and the others vary in concert.

It is by manipulating one of these that our ET buddies are able to do what they do. What one I do not know but my guess is gravity because it is the wave. If you can vary gravity then you can vary time and mass and therefore acceleration and speed. This would mean that huge accelerations are eliminated and sharp turns can be made to take hours (within the zone of manipulation). To outsiders (not in the zone of manipulation) the craft appears to be doing the impossible.

When our scientists finally crack the trinity, they are going to be saying, "This is so easy, why didn't we see it before."

So many ferals - so few bullets.
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Grouchy old bastard
Group: Members
Posts: 722
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Posted: Nov 24 2005, 03:12 PM
Quote Post
I am here to debunk myself. There I was believing that gravity is a wave because conventional science says so. When I look at it without the scientific dis-information, I get a different perspective.

A wave requires movement of something at its source. This, of course, means that energy must be applied to the source.

Gravity exists without energy input and so cannot be a wave in the conventional sense. Permanent magnetism is similar. While some energy is required to set up permanent magnetism, the magnetic effect continues without further energy input.

So where from here? Because an electro-magnetic field can be used to simulate a permanent magent, it gives rise to hope that gravity fields can also be simulated and, therefore manipulated, by application of the appropriate technology.

How I wish I was not limited by human intellect. There's an answer out there and I am not smart enough to work it out. (Gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes in frustration.)

So many ferals - so few bullets.
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Prue nli



Posted: Jan 12 2006, 11:29 PM
Quote Post
Lawrence B. Crowell wrote:

In effect the exotic matter that is required for the violation of the weak energy condition is associated with the braid group for a spin field that has a hyperbolic knot topology.

Sarfatti: How can we control the braid group? What does your interesting math mean physically?

Crowell: What does this mean physically? In effect this is a nonlocal effect of the Fermi field. The hyperbolicity of a Fermi field means that the q-wave encompases a vast region of space nonlocally. For the torus topology the field. The twisting of the handle determines the spin statistics globally.

Sarfatti: Do you mean you can get exotic spinor bosons?

Crowell: Indeed the number of hyperbolic knots is infinitely greater than the torus knots. Further, we can think of this handle on the 2-d disk as a Fermi-Dirac particle. In effect matter, as Einstein suspected, is the result of a nontrivial topology on space. Now Fermi fields have a positive vacuum eigenvalue, boson have negative eigenvalues. As a side note the compelling reason for supersymmetry is that if every fermion has a corresponding boson then the vacuum energy is identically zero without normal ordering ambiguities.

Sarfatti: But, in fact, supersymmetry is badly broken. So if you can control the degree of breaking in small regions you can release zero point energy.

Crowell: In effect the matter that generates this effect is ordinary matter that is placed in a configuration that becomes exotic.

Sarfatti: Interesting.

Crowell: The Casimir effect that generates the odd spacetime configuration is then due to the hyperbolic diffeomorphism generated by the spin field with a braid group possessing a negative Gaussian curvature.

Sarfatti: How do we make a device to implement this? How do you use the antimatter?

Crowell: Well as for the engineering, I don't have a precise idea. The antimatter must be used to create the Casimir vacuum. Think of it this way. If you have a region with a lowered vacuum energy then the vacuum outside is going to exert a pressure on the walls. So in order to generate the Casimir vacuum with this negative eigenvalue requires that a force must be exerted on the walls by your engine.

This 1-d picture should get the point. Now to expand the negative energy region you must exert these 2 forces through a distance d, so the total work reguired is W = 2F*d. For an ideal situation the work required should then be equal to, but in opposite sign, to the negative energy contained inside the region. Now in reality our warp drive has to be a sort of refridgerator combined with some kind of electromagnetic device that can then push the cloud outward to create the inner region with a lower energy. Now if one groks on this a while it becomes apparently a very difficult problem; not impossible, but still difficult.

Sarfatti: Fyi just last night before I got this from you I wrote the following to Creon Levit at NASA about a seemingly unrelated application of Bohm pilot-wave theory to quantum chemistry

just warp drivin around... hearts3.gif


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